Thanks to the patented construction of TwinDoor the SKODA Superb combines the practical advantages of a liftback with the

elegance of a sedan. An individual approach to design has made the Superb a fascinating vehicle. The spaciousness of the interior and the materials used increase the extraordinary level of comfort during a trip.

The SKODA Superb, an impressive automotive experience, fits seamlessly with an opulent lifestyle

The TwinDoor system
The TwinDoor, a unique system of opening the rear fifth door, is an original technical design which will take your breath away. If you wish to place smaller items in the boot, simply open the boot as you would on a classic sedan type body. But not even a heftier load is any problem for the Superb. Thanks to the TwinDoor system you can open the rear boot, including the rear window, as you would with a liftback. You thus acquire comfortable access to the luggage space, the volume of which can be increased from 565 to an imposing 1,670 litres by tilting the backrest of the rear seats. And yet another feature to relish. No more having to slam shut the boot, it is enough to let the lid lightly close. It is then fully locked by electrical motors automatically. It is really quite amazing what the Superb is capable of doing!

Comfort and practicality

Comfort in a Superb car does not just mean an imposing internal space. Every functional detail corresponds to y highest demands for comfort. Take a specially moulded seats with more expressive lateral finish and extensive up part for the backrest. Let yourself be pampered by modern technology and the highest quality materials.

thanks to which it is possible to set different temperatures on the driver’s and front passenger’s sides. Convenient touchscreen based controls reduce the need for multiple cumbersome operations of dials and buttons. on the contrary. SKODA Audio player with 6.When driving on hot summer days. you can input three different settings into the seat’s memory. Climatronic airconditioning with electronic regulation will ensure a pleasant environment in the interior. . You can listen to the music you like or your f station in high quality thanks to the Bolero ra an SD or MMC card and an integrated change Offer of multimedia elements has been extend holder on the front seats backrest. there are white CatVision LED diodes and a reading li panel over the dashboard. You are certain to appreciate the heated seats and ventilated front seats upholstered in perforated leather. And what could be better for refreshment than drinks cooled in an air-conditioned dashboard compartment on the front passenger´s side? In the winter. Passengers at rear also benefit from air conditioning vents under the front seat that cool their feet.5 inch LCD TFT colour display with clear fonts makes it easy to operate the various functions of the infotainment system.5 LCD TFT Colour Touch Screen Large screen 6. If you share your car with another driver from your family. the external mirrors will also be set automatically. you can pre-heat your car to your preferred temperature with the help of independent auxiliary heating. Getting out of the c be made easier by the illuminated internal doo and Boarding Spots lights on the underside o mirrors and car doors. So that the are easily visible and reachable. Adjustable rear AC vents on B-Pillars Adjustable vents on the B-Pillars optimize direction and volume of air far the comfort of the passengers at the rear seat. The sunroof with solar panels ensures ventilation of cool air even in a parked car. 12 way electrically adjustable front seats with memory An electrically adjustable driver and passenger seat represents perfect comfort.

Side indicator lights are integrated into the external mirrors for better visibility. e. motorway or driving in rain.driver’s and front passenger’s airbags andside airbags in the front. Drivers behind In addition to electromechanical power stee effect and disc brakes on all wheels.g. integrated telescopic washers. head airbags. Bi-Xenon headlamps feature outstanding illumination and. these systems also . a rain sensor and front fog lights with Corner function. Airbags are an integral part of a car’s safety features today. A sense of safety and enjoyment from a ride The SKODA Superb excels thanks to its wide range of active and passive safety elements. Obviously. They automatically adapt the lighting to various travel situations. Bi-Xenon headlamps with AFS The headlamps of the model Superb. depending on the speed and actual driving conditions change the illuminated surface and offer various lighting regimes. including some new featur maximum protection of t he passengers’ life and health.Retractable screens for rear windows and wind screens Retractable screens prevent the sun’s rays from entering the cabin and thus increase the comfort of the passengers. a range o system ensure excellent stability and control o Standard features include the ESP stabilizing anEDL electronic differential lock and an HB brake assistant. swivel into turnings. for city. multifunctionality. combined with the new AFS (Adaptive Frontlight System). They can also be extendable to provide privacy. T offers eight airbags. They form a powerfully dominant feature and a part of the elegant design of the entire vehicle which is impossible to overlook. Warning lights are also automatically activated when braking sharply. lend the front section of the vehicle a dynamic appearance. the unusual shape of which passes all the way to the sides of the wings. Compliance with the "see and be seen" rule is assisted by Bixenon headlights with AFS functionality.

and activation of the warning lights. with w easily start without using the handbrake. Adaptive Frontlight System (AFS) The AFS optimises illumination and enhances safety by enabling earlier response to better illuminated obstacles. Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) ESP makes high speed driving a safe experience. A sequence of operations that are programmed after the activation of airbags include the cut-off of fuel supply. dual side airbags (at front and rear) and dual curtain airbags (for front and rear) which provide a high level of passenger protection. illumination of the internal lighting. It gradually shifts the light patterns so that it does not disturb the driver. For your safety and a more c you can also order a hill hold control. and lets the driver exploit and enjoy the limits of the car’s performance without being excessively worried about loss of control such as when driving too fast into a curve or when avoiding an obstacle at high speed. switchingoff of selected electrical circuits. Hill Hold Control (HHC) for safer hill driving . MSR and ASR. which switch on the headlights under low ambient light conditions. Eight airbags Including rear side airbags It comes with eight airbags including dual front will therefore have more time to react to a dangerous situation. unlocking of doors. It is automatically activated by the light sensors.

so that the driver can safely drive off without rolling/sliding backwards or having to use the handbrake. It makes uphill starts easy from a stationary position especially on ascent of bridges and basement parking lots.HHC ‘holds’ the car on an uphill slope by braking it. .