Dear Friend, The hellish cancer treatments Americans take for granted are now outdated. The cancer treatments they give you in conventional U.S. hospitals are backward, false, and proven ineffective. They’re just plain bad science. Having toured 17 cancer clinics in four countries, let me tell you about the astounding cancer breakthrough in Germany... ...a stunning advancement that makes the hellish cancer treatments in America obsolete. Yes, Germany’s top cancer doctors have a long track record, proving that drastic surgery, burning radiation, and poisonous chemo are now out of date . They’ve developed a better way. Incredible as it sounds, Germany’s top cancer doctors literally “cook” cancer out of your body while you sleep — and you wake up without any bad side effects. Yes, you heard me right: no bad side effects. No hair loss, no vomiting, and no nausea The German cancer cure is turning the worldwide medical community upside down! Patients whip their cancer in Germany and enjoy a new lease on life. They get to spend many more good, healthy years with their loved ones. They get to keep on doing what they love: golf, tennis, hiking, boating, and even martial arts. Yet the American medical establishment hides the amazing German cancer cure from you. Hard to believe? Perhaps. But I’m not asking you to believe anything just yet. Keep reading and see the evidence for yourself. All I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof. In the next five minutes, I’ll prove to you that Germany’s cancer doctors really have made a breakthrough. Invest those few minutes and judge for yourself, because... It could save your life or the life of someone you love

I found out German doctors have leaped far ahead of American doctors. Just as shocking. die. chemo. He also says the drastic. American doctors in the 1970s routinely “treated” mental patients by hammering an ordinary kitchen ice pick past the eyeball right through the eye socket into the brain. disfiguring surgeries such as radical mastectomies. American doctors no longer hammer ice picks into the brains of mental patients. In fact. the great German doctor . While still in office.In fact. Yet American doctors still use many of the same crude cancer operations they’ve been using for the last 50 years. Then the doctor would twist the ice pick around to scramble the frontal lobe of the patient’s brain! I’m not joking. This powerful film exposed and discredited lobotomies. in a moment I’ll show you a couple of photos that prove the German cancer breakthrough! You’ll see how a beautiful lady with a severe case of melanoma (an extremely deadly skin cancer) avoided surgery that would have ruined her looks. die. and today she’s in vibrant health! It’s shocking that some American doctors still insist on drastic.” This brilliant surgeon insists it’s unnecessary to poison patients with massive doses of chemo. brutal operation was thought to be good medicine! How actor Jack Nicholson shamed American doctors You may have seen actor Jack Nicholson in his unforgettable role as the victim of a lobotomy in the 1975 film classic One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. the same German surgeon also told me flat out: “Doctors give chemo. chemo. disfiguring cancer surgeries Americans take for granted are totally unnecessary… … as unnecessary as those notorious “ice pick lobotomies” which American doctors were routinely doing as recently as the 1970s! Believe it or not. President Reagan got rid of his cancer the German way When President Ronald Reagan got cancer during his presidency. And this cruel. some American doctors still insist on “orchectomies” for prostate patients — the surgical removal of the testicles! But these crude operations are definitely obsolete according to a German surgeon I interviewed. Fortunately. She’s been cancer free for over 10 years. and patients die. During my tour of six German cancer clinics.

A Reagan Library employee named Jenny responded to my request. I called the Reagan Library to see if the Library would confirm or deny that Dr. during. Just imagine if the American public knew a sitting president preferred German cancer treatments! I learned about it from my confidential source in Germany. and not from cancer. according to my source.D. often as not. I’m not a doctor. and after his presidency are unavailable. M. In addition. One distinguished doctor served 56 days on a road gang — like “Cool Hand Luke” — before the governor pardoned him. I’ve interviewed several American doctors who’ve been hassled by medical boards or the government. but she would neither confirm nor deny that Dr. Nieper flew to America to attend to Reagan in his hospital recovery room.Hans Nieper. Many American cancer patients lose their hair and their vitality.” In July of 1985. . And that gives me an advantage because. She admitted that Reagan was in Germany in May of 1985. But Reagan kept his famous pompadour hairstyle. I don’t want to see any more loved ones go through cancer treatment hell. Reagan’s German doctor acknowledged it in an interview.. I can tell you the truth without having to risk persecution from the authorities. She told me. I’m Andrew Scholberg. Reagan lived for another 19 years He died at age 93. Before I learned about the German cancer breakthrough. as a journalist. Nieper treated him. He also kept his warm smile and vigorous stride. Nieper treated President Reagan in May of 1985. treated him. I’m free to tell you about the alternative treatments your doctor can’t tell you about without getting into serious trouble. No wonder so many other celebrities and even European royalty have gone to Germany to get rid of their cancer. Dr. It would have been front page news if it hadn’t been hushed up at the time. Health-care freedom in America has all but disappeared Fortunately. I’ll name some of these famous people in a moment. a healthcare consumer advocate and a medical journalist.. And that’s no exaggeration. I saw too many loved ones and friends suffer dreadful cancer treatments — and then die anyway. And I don’t want you or your loved ones to go through it either. “President Reagan’s private medical records before. as a journalist I’m protected by the First Amendment. But first let me briefly introduce myself. And after whipping his cancer the German way.

