The  First  iPad  Exit  Poll:  Disappointing  turn-­‐out  for   ‘The  new  iPad’  at  Apple’s  Flagship  Store  
Dynamo  PR  Exit  Poll  Reveals  Queue  Smaller  Than  The  Original  iPad’s  Queue   4  out  of  10  in  the  iPad  Queue  upgrading  their  iPad  2   Most  popular  model  the  most  expensive:  64GB  Wi-­‐Fi  +  4G  (in  Black)   Regent  St,  London,  UK.  16  March  2012,  7:53am:    Dynamo  PR,  a  London-­‐based  company  that   has  carried  out  exit  polls  on  all  Apple  iPhone  and  iPad  launches  since  2010,  today  provides  the   first  exit  poll  on  the  latest  Apple  iPad  queue  at  the  iconic  tech  brand’s  flagship  Regent  Street   store.   As  the  doors  first  open  in  UK  stores,  want  to  know  which  version  people  were  queuing  round   the  block  for?  What  they  think  the  killer  feature  of  the  new  iPad  is?  How  many  have  converted   from  Android  based  tablets?  Dynamo  has  all  the  data  from  this  year’s  queue,  and  has  also   compared  the  research  with  the  two  previous  iPad  launches:  iPad  in  May  2010,  and  iPad  2  in   March  2011.   Analysis  is  being  provided  by  Dynamo’s  PR  team  who  has  spent  all  morning  quizzing  members   of  the  queue  on  their  tech  tastes  to  answer  the  all  important  question  –  “why  have  you  bought   ‘The  new  iPad’?”   Q.  Has  people’s  perception  of  how  they  will  use  the  iPad  changed  over  the  year?   A.  This  year,  most  people  bought  the  iPad  to  browse  the  web  (45%).  Last  year,  the  no.   1  reason  to  buy  the  iPad  2  was  gaming  (33%).     MOST  POPULAR  USES  OF  THE  iPAD,  BY  DYNAMO   Year   Reading   Books     4%   Browsing   the  Net     57%   Listening  to   Music     9%   Watching   Films     3%   Playing   Games     12%   Using   other   Apps     15%  

2010   (iPad  1)  

              2011   7%   30%   9%   13%   33%   8%   (iPad  2)         5%   45%   0%   10%   15%   18%   2012   (The  new   iPad)     Q.  How  many  people  are  in  the  queue  for  the  iPad  launch   A.  The  doors  opened  at  precisely  7:58am  with  397  people  in  the  queue.  Significantly   less  than  at  the  launch  of  the  iPad  2  (632)  and  original  iPad  (451).    


