Ka arryn Allen

623 W. Gu uadalupe Rd. #238 Me AZ 85210 esa, 48 80-628-2865 www w.karryn.com karry yn@gmail.com m

Objective O

Ex xplore teachin and choreog ng graphy techni iques that will enhance my p professional career in da ance. Create c choreographic work that is i c inspired by cre eativity and en nhances the da ance co ommunity arou me. Explo ideas of da und ore ance that will reach out into the local com o mmunity. Ba achelor of Arts Secondary Dance Education s, n Ot ttawa University, Phoenix A AZ Related course work: Criticism and Philoso Re e ophy of Dance, Dance Ki inesiology, Seco ondary Dance T Teaching Metho ods, and Stude Teaching ent As ssociates of Ar Dance rts, Sc cottsdale Community Colleg Scottsdale AZ ge, Related course work: Ballet and Modern te Re e echnique, Chore eography Te echniques, Dan Technology, Dance Produc nce ction, and Danc Performance ce e Expected Dec. 2008 d:

Education E

Received May 2007 d:

Skills/Abiliti S ies

Te eaching • Developed and implemented lessons in balle and modern dance techniqu and history f d et ue for high school classes of Beginning, I Intermediate an Advanced le nd evels August – December 200 08 • Developed and implemented technique and choreography lessons for the Scottsdale Con d nservatory Theatre, Music Theater wor cal rkshop Summe 2008 er • Developed and implemented structured ball d let, tap and jazz technique clas for children three z sses n years old to ten years old in a dance studio a n atmosphere Sep ptember 1997 – June 2005 Ch horeography • Choreographe works for Be ed eginning, Interm mediate and Ad dvanced level hi school class for end igh ses of semester da ance concert Au ugust – Decem mber 2008 • Set a dance pie ece on the SCC Moving Comp C pany, that incor rporated video projection Apr 2008 ril • Created movem ment for the SC Theatre De CC epartment’s production of Meta tamorphoses March 2008 • Dance practicu um; a student d dance show whi featured fou choreograph works create during ich ur hic ed my education f my Associa of Arts: Da for ates ance Degree Ma 2007 ay • Created numer rous ballet, tap and jazz dance for dance stu patrons age three and up for end es udio ed p of year dance r recitals Septem mber 1997 – Jun 2005 ne Da ance Administration • Worked with M Office 2007 creating mailin and contacts list, event flye MS 7 ng ers and data ent try nce Department recruitment b brochure • Co-designed and revised Dan Advisor, oversee and schedu eing uling club event ts • Dance Club A • Researched an wrote a Teac nd ching and Learn Grant ning In nternship • Interned under Dance Direct tor at Scottsdale Community C e College • Observed tech hnique class pre eparation and in nstruction • Researched oth her Community College Danc Degrees for r y ce revision of Associates of Arts: Dance : Degree at Scot ttsdale Commu unity College

Experience E

Da ance Program Assistant, Sco m ottsdale Comm munity College, S Scottsdale (Aug 2008 - curren g. nt) Stu udent Teache Tempe High School, Temp (Aug. 2008 - current) er, h pe Da ance Intern, Scottsdale Comm munity College, Scottsdale (A ug. 2005 – May 2006) ay Da ance Instructo Plumb Perfo or, orming Arts Ce enter, Scottsdale (Sep. 2001 – June 200 5) e Da ance Instructo Mountain V or, Valley Dance, Al lamosa, CO (Se 1997 – May 2001) ep. y

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