Meriam Instrument is a leading manufacturer of instrumentation for the precise measurement of flow, pressure and level. As shown below, the product line includes primary elements and indicators to serve both calibration and process measurement applications for pressure, flow and level applications.


DP P gauge P vacuum P absolute Gas Flow

Measurements Indicators


DP P gauge P vacuum P absolute


Measurement Type

DP P gauge P absolute






DP P gauge


P= Pressure DP= Differential Pressure

Since 1911 Meriam products have been used around the world in applications as diverse as chemical processing, oil drilling rigs, respiratory therapy and laboratory experiments. Originally a family run business, Meriam became a Scott Fetzer Division in 1969. Other divisions in the Scott Fetzer Corporation include Kirby Vacuum Cleaner, World Book, Campbell Hausfeld, Adalet and several others. Since 1986, Scott Fetzer is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. Today, Meriam offers many more industrial instruments than ever before, most with versatility not available elsewhere. With design, manufacturing and application support headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Meriam’s ability to solve measurement problems is extensive and our technical data is yours for the asking. This brochure will provide an overview of the Meriam product groups. For more information on specific products, request our Product Bulletins containing detailed data. Product Bulletins are available directly from Meriam or from our field representatives conveniently located throughout the United States and the world. We invite your inquiries and are ready to help in solving your measurement and calibration problems.


Table of Contents
Meriam Product Groups
Introduction Table of Contents
• Meri-Cal II
Portable, multifunction, multi-sensor Calibrator for pressure transmitters. ±0.025% F.S. accuracy. Sensor ranges from 20" H2O to 2000 PSIG, 2000 mm Hg Abs, ±50 volts/mA. Data Logging option.

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• Meri-Cal (original)
Portable, multifunction Calibrator for pressure transmitters. ±0.05% Reading, ±1 count accuracy. Sensor ranges of 200" H2O and 2000" wc, ±30 volts/mA

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• Smart Manometer models 350,351 and Precision Absolute Manometer model 355
Portable,Digital Manometer, ±0.025% FS accuracy. Ranges 20" H2O to 2000 PSIG, 2000 mm Hg A

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• Portable Digital Manometer
Portable Electronic Manometer, ±0.25% Reading, ±5 counts. Ranges 20" H2O to 100 PSI, 1500mm Hg A

• Smart Pressure Gauges
±0.05% FS accuracy for measuring gauge pressure, vacuum and differential pressure from 20" H2O to 2000 PSIG or absolute pressure from 0 to 2000 mm Hg Absolute.

• Minigauge Digital Pressure Gauge
2.75" diameter digital pressure gauge, ±1.0% FS accuracy. Pressures from 50 to 10,000 PSIG

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• Merigauge Digital Pressure Gauge
3.75" diameter digital pressure gauge, ± 0.25% FS or optional ±0.10% FS accuracy. Pressures from vacuum to 6000 PSIG. Output options include two SPDT relays and / or 4-20 mA / 1-5 VDC

• 1500 Smart Transmitter
±0.025% FS accuracy, RS485 digital and analog (V or mA) output selections. DIN rail or flange mount. Pressure, differential or absolute pressure from 20" H2O to 2000 PSIG, 2000 mm Hg A

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• Bellows Type Differential Pressure Indicators and Indicating Switches
±0.75% FS accuracy to indicate differential or gauge pressure up to 500 PSID. One or two switches available with or without explosion-proof enclosure. Several wetted material options

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• Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges
2 1⁄ 2" to 4 1⁄ 2" diameter pressure gauges, lower or back mount stems, vacuum to 15,000 PSIG

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• Manometer Accessories
Pressure / vacuum sources and variators, Sight Feed Bubblers, Line Traps, Check Valves, Seal Pots

• Manometers
Liquid filled U-tubes, Well types, Inclined tubes and Micromanometers for measuring pressure and vacuum. SWP to 500 PSI. Accuracy is typically ± 1⁄ 2 of smallest graduation.

• Laminar Flow Elements
Accuracy of ± 0.86% of Reading for flow measurement of 1 SCCM to 2,250 SCFM with turn-down of 20:1 or more. Special models are available to 15,000 SCFM. Improved accuracy options.

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• Accutube Flow Sensors
Accuracy of ± 1% Reading, repeatability of 0.1%. For pipe sizes 1⁄ 2" to 20’. In-line, insertion, flange mount, wet tap, direct transmitter mount, integral RTDs. For liquid, gas and steam measurement.

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• Orifice Plates & Orifice Flanges
Accuracy of ± 1% FS with 4:1 turn down. General-purpose measurement of liquid, gas and steam

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• Flow Measurement Systems
- LFS-1 (Laminar Flow System-1) for Laminar Flow Elements (LFEs). Automated measurements of gas flow with ± 0.6% Reading accuracy over 10:1 turn down; ± 0.7% over 20:1 turndown. - FLOPAC digital flow system for LFEs uses customer’s PC for calculations and data storage - SMV Transmitter Flow Systems for direct mounting to Accutube averaging pitot tubes takes the place of individual P and DP Transmitters and flow computer. Convenient cost saver.


