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Ingmar Christiaens, Taurus-i

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Johan Leupe, SAP Belgium SAP Lounge, Vilvoorde June 9-10, 2010


1. Introductions 2. What drives YOU to SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (BPC) 3. Why SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (BPC) 4. Why SAP BPC Implementation Methodology 5. WHY KONE choose for SAP BPC NetWeaver 7.5 6. Conclusion 7. Q&A – Wrap-up
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They will guide you in your process from idea to ROI Our Services: Vision & Strategy Development Performance Management Business Planning & Consolidation Client Specific training & Coaching Full Implementations BI Scan / System Audit Maintenance .Taurus-i Performance Management Experts Your logo Tired of all the wild tales ? At Taurus-i. we believe that your core business is not about implementing SAP. That is why our consultants are extraordinary people with an expert business background and a strong nononsense mentality.

com/services SAP understands and values your business. Customers … . http://www.. and services you need to manage and implement every stage of your software project's life cycle. tools. driven by the right: Services  Engagement model  Tools supporting software methodologies) Expertise Commitment to results Global network  SAP Consulting & SAP Global Services & Support & Development SAP Ecosystem. Partners. Your success is our success. SAP Services’ mission is to maximize your success.SAP services Your logo SAP Services provides you with the knowledge.

Business Planning Process Your logo What drives YOU to SAP BusinessObjects Planning & Consolidation .

Economic Your logo Crisis  Adaptive Sales Planning  Sales & Operation Planning (Demand / Supply) – Sales Quantity versus Sales Rate – Cost Containment – Margin Compression – Profitability  Financial Planning. Consolidation & Forecast – Understanding of where profits come from (Customer / Product) – Bad debt concerns and write-offs – Intercompany (inventory !) .“Business” Planning & Consolidation Challenges Companies face unprecedented challenges due to: 1.

“Business” Planning & Consolidation Challenges 2. Your logo Business Planning  Strategic Planning (1-3 years)  Operational Planning (Annual)  Planning(Monthly) – Sales Planning – Sales & Operations Planning (Demand & Supply) – Financial Planning / Forecasts .

Successful Planning is… a Your logo “BUSINESS” PLANNING PROCESS just a financial exercise! BUT  Not A clear streamlined Integrated Business Planning process that  synchronizes the strategic and operating plan with  Bottom Up & Top Down Planning process to ensure corporate focus and local flux  much turn-around time for adaptable and continuous planning so that  Momentum are gained to instill confidence and reducing the business risk  Timely and Accurate business planning process is a MUST to ensure it is business relevant  Standardized “Business” Planning Process to ensure Collaborative Planning to meet unprecedented challenges .

Drives behind alignment of the strategic Your logo and operating plan Aligned strategic decision-making across teams Optimize Strategy operational decisions inside and outside the company Enterprise Performance Management Governance. and Compliance Insight Unified Collaborativ Business Decision Information Business e Decisions Network Optimization s Intelligence Platform Generate insight from structured/unstructured and internal/external data Execution across multiple transaction systems Manage compliance. Risk. and optimize performance across the business network . risk.

Integrated Business Planning Your logo Driving Force behind Insight and Decisions GRANULARITY .

Global Assumptions based on gained insight and management decisions 2. Reporting & Analysis Budgeting & Planning  Manage Planning Process Collect and consolidate planning assumptions (Top–Down or Bottom– Up) • Fees • Target Volumes • Expenses • Margins Planning Review Process  1  2  Final Plan  3 Plan Review (e. Monthly)  Actual vs.g. Create & Review Planning – collect insight and business decisions over time 3.Gaining Integrated Insight and making Decisions Your logo Standardized Business Planning Process – making the budget process easier to roll out in your organization 1. Budget Deviation Report (month. YTD): • Margin • SALES • Rate Evolution • VOLUME © SAP 2008 / Page 11 . Finalize Planning 4.

Integrated Business Planning Business and IT considerations  Planning  Planning  Planning  Planning  Planning Your logo Process Business .Actual Data Business – Plan  Planning  Planning Sheets Continues Execution .One Platform Standarization Granularity Data IT .

Business Planning Process Your logo Why SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation .

 Step-by-step guidance through business planning processes Forward-looking  Predictive analytics that proactively warn of negative variances and provides an early-warning system for KPIs at risk of underperforming in the future Familiar and easy to use  Your logo Enables rapid adoption by leveraging native Microsoft Office tools (e. Excel) and web browsers accessing a central database.g.SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation Streamlines planning / automates consolidation Process-centric  Configurable business process flows guide users and drive business planning process consistency. .

more accurate plans that are aligned with strategic goals Operational Tasks & . accurate close Strategic Planning  Budgeting Business Periodic Close Forecasting Performance  Measurement Distribution Reporting Analysis Supports top-down and bottom up planning leading to timely.SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation Streamlines planning / automates consolidation Streamlines planning and automates consolidation  Your logo Collection Communication Consolidation  Processes Facilitates collaborative planning across all functions for more accurate budgets Enables continuous planning and rolling forecasts to meet rapidly changing business conditions and reduce budget cycle time Automates the consolidation process. meeting all financial reporting requirements with a complete audit trail for a fast.

net InfoCubes used for BPS and BI-IP can be reused  BI Accelerator capabilities can be leveraged Business Planning & Consolidations (BPC) write read OLAP Engine SAP IP Analysis Services SQL Server 2005 Microsoft InfoProvider BI Accelerator OR SAP NetWeaver BI .SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation Technology Overview Your logo  User experience  One data source for:  Planning  Consolidation  Financial  Busisness Planning & Consolidations (BPC) Web Microsoft Office SAP NetWeaver Portal BEx Analyzer reporting Read & Write .

