IV, Issue III

March 15, 2012


Elvie B. Evangelista


Iriga City Ligao City Legaspi City Masbate City Sorsogon City Tabaco City Naga City Camarines Sur Province Camarines Norte Province Albay Province Sorsogon Province Masabate Province Catanduanes TOTAL


1 8

1 5 1 1

1 13 9 11 15 1 8 2 62

2 5 9 16 16 4 1 1 63 3 12 19 16 3 5 1 67

2 15 1 1 3 0 21 30 46 47 8 14 4 192

Quince (15) bulawan, 16 na pilak, asin 13 bronze an total na medalyang natipon kan Albay, poon Marso 13 hasta 14, mga alas kwatro nin hapon. Kasunod igdi an mga Division kan CamNorte, 10-10-16, asin CamSur, 9-9-12.

Sa bulawan pa sana, an 105 puntos na nakua kan Albay nagtao na sainda nin 29%, an 70 sa CamNorte,19%, asin an 63, 17% para sa CamSur. Gabos ini sa individual na karawat, laen man an mga grupong encontrada na matao

nin hasta 25 puntos sa nanggana. Kun aadalan an resulta kan panggrupong karawat na luminaog sa media center, alas 4:20 nin hapon, sa mga events na sinalihan kan Albay, sa tolong pakikienkwentro kaini, saro

Lang ang ginanahan ninda, G2 kan Double Sipa Takraw. Alagad sa mga nailaog na detalye kan karawat kan Marso 13, guminana an Albay sa Volleyball G8 asin Sepak Takraw kun saen nakaenkwentro ninda an CamSur. Pwede pang

makalamag an mga kalaban kaini depende sa ilalaog na resulta kun may mas halangkaw na valor nin puntos. Magigirumduman na an pagdeklarar nin kaintiruhan na manggagana madepende sa total na puntos bako sa bilang kan medalya.

By: Pipo B. Evangelista

in Palarong Bikol. Points given depend on the kind of game- individual, double/mixed, relay or team and medal standing. Winners are ranked from 1st to 6th place in some categories and given points ranging from 7-1( individual/ double/mixed), 14-2 (Relay), 10-1 (Team). For Ballgames, points are given to the general champion with a range of 25-2 The medal tallies will not guarantee the overall champion.

Regional Memo No. 3, s. 2012, dated January 3, 2012 par. 6 states that “ Point System will be adopted in this year’s palaro. This was backed up by a tool in Evaluating the Performance of Officiating Officials in the Palarong Bikol, under the criteria: Determining the Team, Division and the General championship, bullet # 1, “the point system will be adopted to determine the team championship in all sports events competed

Meanwhile, Neuve Carascal, Chief for Secondary Education Division of DepED R-V, said, in an inteview that, “Sana matapos ining palaro na mayong magkadiriskwedo asin maging magayon an weather hanggang sa katapusan kan Palaro. Tarabangan ta na sanang mapili ta an mararahay na athlete na ipapadara ta sa Palarong Pambansa sa Lingayen, Pangasinan sa May. She reiterated that the delegation with the highest points will be

SECONDARY GIRLS EVENT 400 Dash Triple Jump Javelin Throw 100 m Low Hurdle EVENT 400 Dash 110 m High Hurdle NAME Ubanon, Jinky Deseria, Maridel Alono, Alona Ampunan, Jesusa DIVISION Albay Province Camarines Sur Province Catanduanes Province Camarines Norte Province DIVISION

SECONDARY GIRLS NAME Roxas, Alfran Garbin, Erick

Catanduanes Province Camarines Norte Province

ELEMENTARY GIRLS EVENT 400 Dash 100 Low Hurdle Discuss Throw NAME Bendal, Rosaella Raviz, Adelfa Alarde, Jessica DIVISION Albay Province Camarines Norte Province Camarines Norte Province

ELEMENTARY BOYS EVENT 400 Dash 100 High Hurdle Discuss Throw Javelin Throw NAME Capus, Roscom Sabado, Jan Rafael Sarriola, John Ro-el Amparo, Larryson DIVISION Camarines Norte Province Albay Province Albay Province Camarines Norte Province

News / features Conserve Energy in Multi-Heat Sprint Events
By Mike Rosenbaum, About.com Guide Adapted by: Elvie Evangelista

By Ruby C. Bausas

While everyone was busy running the games, the DepEd, Division of Naga City Alternative Learning System Center (ALS), in cooperation with the other 12 Schools Division Superintendents of

Region V, LGU-Naga, and Pepsi Co., Inc. launched the Palaro Trade Fair 2012 last Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 2 pm at the Naga City Sports Complex. It was opened with a

simple program followed by a ribbon cutting and viewing of the different booths of the different divisions. City Mayor John Bongat, Asst. Regional Director Diosdado San Antonio and the superintendents and the assistant superintendents of the 13 divisions graced the event. The trade fair aimed at showcasing and promoting the local businesses of each division. It is open from 8 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon.