Meri-Cal II
Model 3600 & 3610 Pressure Calibrator
Model 3600 Meri-Cal II is a microprocessor based pressure calibrator with 5 digit resolution and NIST traceability. Two pressure sensors and one electrical sensor installed in the Meri-Cal II will allow measurement of differential and static pressure, plus current and voltage in one unit. Any two of these measurements are displayed on a 4 line by 20 character alphanumeric display, making calibration of transmitters and transducers easy. The Model 3610 Meri-Cal II incorporates a convenient Data Logging mode and on-board memory to provide calibration documentation at the stroke of a key. Calibration procedures can be set up quickly using the Windows ‘95 Data Logging Program. Up to 20 PC Calibration files of up to 20 points each can be downloaded from a PC. This allows the 3610 to prompt the user with required calibration points. Another 20 Manual Calibrations files can be stored directly through the keypad.

• Approvals: CE compliant (Optional) • Display: 4 line x 20 character alpha-numeric 5 full digit resolution • NIST traceability: NIST certificate supplied for all models. • Power: 9-volt alkaline battery with user enabled automatic shut-off. • Optional 9 volt lithium batteries can also be used and are recommended below 32˚ F (0˚ C). • Temperature: Storage: -40˚F to 140˚F (-40 to 60˚C) Operating: 23˚F to 122˚F (-5 to 50˚C) • Process connection: 1/8” female NPT, 316ss • Media compatibility: Non-isolated sensor (DN) for clean, dry, non-corrosive gases. Isolated sensor (GI and AI) for fluids compatible with 316ss. • Pressure limits: Twice range on GI/AI units. Twice range on DN units when pressurized on high side only and 150 PSI (10.5 Kg/cm2) static when applied to both sides of the sensor simultaneously. • Enclosure: 30 ounces. (8.5”L x 5.2”W x 3.0”D) ABS plastic case • Accuracy: Pressure sensor ± 0.05% of F.S. or optional ± 0.025% of F.S. Electrical measurements ± 0.025% of F.S. Accuracy includes all effects of linearity, repeatability, hysteresis and temperature over the range 23˚F to 122˚F

3600 Standard Features
• Selectable Engineering Units - PSI, inches H2O (4˚C, 20˚C, and 60˚F references), kg/cm2, Kilopascals, mBars, Bars, mm Hg, inches Hg, cm H2O, user definable units. • Auto Shut-off - occurs after 10 minutes without a new keystroke. User can disable this feature. • DAMPING (averaging) - selectable from 0.1 to 25 seconds to dampen pulsation and stabilize the display. • MIN/MAX capture - minimum and maximum measured values are captured. Capture speed is equal to the selected damping rate. • HOLD - toggle on/off function freezes display. • ZERO - provides automatic re-zeroing of the sensors. Soft Carrying Case with adjustable shoulder strap.


1% Differential Differential Gauge Gauge Gauge Absolute DN0020 . SENSORS: . • RECEIVE PC (and MANUAL) CAL FILES uploads stored calibration data from the Meri-Cal II to the PC. • CREATE CAL FILE facilitates the uniform creation of individual calibration files for each transmitter or transducer ID number. 5 .field defined data logging for transmitter or transducer calibrations or documentation of local indicators or flow computers. The Meri-Cal II Model 3610 will function as a data logging calibrator for pressure and electrical signal in the PC Data Logging Mode. • DATA ACQ provides automated data acquisition (10Hz rate) using the PC with the Meri-Cal II.prompts user to follow calibrtion procedures downloaded from a PC (Requires Optional Software). Features for the program include: • SET TIME button to synchronize the Meri-Cal II real time clock with the PC’s.025% DN0200 DN2000 GI0020 GI0200 GI2000 AI2000 0-200” H2O 0-2000” H2O 0-20 PSI 0-200 PSI 0-2000 PSI 0-2000 mm Hg Differential Differential Gauge Gauge Gauge Absolute 3610 Adds onboard memory card and PC Data logging to the model 3600(Requires software and cable. After entering a Serial/Tag # of up to 15 characters. • SEND PC CAL FILES downloads selected files to the Meri-Cal II. The Meri-Cal II is then interfaced with the host PC for long-term information storage and printing of calibration certificates.05% DN0200 DN2000 GI0020 GI0200 GI2000 AI2000 0-200” H2O 0-2000” H2O 0-20 PSI 0-200 PSI 0-2000 PSI 0-2000 mm Hg . Stores AS FOUND and AS LEFT data in memory.Non-volatile data-logging memory for 40 calibration files with up to 20 points per file. With a simple keystroke this information is stored in non-volatile memory. The PC interface option allows for the display of PREV: the most recent as left data.Meri-Cal II Model 3600 & 3610 Pressure Calibrator 3610 Features (Additional to 3600) • Memory .see accessories) 0-20” H2O Differential To Order a Meri-Cal II with 200” Differential and 2000 PSI sensor with . FOND: the present as found data.025% accuracy.used for downloading calibration files from a PC to the 3610 and for uploading stored calibration results to the PC (Requires Optional Software) Ordering Information MERI-CAL II (includes current / voltage sensor): 3600 Select one or optionally two sensors from selection below. and NOML: The desired present point to calibrate as programmed through the PC interface. • Manual Data Logging Mode . Consult factory or your local Meriam Representative for Pricing MERI-CAL II MODEL 3610 DATA LOGGING and COMMUNICATIONS SOFTWARE for PC’s The Data Logging and Communications Software for the Meri-Cal II is Windows ‘95 compatible. The software allows up to 20 PC Calibration and 20 manual (20 points each) calibration files to be uploaded to the 3610. The Meri-Cal II guides the user through the calibration procedure. Order same accuracy for units with two sensors. The order code is as follows: 3600-DN0200-GI2000-025 (add “-025” extension for accuracy). • DB-9 serial connector . • PRINT commands allow printing of calibration data previously uploaded to the PC. Channel 1 and 2 Sensors are defined by clicking on the sensor type and desired units for each. • PC Data Logging Mode .