it’s difficult to tell that this lady ever had an ugly tumor on her face! Seeing is believing This lady got rid of her cancer without any disfiguring surgery. So she didn’t need any reconstructive surgery.” Instead. it would have killed her if she hadn’t found effective treatment Take a look at these astonishing “before” and “after” photos. You see. A conventional doctor told a 61-year-old woman with facial cancer that drastic surgery was necessary — surgery that would’ve disfigured the areas around her ear and eye. It was horrible. In the third photo. He told me that when this lady first came to him for treatment in May of 1995. but it’s simpler just to show you. mutant vegetable. the German surgeon has found a better way to treat cancer. As you can see. 1995. though the skin is dark in the area where the tumor was. she sought treatment from a top German surgeon — the one I quoted earlier. He was a marvel you don’t often see: a surgeon who routinely recommends against cancer surgery. Photographic proof: You be the judge of these “before” and “after” photos Let me show you photographic proof of the German cancer breakthrough. She said “no. What’s more. the tumor by her ear was ugly and disgusting. . in the first photo. the tumor is completely gone. taken in May. taken just five months later. the angry red tumor looks like some kind of deformed. 1996.I’ll tell you about the German cancer breakthrough. In the second photo. taken in May.

But your body’s healthy cells can handle a temporary fever just fine. Peter Busch. The results of standard. You’ll get the full details about this doctor’s treatment methods in my new Special Report. Fever is one of the tools your immune system uses to kill disease. She’s still in touch with her German doctor. did you know radiation does PERMANENT damage to your body? You never completely recover from it. but highdose chemo also poisons the healthy cells. The German cancer cure: “Cooking” cancer cells to death You’d think that a fever of 105 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit would be bad for cancer patients. No wonder! He not only saved her life but also restored her face to its original beauty. who discovered that fever can cure cancer. M. it was a German-American doctor in Philadelphia. By the way. Ironically. In German Cancer Breakthrough: A Guide to Top German Alternative Clinics I fully describe how the German doctors safely “cook” cancer out of your body while you sleep. That’s why you should at least consider doing what this woman did. she didn’t put up with any hair loss or nausea from chemo. German doctors “cook” cancer out of your body while you nap! You’re probably wondering how the German doctor whipped this ugly and shocking case of melanoma (skin cancer) without disfiguring the lady’s face. He found out by pure chance in 1868. This poisoning also damages or destroys the immune system — the very asset the patient most needs to beat cancer. Best of all. German Cancer Breakthrough: A Guide to Top German Clinics.. She didn’t endure scorching doses of radiation. this therapy killed the cancer cells throughout the body without harming any healthy cells or the immune system! So she woke up from the therapy feeling good. She’s doing fine. American doctors aim to poison the cancer cells with chemo. high-dose chemotherapy are often tragic. The key therapy is a technique that literally “cooked” the cancer out of her body while she slept. cancer can’t take the heat. right? Wrong! Surprisingly. 140 years ago! Yet this effective non-drug cancer treatment .What’s more. This incredible German cure is the total opposite of the shotgun-approach chemotherapy American doctors use.D.

000. Busch’s patients was a 43-year-old woman with a severe case of sarcoma of the face. the German doctors use a machine that costs about $250. a few months or years later the cancer comes roaring back. they’ve racked up a long track record of success. You can place total confidence in this valuable information The doctors I interviewed have used this therapy thousands of times with no side effects whatsoever — none! So don’t let some uninformed American doctor tell you it’s unproven. It’s the whole body! Conventional surgery and chemotherapy may appear to wipe out a tumor. To turn up the heat on cancer. Most important of all. The doctors who administer these treatments might tell you they “got it all!” And then. what do you know. In short. Most American oncologists haven’t studied this therapy at all. Cancer is systemic — there are cancer cells throughout a patient’s body — but the fever therapy kills them wherever they are. Why? Because cancer cells too small to detect can be anywhere in the body. And today’s German doctors have proved Dr. Busch right. They’ve proved that a fever — whether caused by an illness or artificially induced — has a devastating effect on cancer. . It dawned on him that he might be onto a major discovery. or talked (as I have) to patients who beat cancer with it or to their doctors who are acknowledged international experts on this therapy. Surgery usually fails because no surgeon can remove all the cancer cells that may have spread. Yet few American doctors today even know about this remarkable treatment that causes no side effects! You have to go to Germany for this breakthrough therapy “Cooking” cancer cells to death is NOT an experimental therapy. American doctors who discourage this treatment DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT! This is a key point: It’s not one organ or body part that has cancer. And the German doctors have the skill needed to operate this sophisticated machine. It not only “cooks” the tumor to death but also kills cancer cells that have spread elsewhere in the body. The fever therapy lasts about six hours. They haven’t read the vast number of papers that have been published on it. and cancer patients receive the therapy once a just about impossible to get in the United States today One of Dr. He observed that her cancer went away after she suffered a fever of 105 degrees Fahrenheit from a strep infection.