Every track and field head coach eventually faces the same question. How best to use your runners at a major competition that includes events with multiple heats? Do you instruct your top athletes to conserve energy during early heats? Is it better to tell your sprinter, for example, to take it a bit easy in the first heat of the 100and 200-meter races, or should you tell him to go all -out in the 100, and not use him in the 200? Here's How: 1. Asking athletes to conserve energy, i.e., not to compete with 100 percent effort, can be risky, particularly in shorter races. For example, if your runner eases off the throttle too much, and finds himself too far behind his competitors, there are only seconds to try to catch up. Additionally, some runners may find it difficult, mentally, to compete at threequarter speed in a heat then try to shift gears and go 100 percent in the final. 2. Rather than asking runners to conserve energy during a heat, a coach should use the lineup card as the key to an energy-conservation strategy. A successful track coach once told me that his philosophy boiled down to four words: “Don’t be a pig.” Just because a sprinter is permitted to run in four events doesn’t mean he must run in four events. Just because a runner is capable of competing in two distance races in the same meet doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Do You Know That...

3. When setting a lineup, a coach must consider the number of heats in various events, as well as each individual runner's ability, stamina and mental toughness, as well as the competition that each individual will face. 3. If your best sprinter wants to compete in multiple events - for example, let's say he wants to run both the 100 and 200, as well as a relay - the coach should add the number of heats in those events and consider, realistically, how tired the runner will be toward the end of the meet. 3. The competition a runner will face is also a key consideration. If your runner is clearly superior to the competition in one individual event, it might be worth the risk to use him/her in two events, knowing your runner has a strong chance to win at least once. But if both fields are highly competitive, you might choose to focus on one event, to give your runner the best chance to win, rather than tire him/her out and perhaps settle for a pair of third-place finishes. 6. In the end, it boils down to how well coaches know their athletes. If you know your athletes well, trust your instincts when you make out your lineup. But always keep in mind the "Don't be a pig" rule. When you allow your competitors to focus on the events in which they have the best chance of success, you’ll generally get the best results from your star athletes, and from your team.

Weather Makes Basketball Popular
Basketball is considered the number one spectators' event in the country simply because it is usually held under a roof (at the Araneta Coliseum for example). Baseball and football could not gain popularity because Filipino spectators are not willing to seat under the scorching sun or heavy rains. It must be noted, however, that young Filipinos are beginning to switch to new games, such as billiards and computer games, because of the limited number of basketball courts in the country.


Beyond 2012 Palarong Bicol
2012 Palarong Bicol, once again, put Naga City in Bicol’s sports map. Naga also played host to Palarong Pambansa in 1997, 2002, and 2006. Behind these three grassroots sports grandeurs is Hon. Jesse M. Robredo, Naga’s former mayor, now Department of Interior and Local Government secretary, who always has brought the city to regional and even international fame and honor in sports and in almost all fields of endeavour. Today, the legacy continues with the young Naga City Mayor John G. Bongat. This year’s Palaro, that is intended to develop the sport prowess, attitude and virtue among the youth, does not only provide sports gains and future greatness but also usher countless opportunities that parade cultural diversities and lifestyles. Equally important is that all athletic delegations paid tribute and respect to the Bikolano and Filipino sports enthusiasts and aficionados. On the side, Palaro is a fiesta fever that opens doors to commercialism. Bikol’s native products are at their low prices. Pili and sili are adored by different tongues. Malls and department stores sound their cash registers. Naga never sleeps at night. Hotels are frequented by tourists. Food, beer, laughter and friendship abound at this very heart of Bikol. Naga really smiles to the world. Palarong Pambansa also cuts across religion. The barrier in faith is never a hindrance. The Iglesia ni Cristo believers chat with the Catholics. The Muslims converse with the Aglipayans. The Born Again Christians express their ideas with the Mormons. They talk about basketball, chess, Bikol Express, Mariners’ majorettes, the city mayor, and the winning and losing the games. This Palaro makes everybody a winner. The athletes of Bikol’s 13 Divisions flex their muscles to be the fastest, the strongest and the best. If their efforts fall short, what they will bring back home are the experiences, friendships and smiles that Naga people offer.