0 508.8 146.070 5. the unit under test. in Hg at 0˚C. • Power: NI-CAD Rechargeable.507 0.70 497. Meri-Cal’s display simultaneously indicates pressure (or differential pressure) and electronic transducer/transmitter output in any of eight key selectable engineering units. Impact resistant ABS material. * For CSA approved models change the “I” suffix to “C” For CENELEC approved models change the “I” suffix to “E” 6 . mm Hg. dry.5 Kg/cm2) static when applied to both sides of the sensor simultaneously. • Resolution: Auto-ranging for optimal accuracy and resolution of the display for both pressure and electrical inputs. cm H2O. PSIG 7. 4970. temperature. ± 1 count.0 497.5 kg) 4 x 7. Twice range on Differential (DP) units when pressurized on high side only and 150 PSI (10. • Engineering units: in H2O at 20˚C. Accuracy includes the combined effects of linearity. hysteresis.1% of reading.0 4970.21 72.3" high (7. Standard Features on the Meri-Cal Digital Manometer/Calibrator • Approvals: CSA certification for intrinsic safety use in Class 1. 20 Hrs @ -20˚F (-29˚C) • Temperature: Storage: -40˚F to 140˚F (-40˚C to 60˚C) Operating: -20˚F to 122˚F (-6. • Electrical Measurement: Voltage: 0 to 30 Vdc Current: 0 to 30 mAdc • Accuracy: Pressure: ± 0. ±1 count on pressure sensors. 5080. • Auto Zero: A push of a button automatically establishes zero. non-corrosive gases. KG/CM2 0.1% of reading.10 72.68 14.0 2000.0 497.05% of reading.70 49.9 (102mm x 191mm x 48mm). or head difference due to the location of the tester vs. kPa. ± 2 counts. (Both Optional) • Display: 8 digit (4 pressure or DP and 4 voltage or current) LCD type with .6 mm) digits. PSI. C and D areas.8 HG 373. mBar and user scaled. Kg/cm2. H20 508.0 5080.0 3730. • NIST traceability: NIST certificate supplied for all models.7˚C to 50˚C) Effect: None within the calibrated range of -4˚ to 104˚F • Process connection: 1/8" OD Presto-lok • Enclosure: 1. gauge pressure and vacuum.68 146.1 pounds (0.21 7. There is no need to compute compensation factors for local gravity. Minimum of 40 Hrs @ 70˚F (21˚C). DP models can be used to measure differential pressure. B. INCHES CM • Media compatibility: Non-isolated sensor for clean.0 mBar 497. Meri-Cal continues to provide the most cost effective and useful method of precise measurements. 2000. CE and CENELEC approvals. LP models measure gauge pressure only. It features high accuracy and rugged design that brings laboratory test and calibration capability to the field.Meri-Cal Digital Manometer/Calibrator The Meri-Cal is a portable digital manometer / calibrator for pressure and differential pressure measurement.507 5. INCHES MM MODEL* LP200I DP200I LP2000I DP2000I H 20 200. repeatability and temperature over the calibrated range. Voltage/Current: ± 0. 3730.5 x 1. Groups A.0 200.070 kPa 49. • Pressure limits: Twice range on Gauge (LP) units.0 373.10 HG 14. Optional ± 0.