. And that’s one reason why cancer . there are several different methods of raising the body temperature. It heals the whole body instead of just tinkering with the obvious signs of this system-wide disease. the German doctors raise the temperature of the whole body using the $250. For example. German doctors concentrate heat in the area around the tumor. proven fact: High temperature — the kind we all get when we have a fever — KILLS cancer cells and leaves healthy cells unharmed. German doctors use radio frequencies (shortwaves). But they have another method that just raises the temperature in one part of the body. the doctor places a special device directly over the breast of a breast cancer patient to heat up that specific area. They employ a state-of-the-art therapy that’s more advanced than anything you’ll find in America. That’s why you need my new guide to German cancer clinics — the first such guide ever published in the English language. It’s all based on a simple. but the work going on in Germany is far ahead of what you can find here. A few American doctors — very few — use some forms of heat therapy. which cause heat to penetrate deep into the body — 18 centimeters. and the few who do call it quackery! Here in the U.S.000 machine I mentioned earlier. What’s more. My new Special Report tells you the BEST places to go — And the cost is amazingly low! Using this unique. The most scientifically advanced ones aren’t available in America. The patient doesn’t get a temporary wholebody fever with this kind of heat therapy. the results are amazingly effective. This kind of deep penetration heat therapy is available only in Germany As I saw for myself. For example. about 7 inches.That’s one of the reasons German cancer doctors I interviewed are so successful. Most “mainstream” American doctors don’t even know about it. you can’t get heat therapy with the German level of experience and expertise.. It’s called deep penetration localized heat therapy — and you can’t get it in America at all.. cutting edge technology.

And that’s when America’s cancer establishment withdrew the ridiculous claim that cancer has nothing to do with diet! I suspect President Reagan’s experience had something to do with their change of mind. And comedian Red Buttons brought his wife there.D. Dr. I’m sure you’ve heard of some of the people who came to him to get rid of their cancer: Princess Caroline of Monaco and President Ronald Reagan. In some countries. It’s a remarkable story. such as actors William Holden and Anthony Quinn.patients from all over the world come to Germany. M. By the way. Dr. and she remains in glowing health to this day. German-style deep-penetration heat therapy is not available anywhere in the United States. part of the American cancer establishment. Nieper’s cancer clinic. The National Cancer Institute. something really odd happened around the time of Reagan’s trip to Dr. But his priceless health secrets . Nieper told him it was necessary. I already mentioned President Ronald Reagan’s May 1985 trip to Germany for cancer treatment. This is far less effective than the deeper penetrating radio frequencies that German doctors use. Nieper’s reputation as the No. Other celebrities. Heat therapy doesn’t fit with the American medical establishment’s model of “cut-burnpoison” for cancer treatment. Nieper cured Princess Caroline of breast cancer. and his clinic no longer exists. movie stars. I’ll tell you the details in a moment. clinics use microwaves to heat up the tumor. have gone to Dr. Nieper died in 1998. Nieper’s clinic for cancer. But microwaves only penetrate the body about five centimeters — about two inches. Dr.” One of the red flags for identifying a “quack” was: “Beware of any doctor who links cancer to diet. 1 cancer doctor in the world. Reagan chose Germany because of Dr. and other celebrities know the German secret One of Germany’s most legendary cancer doctors was Hans Nieper. Sadly. Royalty. had published a pamphlet purporting to warn the public about how to recognize a cancer “quack. to name just two.” But President Reagan had to change his diet after his treatment in Germany for cancer.

S. If only I’d been able to get my Special Report into his hands before he went under the knife! But for you. The poor man has endured four surgeries that have left him disfigured and unable to speak.” Those are the exact words a cancer doctor told Alicia Buttons. and Alicia Buttons aren’t alone in going to Germany for cancer treatment. Other celebrities who’ve chosen German treatments President Reagan. The same information that saved Red’s wife from surgical mutilation. Alicia got rid of her cancer with no disfiguring surgery and lived in good health for another 29 years! And Red Buttons went on to become an advocate for health freedom in America. Ebert suffers from cancer of the salivary glands. “With luck. Get the complete information in my new Special Report German Cancer Breakthrough: A Guide to Top German Alternative Clinics. You’ve probably seen him in classic movies such as “The Poseidon Adventure. Celebrity undergoes disfiguring surgery in U. you might live a year. Princess Caroline of Monaco. I want to get this report into your hands before you or any of your loved ones have any kind of needless. The six German clinics I toured are using the cancer breakthrough he helped pioneer and perfect. and an early death could save you or a loved one. Numerous celebrities have benefited from German treatments. The movie star’s wife who said “no” to mutilating surgery Don’t believe some cancer doctor who predicts.didn’t die with him.” “Alice in Wonderland.” and “The Longest Day.” Red’s wife had an advanced case of one of the most dreaded cancers: oral pharyngeal cancer. including:      Elizabeth Taylor Cher Princess Haja of Jordan Siegfried and Roy Suzanne Somers . It’s sad that celebrity film critic Roger Ebert (of “Siskel and Ebert” and “Ebert and Roper”) didn’t know about the German cancer breakthrough. life-ruining cancer surgery or chemotherapy. miserable treatments. it’s not too late. In 1975 she said “no” to surgery that would have disfigured her face — and went to Germany instead. Many cancer patients have said they’d rather die than endure one more round of chemo. the wife of comedian and actor Red Buttons.

