Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system

This project is a part of Web Based application programming. The feature of this project is conversion of existing manual system into automated system. This project supports the extremely user-friendly environment for online Air ticket booking to the users. The development environment of the project comprises of Visual C#, ASP.Net, XML, HTML, JavaScript, MS – Access. The main modules of this project are following:1) Main Part  Home Page  About us  Destination  Corporate  Contact us  Support  Registration  Flight Information 2) Transaction Part  Booking 3) Report Part  View Booking  Ticketing 4) Security Part  Login  Change Password  Forget Password



C.Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system 2.UP. K.R. 2) Improve the working of booking system. OBJECTIVE 1) Here main priority is to convert manual system into automated system.G. JIND 2 . 1) Reduce the burden of all staff members. 2) To gain experience in sector of Information Technology 3) To describe the functionality & feature of Online Booking Environment.

Form designers and visual controls for creating rich Windows-based applications. ASP. Windows XP. JIND 3 . and thin-client devices.G.C.R.NET and the backend will be the XML. offers beginning and intermediate developers with C++ or Java experience a modern language and environment for creating next-generation software.1. With this elegant. The Platform is Microsoft Advantages:Intuitive C++ Based Language: Use a language modeled on C++ syntax. developers can build solutions for the broadest range of clients.NET connected applications for Microsoft Windows® and the Web.UP. 3. This robust development package. About Visual C#:Microsoft Visual C# . Authoring tools and services for building powerful Microsoft . and deployment support for creating XML Web services.NET server-based solutions.NET. including Windows. HTML. use prebuilt COM components.Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system 3.NET development environment. With Visual C# . MS. Interoperability: Employ "unsafe" code to call native Windows APIs. as well as intuitive new language constructs that greatly simplify development tasks. including: Rapid design. Visual C# .NET is the comprehensive tool set for creating XML Web services and Microsoft . the Web. immediately familiar to C++ and Java developers. TOOLS & PLATFORM The front end of the project will be prepared by using VISUAL C#. development. which uses the component-oriented C# development language. TECHNOLOGIES. modern programming language. K.Access. and leverage existing Microsoft ActiveX® controls to seamlessly integrate existing applications and components. JavaScript. developers can leverage their existing C++ and Java skills and knowledge to be successful in the Microsoft .NET delivers superior functionality for streamlining business processes.

standards-based language.NET lets you leverage your current programming language skills. giving you unprecedented flexibility in your choice of language.NET makes building real world Web applications dramatically easier.Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system Modern Component-Related Language: Take advantage of inherent support for properties.NET languages (built-in support for VB. K.R.NET is not just a simple upgrade or the latest version of ASP. ASP.NET redesigns the whole process. Unlike classic ASP.NET:ASP.UP. Below are the features of ASP. 3. indexers. and uploading files are all amazingly easy. and XML comments.NET).NET now supports more than 25 .NET combines unprecedented developer productivity with performance. single and multidimensional arrays.G.NET pages work in all browsers including Netscape. JIND 4 .NET server controls enable an HTML-like style of declarative programming that let you build great pages with far less code than with classic ASP. About ASP . Opera. and Jscript. Easy Programming Model: ASP. and Internet Explorer. Displaying data. ASP. advanced inheritance. ASP. AOL.2.C.ASP. versioning. delegates.NET. attributes.NET. which supports only interpreted VBScript and Jscript. Best of all. A Fast growing Developing Community: Learn from the rapidly growing community of C# developers and leverage skills across multiple computing environments by using an interoperable. C#. It's still easy to grasp for new comers but it provides many new ways of managing projects. Flexible Language Options: ASP. validating user input. ASP. reliability. and deployment.

