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A bl1sterin... feud has erupted between famed mental!st. • Joseph Dunninger and ma.glcian-musician' Richard Himber over whether there is such a thing as "mind reading,!'


' .~. '_en~' th~ ~n~:.tit~~·~:~'ftej~,.,~· fO~ht \t1D1~ and ~. .' up with an aruwer woaid have taken ._ . IDen weeb to> . • . reach. My telepathic c~mmuDJcations have beQ a subject of--


It all started several months ago'when Himber;'guesting on WOR's all night "Long John Nebel Show," stated "there is no such thing as mind reading" and challenged Dunninger to "prove otherwise." .' "I offered Dunnll1l'er's $1.000 if he could name a three letter word 1 was thinkinr. The word was to be- written do\mand riven to an impartial person beforehand 10 ] couldn:t be suspected of makinr a ·switch· ... Himber said. "Dunnlnrer didn't answer. But] was not too surprised because if there was such a thinr as mind readinr. I could 10 ri,ht down to the stock market and clean up a·fortu;le:"

Himber repeated his challenge on several rec;(>nt Nebel shows, getting a reaction from Dunninger, who thnatened to sue. As a result. Hlmber hasn't returned to the prorram. "But that $1,000 offer stm stands," he says. "I have Dothin~ arainst Dunnlnrer who is undoubtedly ~e wor~'5 createst showman. But nobody can read mlnds," ,. . Dunninger continues to view the challenge dirnlv, "I will rest on my laurels and admit I can't read Mr. Himber's mind. Mind readil1l' requires telepathic cODlrr,unication, and lome minds simply cannot be read: _ '. ', "I hav" performed before more eelebrUies and vaster audl-

'$1,000 Offer Still Stancls' ,

research at .. major ;unlveni&y/ . ,-::r • _~ . ,," • '. • _ .' ...' . '., 't., .' ., . "Whe~l JaCk. Dempsey was ch~mplon:j Dunninger added, Singer's midgets'stated he could whip him in 'three rounds. and chaneng'ed 'h~ to a .fIght in Times Square. When Dempsey dd not dignify the situation and answer the ~enge. the IJl.idget c~l!f!d him a 'coward: .. ' ~ "Hmmph," hm'mph-ed Himber. "$1,000 Isn't bad 'pal' for JUst one minllte's work. :ancl~l. mi&"hC, even; ~ the price ..... - - '. ,_" .: Hilnber, president;- of sOciety for the promulgati;n of Magic announced the soCietY\1 annual."Bemadette'Awards" last Friday on NBC's "Tonight" Show .. (These are silver statuettes that look like osears» Amo~ those honored were The Great"Cardmi as being the "foremost lllusionist" and Dunnlnger for his "showmanship,"



Livdy Feud

for Thought

Dunninger has yet to .pick up his "Oscar." "He was probably JushlUtot town'_ha~ nllht,"'sald ber doubtfully. "I don~t read mlnels, but l~a~ d;.trleb.See'l'" , The ashtray in tront()i mevanlsned inexplicably. ~'Just ' little word askinlr him to' mind ~e~;" -,'. _ By the way, Dunningetis l'eadYtn[ his own show lor fall viewing and so is 'Himber.:-: . :~..,' . This feud-for-thought" i>~.to be the liveli~t since Martil1 and Lewis. ': ', :. . .,' . ' . ,




