Q March 25, 2011

UFtLY 0600 EDT

Briefing Sheet Fukushima Daiichi
Plant status remains unchanged from status at 1515. PMT is working with OSTP and EPA to properly manage and communicate all environmental data collected domestically, including iodine in drinking water. PMT briefed that the detected iodine levels in the rain water are substantially below the drinking water standards. RADnet is posting current monitoring data on web. This info is being integrated with data gathered from test band monitoring and reported to OSTP. DOE has agreed the US should reach out to Japan as one voice only. To facilitate this, DOE (Pete Lyons and Steve Aoki) were provided a summary of the 1000 industry consortium call. In addition, NRC/RES will participate in a DOE call everyday from 1700 to 1800. This will help facilitate the one voice. Chairman is continuing to work with others to establish a Senior level person as a focal point. Per NRC Japan team, Japan has officially accepted the pumping system at the air force base, and will be using it. The equipment will be moved tomorrow afternoon after TEPCO received training on it at the base. Plans are being made for the U.S. Navy to provide two fresh water barges to the site as well. No delivery date has been established yet, as there are concerns about possible harbor damage from earthquake. The NRC team also reports that they have accepted 5 seats within the TEPCO Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The team will go to the EOC for the first time Friday morning (JST) with an INPO representative. INPO/DOE has accepted action to figure out how to remove spent fuel from the site. The Japanese provided a list of the things they would accept, including the million doses of KI, bottled water, radiation monitoring equipment, robotics and remote control equipment. DOD and DOE have the lead. The NRC Reactor Safety Team has provided a set of recommendations pertaining to severe accident management strategies to the NRC team in Japan. The recommendations were coordinated with GEH, EPRI, INPO, Naval Reactors and DOE. The NRC Protective Measures Team developed guidance, at the request of State Dept., to be provided to Americans such that they could temporarily re-enter the 50-mile evacuation zone (not to enter the Japanese 20 Km evacuation zone) for the purposes of retrieving personal effects. Guidance was provided to the NRC Japan team to get to be forwarded to the Ambassador. The Liaison Team is nearing completion of assembling briefing informaton to support the Chairman's meeting with the Japanese Ambassador at 11:00 a.m. this morning. The team has developed some information, coordinating with the NRC Site Team in Japan, specifically related to effectiveness of coordination. To summarize, coordination has been improving.