  Q.  How  many  people  will  be  buying  an  iPad  for  the  first  time?   A.    45%  of  the  queue  waited  for  the  new  iPad  and  had  not  owned  a  tablet  before.     Q.  What  will  be  the  most  popular  iPad  in  the  UK?   A.  The  Black  64GB  Wi-­‐Fi  +  4G    version  of  the  iPad  was  the  most  popular  version  with   57%  plumping  for  this  model.  The  iPad  2’s  most  popular  model  was  the  16GB  Wifi   model,  and  for  the  original  iPad  the  most  popular  was  the  32GB  Wifi  model.         Q.  How  many  people  in  the  queue  don’t  own  a  Mac?   A.  63%  of  the  queue  own  a  PC,  which  32%  owning  a  Mac  and  the  remaining  5%  owning   both.  This  is  significantly  up  from  previous  years  when  44%  owned  a  PC  in  2011,  and   25%  in  2010.     Q.  What  was  the  most  popular  phone  in  the  queue?   A.  The  split  of  phone  preference  has  remained  broadly  similar  over  the  last  two  years.   10%  in  the  queue  have  Android  gadgets  with  73%  owning  iPhone,  3%  Windows  phone   and  the  other  14%  owning  other  brand  phones  such  as  BlackBerry.       Q.  What  is  the  average  age  of  the  iPad  customer?   A.  The  audience  for  the  iPad  was  older  than  last  year’s  queue  with  the  average  age   being  26  and  2  months  old.  Last  year  it  was  24  years  and  10  months  old.       Q.  Why  did  people  queue  at  the  Apple  Store  on  Regent  St.?   A.  People  are  wising  up.  This  year  only  13%  wrongly  assumed  the  iPad  would  just  be   available  from  the  Apple  Store  in  Regent  St  –  it  is  available  nationwide  in  other   retailers  such  as  Currys,  Dixons  and  PC  World.  Most  queued  for  the  atmosphere  and   ‘to  be  there’  (54%),  5%  missed  the  first  round  of  pre-­‐orders,  0%  admitted  to  being  die-­‐ hard  Mac  fans  and  28%  couldn’t  say  why  they’d  queued.     Q.  How  many  women  were  in  the  queue?   A.  The  sex  divide  was  roughly  similar  to  last  year  with  12%  of  the  queue  being  female.   For  men,  the  beard  quotient  was  much  higher  with  almost  one  third  sporting  facial   hair.     “The  surprising  difference  in  this  year’s  iPad  launch  compared  to  other  years  is  the  actual   number  of  people  queuing.  It’s  significantly  less  than  previous  years.  Whether  that  means  pre-­‐ orders  have  been  more  successful,  or  selling  in  other  retail  stores  takes  some  of  this  burden   only  Apple  would  be  able  to  answer,”  commented  Paul  Cockerton,  co-­‐founder  and  director,   Dynamo  PR.  “What  it  definitely  does  show  is  that  Apple  might  need  to  add  something  new  to   what’s  been  a  fairly  predictable  launch,  both  in  terms  of  the  fan-­‐fair  behind  it  and  the  actual   product.”   Q.  What  was  the  killer  feature?   A.  Unsurprisingly,  the  Retina  display  was  quoted  by  most  people  (61%)  as  being  the   killer  feature  for  the  iPad.  Interestingly,  almost  one  in  four  people  haven’t  had  their   eyes  tested  in  the  last  four  years  raising  the  question,  will  they  really  appreciate  the   difference?    


MOST  POPULAR  MODELS  IN  THE  iPAD  2  QUEUE,  BY  DYNAMO    Year    2010   (iPad  1)   2011   (iPad  2)   2012   (iPad  )     -­‐  ends  -­‐   Editors  notes   All  statistics  and  data  in  this  press  release  are  copyright  Dynamo  PR,  who  must  be  credited  as   the  source.     Please  contact  us  if  you’d  like  to  know  more:   Tim  Lovell,  Dynamo  PR     0797  625  1981  or     Dynamo  -­‐    
Based  in  Kings  Cross,  London,  UK,  Dynamo  is  a  fast  growing  global  social,  digital  and  consumer  PR   agency  that  has  a  wide  range  of  international  and  UK  consumer  tech,  mobile,  social  and  games  clients.   Dynamo  is  focused  on  creative  executions  that  achieve  business  results,  by  targeting  influencers,   bloggers  and  journalists  through  direct  contact,  digital  communications,  and  media  relations.       Launched  in  January  2011,  the  Dynamo  senior  management  have  over  30  years  collective  experience  in   running  creative  and  effective  PR  and  communications.  Picking  up  a  Highly  Commended  award  in  the   PRWeek  Awards  2011,  Dynamo  is  the  first  PR  agency  to  be  nominated  in  the  CIPR,  PRWeek  and  PRCA   awards  in  its  first  year.  

Wifi  16GB   6%  

Wifi  32  GB   17%   26%  

Wifi  64GB   3%  

3G  16GB   18%  

3G  32GB   33%   74%  

3G  64GB   23%  


17%   62  %  



14%   38  %  



26%   52  %  


10%  (4G)  

7%  (4G)   48  %  

31%  (4G)  


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