316ss • Media compatibility: Non-isolated Differential sensor (DN) for clean. The displays can read out in any of eleven engineering units and can also be scaled to special user units for pressure.05% of F.capture speed is equal to the selected damping rate • Process connection 1/8" female NPT. inches of Hg. absolute or vacuum pressure. 7 . kg/cm2.5 Kg/cm2) static when applied to both sides of the sensor simultaneously. repeatability. They are microprocessor-based pressure sensing devices that can measure gauge.025% of F.6" X 2.25") ABS plastic case. • Contrast adjustment: Adjusts display for easier viewing • Enclosure: 14 ounce (6. 200 PSIG and 2000 PSIG Gauge 2000 mm Hg Absolute Model 351 Smart Manometer Calibrator • Accuracy *: ± 0.S. kPa. Bars. • Engineering units: inches of H2O (with three choices of reference temperature). Standard Features on the 350 Series Digital Manometer Family • Approvals: CE compliant and CSA Intrinsically safe (Optional) • Display: 5 significant digit LCD (0. linearity. mm of Hg.5" X 3. hysteresis and resolution. • Range: 200" H2O. An adjustable damping feature minimizes the effects of pulsating pressures. cm of H2O and user selectable scaling. mBars.S. • Pressure limits: Twice range on Gauge and Absolute (GI and AI) units.S. • Auto Shut-Off: user selectable shut-off time period. 20" H2O differential range only • Range: 20" H2O. 200" H2O and 2000" H2O DP 20 PSIG. A Min/Max function captures the extremes of pulsating or other varying pressure signals and a Hold button can freeze the display at any point of interest. dry.25" high) 2 line x 16 alphanumeric characters • NIST traceability: NIST certificate supplied with all models. Isolated Gauge and Absolute sensor (GI and AI) for fluids compatible with 316ss.S.1% of F. at truly low prices. 200" H2O and 2000" H2O 20 PSIG. 9 volt Lithium battery is recommended for use below 32˚F (0˚C) • Temperature: Storage: -40˚F to 140˚F (-40 to 60˚C) Operating: 23˚F to 122˚F (-5 to 50˚C) • Min/Max capture . Model 350 Smart Manometer Test Gauge • Accuracy *: ± 0.Smart Manometer Digital Manometer Meriam Instrument's 350 Series Smart Manometers are the first pressure measuring instruments with accuracy of ± 0. 200 PSIG and 2000 PSIG 2000 mm Hg Absolute * Includes the combined effects of temperature.025% of F.1 to 25 seconds • Power: 9-volt alkaline battery with user enabled automatic shut off. ± 0. • Damping rates: User selectable from 0. PSI. Twice range on Differential (DN) units when pressurized on high side only and 150 PSI (10. non-corrosive gases. Differential models offer a flow function to display square root flow rate in user defined units. differential.

= 2000 mm Hg Abs) 355 Ordering Information 355-AI0900 355-AI2000 0-900 mm Hg Abs.capture speed is equal to the selected damping rate • Damping rates: User selectable from 0.S. mbar. gauge pressure or change in altitude. • Min/Max capture . • Enclosure: 14 ounce (6.S. (Includes soft vinyl carrying case) 8 . • Altitude: Displayed in feet or meters. 316ss.025% F. • Contrast adjustment: Adjusts display for easier viewing • Accuracy: 355-AI0900 ± 0. The altitude function used with the Min/Max and Tare makes the model 355 useful as a surveyor’s tool by accurately measuring changes in altitude. handheld unit. This combination of accuracy and fluid compatibility makes the 355 ideal for test or process applications. • Pressure limits: 4000 mm Hg Abs (AI0900 and AI2000) • Tare: Sets display to zero to allow measurement of vacuum.5” X 3. User set altitude or altitude based on U. Can be set by user based on map or trig marker information. Standard Atmosphere of 1962 data. (Includes soft vinyl carrying case) 0-2000 mm Hg Abs. PSI. Standard Features on the Model 355 Precision Absolute Manometer • Approvals: CE compliant and CSA Intrinsically safe (Optional) • Display: 5 significant digit LCD (0.25” high) 2 line x 16 alphanumeric characters • NIST traceability: NIST certificate supplied for all models.* from l000-2000 mmHg A *(F.=900 mm Hg abs) 355-AI2000 ± 0.1 to 25 seconds • Selection of engineering units: mm Hg. gases and corrosives compatible with 316ss.S.25”) ABS plastic case. Standard altitude uses U.S. Torr.015% F.S. The model 355 has a programmable altitude function that allows the user to enter the site altitude above sea level in feet or meters. • Power: 9-volt alkaline battery with user enabled automatic shut off. The pressure sensor is all 316ss allowing it to be used with liquids.6” X 2.* from 0-1000 mm Hg A ±0.02% F. (F. in. Bar.Precision Absolute Manometer 355 Precision Absolute Manometer Meriam’s model 355 Precision Absolute Manometer puts calibration bench accuracy in a portable. • Media compatibility: Isolated AI sensor for fluids compatible with 3l6ss. kPa. This allows the user to chose between displaying local barometric pressure or pressure corrected to sea level. 9 volt Lithium battery is recommended for use below 32˚F (0˚C) • Temperature: Storage: -40˚F to 140˚F (-40 to 60˚C) Operating: 23˚F to 122˚F (-5˚ to 50˚C) • Process connections: 1/8” female NPT. Standard Atmosphere of 1962 can be displayed.S.S. Hg.