ka lle« qef

... Tel." ....) I visited Himber in his Essex House apartment shortly after the Journel-American article appeared.1Ii... o "prO". di..::: :!I.::..: :. .'" '" It I u. aN ~ 01 the ..w. A'l' W..~ ._r..• nWli • reacUon from DunnlRllr.~~ ....".. .. ouw.• . ''''''111'''. "B...' 01 I· rl1n 1000k Ilkl Oinrl" M I .. !-h..tlO ptlS up bll . " CHALLENGES! The above newsclip for July 18. • ' ' ' ' J ua. "lI.'......1 • ... a.j.nlit.... I hl.'"""...""• Ihre. .~~::: = ..M . 'IIi ..-. "'... 1957. .:......._. "...... .:::r ...al Dlll'\~I:'\'GER On...IJtOI)f 11M! ~..._ .. .1 fl.1 ».. d M' _ . I""" ~ 10 "~..'· ....bI!~\b.11.rWl .""1". tt... '$1.. n IM.nd ""~ ." The above article f k/f/br 1 . nf mt \'anbh.... Ma Copyright by AME 1994 Durn tamfd Rltl1ar~ H.~hl.~I~~:·. .. Ihl .. ~r...~: ""De."..:: uJ. ." ""UM Ir. A&.~~-=:r! " ..·oNdIl Cu Rwod.-...~ I •• ' ......''<..~ : ..:.Npud brh:un JIlACklan-InUllcIU'I JIIQn&bi . 5/31/94 appeared in the New York Journal American (Himber challenged Dunninger several times during his shows..-c... . .i..:: ':!:n~ ... ·.. "11• "... "...It "..III nst.~. • "... rel~ 10 thl PI'OI'-..' ..UllIICuMtnmdreadlnl' J\ allt\UUd F6ua~.. Rh jjAHU ill_'lhLR . '"'"'. .:::: . hi • i'II~ _.. offering hundreds of dollars if the medium could tell them what was written in a piece of paper they were holding.... . •• ." ... .....~a' C"d'II' a...'D::rMa --::: ~m'::f~dt~~"'~: ~~:::~~n ·'II_. prtIm~ J... tOr hll·...1I int:llphubl...r t>' Lht 'l'·{h~~1 Im~' -/ JOSEPH WUI R. '1". ..." G... WV 25422 P..Cnld \. Box 155 Cka 11ell qes -Himber. HI_.. a .. ::h~Tl~~ .. ~""''' 'n..t' .. A few years back three young men.. t.." Iff ..". _ .edl_rtl_ ~.""'ft' ~Sl.. P ..000 Off .. A Wl&wrinl......... · " w Hbn. Joseph Dunninger.IInt \he ..d·lor·l. nU a 11101"..nl&1U\ .... Harry Houdini and Joseph Rinn went around challenging billet-reading mediums.~..n froll: "'I' ~1n4b... vat_ aM ..u . .m..· kt'..ilo~Jn! 1.. }Mollll IM"IOII'I'II'I"~ ..IMIr:.. "1m" . .K Ii'll.. " "II.."".. It •• klw.... .. I .. . du..'" lor ...... ......pIofI... Ih..'II'r~.0 ...-. ." • . .b>t ~ •....I'! . .. J .: 'If H\". M. "Keep that.A THE AME ESTATB RIVER RIDGE.if . Uw chalkOl"I. .n "-"tr )0001. 304-947-7730 Great Cacapon.. Duwllnur and .. .VA.~ Very Lively ... "'M'~ "1"''1 .I"..'1"·. tn. ric" .I..'1..II»dl.u.tf CQr:n'lluq MI.. As soon as I sat down he threw the paper at me saying. _ Uta ••• wt . n... .1:-. .~ ... who Lilnal. a.t . . buDaIIIhI' ... What happened instead was that the good Christian sisters rose up en mass and ran Dunninger and the rest of the party poopers out of their spiritualist church. HIIII' 'II....::~~~:._.. . whnllUmber. •• 1..wd JOKpj!..·'. fill' : ::R~: ~~::::= =e:c..... _ II n....10 hr . .. _.:~~. h'p WUlIonla~"uu:I bcmored _ TIle DwlniDIfl ... "lJI1bor. OI.:. t\dI .....ely Feud for Thought Punnin. .... ' I _" . _'••• "oIt nil ~\o".... '. ' ..re......\. hUn'. . Still Stond' Hllnblr rePlllwd hill cha\\'IIU on . hu'. ''''''''. a~nlt-:.. . attacking them with their umbrellas...~.. =~ ht milt' ..1 III..___... nul tt/''1t ~... "•• ". 1".. ~ . tM Pl'CWnuSp\tOll p..O... .. History was simply repeating itself.lv>1o-ma Li..:~~"~.... J/II Laur~ .I•• ~ "1 ••• .:._ 11'11"'. ~all f'" uO" . t . n.....1 a. " "III ..