NET Web applications. while preserving the "just hit save" update model of ASP.NET Framework.NET Web Forms using familiar drag-dropdouble click techniques. or required a 3rdparty component. test. even Notepad. all available within the integrated Visual Studio . VS. and store the compiled results to reuse for subsequent requests. no explicit compile step is required. design.NET using any text editor.NET adds the productivity of Visual Basic-style development to the Web. However.NET also provides integrated support for debugging and deploying ASP. ASP. database modeling (conceptual.Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system Great Tool Support: You can harness the full power of ASP. and enterprise frameworks and templates. and physical models). Compiled Execution: ASP.R. data access. These include UML class modeling.C.NET. can now be added in just a few lines of code using the .NET environment.NET Framework offers over 4500 classes that encapsulate rich functionality like XML.G. The Enterprise versions of Visual Studio . image generation. and compiled execution makes it fast. and coordinate teams that develop ASP.NET is much faster than classic ASP. JIND 5 . But Visual Studio . performance monitoring and logging. K. analyze. and enjoy full-fledged code support including statement completion and color-coding. performance and scalability). testing tools (functional. dynamically compile the files if needed. lets you use serve more users with the same hardware. Dynamic compilation ensures that your application is always up to date.NET will automatically detect any changes. build.NET deliver life-cycle features to help organizations plan. The . transactions. and much more. With Improved Performance and Scalability ASP. file upload. regular expressions.NET Web applications. logical.UP. Now you can visually design ASP. message queuing. Rich Class Framework: Application features that used to be hard to implement. SMTP mail.

ASP. it is gracefully disposed and the leaked memory is released. Once the old process has finished processing its pending requests. Output caching can dramatically improve the performance of data-driven pages by eliminating the need to query the database on every request. ASP.NET worker process. For example.NET ensures that your application is always available to your users.R. K. Enhanced Reliability: ASP.NET output caching could dramatically improve the performance and scalability of your application. Automatically. Web-Farm Session State: ASP. Output caching is configurable. and can be used to cache individual regions or an entire page.NET executes the page just once.NET session state lets you share session data user-specific state values across all machines in your Web farm. you no longer need to worry about thread affinity. automatically start up another copy of the ASP. and direct all new requests to the new process. And since business components created with the . say that your application has a small memory leak.NET automatically detects and recovers from errors like deadlocks and memory leaks to ensure your application is always available to your users. Now a user can hit different servers in the Web farm over multiple requests and still have full access to her session. ASP. When another user requests the same page.NET will detect this condition.NET has recovered from the error. ASP. Memory Leak.NET Framework are free-threaded. without administrator intervention or any interruption of service.C. and saves the result in memory in addition to sending it to the user.NET serves the cached result from memory without re-executing the page. When output caching is enabled on a page. JIND 6 . Deadlock and Crash Protection ASP. and that after a week the leak has tied up a significant percentage of your server's virtual memory.G.UP.Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system Rich Output Caching: ASP.

the developer would have to restart the web server each time he deployed an update.DLL. you simply copy the component over the existing DLL. you can deploy an entire application as easily as an HTML page.NET dramatically simplifies installation of your application. "No touch" application deployment. XML. Any class can be converted into an XML Web Service with just a few lines of code.C.UP.NET now lets you update compiled components without restarting the web server. XML Web Services: XML Web services allow applications to communicate and share data over the Internet. No need to run regsvr32 to register any components.NET even lets you continue to use your existing classic COM business components. and can be called by any SOAP client.NET pages are processed by the new ASP. ASP. regardless of operating system or programming language. No knowledge of networking. ASP.R. just copy it to the server.Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system Easy Deployment: ASP. Dynamic Update of Running Application: ASP. ASP. Your existing ASP applications continue to be processed by ASP. and configuration settings are stored in an XML file within the application. You can migrate application by application. or single pages.NET makes it incredibly easy to call XML Web Services from your application. And ASP. ASP.NET engine.NET. ASP. In the past with classic COM components.NET makes exposing and calling XML Web Services simple. JIND 7 .NET will automatically detect the change and start using the new code.NET runs on IIS side-by-side with classic ASP on Windows 2000 and Windows XP platforms.NET. Easy Migration Path: You don't have to migrate your existing applications to start using ASP. or SOAP is required. K. while new ASP.G. Likewise.NET.NET takes the pain out of deploying server applications. With ASP. With ASP.