By Honesto M. Pesimo Jr.

Diosdado M. San Antonio
Assistant Regional Director, DepEd RV-5

Emma I. Cornejo

Loida N. Nidea

Schools Div. Superintendent, Asst. Schools Div. Superintendent, DepEd, Naga City DepEd, Naga City Consultants

Salvacion B. Selga

Elvira B. Evangelista, Honesto M. Pesimo Jr. Baby Ruby F. Laurente, Ruby Bausas Rowena Tabilog, Leizel Manondo Neil Manaog, Sylvia Serrado, Marites D. Reforsado Edna San Jose, Irma A. de Jesus, Pipo Evangelista Eugene J. Agor
Staff Editors

Jundy Paglinawan/Christian Evangelista/LA Galaxy

Julius D. Bulahan
Lay-out Artist

I remember when I was still a coach in athletics-boys of Naga in the Palarong Bicol at the Pili Stadium. My young athletes would always complain about their competitors from the other Divisions, who they thought, were five or so years older than they were. The age of my athletes ranged from 14-17 when added five more years to my 17year-old player, the players of the other Divisions would be 22, far from the age bracket of the guidelines that were and are stipulated by the Palaro which is 18. A 22 yearold athlete is mightier, stronger, faster than most of my 17-year-old students. My players would still complain of the height difference and the muscular body that their sports rival possessed. They said that

they were towering at 6” so their legs were longer and stronger and that their bodies were fully developed, similar to James Yap’s and Chris Tiu’s but my students found it hard to see any mestizo features among the athletes. They were all native Bikolanos. To my dismay, I looked at their legs and found varicose veins that passed across, not parallel, their legs. Their and my conclusion: They were over aged. Jesse M. Robredo, then the Naga City Mayor, would emphasize that it was better to lose a game than to cheat, though the city would always aspire excellence in every field of endeavour. That guiding principle became a dictum. What seems to be the problem? Is winning the ultimate goal? Diretsuhan na. A number of, but not all, coaches are too eager to win and that they will do anything to win. From tampering the birth certificates to letting their protégés acquire different identities. If this will continue to happen, we

produce bunch of cheaters, a culture of cheaters that do not answer to the Palaro’s noble mission and vision. Winning is not all. We, in the DepED, try very hard to produce quality students and graduates who have the proper and good values for them to face vocational or college life or life itself. We inculcate to the students the values of honesty, integrity, fairness, and truthfulness. In cheating, nobody wins. All become losers. Trained for eight months, my good young athletes still lost the game but all were proud that they played each game in the fairest possible way. Before the agony of defeat haunted their beings, my 15-yearold sprinter had the luxury of taking things lighter. Before the start of the 400-meter run, he took the right hand of his competitor, whom he thought was old enough to be included in the game, and put it on his forehead and said, “Bisa po.” He did this to three of his contenders.


ki Irma A. de Jesus, Marites D. Reforsado, Aileen M. Andal asin Esmeralda B. de los Reyes

“Naga is excellent. This is really the city of smiles. Everyone is friendly.”
-SALVADOR G. GACIS Volleyball Coach Sorsogon Province

“Malinis ang paligid. Exciting „yung opening. Maganda ang Naga City!”
-REIJO SULTAN Sepak Takraw Player Camarines Norte

Ni Aileen M. Andal Isang malaking karangalan para sa mga Nagueno na sa lungsod ng Naga ginanap ang Palarong Bicol. Nangangahulugan lamang ito ng promosyon para sa siyudad. Bilang isang uri ng libangan, malaki ang ginagampanan ng Isports sa ating lipunan. Kung mapapansin, naglipana ang mga kabataan na adik sa droga. Bakit? Dahil ba gusto lang nila? Maaaring Oo, subalit kung iisipin, hindi magagawa ng isang indibidwal na pumasok sa pagtutulak kung mayroon siyang makabuluhang pinaggagamitan ng oras. Tulad ngayon, dahil sa kahirapan, huminto ang karamihan sa pagaaral. Kadalasan, patambay-tambay lang at walang ginagawa. Kaya nman,

“Magayon an Naga City. Malinig. Sa totoo lang ngonian lang ako nakahiling nin mall, kotse saka traffic!”
-RESTY LUCENARIO Volleyball Spiker Sorsogon Province

“Masaya yung parada. Ayos ang pagkakamanage nila.”
-RAYMOND A. BONITO Sepak Takraw Player Camarines Norte

