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OBJECTIVES: Research engineering and computer science career in a dynamic Research and Development team. EDUCATION University of California, San Diego, San Diego, CA Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering Advisor: Prof. Mohan M. Trivedi M.S., Computer Science and Engineering (GPA: 3.7) Advisor: Prof. Mohan M. Trivedi

September 2006 - Spring 2012 (expected) June 2008

Relevant course work: Computer Vision I (A), Computer Vision II (A+), Selected Topics in Graphic Vision and Learning (S), Intelligent Systems - Computer Vision and Multimodal Perception (A), Algorithm Design & Analysis (A+), Computability and Complexity (A-), Programming Languages (A)

Hanoi University of Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam B.S. in Computer Science, Centre for Gifted Education (GPA: 8.64/10.0)

June 2004 (rank 2/17)

RESEARCH INTERESTS Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Driver Assistance Systems, Intelligent Systems. AWARDS, HONORS, AND SPECIAL ACTIVITIES - Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF) Fellow (2006 - present). - Research Assistantship at Computer Vision and Robotics Research Lab, UCSD (2007-present). - Invited student attendee and volunteer at the IEEE Automatic Face & Gesture Recognition Conference, 2011. - Honorable Mention, PhD Dissertation Forum, IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2010. - Teaching Assistant, UC San Diego: CSE 252A (Computer Vision I – Fall 2010), CSE 130 (Programming Languages – Winter 2011), CSE 152A (Intro to Computer Vision – Spring 2011) - Mentoring, UC San Diego: ECE 285 (Graduate level intelligent system project on head pose tracking and face recognition– Winter 2009), ECE 191 (Senior design project on gesture analysis - Winter 2010). - Exhibitions organizing committee at the IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium 2010 - VEF Travel Grant for an oral presentation at the 19th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Florida, 2008. - Bonus of Excellence Award from Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, UCSD (2006-2007). - Hanoi University of Technology’s scholarship for excellent academic performance (1999-2004). RESEARCH & INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE University of California at San Diego, San Diego, CA Graduate Student Researcher September 2007- Present - Laboratory for Intelligent and Safe Automobiles (LISA) and Computer Vision and Robotics Research Lab (CVRR): Core group member involved in design, development, and operation of the novel real-world driving test-beds with sensors looking at the environment, vehicle, and driver. Developing vision-based algorithms for 3D human pose tracking and human behavior modeling & analysis at multiple levels of details including body, head, hands, feet. Focusing on interactive applications such as intelligent driver assistance systems, gesture-based interactive games, smart rooms. Real-time, Vision-based Testbeds and System Development Experience (more details at - Developed a real-time system for on road prediction of driver lane change intent using multi-modal sensory cues.
[sponsors: Volkswagen and UC-Discovery]

- Developed a system using optical flow foot tracking and HMM behavior modeling to predict driver pedal press errors. - Developed a visualization system for monitoring traffic emission status in real-time by integrating vision-based vehicle detection, tracking, and classification with vehicle emission models (a test system is monitoring part of Interstate 5 highway everyday from 5am-8pm). [sponsors: UCTC] - Developed experiments using open source driving simulator with spatial audio-visual inputs and displays to statistically analyze the sequential effects in driving. [sponsors: UC-Discovery and NSF] - Designed multimodal research testbeds including audio-visual and physiological signals for multiplayer interactivity. - Developed Triton Eyes, a distributed interactive video array in UCSD Jacobs Hall for real-time analysis of human activity and interaction in a common area. [sponsor: UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering] Centre for Development of Information Technology, Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group, Hanoi, Vietnam Software Engineer June 2004 - June 2006 - Postal Money Order Project: Implemented nationwide in Vietnam. Core group member involved in establishing a middleware to meet the asynchronous communication requirements of the money transfer system.

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