1 0. • Power: Field replaceable 9 volt. Multi-bay carrying cases provide convenient portability and organization of fittings. hand pumps.4-inch high digit. • Power: 9-volt alkaline battery. dry.25% of reading ± 5 digits @ 22˚C (includes the combined effects of linearity. • Enclosure: 8 ounce (6.2” X 1. non-corrosive gases. tubing and reducers to fit up to most pressure instruments One valve.030% FS per degree C) • Pressure Connections: 1/8 inch FNPT (adapters available).01 0.1 0. Over 100 hours continuous use at 20˚C (68˚F) with recommended alkaline battery. push to read equalizing manifold for differential models only Part Number A900016-50001 A34957 961P 961V 971A3 A34386 A900020-90772 Portable Digital Manometer Standard Features on the Portable Digital Manometer • Display: 4-1/2 digit LCD with 0. 9 volt Lithium battery is recommended for use below 32˚F (0˚C) • Temperature: Operating: 0˚ to 40˚ C (32˚ to 104˚F) Storage: -40˚ to 140˚ C (-40˚to 140˚F) ±0.01 H2O and Hg ranges are supplied referenced to 20˚ C (68˚ F) and 0˚ C (32˚ F) respectively.01 0. tees. repeatability.1 0. Description Dual Bay Carrying Case(see photos at left) Single Bay Carrying Case for Digital Mano Pressure Hand Pump Vacuum Hand Pump with vernier variator Pressure Vacuum Variator (lab use) Connector Kit – includes fittings. • Pressure Limits: Not to exceed 3 times full scale or 125 psi whichever is less.001 0. • Zero Function: Easy to use front panel zero adjustment knob.001 0. • Accuracy: ± 0.1 0. tubing and up to two manometers. LOW BATTERY indication.5” X 3. and hysteresis) Portable Digital Manometer Ordering Information MODEL D0020IW D0200IW D1000IW D00l0P D0030P D0l00P D0050MB D0500MB D2000MB D0007B A0030P A1500MH A0060IH Range 0-20 0-200 0-1000 0-10 0-30 0-100 0-50 0-500 0-2000 0-7 0-30 0-1500 0-60 Units in H2O in H2O in H2O psi psi psi mbar mbar mbar bar psia mm Hg A in Hg A Resolution 0.01% FS per degree C (Absolute: ± 0.Smart Manometer Accessories Several accessory items are available for Smart Manometers and Digital Manometers to help complete your pressure calibration needs. • Media compatibility: Non-isolated sensor for clean. 9 .1 0.01 0.01 0. • NIST traceability: NIST certificate supplied as an option for all models.2”) impact resistant ABS plastic case and soil resistant polycarbonate labeling.01 0.

With external corrections for pressure and temperature. The 2100 Smart Gauges maintain local indication. it reduces excessive dead band or hysteresis – a common complaint about mechanical gauges. There are three models in the series: the 2110P is principally for pressure measurements. The 2100 series is a good replacement because it maintains local indication. 0. • Process connection: 1/8" female NPT. Pressure Switch In this application the 2100 has two distinct advantages over mechanical gauges. One application is hydrostatic level measurements using bubblers. Options: Lithium battery unit with field replaceable battery board and user defined auto shut-off.05% of Full Scale( ±0. but have different software programs based on the function. 220 VAC 50/60 Hz.24mm) • Power/Outputs: Standard unit has selectable 110 VAC 50/60 Hz. Absolute / Vacuum Measurement Absolute models give resolution to 0. purge and cooling. Manometer Replacement 2100 Smart Gauges can replace Manometers when restrictions on indicating fluids are a problem.5 amp resistive @ 115 VAC. add outputs and keep replacement costs down. • Display: 4 1/2 digit LCD. the 2110L is for level measure and the 2110F is for gas flow measurement. Two applications are significant. repeatability. • Accuracy: ±0. • Backlight • Damping: selectable from 0. outputs and low price make the 2100 a good choice for customers in research and development laboratories and process measurement. These three units share the same hardware. 1/4" DIN (3. • Temperature: Storage: -40˚F to 140˚F (-40 to 60˚C) Operating: 23˚F to 122˚F (-5 to 50˚C) • Pressure Limits: Twice range on Gauge and Absolute (GI and AI) units.8" x 3. • Adjustable Deadband: on SPDT relays • Selectable Timeout: conserves battery • Lockout: prevents inadvertent resetting of gauge configuration. 0.05% of full scale accuracy. 12 to 28 VDC power for 4-20 mA and RS-232 output or 1-5 VDC and RS-232. Examples are heat treating. CE mark available on battery and 4-20 mA units. Battery and 4-20 mA units are NEMA 4X throughout. dry. or 12 to 28 VDC power. The dead band in the 2100 is user selectable for exact control.2100 Series Smart Gauge Meriam Instrument’s 2100 Smart Gauges are microprocessor based pressure sensing devices that can be used to measure pressure. • NIST Traceable: NIST certificate supplied with all models.8" x 6. Gauge (GI) models may be directly connected to non-pressurized tanks for direct head measurements. non-corrosive gases. First. This includes the combined effects of linearity.1 mm Hg. differential pressure (air or gas flow).1 to 50 seconds.1% FS on 20" H2O Sensor). • Media compatibility: Non-isolated Differential sensor (DN) for clean. Twice range on Differential (DN) units when pressurized on high side only 20x on 20" sensors when pressurized on high side only and 150 PSI (10. The combination of resolution. Isolated Gauge and Absolute sensor (GI and AI) for fluids compatible with 316ss. 3l6ss • Enclosure: 4 lbs. hysteresis and temperature 10 .6" high (15. A user can "see" the set point without having to make trial and error adjustments. the gauges can also measure mass flow. or hydrostatic level. Vacuum units have 0. Second. The other application is gas or air flow metering. the actual switching point can be precisely set.001" Hg resolution over the entire vacuum range. Standard unit is NEMA 4X on front panel only. .5") aluminum enclosure with epoxy finish. aeration. Standard Features on the 2100 Series Smart Gauge Family • Approvals: CSA Intrinsically Safe on battery models. adds outputs and utilizes most of the existing system of bubblers and other components. Included are an RS-232C and two set point relays rated 1 amp resistive @24 VDC.5 Kg/cm2) static when applied to both sides of the sensor simultaneously.

