Maastricht Hotel Management School offers a bachelor degree course in hospitality management. Since its foundation in 1950, Maastricht Hotel Management School has built up an excellent reputation both at home and abroad. The annual intake of students is 300 and at present, approximately 1,100 young adults are studying at our institute. Teaching and administration staff roughly number 120. The rooms Division practical skills department is also located here, including the Front Desk, Business Centre and the Reservations Office. Furthermore, the grounds also hold the Halls of Residence, which comprise 4 blocks of flats with 259 rooms, our private guesthouse, the Amphitryon Student Union and sports fields including a 3 par 9 hole golf course, all of which are situated within a two-minute walking distance of each other. Two essential aspects of your study at Maastricht Hotel Management School are character development and the acquisition of practical skills. That is why in your first year you will in principle be required to reside in the Halls of Residence on the campus. The campus rooms are furnished in the style of a hotel room, including a bed, desk, cupboard, bookcase, refrigerator, private telephone, and cable-tv and cable-internet connections. Bathrooms and toilets are shared. You will have your own room and you can make use of the campus restaurant. Living on the campus will give you the opportunity to develop your social skills such as tolerance, selfconfidence, dealing with conflicts, empathy and toughness. Self-discipline is a key word on the campus but above all you can have a great time.

Education is not limited to the school grounds. Practical experience is also obtained by means of company excursions, the operational and management traineeships and participation in the fourth-year management project. The further you progress in your studies the more you will be expected to work independently. This in itself is a learning process. The modern manager is also expected to make decisions about which actions to take to improve his personal development. Problem Based Learning (PBL) Maastricht Hotel Management School applies various teaching methods. In addition to lectures and working in a (simulated) hotel environment, there are many types of seminars. Problem Based Learning is one of the cornerstones of our educational model. In problem based learning, students are divided into groups of, ideally, no more than twelve and are required to perform various tasks. In PBL sessions you will learn to approach and to analyse a problem, set priorities, adopt a multidisciplinairy approach, solve problems and work closely together with others. A tutor guides the entire process and monitors students’ progress.

Master Programmes Since four years, the Maastricht Hotel Management School offers postgraduate programmes. Following graduation, you can enroll in the postgraduate Innovative Hospitality Management programme. This one-year full-time course is delivered with ESADE-Escuela Universitaria de Turismo St. Ignasi in Barcelona, where the students spend the first three months. Finally, if, after graduation, you have worked in the hospitality industry for a number of years, you can enroll in the one-year fulltime MBA degree programme in Hotel and Tourism Management offered by our school. For these programmes, the best lecturers available are contracted, which contributes to the vibrant academic environment of the school.

Students whose mothertongue is not English will have to prove that they have a good command of the English language (i.e. a minimum TOEFL score of 550 or IELTS score of 6.0). Dutch nationals who have completed a six-year international (English language) curriculum are not required to sit the TOEFL test. Please check our website ( for detailed information about our selection procedure (clicking bachelor EN and application).

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Maastricht Hotel Management School is housed in the medieval ‘Bethlehem Castle’ at its centre. The modern campus, built in the 22 acre grounds, consists of a studies wing including the entrance hall, 26 lecture halls and classrooms, 12 rooms fully equipped for project work, computer and language labs, and an ultra-modern library and learning centre with extensive internet facilities and reading room. The crafts wing houses the Housekeeping Department, linen room, stores, kitchens and restaurants. The staff offices, an auditorium and several meetingrooms are located in the castle building.

The ancient city of Maastricht attracts over 15 million tourists each year. It can be said that the magic of the city is a significant reason for students to enroll here. Due to the signing of the Treaty of Maastricht many people consider this city to be the most “European” city in Europe. With over 1500 officially registered monuments, the city’s future as a highly valued tourist attraction is guaranteed and the hundreds of pubs and restaurants make it an excellent centre of recreation for young and old. As a result of the establishment of modern industries, service companies and institutions of learning in recent decades, the region has also become a destination for businessmen and scientists. Consequently, Maastricht has moved into the top 30 of leading international congress cities in the world - ahead of major cities such as Madrid, Buenos Aires and Hongkong!

The study at the Maastricht Hotel Management School is a four-year full-time course. The total study programme consists of 11 modules, which can be best described as ‘specialisations in management’.
Proaedeutic 1st year

Traineeship The Maastricht Hotel Management School considers the traineeship to be an important part of the programme. We view it as ‘education on location’. The majority of traineeships is completed in international hospitality companies abroad. Our worldwide network includes traineeship opportunities from Asia to South-America in well-known hotel chains such as Starwood, NH Hoteles and Radisson SAS. International Exchange Programmes - an Extra Dimension Maastricht Hotel Management School participates in the European Union’s Socrates Programme. The aim of this programme is to stimulate cooperation and student mobility between educational institutions within Europe. Within this context, the Hotel School gives you the opportunity to sit one or two modules abroad. There are exchange opportunities at several academic centres. The most recent offer can be found on our website (, click internationalisation and exchanges.

The type of education we offer requires you to have special skills and personal qualities which you will be tested on before acceptance. To participate in the selection procedure, apply to the Hotel School. Make sure you have the right qualifications for enrollment shown below: • British O-level standard. • Professional education intermediary level with 2 modern foreign languages taken as final exam subjects. • High School or Lycee.

International airports Brussels Zaventem Airport (112 kms) Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (207 kms) Flughafen Düsseldorf International (109 kms) Maastricht - Aachen Airport (12 kms) Cologne - Bonn Airport (105 kms) Distances to major European cities: Paris: 395 kms Amsterdam: 207 kms Brussels: 112 kms Luxembourg: 197 kms

1 Hotel Entrée

2 Hotel Basic


3 Hotel


4 Hotel F & B

5 Hotel
Post-propaedeutic 2nd year

Personnel & Organisation

6 Hotel


7 Hotel

a Toerism mgt

b Facility mgt

8 Hotel

Operational management

Traineeship Practice 3rd year Traineeship Management 4th year

9 Hotel
Event 1



10 Hotel


11 Management Project



2007 - 2008

AMSTERDAM Study at the crossroads of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany! BERLIN


Maastricht Hotel Management School

Hospitality Management Four-year Bachelor Programme





Maastricht Hotel Management School Visiting address: Bethlehemweg 2 6222 BM Maastricht The Netherlands

Business profile The Maastricht Hotel Management School prepares its students for management positions in the national and the international hospitality industry. They embark on management or consultancy careers in a variety of industries, such as the service and hospitality sectors, congress and exhibition organisations. One sector which in recent years has been popular with our graduates is financial services. Banks and insurance companies have been especially keen to recruit our students.

Mail address: P.O. Box 3900 6202 NX Maastricht The Netherlands Tel. +31-(0)-3528282 Fax +31-(0)-3528285 E-mail:


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