My Pledge to Voters
MCD ELECTIONS, APRIL 2012, OUR WARD NO. ……………. I am a candidate in the MCD 2012 elections to be held in April, 2012. I WANT YOUR VOTE TO REPRESENT YOU IN THE MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF DELHI. I am signing The Pledge for your vote! First Citizen of our Ward If you elect me, I will serve you as the first citizen of our Ward. I realize that as a voter you think of me as your elected representative for matters that I do not control directly. But I will work to the best of my ability to remove all hurdles that stand in the way of making our Ward a MODEL WARD! 3-5 MeTRO’s Measurable Time bound Real Outcomes Within 100 days of being elected I will build a team of voluntary Advisors from all sections of our Ward who will serve as Ward Cabinet and together we will publish an annual plan with 3-5 MeTRO’s. We will work on other things as well but I will publish a Monthly Report by the 7th of following month giving the status of the MeTRO’s at the end of the month. Corruption Prevention & Performance Incentives Reducing corruption in our Ward will be a priority for me. Just as malaria cannot be eradicated without prevention, corruption cannot be eliminated without prevention. With the Ward Cabinet I will publish our Corruption Prevention & Performance Incentive Plan within 180 days of being elected and I will provide Monthly Reports on the progress of our Plan. To monitor spending on major projects I will appoint Resident Monitors who will look at projects from tendering to completion and publish reports on the web for all to see. Acting as Enabler & Involving Youth We must all in our Ward have a bank account and we must all be literate. I will work with banks and educators to make this happen. I want zero open defecation and malnutrition in our Ward. I will prepare a Plan in 180 days to achieve this and you will get a monthly progress report. I will form a Youth Army within 180 days of being elected to independently measure MeTRO’s and to act as volunteers for social projects. These youth will get Social Work Certificates that will help them in their education and future employment.

Deliver on my Promise I will not make empty promises that everyone will have a job, house, water, electricity and good roads. You have been hearing these for years. I will work on all these but with very clear and specific plans which will be in my MeTRO’s. I am not a magician and I cannot promise you miracles but I will listen to your solutions, focus on innovative and smart ideas, and I will be quick and good in implementation. 50% + Thumbs Up If elected I will be at your service and live up to your trust. I will not be addicted to my chair and will continue to serve you as long as 50% of you voters or more give me the thumbs up. If a reliable system of measurement in our Ward proves that the number of voters who are giving me thumbs down for bad performance exceeds 50%, then I will resign. If it is proved anytime during my tenure as your representative that I have been involved in criminal activity, I will immediately give up office. Enforcement of The Pledge Many may think that enforcing The Pledge will be difficult but I believe the youth of our Ward with our help are powerful enough to find creative ways of enforcing The Pledge. In fact, I will work with you to make sure The Pledge is effectively implemented. Lose or Win I will Serve My objective is to serve our Ward, so if the person who wins has signed The Pledge then I will serve as Advisor if I get 500 or more votes. If I win, I will take on as Advisors all those who get 500 or more votes and who have signed The Pledge. I am not a Criminal I do not have a criminal background and I have no criminal cases against me .I promise never to be involved in unlawful & criminal activity. Vote for me and we will together fight criminalization of politics & society. Vote you must! But Vote only for a Candidate who has signed The Pledge, like me! To earn your vote I hope to convince you that I am the best representative for our Ward. If you decide not to vote for me, you must vote for another Candidate, but one who has signed The Pledge, like me! I also promise to vote only for a candidate who has signed The Pledge. (Sign Here) Name: Party/Independent: Date:

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