C. including XPath. In ADO.NET. and XML Schema.UP. XML:XML and some of its related technologies. JIND 8 . and K. this ability belongs to one object only—the DataSet —but can be extended to other container objects with minimal coding.3. you can switch from a DataSet representation of the data to XMLDOM. PDAs and over 80 mobile Web devices.NET.R.NET and XML classes provide for a sort of unified intermediate API that is made available to programmers through a dual and synchronized programming interface.NET object model when compared to ADO. and restore objects from. You can access and update data using either the hierarchical and node-based approach of XML. HTML.G. ADO. XSL Transformation. are unquestionably at the foundation of ADO. XML was merely an (non-default) I/O format used to persist the content of a disconnected record set. you have several options to save objects to.Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system Mobile Web Device Support: ASP. As a matter of fact. At any time. To say it all. You write your application just once.NET is much deeper. XML constitutes the key element for the greatly improved interoperability of the ADO. Furthermore.NET Mobile Controls let you easily target cell phones. Saving objects like DataTable and DataView to XML is substantially seen as a special case of the DataSet serialization.NET where the interaction and the integration with XML is stronger can be summarized in the following points: • • • Objects serialization and remoting A dual programming interface XML-driven batch update (for SQL Server 2000 only) In ADO. 3. The aspects of ADO. and the mobile controls automatically generate WAP/WML. The participation of XML in the building and in the inter-workings of ADO. or the relational approach of column-based tabular data sets. or iMode as required by the requesting device. XML documents.

HTML:HTML. They are ReadXml and WriteXml. is the predominant markup language for web pages. lists etc as well as for links. The use of CSS is encouraged over explicit presentational markup. The table below presents the Dataset’s methods you can use to work with XML.R.5. and other items. the DataSet object is stored in memory in a binary format. JIND 9 . it is automatically rendered as a DiffGram. or the physical borders of the machine. paragraphs. Data is synchronized and any change you enter in either model is immediately reflected and visible in the other. 3. It is written in the form of HTML elements consisting of "tags" surrounded by angle brackets within the web page content. It allows images and objects to be embedded and can be used to create interactive forms. Just like any other . the DataSet is always remoted and serialized in a special XML format.NET object. which affect the behavior of HTML processors like Web browsers. It provides a means to create structured documents by denoting structural semantics for text such as headings.Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system vice versa. weakly typed. the DataSet is silently rebuilt as a binary and promptly usable object. quotes.C. The following features K. JavaScript was influenced by many languages and was designed to look like Java. both in reading and in writing.4. and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to define the appearance and layout of text and other material. a pair of which clearly stands out. The same serialization facilities are available to applications through a bunch of methods.G. but to be easier for non-programmers to work with. prototype-based language with first-class functions. Unlike other objects. JavaScript:JavaScript is a scripting language used to enable programmatic access to objects within other applications. JavaScript is a dialect of the ECMAScript standard and is characterized as a dynamic. though. At destination. It can include or can load scripts in languages such as JavaScript. It is primarily used in the form of client-side JavaScript for the development of dynamic websites. which stands for Hypertext Markup Language.UP. When the DataSet trespasses the boundaries of the appdomains. 3.

unless explicitly specified otherwise. while loops. the dot notation being merely syntactic sugar.UP.7. JavaScript makes a distinction between expressions and statements.x = 10 and obj["x"] = 10 are equivalent. Imperative and Structured: JavaScript supports all the structured programming syntax in C (e. JIND 10 . Objects as Associative Arrays JavaScript is almost entirely object-based. a variable x could be bound to a number. then later rebound to a string. etc. Object property names are associative array keys: obj. or deleted at run-time. Properties and their values can be added. however.g.Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system are common to all conforming ECMAScript implementations.. JavaScript has function-level scoping).. One partial exception is scoping: C-style block-level scoping is not supported ( loop. supports block-level scoping with the let keyword. changed.G. not variables. For example. The properties of an object can also be enumerated via a for. Run-time Evaluation JavaScript includes an eval function that can execute statements provided as strings at run-time.C. JavaScript supports various ways to test the type of an object. Like C. switch statements.). Dynamic: Dynamic Typing As in most scripting languages. JavaScript 1. Objects are associative arrays.. if statements. augmented with prototypes (see below). including duck typing. Functional: K. types are associated with values.

