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St Euphrasia

Lord our God, in your providential wisdom you chose St Euphrasia to found an apostolic religious commu-nity for your glory and the salvation of your people. As we remember her commitment to you and her love and service for the unfortunate women, may we, her spiritual daighters remain faithful to the vision and ideals of our Foundress so that, united in mind and heart, we may be a powerful witness in the service of the gospel and of your love especially for the shamed and little ones of this world Trusting in your providence which never abandons us may we reaffirm today our commitment and availability for your mission. R:\ Lord, make us courageous and committed 1) You call us, like St Euphrasia, to co-create new worlds, but we turn away and backslide into the comfort-able and the certain. 2) You call us, like St Euphrasia, to take risks and accept conflicts for the Kingdom of God; but we turn away and glory in how far we have come, for-getting how far we have to go. 3) You call us, like St Euphrasia, to judge our world, to make decisions, and offer counsel; but we turn away and apologize for our anger and compromise our positions. 4) You call us, like St Euphrasia, to do justice and love mercy; but we turn away and practice our pas-sivity, purity, and piety in our communities 5) You call us, like St Euphrasia, to love one another; but we turn away and compete, taking vengeance on those most unlike ourselves. 6) You call us, like St Euphrasia, to be faithful bearers of your word; but we turn away and strive to make a name for ourselves As spiritual daughters St Euphrasia, and in the presence of Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, we wish to recommit ourselves to the vision and ideals of our Foundress and to our vows of celibacy, poverty and obedience according to the Constitutions of the Congregation of our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd. May the God who first called us to make this commitment strengthen us in our loyalty to him and to all of our- sisters in the G.S.. Amen. Intercessory Prayer: Merciful Healer, we do not claim our gifts. We do not face up to your call. We do not appreciate your partnership in creating a new community and a new world. Today with St Euphrasia we commit ourselves to new partner-ships for hold-ing on to new visions for a different heaven and earth.

Communion: Through the celebration of the memory of St Euphrasia, you have allowed his spirit into the quiet of our hearts to rouse and challenge us. Call us to openness with one another and to a spirit of unity so that we may become one with him in compas-sion, honesty, and integrity by a search rooted in our prayer and common life. Heal our individual wounde-dness, past and present. As you forgive us may we forgive others. Draw us together and trans-form us by your loving presence so that you may lead our province "in its efforts to listen and respond to the inspi-rations of the spirit, to the needs of the Church and to the signs of the times, and to pro-mote unity of the Congrega-tion in its fidelity to the Gospel and to the spirit of St Euphrasia, our foundress. We make this ...