but in his older years he always told his audiences that mindreading was real. When asked how mindreader's read minds. 2 ." The book was one of Himber's forcing books placed under hard cover. we had another convert. Only Himber would know that Dunninger had swami-written the word. I was with him when he wrote a prediction on paper and then asked the receptionist to callout a number between 10 and 50. Himber gave him a hint of secret collusion by saying that he could pass the piece of paper with the secretly written three letter word (shoould not take too much effort to swami-write a 3-letter word) to any impartial spectator in the audience. It forced the word 'problems. I walked in just as the lesson was over. "I thought surely that some one in Dunninger's camp would contact me. The young lady was agog with expectations. expense of The fact is that Himber had been harassing Dunninger See the Back Room of the Phoenix Issues 55 to 66. The rest of the audience would be dazzled. indeed. Himber no longer said that it was all bunk. Himber confided in me that he had a plot that would be the greatest hoax ever IF Dunninger went along with it. so Himber appeared to know that some day I would be and the article would be useful. since Himber was traveling the same identical road that all psychic debunkers follow.' Needless to say. The lady called out 35 to match Himber's prediction. Himber did tell me to write under an assumed name. During one of my visits to Himber's apartment in the Essex House. I was not a writer yet. Himber was famous for being a prankster at the famous people." He said. but no one ever did. he said "By mathematics." A profound answer. Himber threw a hard cover book at me and said. "Do something for her. Every time he left the Essex house he stopped by the desk and did something for the lady receptionist and convinced her that it was mindreading. Both numbers had to be different. so Dunninger could not trust him. At first Himber got publicity by saying that mindreading was bunk. You guessed it. All Dunninger needed to do then was to pretend to write a word on another papar or index card and then ask the impartial person to callout the three letter word at which time Dunninger could swami~write the word on his paper and pass it out to anyone.was in this paper. "Call yourself Al Mann." It is a mystery why Dunninger did not answer the challenge. Himber introduced me to the young lady and told her that I was a mindreader. I found him giving a music lesson to a 12 year old girl. 1944.

The challenger has no recourse but to do that." "Nothingl" says the young lady." You command. But if the challenger something on the card. He just wants to make you how will you answer that challenge? The best method is exactly in So like Richard Himber was proposing. That could happen. the paper clip and pocket it and the writer and then open with the Opener Move and give the card to the read.I am going to invite a young lady to corne up on stage and read to you what I have written. "The paper is totally blank. collusion with you." would indeed be a great triumph for you or any Mentalist." You have already pretended to write something on the card but actually you write nothing." please open it out and tell opens out There is The person now holding the paper in the audience the paper and may say. the audience what is written on it. "The person holding the paper.MEETING A REAL CHALLENGE Let's say that you are doing your show where you pretend to be reading sealed messages or just folded billets with questions. and then fold the card into quarters and secure the folded card with a paper clip in readiness to do the Opener Move. You take out a blank index card and say "I am going to write something down on this card which will approximate what you have written. "Please tell the audience what I have written on the card." You say." You remove the paper clip from your folded card and hand the card to the young lady who is now by your side. -." "Please pass your paper to an impartial person in the audience. You simply write the same outside of the folded card with your swami gimmick. I will give you $500 if you tell me what I have written in this folded paperl" and he is not This party will not give you a chance look stupid. " The card is blank. "And secured with a paper clip. nothing written on it. "Mr. For he too is curious to see what you have written since you told him that you have written something comparably close to what he wrote. Some clown in the audience pops up and says. 3 That really wrote thing on the Then remove flip the card young lady to . There is no way that I can change what I have written unless I remove the paper clip and unfold the card. "My card is folded four ways. Mentalist.

