Units 1, 2, and 3 reactors appear to in a stable condition with seawater injection continuing. Containment integrity is believed to be intact on Units 1, 2, and 3 Containment pressure on Unit 3 is believed to have stabilized and venting is not expected. TEPCO believes that water sprayed on Unit 3 SFP had some effect on reducing dose rates (3.44 mSV to 2.75 mSV 500 m north of reactor) and is focusing efforts on Unit 4 SFP. The Japanese Self Defense Force plans to resume water injection to the Unit 4 spent fuel pool from the ground level today.


" Two diesel generators are running and supplying AC power to Units 5 and 6. A Unit 5 RHR pump, powered by one of the U-6 diesel generators was started and is providing cooling to the Unit 5 spent fuel. " TEPCO is now installing high voltage cables from a nearby transmission line to Units 1&2. Priority is being given to restoring power to RHR and cooling water pumps.. Units 1 and 2 have temporary power to a 6.9KV panel. TEPCO is working to have temporary cables run to necessary equipment. Power to Units 3&4 is planned for later (perhaps by Monday). Dose rates have not changed significantly although some reductions near site were reported following efforts to add water to Unit 31t was reported that very low levels of radioactive materials were detected in spinach and milk. [Dose rate data provided by industry representatives.] * Still awaiting results from NARAC on "bounding worst case" source term's potential effects on U.S. NRC's protective measures team has drafted a more realistic worst case source term that is still being evaluated and is focusing efforts on this scenario. Wind direction is primarily towards the south for the next 12 hours, and is then expected to shift to the Southeast.

" Consortium call established 10 am time frame to continue calls. Call tomorrow is at 2 due to Commission meeting tomorrow. Priorities are to have method for US industry to interact with TEPCO, and US Govt agency (not NRC) in coordination to help with logistics, funding etc. Call tomorrow with Chairman and USAID to determine the right agency to pick this up. " We provided current status of efforts to support DHS Secretary, no issues.