“With regard sa venue kan volleyball, very good an covered court kan USI. Digdi sa Tabuco Elementary School very accommodating an mga teachers. May tricycle driver lang na nagsingil sako nin sobra sa double ride haling USI to LCC.”
-EUNICE A. POGADO Volleyball Tournament Manager Masbate Province

“Very Accomodating ang mga taga- Naga lalo na ang Calauag Elementary School. Maganda ang opening, very much okey ang mayor‟s night at Congressman night. Maayos na naihahatid ang mga manlalaro sa kanikanilang venue.”
-NAN’Z OBSEQUE Transportation Officer, Palarong Bicol TLE/ EPP SupervisorLigao Division

“Maganda at maayos „yung opening. Okey ang accommodation. Umaga hanggang gabi may bantay. Maganda dito kasi malapit sa palengke!
-OSCAR C. YRAY Regional Screening Committee, Gymnastics Masbate Province

“Okey na okey kami. Masaya dito sa Naga. Well-accommodating ang school.Malinis.”
-DEO PRELLEGERA Coach, Athletics Ligao City Division

madali silang mahikayat sa mga illegal na gawain. Sa tulong ng isports, maililipat natin ang atensyon ng mga kabataan. Dito nila magugugol ang kanilang oras. Malaking tulong rin ang mga paligsahan dahil sa masisinang pagsasanay ng mga kalahok. Dito, mas lalong nahuhubog sa larangan ng palakasan. Bukod pa rito, nagbibigay ng mga iskolarship ang mga eskwelahan para sa mga atleta. Sa gayun, maipagpapatuloy nila ang kanilang pag-aaral. Bilang resulta, nakapagproprodyus tayo ng mga magagaling na mga manlalaro na nakikilala sa buong mundo. Nakakadaragdag karangalan din ito sa ating bansa. Sa kabilang p a n ig , ma r a mi a n g nagrereklamo sa mga palaro. Dahil sa kakulangan ng suportang pinansyal, kadalasang nagsasakripisyo ang mga kalahok- walang suportang alawans, gamit at kung anu-ano pa. Sa kabila nito, umaasa ang mga administrasyong may hawak sa

kanila na mag-uuwi sila ng karangalan. Nakakatawa na umaasa tayo ng magandang bunga sa isang bagay na hindi natin lubusang pinag-ukulan. Paano mananalo ang mga atleta kung kulang naman sila sa pondo? Kung gusto natin ng magandang resulta, maglaan tayo ng sapat na oras at pinansyal na tulong sa isang bagay. Gayunpaman, w a lan g pe r pe k to n g pamunuan. Lahat ay may pagkukulang. Sa pagkakataong ito, kailangan na nating gawin ang ating parte. Iaasa na lang ba natin lahat sa pamahalaan? Huwag nating sisihin ang pamunuan sa kanilang pagkukulang kung sakaling hindi tayo nagwawagi sa mga laro. Hindi nakasalalay sa pondo ang pagkapanalo. Sa isang atleta, hindi ang mga gamit o allowance ang nagdidikta ng pagkapanalo. Ito ang determinasyon.

“Well-organized: well prepared ang Naga for this year‟s palaro. As evidenced by tightened security to ensure the safety of the delegates.”
-Mr. Leonardo C. Manalo, Record officer Masbate Province

“Mahuhusay lahat a n g mg a at l eta , nagpapasalamat ako sa aking coach sa pageensayo at paghahanda sa akin para sa palarong ito, dahil dito naging Best Timer at Finalist ako sa 200-meter dash/Athletics.”
-ELMER CANDAZA Athletics Player Ligao City Division

“The opening parade was exhausting dahil mainit at mabagal ang galaw pero excited na ako that time makipaglaro.”
-MARK IRVIN D. PEREZ Volleyball Player Masbate City

“Ang ganda ng Metro Naga Sports Complex. Kumpleto ang mga facilities. Malinis ang field at mababait ang mga tao doon.”
-BRYAN A. CALVARIO Sepak Takraw Player Camarines Norte


Sa Aking Pagtakbo
By: Honesto M. Pesimo Jr., Leon Q. Mercado High School

H’wag mong pansinin ang bumubukol sa aking binti, Ang tumitigas kong tiyan sapagkat aking tinititigan Ang linyang naghihiwalay sa mabilis at mabagal, Sa malakas at mahina, sa nangunguna at nahuhuli. Sinasabi mo na di ko kayang taluntulin ang tagumpay Dahil ako’y mahinang pagaspas ng pakpak ng mga paa; Ako pa ri’y di lipad kundi pagong na hakbang ng talunan Ngunit aking liliparin ang tinatakbuhan sa aking pagsisimula.


ni Marites D. Reforsado ,CSNHS

Di ako magigitla o mabibingi sa hudyat ng putok ng baril. Di rin ako gegewang. Tuwid akong makikipaghabulan sa hangin. Kung ako ma’y matapilok at naging mabilis ang aking mga hakbang Kaysa sa ritmo ng aking katawan, ito’y isa lang paglaya’t paglalayag.