Mistletoe therapy is natural.” Dr. It’s gentle on the patient but tough on cancer.000 studies conducted between 1985 and 2006.” But this therapy is backed up by more than 3. Nieper declared: “You wouldn’t believe how many FDA officials or relatives or acquaintances of FDA officials come to see me as patients in Hanover. They were appalled when she said “no. as well: you’ll get a FREE bonus report that tells you all about mistletoe therapy. or American . Naturally her doctors wanted her to follow up these treatments with highly toxic chemotherapy. FDA officials sneak off to Germany for the treatments they deny you Back in 1987. a German herbal therapy that worked well for her. In fact. You wouldn’t believe this — or directors of the American Medical Association (AMA). you get FIVE FREE BONUS REPORTS with your purchase of German Cancer Breakthrough. I’m going to give you a special gift.     Jennifer Lopez (who financed her aunt’s successful cancer treatment in Germany) Jack Cassidy (the bass player from the Jefferson Airplane rock group) George Hamilton William Holden Anthony Quinn Suzanne Somers had surgery and radiation in America for her breast cancer in 2001. German Cancer Breakthrough. After commenting that “President Reagan is a very nice man. she opted for mistletoe. Mistletoe has been proven to have a direct effect against cancer cells. Nieper let a man named Jeff Harsh interview him for a video documentary. And you can be sure some American doctors would call mistletoe therapy “quackery. Dr. All the German cancer clinics I toured use mistletoe therapy.” Instead. and it boosts the immune system When you order your personal copy of my new Special Report. You might think it sounds odd or weird to use mistletoe against cancer.

so why do they hide the German cancer breakthrough from you? Most likely. American doctors aren’t evil. He’s so pressed for time that he relies on the medical establishment’s “experts” to tell him what works and what doesn’t. It costs $350. Furthermore. if you focus only on the tumor. Cancer treatment in America has become a racket. You could buy a nice house for that kind of money — and pay cash! The fact is.000 a month! But don’t blame your doctor. After you’ve swatted one. That’s the way it is with cancer. the answer is money. In my Special Report German Cancer Breakthrough. And unfortunately. but they also focus on the root causes of cancer: toxicity in the body and improper diet.” Well. on the other hand.000 to die of cancer in America. aren’t so innocent. another one soon appears. that’s America’s cancer establishment for you. You can use many of the same methods at home — and . that’s different! They go to Germany to get rid of their cancer. they simply tell you what they learned in medical school. So he does the best he can in a broken system. But that’s like swatting mosquitoes. What good does it do to get rid of a tumor if another one grows back? “Swatting mosquitoes” doesn’t cut it.Cancer Society (ACS). or the presidents of orthodox cancer institutes. Cancer dilemma: do you swat mosquitoes or drain the swamp? Perhaps the main difference between American cancer doctors and their German counterparts is that the American doctors only focus on the symptom of cancer. they prefer treatments that are more effective and don’t have any side effects. That’s the fact. American cancer doctors totally ignore this toxic mess. For themselves. But when they get cancer — well. FDA officials and their colleagues want you to submit to disfiguring surgery. which is the tumor. while German doctors use effective therapies to get rid of it. The typical cancer patient’s body is sludged up with all kinds of toxins that must come out of the body. I’ll show how German doctors help cancer patients rid their bodies of poisons. Of course. he knows that he risks losing his license if he breathes even a word about alternative therapies for cancer. America’s cancer system is a broken down mess These fat cats don’t practice what they preach. and burning radiation when you get cancer. they’re good at getting rid of tumors. the drug companies get filthy rich when you buy their grossly overpriced chemo drugs. poisonous chemo. The drug company executives. You have to get at the root cause. one of which costs $10. You have to drain the swamp! And that’s why the select German cancer doctors in my report are so successful. the American medical schools are under the thumb of the drug companies.

In America.even if you’re healthy it’s a good idea.” too (all three of my guides to cancer clinics feature numerous interviews). I’m detoxing myself at home. punished. You CAN prevent AND treat cancer using the valuable information in this report and in your five FREE bonus reports In German Cancer Breakthrough: A Guide to Top German Alternative Clinics I describe the simple. I’ve seen for myself what actually works in real-life patients. I don’t have cancer. German doctors in six little-known cancer clinics are using the German cancer breakthrough. using the same techniques I’ve learned in the course of investigating 17 alternative cancer clinics. German Cancer Breakthrough. and put out of business. and I fervently hope you’ll get my report and see how you can benefit. Unlike American doctors. is chock full of the most effective techniques for preventing cancer that I’m using myself. My new Special Report. German doctors use the best of both worlds You need to know a major difference between cancer doctors in America and Germany: The American cancer establishment has declared war against doctors who champion alternative cancer therapies. the German doctors I interviewed are free to speak to . I’m using these amazing secrets to make sure I NEVER get it. I practice what I preach. at-home secrets that German doctors recommend to help cancer-proof your body. easy. too. They’re based on the advice of a couple dozen of the world’s most famous and successful cancer doctors. at home. Why wait until you’re at death’s door? Speaking for myself. That’s not the way it is in Germany. I’ve interviewed a great many of their “customers. The 6 little-known clinics that use the German cancer breakthrough Today. This combination gives patients the best chance of whipping cancer for good. alternative doctors have to watch their step or they’ll be persecuted. German doctors use the best of both worlds: the best natural medicine together with the best conventional medicine.

