Contact Information M: +92-3333344006. H: +92-2134901488.

Mohammad Abbas
SD-90 DOHS.2, Malir Cantt, Karachi.

SUMMARY: Seasoned telecommunications engineer having a very valuable exposure to diversified dimensions of the technology. My greatest professional assets are impeccable personal integrity coupled with a comprehensive experience particularly in the domains of the, GSM Mobile Communications, Microwave Networks, Telecom Power Equipment and Turnkey Wireless Video Security and Surveillance Solutions.

OBJECTIVE: Eyeing to attain true professional excellence by making rich contributions in a mutually beneficial environment.

SPECIALTIES: •Customer Engagement • Team Leadership •Motivational Coaching and Mentoring Consultancy. •Technical Pre sales. •Security

Technical –GSM: •Commissioning •Integration •O & M •Site Provisioning •Site Deliverance • Acceptance Test Procedures • MA-10 Network Protocol Analyzer • Bert meter for VSWR and Power tests •Nortel BTS S6000 •Nortel BTS S8000 •Nortel BTS S12000 •Nortel e3 BSC •Nortel Transcoders TCU • BSS-OMCR •WAP Implementation •Knowledge of GSM Architecture ,Interfaces ,RF Channels, Framing Structures, Propagation Models, Modulation Techniques ,Wave Propagation , Interference types ,Handovers, Signal Fading Scenarios, Frequency Planning theory, Traffic Engineering ,Call Scenarios and SS7 Protocol Architecture .

Technical -Microwave and Optical: •Optical Time Domain Reflectometer • WiMax Air span nodes • FireTide Microwave Nodes •VIP •Ultima ER, SR & RD. •Afar •Utilicom •Orthogon •i-Direct Satellite Modems •PSM 4900 L Band Satellite Modems •SDM 1300 Series Satellite Modems. •Gigabit Ethernet Media Convertors.

Frequency Bands: Worked on equipments operating on following frequencies. •ISM 2.4 GHz •ISM 5.8 GHZ •C-Band VSAT •L-Band VSAT •Ku Band VSAT •PSB 4.9 GHz • GSM -900 Band •DCS-1800 Band.

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Sector LockingUnlocking . Fibre Optics network operations and maintenance. My key responsibilities were: • • • • • • • Assisting manager CSAM for Service Account Management for PTML (Ufone).com to current within a short deadline of two working days.Abis Links Checking. indicating physical loopholes and designing technology aided solutions.Contact Information M: +92-3333344006. Completely revamped our official website www. JOB EXPERIENCE:  GCS Pvt. Installation & Support on Nortel’s BTSs S6K. (July 2010 – July 2011 : 1 year) Worked as an ace technical resource for my current organization most recently. and TCUs. 6000 & 7000 Series as well as AP s like FWB-105. Tracking faulty power and network equipment shipped over-seas & vice –versa. Firetide is the major product we deploy. Using BSS OMCR Software for on-site testing PCM Locking -Unlocking .gcspvt. Nortel’s BSCs. Ater links additions and Agprs links addition. Micromax WiMax network operations and maintenance. S8K. Coordination between PTML and GNTS team for RCA of issues and expediting resolution on Nortel equipment. H: +92-2134901488. Planning and conducting meetings with customer at Assistant Manager Level and following up for effectively exceeding customer expectations. 5 PCUSNs and Over 700 BTS Sites of PTML (ufone-gsm). S12K. Commissioning.Signalling Link Checking . Produce material. Assisted manager CSAM for checking conformation to Service Level Agreement. A Interface links status checking . Commissioning.TEI locking Unlocking . conceive ideas / concepts and Deliver write ups for Marketing and Promotional material. (April 2008 –July 2009 : 1 year 2 months) Provided technical support to the esteemed customer PTML (Ufone) as an FSE (BSS). Providing technical support in event of power equipment anomalies. My broad job responsibilities include • • • • • • Technical Security Consultancy for high profile and VVIP potential clients. Avigilon (PTZ and Fixed) Identify Potential Clients locally and internationally and assistance in formulation of sales strategy.ACTi . Link Budgeting. Study market needs and tailor solutions for different customer segments depending on the requirements. Page 2 of 4 • • • • . Maintaenance of Cameras Hardware from vendors like Sony . working on 5000. Ltd. covered under R &R agreement. BSC Cut-Overs and site Re-Parenting activities and BTS site health checks. Maintainance and Trouble shooting for P2P. Designing Commissioning and maintaining wireless / wired (Optical Fibre) video security and surveillance solutions. • • • • •  Nortel Networks Asia Pacific Ltd. Mesh and P2MP Scenarios links. Assisted manager CSAM for providing 26 BSCs.

Contact Information M: +92-3333344006. Project Adjudicator at PAF KIET July 2009 for Engineering Projects Competition 2009.” 4. EDUCATION: • • • B. analyses and recommendation of solutions.” 3. Guest Presenter at PAF KIET in May 2009 on Topic: “Physical Design Considerations of Communications Towers. Collection of erroneous logs.E Telecommunication Engineering from N. I was responsible for commissioning and maintaining • Point-to-Point Microwave links using Radio Modems and VSATs using iDirect technologies Satellite Routers. • • Maintenance and software up gradation of USSD Gateways. H: +92-2134901488. •  Telogic Sdn.D University Karachi in Jan ‘07. PSM 4900 L Datum Systems and SDM 1300 series Satellite modems. Guest Presentor at PAF KIET in July 2011 on Topic: “Introduction to Modulation Techniques. Presenter before the PAF KIET’s doctoral committee for the Topic: “GSM Parameters” in August 2011 in their monthly joint session and received deep appreciation. Certificate of appreciation by TELOGIC Malaysia’s Director for diligence. (Jan 06 – Jan 07) Analysis of GSM architecture & Cellular Network Protocols on NORTEL Networks: ACCOLADES and ACHIEVEMENTS: 1. Antenna downgrades and Configurational Changes. Final Year Project Group Leader…………………………. Application Servers and Prepaid Gateways. BSCs and Packet Core Units. Pvt. Page 3 of 4 . Ltd. Responsibilities were: • Unstructured Supplimentary Services Data Platform.point microwave links. I successfully established connectivity using products as VIP. Ultima and AFAR. Reductions. Co-hosted a Zumbeel Live Forum Session with Mr. Babar Swaleheen as Guest Speaker who spoke on WiMax. • Radio Karachi Project of Customer Complaint and Information System (1339): Linked all 18 towns of Karachi with Civic Centre headoffice using point. 2.  Comstar Information System Associates Ltd. • • City District Govt. Provisioning for maintaining Site’s Power inline with standards required for BTSs.E. (3 months) As a System Support Engineer.. 7. 6. Certificate of appreciation by Nortel Networks’ Country Manager for excellence and hardwork. Malyasia (7 months) Provided technical support to CMPAK (Formerly Paktel) as a Technical Support Engineer. Bhd. 5.

F College Malir Base.Contact Information M: +92-3333344006.Karachi (2003-2007) 3. Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation .E. Won first prize for my telecom department at N. I was elected the Chief Proctors at P. Won first prize for my telecom department at N. Zumbeel – A telecom resource forum. Karachi for the session 2000-02.D in Pakistan Quiz Competition the same year. Bagged second prize in Quiz Competition held at Radio Pakistan (PBC-Karachi). 8.E. 9.A. 10. H: +92-2134901488. MEMBERSHIPS: 1. Pakistan Boy scouts Association Rawalpindi (1993-1996) 2.D in elocution competition held in 2004. (2004-to-date) Page 4 of 4 . 11.

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