TIGSIK ko an mga atleta magdangog nanggad sinda sa dakul na patara-tara ni Mam Orfelina manungod sa disiplina. TIGSIK ko man si Mam Emma asin Mam Loida hilingon mo ta sinda garo magtugang sana sa dunong asin gayon dai mo matatawadan sa serbisyo sinda iyo mong malalaoman. TIGSIK ko an mga taga Naga City proud nanggad sa sadiri Palarong Bikol maogma igdi huli ki Bongat na mayor mi. TIGSIK ko an mga traysikel drayber kan MAOGMANG NAGA sa paghagad pamplete tama sana dai nanggad pag li-oga tangganing magbwelta sinda. TIGSIK ko man si Mam Nely an suporta yaon sa MAPEH mass demonstration matrayumpo kan opening ceremony mga delegasyon nasurpresa, napaogma kaini. TIGSIK ko an mga ngiriton na mga taga Camarines Norte pag arabutan sa coliseum sinda kaenot-enote dawa hilingon mo sa harayo na parte naglalaad na gayo an saindang uniporme. TIGSIK ko an mga taga Tabaco City na nagkukulay ube sa kalye daeng pag aram-aram sa itinakod ki manoy asin manay hale sa water lily na nagpapataw-pataw sa irarum kan tulay. TIGSIK ko an mga taga MORMS sa saindang green uniform sa pagdalan-dalan ninda nin mass demonstration garo baga gusto na nindang mag-ayon.

Onra nin Banwaan
By: Julius D. Bulahan, CBSUA Education Student

Pinagalan,inisipan, pinagplanohan. Pinakusog, pinapusog, pinangandaman. Sarong laban para sa onra nin banwaan, Pagdara nin medalya, hagad kan kagabsan . Sa oras nin laban, handa an lambang saro, Kumpyansa an coaches sa saindang parakawat, Manginginotan, manggagana, malampas pa, Sa mga parakawat man na saindang kakompetensya. Guminian an pagmate, Pagkatapos magtagaktak an ganot. Napano nin duros an kinapos na hinangos. Kuminosog an nangruloyang tuhod, Pagkatapos makaptan an bulawan na mawot.

Laro ng Buhay
By: Eugene J. Agor, CSNHS

Of Faces and Values
By: Esmeralda de los Reyes, TCS The thrill of victory the agony of defeat these are the FACES of Sports Fairness. Ethics. Respect. Fellowship. These are the VALUES in sports. Sore losers. Good Sports. These are the “by products” of sports.

Maglaro ka, maglaro nang masaya. Mahirap ka man o may kaya, Maglaro ka, maglaro ng may pag-asa, Nang may hinahon at may pagkusa. Maglaro ka, maglaro sa gitna Kahit pawisan o manghina. Maglaro ng may determinasyon Sa puntos may mabaon, kailangang bumangon. Maglaro ka, mahalaga ito Pagkat saan man, doon at dito, Ang buhay ay isang laro. Minsa’y natatalo, minsa’y nananalo.

Sports pictorials
Mga kapwa mi Bikolnon,

T INGOG (huna-huna man sana) ini kan
mga inabot kan Lente nin Camera.

Luksuha na ngani, nganing maenotan ta. Hale na!

Halat nguna ta baka may mensahe an butiki. Aramon ta kun may maabot pang kalaban o mabawas siya… he..he..he... Oops. Kaya ko man ini! Huna nindo kamu lang? Ako man, spider man na baliktad. Araguy….Garo nabari an tulatod ko. Doble na pagheling ko, luntok na kaya.

Oy, Dipisil daw ining trabajo ko. Kaipuhan pirmi akong nakapoised ta baka abutan ako kan TV crew. Whew

Luway lang pag-apon baka Tamaan si Sir, mawaran na kitang umpire. Tabuga an abuton ta pag-uli.

Siram-siram na magaturog igdi sa SM, malipot. Dyana ta arugon nindo ko.

Maray kaini, tawan nin tigsararong bola. Aragawan kaya sana nin aragawan.

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