too. 6” is perched high up in the Alps on the Austrian side of the border at the site of two Winter Olympics.. The same doctor operates an outpatient clinic on the German side of the border in an enchanting spa town. Not even one of them is like that. The doctor emphasizes the importance of fitness and mild exercise and encourages patients to drink the mineralized. This refreshing atmosphere of freedom is the reason that people from all walks of life. Let me give you a brief summary of the clinics in the order in which I visited them. “Clinic No. The clinic is located in a charming village. “Clinic No. “Clinic No. Of course it offers the state-of-the-art scientific breakthroughs I’ve mentioned. but they actually seem to be having fun. 2” is located just five miles from the French border. It’s like being on vacation. there’s an historic water spa nearby. is near the mineralized waters of a historic spa. They’re like bed & breakfasts. Each patient’s room has picture windows with views that will take your breath away.. The doctor is the surgeon I told you about who routinely recommends against cancer surgery. 4” is located at the foot of a spectacular mountain in the Bavarian Alps. This clinic. which he provides free of charge. healing waters. “Clinic No. There’s a climate of joy and optimism you can feel. cutting-edge German technology. But there’s more. 3” a hiker’s paradise. 1” is located in a charming and historic town near Frankfurt. And the patients focus on living and healing.their patients about the full range of treatment options without being punished or hassled by their government. But besides the advanced. He’s proven again and again that there’s a better way to get rid of cancer. Rolling hills make “Clinic No. From the windows you enjoy an idyllic view of the historic city and the lovely vineyards around it. come to these German cancer clinics. With all of these wonderful choices. one of the most romantic cities in the world. including a steady stream of Americans. and the doctor encourages the patients to ride bicycles.. “Clinic No. Across the street you’ll find a spa park where you can drink the mineral waters said to have medicinal value — especially for the colon. not death and dying. This way of beating cancer is like going on vacation! These clinics don’t look or smell like hospitals. 5” provides a balcony in each room so the patient can enjoy the fresh Bavarian Alpine air and a beautiful view of the Alps. since the people I interviewed are battling a deadly illness. I sort of hesitate to say it.. not far from Strasbourg. these folks enjoy another benefit. Like most of the clinics. where do you begin? You’ll read a full description of my .

“You won’t last a year. addresses. and has developed a close personal friendship with his doctors. He loves the clinic. phone numbers. who was there for a health tune-up. Without health insurance. Franko’s PSA score dropped from 3. . The Special Report provides all the contact information you need. it was a bargain. Stage four is generally hopeless. he was there for metastatic bone cancer stemming from prostate cancer. a retired pianist from Key West. You never know who you might meet at one of these German clinics! More important. hospital. After just one week at the clinic. a retired businessman from North Carolina who was there for a follow-up visit. “Is your life worth a Honda?” Compared to the six-figure price tag of cancer treatment in America. Cancer treatment you can afford! “Is your life worth a Honda?” At one of the clinics in the Bavarian Alps I interviewed Franko. Paul is doing well.S. Franko couldn’t afford the standard American treatments. As he put it. As we gazed out the window on a gorgeous view of the Alps. But he scraped together the money for his treatment in Germany.” his oncologist at Duke University told him — four years ago Paul proved him wrong! In Paul’s previous visit at the clinic he had enjoyed meeting Cher. he told me he had stage-four prostate cancer that had spread to his bones. including websites.interviews with the doctors in each of those clinics — as well as interviews with patients — in German Cancer Breakthrough: A Guide to Top German Alternative Clinics. That’d never happen at a U. Like Franko. At the same clinic I also interviewed Paul. enjoys being in Germany. German treatments cost only pennies on the dollar — even at today’s weak dollar and sky-high European prices.500 to 500. And as far as he was concerned. and email addresses for each of the 6 clinics.

You’ll get all the details about this clinic and five other clinics. he told me. To make his point crystal clear. Look up Bio: Gesundheit fuer Koerper. 4/2003. advanced breast cancer. No.” says the surgeon! Surgeons in general like to cut because — let’s face it — it’s what they do. gentler treatments like those I describe in German Cancer Breakthrough: A Guide to Top German Alternative Clinics. never. You’ll read all about it in the Special Report German Cancer Breakthrough: A Guide to Top German Alternative Clinics. including all the websites and contact information. Surgery for prostate cancer? “Never. never. You can whip prostate cancer without the risk of losing control over your bodily functions and without being surgically mutilated. These breakthrough treatments enable men to keep their precious prostate gland. The “after” pictures show healthy. Mastectomy for breast cancer? The German surgeon says NO! One doctor showed me a fat scrapbook of “before” and “after” photos. August/September. Nor does he ever recommend an orchectomy (surgical removal of the testicles). “When your only tool is a hammer. never. the surgeon told me he never recommends surgical removal of the prostate. Why this surgeon recommends against surgery I wish every American cancer surgeon could hear what this German surgeon told me about the nature of cancer: . As for prostate cancer. The “before” pictures are disturbing and ugly. “Never. in my new book German Cancer Breakthrough: A Guide to Top German Alternative Clinics. You’ve probably heard the adage. this brilliant surgeon helps men get rid of their prostate cancer with kinder. His breakthrough treatments could put many surgeons out of business — or at least force them to tighten their belts. everything looks like a nail. But you can see these pictures for yourself if you have access to a library that collects German medical journals. NEVER!” Rather. happy patients. Geist und Seele. I can’t show you the “before” and “after” photos of these breast cancer patients in this letter. never.” But this skilled German surgeon I interviewed often recommends against cancer surgery. including photos of patients with severe. NEVER!. pages 41-46. These women survived and thrived with their breasts intact! For reasons of decency.