60ºF). Kg/cm2. cubic meters. 40ºC. It can be configured for linear tanks such as vertical cylinders or for use on non-linear tanks such as horizontal cylinders and spheres. Vacuum Meriam Instrument’s 21l0P Smart Gauge is a microprocessor based. H2O and user defined. approval 5 Batteries w/CE approval 6 Code 3 w/CE approval 7 24 VDC/ 1-5 VDC. in. cm. Hg. PSI. It is designed to display tank level in volumetric or mass units based on the hydrostatic head pressure of the fluid in the tank. Bar. All units are programmed to allow easy configuration of the gauge through the front keypad. liters. pressure sensing device. cubic feet. 200". tank level measurement. programmable. • Range: DN: Differential Non-isolated 20".and SPDT Relays (Standard) 2 Batteries / No Outputs 3 24 VDC /4-20 mA. CE approval Example: 2110P with 200" H2O Differential pipe mount and Battery Pack 2110P DN0200 02 2 Model 2110L for Bubbler or Head Type Tank Level Measurement Meriam Instrument’s 2110L Smart Gauge is a microprocessor based. in.S. H2O (20ºC.2100 Series Smart Gauge Model 2110P for DP. • Range: 20" H2O differential to 2000 PSIG 2000 mm HG Absolute Ordering Information 2110P Smart Pressure Gauge Sensor Type: DN0020 DN0200 DN2000 GI0020 GI0200 GI2000 AI2000 0-20"H2O 0-200" H2O 0-2000" H2O 0-20 PSI 0-200 PSI 0-2000 PSI 0-2000 mm Hg Mounting options: 01 Panel Mount (standard) 02 2" Pipe Mount 03 Portable Handle / Bench Stand Power/Output options 1 110/220 VAC. • Selection of engineering units: mm Hg. 24 VDC/RS-232C. kilograms. 2000" H2O GI: Gauge Isolated 20 PSIG 11 . mbar. percent. The AC powered and 4 to 20 mA units can also be configured through the RS-232C serial communications port. kPa. P gauge. pounds. The AC powered and 4 to 20 mA units can also be configured through the RS-232C serial communications port. The ranges available allow for measurement of pressure. The SPDT relays have selectable deadbands to prevent wear on pumps due to constant cycling. Typical applications include use as a test bench gauge. pressure sensing device. The 4 to 20 mA outputs on the 24 Vdc model allows the 2110P to be used in both control and recording applications. P absolute. SPDT relays on AC powered units and the 4 to 20 mA output on the transmitter models make the 2110L an ideal choice for many level control and recording functions. All units are programmed to allow easy configuration of the gauge through the front keypad. The SPDT relays on the AC powered models are an ideal choice for process control functions. gas flow measurement and leak testing. H2O and user defined. Both models also have RS-232C communications for additional control and data logging capabilities. programmable. The 2110L can be used in bubbler systems or for direct head measurement on pressurized or vented tanks. RS-232C. in. vacuum and absolute pressure. differential pressure. • Selection Of Engineering Units: gallons. Both models also have RS-232C communications for high level control and data logging capabilities. RS-232C 4 Batteries w/I.

