Terry Tarrant and his creative life

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” His philosophy of life. Introduction A. Listen to the song for 30 sec. Welcome to the creative artist world of Terry Tarrant. The song you just heard was one wrote, played and sang by him while in his rock band “L.A. Clown”. He had more money than he could spend in a contrast like most artist, had little left over for food. B. Terry Tarrant was born on March 23 of 1944 in New Orleans, Louisiana and was the middle son of their family. He spent many hours alone as most middle children do and filled his time by drawing pictures from life subjects. Terry was also very active in his father’s professional theater appearing in productions and learning set design, construction and painting. One of three off Broadway, equity (union) theaters in the country during the 50’s and early 60’s. Central Idea A. When he was six years old he sold his first drawing of some cherries for seventy five cents. This experience helped motivate him to learn the craft and disciplines of fine art and design. After all, “a guy could make money and have a great time drawing pictures, way cool” B. Let’s explore that how he developed his talent and educated himself first. Body A. Educational background: Terry went to the Technical Memorial high school in Erie, Pennsylvania and graduated with three national scholastic “Gold Key” awards and then went on to study at the Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland Ohio from 1962 to 1964 with full tuition scholarship. That scholastic career ended suddenly soon. Soon afterwards he obtained another scholarship at the Honolulu Academy of Fine Art in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 1966 he graduated from the two year non degree drawing and painting curriculum. From 1966 to 1970 Terry went to the United States Air Force. He has noted that the most important thing he learned was a sense of focus and discipline. In 1970 thru 1975 after the completion of his air force service, he continued his education at the University of Hawaii where he graduated with a Bachelor and Master degree in Fine Art with majors in sculpting and painting. Upon graduation he had a one man art show at prestigious Advertiser Art gallery in Honolulu Hawaii. A

Show Clio award trophy. Their official press release indicates that in 2007 they received over 19. Star-Kist Tuna. Sharps Low Alcohol Beer. owner and CEO of Mc Donald to discuss his company’s first indoor dining rooms and design concepts for the interior. 7 up international. and over 110 judges from 62 countries comprised the jury. No one was sure where to put waitress station for cleaning tables. They then hired “Kim Carnes” who recorded the original hit song. His television commercials include Long John Silver’s. He was then hired by the C. He used the hit song “Betty Davis Eyes” and reworked the words to be product related. As Terry said “back then there were no trays or even a concept of self service. Miller and Miller light Beer. of “Leo Burnet USA” Chicago. First National Bank. paintings and sculptures comes from his imagination. Outdoor. Print. Burger King. and art directed 35 commercials for national television and print. wrote. He then moved on to establish his own company. The first “Gold Clio” award that he won for Seven-up international was “The Difference is clear”. During those years he produced. as an art director and “Foote Cone and Belding.E. Terry has drawn “story boards” for no less than 900 TV commercials and developing print champagnes for his clients: Coors beer. They are national awards given in a number of fields. Work Experience and his well known clients: Terry worked at the “Dodd’s Design and Fabrication.” Chicago as a Art Director between 1985 and 1988. United Airlines. State Express. McDonalds. some flowers around a tray holder and the words “Thank you” on it. “Tarrant Designs” and is still active to this day. While the owner of Design Company and Ray were discussing Terry drew a vertical box with a door. How many of you go to fast food restaurants and throw your leftovers into the trash containers? In 1971 Terry met with Ray Crock.” Then after . All his drawings. Radio and are the equivalent to the “Academy Awards” given in performing arts. Lark and Merit Cigarettes for Philip Morris NYC. Show TV spot The Clio Awards are given to reward creative excellence in advertising. including: TV. C.000 entries from all over the world.” in Southern California as VP Designs Director between 1975 and 1980. to sing their version. and too many others to mention. Sometimes he just closes his eyes and sees pictures “like movies on your eye lids”. Now. Let’s now watch one of his television commercials from way back in 1983. How many of you have experienced this? Perhaps that is a part of what we call “Talent”. I have a question. No Nonsense Panty Nose. B. Clio Awards: According to what he has told me “drawing or painting is a way to express his thoughts with no outside influences.very well know painter “Salvador Dali” was in attendance and inspired Terry to keep growing as an artistic creative as he said.O. Kraft Macaroni & cheese. Marlboro.

musician. Recently he had designed the new “State Express” cigarette packs for Philip Morris International and “Carol Shelby’s Chili Fixings” packaging. We all need to find our own way to realize fulfillment and joy in this life. construction and architectural planner. Show interior design pictures Some of the commercial he has worked on that are currently running on TV now include: Coors “Blue Label Cold”. Leo Burnett. He has worked for some of the most successful companies in America such as Walt Disney Corporate. actor. . Mr. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese “True blue”. Allstate Insurance “Who cares. We should not settle for “could have or would have” life styles. B. There is a saying “only one percent of our success is talent but the other 99 percent is hard work. I would like to conclude my thoughts by saying that we are all unique in our own ways. The rest is history and if you have ever eaten at a McDonalds. art director. Finding our own way to express that uniqueness is important. Always remember. We all are challenged to make life choices that bring us the most satisfaction and challenges. Philip Morris’s “Marlboro Country” and “Smokeless Tobacco” International Print. Terry Tarrant is a talented artist. we do. dedication and ambition”. designer. you have most likely have been in one of his companies interiors or sat in one of his chair designs and used his “trash planter” . illustrator. Good Hands”. we are all Gods’ children. Conclusion: A. Foote Cone and Belding and more.the company heads were frustraighted with not having enough room for seats and waitress stations. He then threw the idea and drawing on the table. He often says if I just had a nickel for each trash planter used we would be on a yacht somewhere in the Caribbean sipping Margaritas.

Too many of his friends never came home and others would not be able to live a normal and productive life after that experience. Have you ever seen or used this product? The guy who came up with the secret formula was a blue collar worker in the manufacturing of those interiors. . That very same name and warrior logo is still used today. and found himself in the very same war he was protesting against. WOW. when he was participating in an anti-war demonstration and drove a tractor thru the front door of the girl’s dormitory. Not having an extra thousand dollars. One late evening he asked Terry to take a look at this stuff and what it did to those old McDonald plastic seats. Show the air force picture. If only terry had a nickel for every…. He was moved and impressed by those fellow airmen who served and gave the most precious gift of their lives in service of our country during the Vietnam War.…. Terry declined but did name the product Armoral and drew the Viking warrior and container label for free as a favor to his friend. He was a friend of Terry’s and would save the film he scraped off of the fiberglass risen poured panels in a 5 gallon jar.well you now can see how much fun it is to be a creative. He then wanted Terry to invest a thousand dollars and be his partner in selling and creating more of this “stuff”. His very talented professional actress mother would pay him twenty five cents to cook the dinners while she was at the theater preparing for her next production. Another odd thing that happened while he was designing interiors was Amoral. they looked new after just one wipe.Do not need: The band played at most clubs on the sunset strip in north Hollywood and was a source for extra money to pay tuition and living expenses.

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