You’ll get metastasis unless you get at the cause of the cancer. most German clinics use the same outdated cut-burn-poison method of “treating” cancer that American doctors use. That’s a BIG difference.” German cancer doctors pull cancer out by the roots while American cancer doctors just dither around treating symptoms. You see their ads everywhere. complementary. The researchers were forced to admit that the German therapy “merits further study.. The cancer doctor who refused a $5 million tax-free bribe Let me give you an important WARNING: Not all German clinics use the German cancer breakthrough. You can’t just cut off a breast and pretend everything’s OK. It’s not enough just to get rid of the tumor. The salesman asked the doctor how many cancer patients he had. But researchers from Columbia University in New York were at least open-minded enough to travel to one of Germany’s top cancer clinics and examine several “terminal” cases of cancer. but you’d know it.” They published their findings and you’ll get the details in my new Special Report. You must treat the whole patient. It’s been said that their idea of research is to see if two doses of this poison are better than three doses of that poison. That’s why we use a combination therapy for the whole body.“In cancer. The ones I feature in my guide are the best — the ones at the cutting edge of cancer science. American researchers acknowledge the German cancer breakthrough American cancer researchers generally frown on alternative. German Cancer Breakthrough. As a surgeon. And not all German clinics are reputable. You have to get rid of the metastasized cells. I found out why when I interviewed a German doctor at his clinic in a picturesque village perched high in the Austrian Alps.. I usually recommend against surgery. After hearing the doctor’s . the whole body is ill. The doctor told me that a drug company salesman visited his clinic one day. I won’t mention the name of the company. and integrative treatments for cancer. All of these cancers were cured using the German cancer breakthrough. So why does the American cancer establishment hang on to its failed therapies? What’s their problem? The following story may give us a hint. and that requires treating the whole body. In fact.

and if he prescribes an expensive chemo drug for all of them. Then the salesman looked up and offered to sneak the doctor 3. I profile all these clinics. And you’ll be shocked at the cost — shocked in a good way. if he’d give all his cancer patients big doses of an expensive chemo drug. And the drug salesman was stunned. Another reason you need my valuable new guide… Some excellent cancer clinics in Germany aren’t set up to accommodate English-speaking patients. You need to know which clinics are the best. exclusive guide to Germany’s top cancer clinics — the first ever in English! — I point you toward facilities where Englishspeaking patients and their loved ones feel completely at home. I’ve done all the legwork for you.estimate. devoting a chapter to each one. You or someone you love . I want to be absolutely sure you get the picture.7 million Euros under the table after a year. in my new book German Cancer Breakthrough: A Guide to Top German Alternative Clinics.” the salesman marveled. the salesman whipped out his laptop computer and crunched some numbers. Let me say it again: German cancer treatments cost pennies on the dollar compared to the cost of American cancer treatment. He couldn’t believe the doctor turned down that kind of money. tax-free. I don’t know for sure. The salesman offered the doctor more than $5 million under the table. a drug company can easily afford to give the doctor a seven-figure kickback at the end of the year. the cost is piddling compared to what you’d pay in America for conventional cancer treatments. In fact. The doctor who told me this story refused the bribe. It’s surprisingly low.” That’s why it’d be a mistake to walk into just any hospital or clinic in Germany and assume that you’ll get the breakthrough treatment I’ve been telling you about. They’re glad to accept Americans and Canadians. “Every hospital works together with us. In my new. The six alternative clinics I toured are first-class. “You’re from a different planet. even after the dollar’s recent loss in value. Do you see? If a doctor is treating lots of cancer patients. but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the same sort of thing happens here in the United States.

and I don’t doubt that she will! To get more information about this clinic and other top clinics. You’ll find out the full details of the treatment methods in German . she was there for a followup visit. One of the doctors there told me about a 55-year-old German named Georg (pronounced “Gayorg”) who came to the clinic in 1995 as a last resort for his bone cancer that had spread. They not only prove the German approach can work but they give you an idea of what it’s like to be a patient in one of these clinics. Instead. They saved his life. It worked like a charm for her Amy told me she’s so confident she’s made a full recovery. “I ran the other way because of their crassness. She’s one determined lady. Now he’s so healthy he’s going on a motorbike tour all over Europe. She said no. He went through the German therapies. They also wanted to rush her into chemo. In 1998 Amy got breast cancer.” she says Her surgeon recommended a mastectomy. and he keeps in touch with the staff at the clinic. Georg had cancer from head to toe and could barely walk. Her doctors wanted to hustle her onto the operating table. too. I interviewed Amy.can kick cancer out of your life like this martial artist did! My Special Report is packed with real-life stories of patients I spoke with personally in Germany. His cancer is gone. including websites and contact information for all of the clinics. She has always marched to the beat of a different drummer. just five miles from the French border. Former bone cancer patient zips around Europe on a motorcycle One of the most remarkable integrative cancer clinics I toured is in Germany’s wine region. click on the link below. she plans to write a book. Amy is a martial artist. Her search brought her to one of the top clinics in the world — one of the six clinics in my Special Report. The Tao of Breast Cancer. which is how she rejected conventional treatment and ended up at a German clinic. When I spoke with her. she got serious about looking for effective alternative treatment. a breast cancer patient from New Jersey.