Typical applications include use as a LFE test bench gauge. cubic meters. • Range: DN: Different Non-isolated 20". approval 5 Batteries w/CE approval 6 Code 3 w/CE approval 7 24 VDC/ 1-5 VDC. RS-232C 4 Batteries w/I. CE approval Example: 2110L with 200" H2O Differential pipe mount and 4 to 20 output 2110L DN0200 01 3 Model 2110F for Flow Indication of DP Primary Elements Meriam Instrument’s 2110F Smart Gauge is a microprocessor based. approval 5 Batteries w/CE approval 6 Code 3 w/CE approval 7 24 VDC/ 1-5 VDC. 2000" H2O percent. programmable. RS-232C. The piezoresistive differential pressure sensors are available in three ranges assuring the best accuracy and resolution for an application.and SPDT Relays (Standard) 2 Batteries / No Outputs 3 24 VDC /4-20 mA. SPDT relays on AC powered units and the 4 to 20 mA output on the transmitter models make the 2110F an ideal choice for many control and recording functions. cubic feet. RS-232C 4 Batteries w/I.2100 Series Smart Gauge Ordering Information 2110L Smart Level Gauge Sensor Type: DN0020 DN0200 DN2000 GI0020 0-20"H2O 0-200" H2O 0-2000" H2O 0-20 PSI Mounting options: 01 Panel Mount (standard) 02 2" Pipe Mount 03 Portable Handle / Bench Stand Power/Output options 1 110/220 VAC. RS-232C. The AC powered and 4 to 20 mA units can also be configured through the RS-232C serial communications port. liters. differential pressure sensing device designed to display flow rate when used with a head loss type flow element such as Accutube® averaging pitot tubes. CE approval Example: 2110F with 20" H2O Differential Panel mount and 4 to 20 output 2110F DN0020 01 3 12 . orifice plates or Meriam Instrument’s laminar flow elements. in.S. • Engineering Units: Pounds. kilograms.S. The unit calculates flow rate by measuring the DP and using it in algorithms with flow coefficients entered into the unit by the user. 24 VDC/RS-232C. air compressor usage monitoring and leak testing. All units can be configured through the front keypad. Both models also have RS-232C communications for additional control and data logging capabilities. 200". Minutes or hours time constant can also be displayed Sensor Type: DN0020 DN0200 DN2000 0-20"H2O 0-200" H2O 0-2000" H2O Mounting options: 01 Panel Mount (standard) 02 2" Pipe Mount 03 Portable Handle / Bench Stand Power/Output options 1 110/220 VAC.and SPDT Relays (Standard) 2 Batteries / No Outputs 3 24 VDC /4-20 mA. 24 VDC/RS-232C. H2O and user defined units.

00 Bars 70. Wetted components are 17-4 PH stainless steel for compatibility with many process liquids and gases. • Display: 4. Low battery indicator. Process connection is via a 1/4" MNPT stainless steel stem.00 kg/cm2 210.0 PSIG 3000 PSIG 6000 PSIG 10000 PSIG 3.0 kg/cm2 420. One 9-volt alkaline or lithium battery powers the transducer and the LCD display.0 Bars 410.4" character height).00 PSIG 500. Bar or kg/cm2. pneumatics. Typical applications are test and measurement in the process industries. Field calibration is easy to accomplish by adjusting zero and span potentiometers located under the back cover plate.500 Bars 7.0 kg/cm2 Dimensions 13 . • Accuracy: ± 1% of Full Scale at calibrated temperature. CE and Intrinsically Safe/CSA pending • Field Calibration: Zero and span adjustment potentiometers are accessible from the backside of the case.5 digit LCD (0.3800 Digital Pressure Gauge The MINIGAUGE from Meriam Instrument provides digital pressure measurement at an economical price. automatic timeout to conserve battery life. • Enclosure: Custom molded ABS plastic housing. • Power: One 9 volt alkaline battery included.000 PSIG at an accuracy of ± 1 % of Full Scale.000 Bars 35.0 Bars 3.0 PSIG 1000. The display is a 4. • Over-Pressure Limits: Twice the full scale range • Weight: 7 ounces • Certifications: NIST Certificate optional.00 Bars 210. • Engineering Units: Available in either PSIG.0 kg/cm2 730. Pressure ranges are available from vacuum to 10.500 kg/cm2 7. The rugged ABS plastic indicator housing is 2.00 kg/cm2 70. Automatic shut-off after the viewing period conserves battery power.0 Bars 720.0 PSIG 1500. • Media Compatibility: Isolated sensor for liquids or gases compatible with 17-4 PH stainless steel.1% per °F. Pressing the "Push To Read" key turns the display on for a fixed viewing time. hydraulics.000 kg/cm2 35. Specify when ordering. industrial gases and on OEM equipment.00 PSIG 100.00 kg/cm2 105.4" high numerals.00 Bars 105.5 digit LCD with 0. • Process Connection: 1/4" male NPT • Temperature: Storage: -4º F to 140º F (-20º C to 60º C) Operating: 32º F to 122º F (0º C to 50º C) 3800 MINIGAUGE Models & Ranges Model: 3800-GI0050PSI 3800-GI0100PSI 3800-GI0500PSI 3800-GI1000PSI 3800-GI1500PSI 3800-GI3000PSI 3800-GI6000PSI 3800-GI10000PSI 3800-GI00003BAR 3800-GI00007BAR 3800-GI00035BAR 3800-GI00070BAR 3800-GI00105BAR 3800-GI00210BAR 3800-GI00410BAR 3800-GI00720BAR 3800-GI00003KG 3800-GI00007KG 3800-GI00035KG 3800-GI00070KG 3800-GI00105KG 3800-GI00210KG 3800-GI00420KG 3800-GI00730KG Pressure Ranges & Resolution 50. Temperature effect: ± 0.75 inches in diameter.

