Letting Go to Let the Cash Flow!

by Steve Slimm Does your cashflow sometimes feel stuck as though there is some kind of blockage and somehow you know it's you who is doing it? This exact insight, however, can become a self-perpetuating impediment i.e. 1) You know you are responsible. 2) You feel tense and stressed, and 3) It continues to happen! This cyclic pattern of thought manifestation is actually a logical extension of the universal principle of the attraction, and is called: ‘conscious incompetence’. In other words, there was a time when you were unaware of your own part in attracting problems. Now you are aware of your responsibility, and you decide you can do something about it! The kickback to this is that you now become acutely aware of what you perceive to be your own failure to attract what you really want i.e. an easy flow of cash through your life. This ‘perceived acute failure awareness’ can painfully persist if not addressed head-on, as you are possibly well aware! Notice I refer to ‘perceived’ failure. In order to succeed at winning (competence with cashflow), we first need to succeed at failing! Becoming a successful failure means we develop keener awareness of our thought processes, eventually knowing how to succeed at winning. For me, the key to unlocking the door to my own personal changing room has been a set of three simple yet powerful mind tools.

Centring yourself
Making a regular practice of becoming centred is a must to push through any barrier to cashflow. ‘Pushing through’ is hardly the right expression, as this barrier really needs ‘melting’ not pushing at - a bit like an ice cream in the summer sunshine - see how that begins to flow! Centring yourself is basically a simple yoga technique. There are countless variations, but here's mine: Take a deep breath in and let it slowly out. Then another one in . . . and s l o w l y out. And a third in . . .and out. Be aware of each breath and follow it. Now feel your heartbeat. (You might need to imagine this at first, but with practice you will start to really feel it.) Keep breathing slow and deliberate. Finally imagine your heartbeat in some extremity of your body, a toe or finger etc. This awareness away from your centre (in other words a twin-pointed awareness) has the effect of expanding your body consciousness, and as you do so, your centre automatically expands outward to incorporate (from ‘corpus’ meaning body) the whole of you. In this state, it’s very difficult to remain anxious, as this personal centredness also acts as a gateway to the Universal Centre, where ‘cashflow worry’ is not even in the dictionary!

This practice of centring on a daily basis is the first step toward letting go to let the cash flow easily and abundantly through your life. The reason is simply that our perceived lack is always connected to our living life away from the centre, on the outer periphery, where anxiety and worry, lack of trust, sense of being a victim etc, all find a place to nestle down. These thought patterns could only choke back the higher vibration of the centre, which always tends toward abundance. The more we live on the periphery, the more we become attached to those negative thought patterns, the greater our stresses, and the more choked we feel, not only in our cashflow, but also in our whole being. The second little mind tool I’d like to share is this:

Anchoring yourself
This anchoring facility is in addition to centring. An anchor is a device to secure a vessel that otherwise would be set adrift on the high seas of chance and fate. Your anchor is your own sense of personal security in a world of apparent insecurity. It is that inner feeling of being okay, despite any outer impression of not being okay. This anchor needs to be in place with regard to various issues in life – relationship, family, death, health, etc, - and of course money! It becomes a radical issue when our security in any of these areas is under threat. This then signals to us that our anchor needs strengthening. Here is how I have created my anchor in regard to my personal security. There is much talk about getting in touch with childhood memories in order to heal our past and move forward etc. This is all well and good, but the memories in this instance are generally of a painful, or at least a negative nature. If we are not careful, by only getting in touch with this kind of memory our history is being written (in the present - as all history is written) with a negative bias, and we will continue to see ourselves as victims. To counter this unhealthy force, while at the same time creating our personal anchor, I suggest you try getting in touch with your first memory of feeling really safe in your childhood history. My memory was from when I was about three years old, with my mum and dad walking down a grassy slope. Dad spotted a bird go down into the grass on the other side of a fence to the left. He climbed over and found a nest! Lifting me over to have a look, there it was - the most exquisite little hollowed-out home I'd ever seen! This is at least how I remember it now. But the real story - who knows? The point is you don't need to worry about historical facts here. It wouldn't matter in the slightest if this memory were actually a concoction of a number of incidents, or even a dream! What matters is its reality to me in this moment - as a real felt sense of total security. Try this for yourself now. What's your oldest memory of total security - with someone else, on your own, how old, where? Just feel into this memory, and as you do so, notice how your sense of well-being shifts with these thoughts. Our present state of being is always inseparately linked to our present thoughts. Change those thoughts, and the state of being follows in an instant. The difficulty can be in changing the thought, especially when we have been circumstantially distressed. This anchoring technique, if done on a regular basis, can really help change insecure feelings into secure ones. Your anchor (in the past secure memory) becomes your instant feeling of security now in the present moment - and that despite any external insecure circumstances. Try it - I don't think you'll be disappointed! [My website www.nowfocusyourself.com has some extremely simple, but powerfully effective tools, if you need more help]

The third tool I'd like to share is this.

Focusing yourself
There is a well-known principle that simply states: ‘What you focus on is what you get’ Seems simple enough - but how come when you focus on improving your cashflow it just seems to get worse? The principle is either total BS, or we are somehow not yet understanding it. You might think you are focusing on cashflow, but if cashflow isn't currently good, what you might actually be focusing on is your lack of cashflow, which is why you continue to experience such lack. Understanding this principle clearly, we can use it to our benefit, rather than our detriment - and begin making things happen in our favour. One important aspect of letting go is to stop focusing on our need for more money. This does not mean we're not aware of it. What it means is that we decide to make a conscious shift away from seeing our perceived lack towards seeing what we actually do have. ‘Oh yeah - Big deal!’ you might say, ‘I have £10 in my pocket, but what about the £875 mortgage I haven't made yet this month?’ Of course we're not content with £10 when we lack the other £865 to pay our way! But the shift needs to be made all the same, although it’s a subtler one. There was once a life coach who said: ‘To him that has - more will be given. But to him that has not - even what he has will be taken away from him.’ You might recognise this from the gospels. I pondered this for years, thinking how unfair it seemed! But more recently I've come to understand its true import - and it's all about focus. We can either see ourself as ‘having’ or as ‘not having’. Whichever stance we take becomes true for us, and not only perpetuates itself, but also compounds and multiplies itself! But how can we feel okay about £10 when we need at least another £865? The shift in focus will not happen magically overnight. We have sown negatively for a long time, so we cannot help but continue to reap it for a while yet. However, the shift can be made in any given moment - all it takes is a decision. “Am I prepared to look primarily at what I have, instead of what I haven't got?” For example, what talent, what experience, knowhow, skills, abilities, do you have that you can share? What can you focus on now that you have, you can give, that you can share? When our focus is on what resources we possess, our attention goes to how we're going to share those with others, then automatically more is added and drawn naturally toward us. The common denominator in any success story is a starting position of having something to give and to share. Maybe you’ve felt up to now you need money, and you haven't got it. But in truth what you need is resourcefulness, which you have - if you look deep enough. Focus on what's in our hand at this moment -what you have to offer. It cannot fail to multiply. If you haven’t yet made this powerful shift, decide to make it now! You'll never regret it! [Steve Slimm is an artist, musician and life coach and lives in Cornwall, UK. He operates these websites: www.NowFocusYourself.com, www.NewContemporaryArt.com, and www.CoachLifeCoaching.com]