Doesn’t sound like quackery to me. affordable. and there are no side effects — only good effects for a wide variety of health issues.Cancer Breakthrough: A Guide to Top German Alternative Clinics. “Two years ago we did a study. Then 100 patients took the space medicine therapy. It’s a scientific breakthrough the Soviets developed to preserve the health of cosmonauts who spent long periods of time in space. “Quackery. Sounds like something that doesn’t cost much and can help save your life. Too controversial. And so do the German clinics. For example. in your own home.” Best of all. if a cancer patient is just two or three days .” Unlike astronauts in space. I give you all the details on where you can get it in my book. But you won’t find it in American hospitals. The device is portable. I don’t claim that. “But can German doctors save every cancer patient?” You may be wondering whether German doctors can cure every case of cancer. Call it the ultimate “power nap. it’s over. too.” Unproven. No. I found so many exciting new breakthrough treatments in these clinics. If that’s true. and the other 100 didn’t. Sometimes it’s too late. Now America’s NASA uses it. Patients who took the therapy were found to have 20 to 25 percent MORE immune cells. the doctor flips a switch. We took blood samples from 200 patients on the first day. and after 16 minutes of pure relaxation. The doctor at the clinic in the Austrian Alps told me. Here’s another one! NASA technology boosts cancer patients’ immune system 20 to 25 percent! One of the key therapies at the German cancer clinics comes from the futuristic field of space medicine. for our astronauts. What does this amazing therapy do for the cancer patient? Doctors told me it improves the circulation of the blood and gives a big boost to the immune system — the very thing that kills off the cancer cells. you might wonder why NASA astronauts use the device three times a day while in space to maintain their health. you can use this immune-boosting therapy right here in America. Cancer patients who get this space medicine therapy simply lie down on a special mat. cancer patients get the therapy once a day. natural killer cells — the cells that can destroy cancer cells.

so he replied. detoxifying flush – you can easily do this at home in just 10 minutes How German doctors tear down the acid wall that hides cancer cells from your immune system. I tell you about the amazingly effective therapies you can do right at home. I know because I interviewed the lady more than a year later. and his skin was yellow. but not false hope. German breakthrough treatments you can use in the comfort of your own home Besides all the facts my new book gives you about the German cancer breakthrough. met his goal. He told the doctor he needed to live for six more months so he could pass on to his daughter the knowledge of how to run his business. One patient who was just days away from death came to a German cancer clinic asking for help. His liver had practically conked out. it’s obviously too late to go to Germany. How a former brain cancer patient keeps his cancer from returning. and she was in fine health! Even in cases when it really is too late. but it uses no water. German treatments can sometimes extend the cancer patient’s life and result in a better quality of life without pain. It’s perhaps the finest possible bath. The doctor thought the man had only about two weeks left. But he could see the man’s determination. “I don’t know. Try this and your immune cells can locate and kill the cancer cells.” The man lived for six months.     I’ll also give you the practical information you need: .away from death. But an American cancer doctor who gave his patient just “three weeks to live” was just plain wrong. surrounded by his loving family. The secret? A once-a-month routine he does right here in America What cancer patients MUST avoid eating – yet conventional American cancer doctors ignore this cancer-feeding food Detoxification: How to help your largest organ – your skin – eliminate waste. I mention that story because I want to give you a bright ray of hope. The best way to give your lymphatic system a good. You’ll discover:   Information about how to get the therapy device that’s based on NASA technology. Even if you never go to Germany. and had a peaceful death. my new book gives you helpful information you can use right at home. I’ll try. The secret is a natural substance you can easily buy at a health food store or over the Internet.

or doing this therapy in the privacy of your home.. That’s unhealthy. 1 Colonic hydrotherapy: The key to detoxifying your body Germany’s top cancer doctors warn that a major cause of cancer is the build-up of pollutants. The Bonus Report describes colonic hydrotherapy and explains the two options: getting colonic hydrotherapy from a professional. back when Americans ate a healthier diet. the typical American has half that number of movements or fewer. If you take advantage of my risk-free offer within the next 72 hours. putrefying waste.   The best way to get to the clinic you’ve chosen Where your relative or companion should stay during your treatment Sights to see and things to do in Germany as you regain your health But you get even more! Five extra FREE bonus reports when you take advantage of my 100 percent no-questions-asked money back guarantee. detoxification is job one! And for detoxification. but it’s something you can also do right here in America. After having a colonic. FREE Bonus Report No. I’ll send you: FREE Bonus Report Germany’s Newest State-of-the-Art Spa Can Germany’s mineralized waters really heal? . That’s 14 or more movements per week.” You’ll get all the information you need in this FREE Bonus Report. people thought it normal to have two or more bowel movements per day. “I feel like a million bucks!” Many call it the “Fountain of Youth. That means things are “backing up” and getting clogged. chemical food additives. For cancer patients. Fast-response BONUS: Five FREE Reports Let me tell you about the five FREE Bonus Reports I want to give you for responding quickly. They use it in their clinics. But today. and other toxins that nearly everybody carries in their colons today.. many people say. which is healthy. 2 “Taking the Waters” . the German doctors I interviewed all recommend colonic hydrotherapy as the cornerstone. You see.

But it’s not just for cancer patients. Russian space scientists developed this therapy for cosmonauts to keep them healthy in the absence of the earth’s magnetic field. A German priest in the19th century proved it by curing himself when doctors gave him no hope. which is still used throughout Germany today. which is essential for good health. You see. It also gives a big boost to the immune system. this amazing therapy is used by patients for a variety of diseases including cancer. FREE Bonus Report No. NASA scientists use this same therapy for American astronauts. 3 The Therapy from Space: NASA Technology Meets Modern Medicine German cancer doctors use a space-age therapy on their patients every day because it increases circulation of the blood. you’ll get proof that this therapy can help many common health problems such as:    Allergies Arthritis Depression . the German water therapy can improve your circulation even better than exercise! And good. strong circulation of the blood is a key to good health. world-famous mineral springs are said to have medicinal value. This FREE Bonus Report includes a description of Germany’s newest state-of-the-art spa — an amazing complex of pools that also offers a famous rejuvenating massage with mineralized mud. And the FREE Bonus Report even tells you how you can easily benefit from this therapy in your shower at home. People have been visiting them to “take the waters” since the days of ancient Rome. Germany’s historic.Did you know that water can actually cure an “incurable” disease? It’s true. Today. In the FREE Bonus Report. You’ll learn all about the German water cure.