(1945). 1. page 179.R." My usual answer to the above challenge is . Wish that I had.If it should happen that the challenger will not pass his paper to anyone else then he is the loser for everything appears fair. THE STREET CHALLENGES Please note that almost any challenge can be met as detailed above. this so It will be surely seen regardless of how the folded slip may be opened .!! 528. any waitress who is asked to write a three digit number on a card while the Mentalist does the same.sECRETLY ASiAO Tl-tl$'. KEEP THE TE """ ON 81.7 I D Odd Coincident Fig." No one has paid me yet and I have had no need to meet the challenge. Probably because I never asked him. 2 • B. the Mentalist proves that he is psychic by doing a test with the waitress. Himber never told me what three letter word he had written. 4 .' Dunninger's name is not mentioned but everyone knew who the 'certain Mentalist' was. KEEPSI!t:. THANKS .C.' TU4NICS . Fig.T. KEEP SECRET.A1r. WRITE . An exact same method is later published in Bascom Jones' Magick #243 credited to Dunninger by B. KEEP THE $1. But it would not surprise me if the paper was blank. SLIP. "Pay me my fee first and I will read your mind. C.. on BLANK SLIP. N~te ~hat the message appears twice on the inside of the amaIJer slip. The two cards are given to the VIP.5. a potential employer. Milnov.) But if the challenger on the street is a VIP and potential employer then I would proceed by using the Opener Move.. I am sure that every Mentalist that practices his art has been challenged on the street with "Tell me what I am thinking. The origin of the mystery was credited to a 'certain Mentalist. Fig. Milnoy The effect is that while dining in a restaurant. ( I have done mindreading on the street using the Center Tear. 2 SECRETLY READ THIS. DUNNINGER'S IMPOSSIBLE PREDICTION A version by Ralph Reed of Dunninger's Impossible Prediction first appeared in the Tarbell Course No. The numbers on both cards are identical.iK.

" THE VIP'S CHOICE So we will allow the VIP to choose the three-digit That should make the plot stronger and most profound. Little wonder that audiences come running when they hear there is a Mentalist performing. Mediums performed the test long before Dunninger. After all how many restaurants are there? (just about 35. All is well that ends well.000 in N. ' Any method used to successfuly produce this effect is looked upon with wonder by the spectator. The effect looks like a miracle provided you do not gum up the 'play on words. Audiences are dazzled by what appears to be a feat from another world. It was a masterly play on words.) Why not allow the VIP to write the number? After all. The success of the effect depends on a secret message that is passed to the waitress telling her to please write down a certain number. DUNNINGER Marvin Miller adds a touch of genious to the above in Magick #173 by having the waitress circle the number. "Big Deal. 2. He probably had all the waitresses cued and payed.I cannot think of a more intriguing plot for a mystery worker. The waitress is given an index card folded twice and secured with a paper clip. And he will no doubt hire you. . Dunninger gives away his secret in Magick #123. That is what Mentalism is all about. Through his many years of performing Dunninger had developed the power of transporting his audience into an enchanting four dimensional world where miracles are common. mostly by a play on words. 1. number. but it was Dunninger who made it popular mostly by his powerful Svengali-like showmanship.Y. BUT (there always is a BUT) the ugly head of the skeptic rears up and asks questions. So he did it in a second restaurant. he could have had that one fixed too. The card is shown before folding it to be blank on both sides.Statistical Abstract. 1975. So no matter what method is used. he is footing the bill. By the masterly and correct use of words miracles are created. She is instructed to secretly write a three digit number on the card and then fold the card and place the paper clip in 5 . provided it works. DESTINY'S DICIPLE Under the above title.

Usually. He it. As shown by the arrows in Fig. the card can now be torn in half given to the VIP with the force number on it. . The Mentalist swami-writes the number on the outside of the folded billet and then opens it and does the flip with the Opener Move. The Mentalist now knows the 4. 3. While the thumb and first finger of the left hand take the card by the loose corner of the third fold. and dismisses her. Mentalist tips the waitress choose a three digit number. 2. NOTE: When prefolding the index card. it must be folded in half back and forth several times to break the crease so that the card will easily fold either way. the left hand turns backwards towards you while the right hand rotates forward away from you.place and return it to the Mentalist.:~ a piece of lemon This action snaps the folded card open and as the right hand moves to the left in front of the left hand. 5. and one half THE OPENER MOVE As shown in Fig. The number that the waitress wrote is now on the back of the card facing the Mentalist while the number that the VIP chose and the Mentalist swami-wrote is facing the VIP. the thumb and first finger of the right hand pinch the folded card by the loose corner of the top fold. is similar to wringing 3. The VIP is asked to either writes it or just recites number chosen by the VIP. Both hands are then turned at the wrist only. The above action rind over a drink. 6 . the card turns over so that what was the outside of the card is now the inside and any word or number written on the outside of the folded card now appears to have been in the inside.