Miscellaneous: K. it still has access to the outer function's variables) — this is the mechanism behind closures within JavaScript. Prefixing a function call with new creates a new object and calls that function with its local this keyword bound to that object for that invocation. The function's prototype property determines the new object's prototype. As such. Rather. JIND 11 . Functions as Object Constructors Functions double as object constructors along with their typical role.g. When a function is invoked as a method of an object. even after that invocation is finished (e. the distinction occurs during function calling. and inheritance. including methods. Prototypes: JavaScript uses prototypes instead of classes for defining object properties.UP. they are objects themselves.C. the function's local this keyword is bound to that object for that invocation. Functions as Methods Unlike many object-oriented languages. It is possible to simulate many class-based features with prototypes in JavaScript. a function can be called as a method. and variables of the outer functions for that invocation continue to exist as long as the inner functions still exist. there is no distinction between a function definition and a method definition.R. Inner Functions and Closures Inner functions (functions defined within other functions) are created each time the outer function is invoked. they have properties and can be passed around and interacted with like any other object.G.Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system First-class Functions Functions are first-class. if the inner function was returned. Prototype-based.

g. Array and Object Literals Like many scripting languages. (This is not a language feature per se.Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system Run-time Environment JavaScript typically relies on a run-time environment (e. Regular Expressions JavaScript also supports regular expressions in a manner similar to Perl. which provide a concise and powerful syntax for text manipulation that is more sophisticated than the built-in string functions. However. it relies on the environment to provide the ability to include/import scripts (e. In fact. HTML <script> elements). but it is common in most JavaScript implementations. arrays and objects (associative arrays in other languages) can each be created with succinct shortcut syntax. only some non-Mozilla JavaScript engines support these new features: • • • conditional catch clauses property getter and setter functions iterator protocol adopted from Python K.R.) Varied Functions An indefinite number of parameters can be passed to a function. Vendor Specific Extensions: JavaScript is officially managed by Mozilla. The function can both access them through formal parameters and the local arguments object.C.G. and new language features are added periodically. in a web browser) to provide objects and methods by which scripts can interact with "the outside world".g. JIND 12 .UP. these literals form the basis of the JSON data format. In fact.

you need to understand how Microsoft Access breaks down a database. Example #1) Student Last Name Example #2) Student First Name Data types: Data types are the properties of each field. Tables usually contain multiple fields. FieldName) Student LastName Datatype) Text 4. JIND 13 . Database File: This is your main file that encompasses the entire database and that is saved to your hard-drive or floppy disk. It has many built in features to assist you in constructing and viewing your information. Record. Here is the Hierarchy that Microsoft Access uses in breaking down a database. Example) StudentDatabase.6.R. First. There can be multiple tables in a database. Field. Some keywords involved in this process are: Database File. Table. and Data-type. MS Access:Microsoft Access is a powerful program to create and manage your databases.C.mdb Table: A table is a collection of data about a specific topic. Example #1) Students Example #2) Teachers Field: Fields are the different categories within a Table.Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system • • • • • • shallow generators/co-routines also adopted from Python array comprehensions and generator expressions also adopted from Python proper block scope via new let keyword array and object destructuring (limited form of pattern matching) concise function expressions (function(args) expr) E4X 3. A field only has 1 datatype.UP. Access is much more involved and is a more genuine database application than other programs such as Microsoft Works.G. DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS K.

G. JIND 14 .Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system DFD LEVEL 0 or Context Free Diagram Member Main Transaction New User Online Booking System Report Security K.C.R.UP.

R.G.UP.Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system DFD LEVEL 1 K. JIND 15 .C.

G.Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system New User Member Entry Show Member New User DFD LEVEL 2 K.C.UP.R. JIND 16 .

K.Jet King Airways-An online air ticket reservation system Member New User Enter Password Update Record Register Home Page Edit (Any Modification) Booking Record DFD CHART TO SHOW THE WORK OF ONLINE TICKET BOOKING OF JETKING AIRWAYS.G.C.R. JIND 17 .UP.

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