you’ll also find out where to order the very same space medicine therapy device that German clinics use. FREE Bonus Report No. 4 The Amazing Anti-Cancer Effects of Mistletoe Therapy .                     Diabetes Type II Edema Fibromyalgia Pain Headaches (both Migraine and non-Migraine) Heart disease High blood pressure Immune system disorders Incontinence and bladder problems Multiple Sclerosis Osteoporosis Rheumatism Sleep disorders Spinal column disorders Stomach disorders Strokes Tennis elbow Tinnitus Tiredness/exhaustion/stress Ulcers (speeds up healing) Wounds and broken bones (speeds up healing) Besides seeing proof that this space age therapy can help with these medical problems.

This Bonus Report is chock-full of things you can do at home to protect yourself from cancer. And you’ll also discover some of mistletoe’s other benefits: Pain relief.All the German doctors I interviewed use mistletoe therapy to kiss cancer cells goodbye. but little Bobby beat the odds. . and he has a bright future ahead of him. Rudolf Steiner. is a family man who turned his family’s lifestyle upside down to save his little son Bobby from neuroblastoma — one of the deadliest childhood cancers. and it could work for you or for a loved one too. You’ll find out WHY mistletoe works and HOW it works. 5: Bobby’s Story: How Two Determined Parents and One Brave Three-Year-Old Defeated “Hopeless” Cancer Kevin Wright. or to get rid of it if you have it. It worked to heal Bobby of a “terminal” cancer. and improved appetite FREE Bonus Report No. he’s as healthy as any other child. the German genius who developed mistletoe therapy back in the 1920s. It’s just about certain he would have died if his father and mother hadn’t battled the conventional doctors every step of the way and insisted on the alternative approach. better sleep. at the age of six. a passionate advocate for health freedom. more energy. This FREE Bonus Report is the transcript of the speech Kevin gave at the 2007 Cancer Control Society Convention. Today. Few children survive this type of cancer. The FREE Bonus Report tells the story of Dr. these FIVE powerful Bonus Reports are yours FREE as my “thank you” for taking advantage of my risk-free offer within the next 72 hours. Bobby was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at age three. This is his personal account. It’s been proven: certain parts of the mistletoe plant have a powerful and direct anti-cancer effect. How to get ALL FIVE of these FREE BONUSES Remember.

. you have a full 365 days to read it and evaluate it. My iron-clad. who pioneered open-heart surgery. You MUST be delighted with it. simply ask for a refund by the 365th day. You MUST feel my book is an outstanding investment in your health and the health of your loved ones. And they have no agonizing side effects.” That’s exactly what I’m offering you and your loved ones today. No questions asked.The German alternative cancer treatments I feature in my new book are effective. and I’ll give you a cheerful and prompt 100 percent refund of every penny of the full purchase price. Legendary medical pioneer says.D. unconditional 365-day money-back guarantee When you order my new book. “Good information is your best medicine” According to Michael DeBakey. And you get to keep the book and the five FREE Bonus Reports! You don’t have to return . Otherwise. you can use and benefit from some of these German health secrets even if you stay right here in America. Best of all. They cost a fraction of what conventional treatments cost. and I’m confident you will be. M. “Good information is your best medicine.

Well. My book will give you much more detail about Germany’s finest alternative clinics. And if you order hard copies of the book and the five free reports. You’ve got nothing to risk. But that’s O. I take ALL of the risk on my shoulders. non-toxic methods Details about a healthy eating plan the German doctors recommend to keep cancer from ever coming back Great treatments you can use at home — even if you never go to Germany     With the book at hand.anything. you don’t even have to return them to get a refund. as a practical matter you can’t really return something you’ve downloaded from the Internet. With kindest regards. Let me summarize what you’ll get when you order my new book. How can I afford to offer an unconditional 365-day guarantee? It’s because I’m confident you’ll be delighted with this investment in your health. I believe you’re a fair-minded person. It might save your life. What you need to know about the most effective non-toxic cancer treatment options in the German clinics Numerous encouraging stories about “hopeless” cancer patients who whipped their cancer using natural. You take no risk whatsoever. And you might need the information for yourself someday. I give you all the phone numbers. and e-mail addresses. I believe you won’t even think of returning it once you’ve discovered the sheer wealth of lifesaving information it contains. So don’t put it off. nothing to lose and everything to gain because I take all the risk. you’re ready to offer your friends and loved ones who get cancer a bright ray of hope and a most precious gift: the gift of health. German Cancer Breakthrough: A Guide to Top German Alternative Clinics:  All the details about the six outstanding clinics.K. and contact information for six of the most excellent clinics. I trust you. websites. .

and be ready. .Why wait till you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer and doctors are trying to hustle you onto the operating table? Find out about your options now.S. If only you knew this information. German Cancer Breakthrough: A Guide to Top German Alternative Clinics. even if you don’t need treatment now. My new book.Andrew Scholberg Alternative health journalist P. will set your mind at ease. you’d see there’s so much less to fear than you may think.

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