rl lap.""1'•.. 11MIK. ... 1 Let's call this effect TWIN-TEAR..~1e:!:_':r" :: ~..:: .. la..... ."1M""".... 'tJI.:-- I.... 1& 1.. ...:!lt.. __ r. ""..lr. !. T ''''' •• . : .. _ \oM Ih..:r. ""'.::01-: ••::~:. r. _ .. t .r..."'<lu-."' h '.:: ~:-:::!~._ .11.!l:'.. 1ft ... .1\_ ' ..n Hrf.. .lIDU&J)11D "--1.:t... . r.~:r:·~ ...... . . f4 . .~~.reftl.a:: ....: ~:at.:...'1IU"1. 6 (Fig. in Fig..!.... .\'1. in the billet center-tear work shop together with Lee Earle and Docc Hilford.''''1' • •. -=~ = . 2.~ '::1:. alea ~. 1'" " 1MI...:\: t_ _ I'''. . "...II .. lu<ilun1:t .. u " II U.. Ji•• "t.:-::r:~t~::. 'IIUUarl""... •• . _ .~{ ~:~.1ar......::..-.\tt\. w..!:!':' . G:: =. 11 1\ ._.!~. 2. IU. .:~ '1.: ....1I •• ""_ft. 'IIU•..e\l_ h 111 \1111 ""'. '" A:::I: ."...:~ r .. '''."•. Then open out the paper and Recreation Bl1 .. r.. :r..!"~~:. "'" I.'''1'.._p . . " h . ""... la :!:a.......~~:J.TWIN TEAR Sure had a swell time at the PEA convention in Atlanta last and shows June 9 to 12.ar.~o.. "at b1.._ \1M . _ 'LI _~ ~ !'.. tlN ._ =:1...I' &tid 1•• ".~.. . . ..~ IHH __"leN Fig. :=-~.....~~r . .1..14 "_. " aU.. r ..• Lee treated us to a beautiful Q and A act using the multi-color with the pads in combination center tear principle.I...:.. The same principle can be used with a sheet of newspaper....::-a:?: ~.!:1::"".. .... Docc's presentation was flawless and looked good from all angles as Lee and I were sitting alongside • Docc also reminded me of an effect called Gemel's Messages which is a paper tearing routine for the answering of two questions..1 •..:. Ual'M_. editor of the New Invocation ...... Gemel's Messages appeared in Mental-Ettes in 1978... and in half again and in half a third time to arrive at a paper folded three ways into eighths..." _ ..PpO. Choose a sheet that has several headlines and plenty of pr into Next tear the one sheet into four parts and use one part that measures 7 This piece is shown by 11-1/2 inches..~ . . To do it you will need a sheet of today's newspaper that measures 13-1/2 by 23 inches." ror \11... u . .~":!.WI' lA.::-: ::. 11.H.::-!r.1'1111.""" " . 1e . _'. 11 111\ •• \"' l.....'thh U .rd U "' \nlrlO" .. . "'" ""'I TtIC .1"'... '1r..':." .. = •_ 'oIl ~. ..... There was wall to wall lectures and almost around I took part the clock. .. you draw two circles as Next shown in Fig...-:u... 'IIU. "_ •• U.1(:"'1 uncH. 'lui . _ . M. 1. co.' ... .......!:1.. 1994.I 11 Lr.I. ~ ~ =.1. l~~~:.......0 ..~ !:-~ !~\:!r~"~~ .!: .......l. ~ .!:"':r'lI":'-t::-i-:'i:. ..." .\.... .. u_ "."1. us with a Docc surprised master demonstration of Annemann's CT done with a sheet of newspaper from Jinx No.~~ . 1) and reminded us that there is some fine mentalism in the Jinx.n4 .. with an ink marker. 16 .. liM.• :::....I. ..... UllI"W.. UlLN •••• ...::::. The best way to know just where to draw the two circles is by folding the paper in half.. aM h ..~ ffi:~::'=I'. . "tIlU ".lIl. !::'.'.'"'l{......_" ••.'" . . . 'n~. .:r. ...J:!I.