Business Planning Process Your logo WHY SAP BPC Implementation Methodology .

comprehensive project planning. future phase planning .Predictable Methodology Eliminates Risk (reference: SAP ASAP methodology) Your logo 1 Project Preparation A successful implementation begins with good planning PROCESS definition & communication 2 Business Blue Print Solid foundation established through requirements gathering. support transition. and technical infrastructure setup and installation 3 Realization Solution build out and development 4 Final Preparation 5 Go-Live & Support User Acceptance Testing. solution design. application tuning Solution rollout and “go live” deployment. post go live review. testing & validation of performance expectations.

business opportunities and impacts leveraging existing work products • • .Inputs to Drive “To Be” Blueprint Your logo Blueprint Drivers Blueprint Inputs Blueprint Outcomes AES Data Blueprint Requirements • “As Is” Fit / Gap Assessment • “To Be” Process Blueprint Business Requirements Global Hierarchies Internal Controls Leverage relevant components Business Knowledge and Experience Gap Analysis • • RICEF-W Definition • Business requirements Input from process owners • SAP Process Templates • • • Change Impacts SAP Best Practices Your Business Planning Process • Blueprint Workshops Facilitated Workshops to develop detailed Blueprints and scenarios Detailed process flows and narratives Process controls High-level process issues.

CDM for staffing Req Sales/CP prepares SOW Client Reviews SOW & Staff Model No Agrees? Yes Client Signs the Contract Sales/CP for Team Meeting Team Arrives at Client Project Project Preparation Preparation Team Arrives at Client Technical Install of BPC .BPC Process Flow BPC Engagement Model (Process Flow) Scope and Definition of the Project Your logo Pre-Contact Pre-Contact Activity Activity Sales/CP engages in Presales Activities RCC to assist in project estimation PMO for PM if needed Tech Mgr assesses Req.Kyle’s team PM/PL Review Proj. Support Applicaton / Technical Review Post Implement. Review Project Closure Project Signoff . Oversight Success Environment Available for Configuration Validate Environment Access Review Scope and Requirements Create initial Project Plan Gather As-is process Review Current Reports Identify GAP Plan Workshop Sessions Business Business Blueprint Blueprint Validate Environment Access Plan Workshop Sessions This can be done throughout the phase to provide POC examples to address client’s need Initial Configuration Client Rollout to Users Perform Workshop Sessions Solution Architecture Update Project Plan Lock Down Document Business Design Requirements Decisions Approval Blueprinting Document Realization Realization Design Document Blueprinting Document Environment Configuration Dimensions Setup Application Setup Business Rules Script Logic Develop User Manual Develop User Training Reports/Input Templates Unit Testing Component & Integrated Testing Design Test Scripts User Acceptance Testing Final Final Preparation Preparation User Acceptance Testing Performance Tuning Infrastructure Test Technical Operations Manual Review GoLive Script Cut-Over from Test to Prod Go Live Develop User Training Deliver User Training Go-Live & Go-Live & Support Support Go Live Post Implement.

Business Planning Process Your logo WHY KONE CHOOSE SAP BPC for NetWeaver .

 In 2009.  Web: http://www.kone. KONE had annual net sales of €4. Finland.743bn and approximately 34.  KONE's head office is based in Helsinki.000 employees. KONE celebrates its centennial anniversary in 2010. escalators and innovative solutions for modernization and . providing industry-leading elevators. It has seven production units in all main markets and seven global R&D centers.About KONE Your logo  KONE is one of the global leaders in the elevator and escalator industry.  Founded in 1910.  KONE is present in around 50 countries worldwide.

   to do a proof of concept on BOBJ reporting. .SAP @KONE  Your logo KONE is one of the oldest and biggest SAP customers with wide SAP scope (logistics. building on its earlier acquired SAP NetWeaver BW datawarehouse technology:  to go for starting implementing the Ramp-Up SAP BPC 7. For their strategic CPM (Corporate Performance Management) platform.5 version. … datawarehouse ). KONE decided. and they recently invested in BW Accelerator software for production after a positive ROI analysis in their acceptance environment. human resources. financials.

Partners Involved:  SAP Consulting Belgium and SAP Finland  Taurus-i (subcontractor of SAP BE Consulting)  STANDARDIZATION INTEGRAL BUSINESS PLANNING PROCESS WITH SAP BPC NW 7..5 .SAP® BusinessObjects™ Planning and Consolidation (BPC) Your logo . enhancing the state of the art reporting solution (Business Intelligence platform) with forecasts/budgets data made available with the Planning additional functionalities.  The target is to establish a global planning process.  Enterprise Performance Management is one of the strategic projects since 3 years..enhancing the strategic CPM platform  Objectives:  Optimization and harmonization of processes.

partner in KONE’s Corporate Performance Management domain.  SAP was offering a unified EPM/BI platform fully integrated with the actual SAP NetWeaver applications landscape.  Tailored implementation service by SAP consulting and Taurus-i. Taurusi and KONE internal resources.SAP® BusinessObjects™ Planning and Consolidation Your logo (BPC)  Scope and Implementation Roadmap:  Kone will start by implementing the chosen planning processes in SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation and reporting (Xcelsius dashboards and WebI reporting) during 2010. Why SAP and Taurus-i   KONE are a long-time SAP customer with wide scope supporting their core business processes. ONE STRATEGIC CPM PLATFORM .  The implementation will be carried out by SAP Belgium Consulting.

Business Planning Process Your logo CONCLUSION .

One Platform Standarization Granularity Data IT .Actual Data Business – Plan  Planning  Planning Sheets Continues Execution .Integrated Business Planning Business and IT considerations  Planning  Planning  Planning  Planning  Planning Your logo Process Business .

Your logo Thank you! Questions .

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