Fig. 4 Figure 4 shows the two stolen pieces which you open behind slate or tablet. And to make things worse you tear up the wad of papers to tiny bits. therein lies a mystery. They will never see you unfold the paper. -0__ -1 _ I I Fig. 3.you will see the creases of the folds as in Fig. No one in his right mind can imagine that you can ferret out the underlined words after all that folding. etc. The spectator ends up with a wad of paper that measures about 3 by 3-1/2 inches. and again in half and again a third time in half. The two circles as shown are the pieces that will be stolen when the paper is torn to bits. and then tear it in the same fashion as any other center tear move where you steal the folded center pieces. Have fun. 3 So you take the folded wad and feel it. Ask two persons to underline one word in each circle and then. they are to fold the paper in half. Al Mann a 8 .

the best route young men are and hold it between both hands and and the map shows up right-side up the wrong side of the map My attendant goofed and ended with upwards. Fig. They take a folded map snap it open with a flourish for the marking. A Mentalist works with his mind and the above gyrations of the body should not be needed. the body and arms had to turn about one quarter turn to the left while the left hand made a flip over. So I went to the ESSO Travel Service in some maps. If these young people could open up a map to either side maybe I could do the same thing with a folded index card. Altogether it was not a Mentalist's move. These beautifully trained to appear sharp and intelligent. 5.A HISTORY ON THE OPENER MOVE Move that has been I have been asked where I got the Opener applied to so many baffling tests. 5 To make the O'Hagan move. I told the young man behind the counter He broke out all the maps I needed and then traced for me on the maps with an ink marker. I noticed a disgusted look in his face as he had to turn the map over. The original idea of writing on the outside of a folded card and then opening it out so that the writing appears to have been on the inside was first published by Ed Melon in a two-page fly leaf called O'HAGAN'S DIGITELEPATHY copyright 1958. I went home and tried it 9 . by car across NYC to pick up what I wanted. That's where I got the idea of the Opener Move. As luck would have it I had to make a trip country. The original idea by O'Hagan could easily move a mountain BUT his handling was naive. O'Hagan's handling is shown in Fig. I tried it several times and did not feel comfortable with it and I was sure I could never fool anyone with it. I am sure that O'Hagan could pull it off perfectly.

But one chap just could not do it. was borne. He kept spreading his hands apart instead of twisting them. 1 side towards your audience. The paper has been folded three times and now looks like in Fig. To open so that the No. The No. I published the move in The Several Mentalists at the PEA convention in Atlanta (94) asked me to show them the Opener Move. Take an 8-1/2 by 11 inch piece of paper and mark one side No. I Side. I did and most of them caught on right away. 1 and the other side No. 5 Note that the loose corners are to the upper right corner. TWO-WAY OPENER ~ Try the following." That did it. 1 ~------------~ Fig. the paper will open up with the No. Now if you take the first upper loose corner with your right fingers and the third loose corner with your left fingers and pull your hands apart. 10 .2. 2 side is to the audience. Then fold the paper in half from bottom to top.and the Opener Move Tesseract 8/24/78.) The above is good for doing a two-way prediction BUT by using a swami writer you can also have prediction messages appear inside the folded paper after pretending to write something on the No. 1 side will be in the inside. "Make believe you are twisting a slice of lemon rind over a drink. 5. take the second loose corner with your right fingers and the fourth loose corner with your left fingers BUT YOU MUST TURN YOUR LEFT HAND SO THAT THE THUMB IS BEHIND (THE AUDIENCE SIDE) THE FOURTH LOOSE CORNER WHILE THE FIRST AND SECOND FINGERS OF YOUR LEFT HAND ARE IN FRONT OF THE FOURTH LOOSE CORNER (YOUR SIDE. Finally I said. And again fold it in half from left to right. I was at a loss as to how to explain it to him. Fold it in half again from left to right.

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