3000 PSIG 0 .10 PSIG 0 . millimeters of mercury. adjustable SPDT relay outputs. The selectable units include PSIG. A combination gauge that can be used for positive pressure measurements and vacuum measurements is also available. Zeroing. 2 relays.000 PSIG at standard accuracy of ± 0. selectable program Lock-out. feet of water.50 PSIG XX= Options 01: Pipe Mount (battery power) 02: Pipe Mount (external power) 03: Panel Mount (battery power) 4: Panel Mount (external power) 1: Battery Power 2: 24VDC Power (2 wire) 3: 4-20mA output (2 wire) 4: 24VDC.25% of Full Scale and optional accuracy of ± 0. 2 relays. Typical applications are instrumentation and control in the process industries. kilopascals and user configurable units. Options such as panel mounting. Each gauge includes 12 field selectable engineering units. pneumatics.1500 PSIG 0 .6000 PSIG Vacuum . Pressure ranges are available to 6. and various style diaphragm seals add to the versatility of the MERIGAUGE. industrial gases and OEM’s. Externally powered units are available. The housing is 304 stainless steel and NEMA 4 rated. The standard gauge is powered by two 9 volt alkaline or lithium batteries. 1-5 VDC (4 wire) output 8: 24VDC. hydraulics.25% FS Models 3900-GI0010-XX-Y-ZZ 3900-GI0050 " 3900-GI0100 " 3900-GI0500 " 3900-GI1000 " 3900-GI1500 " 3900-GI3000 " 3900-GI5000 " 3900-GI6000 " 3900-VI0050 " Pressure Ranges 0 . Process connection is via a 1⁄4" MNPT 316 stainless steel stem.1000 PSIG 0 .5000 PSIG 0 . 4 to 20 mA output. Wetted components are 316 stainless steel for compatibility with many process fluids. 3900/3910 MERIGAUGE Ordering Information ±0. 24 Vdc powered units.10% FS Models 3910-Same pressure ranges and options as 3900 14 ZZ= .6" high numerals.10% of full scale. 1-5 VDC 01: CE Approval 02: CSA/Intrinsically Safe Approval Y= ±0. inches of water. In addition to numeric pressure indication.0 . visual indication of the pressure is represented by an adjustable vertical bar graph on the left side of the display. 4-20mA (4 wire) 5: 24VDC. 2 relay outputs 6: 24VDC.50 PSIG 0 .100 PSIG 0 . adjustable display shutoff and field recalibration and adjustable display shutoff (for battery powered models).500 PSIG 0 . selectable Damping. The pressure display is a 4 1⁄2" digit LCD with 0. Bar. 4-20mA 7: 24VDC. inches of the mercury.3900/3910 Digital Pressure Gauge The MERIGAUGE digital pressure gauge from Meriam Instrument successfully addresses the modern demands of process pressure measurement. Other standard features include Min/Max query.

Groups A. valve. H2O (60º F. • PANEL MOUNTING: Provides integral panel mounting bracket with rear pressure connection. • 4 to 20 mA or 1-5 VDC OUTPUT: Provides remote pressure monitoring.S.100% vertical bar graph.D environments (battery units only. per ˚C. • ENCLOSURE: NEMA 4.. Compliance voltage: 17 VDC to 30 VDC.5 Amp @120 VAC and 1 Amp resistive @ 30 VDC. solenoid. mm Hg. In. Four wire configuration for 1-5 VDC. kPa.25% of Full Scale at calibrated temperature.6" high). 3910: ± 0. Two wire configuration with a 6 foot pigtail and four wire configuration available for 4-20 mA. & user selectable units • FIELD RECALIBRATION: Recalibration can be done at any time using an accurate standard pressure reference. In. • Intrinsically Safe (CSA) and CE APPROVAL: Intrinsically Safe/CSA approval for use in Class 1. H2O. Sanitary diaphragm seals are available for food and pharmaceutical applications. Temperature Effect: All units compensated to ± 0. Options • SPDT RELAY OUTPUTS: Provides two adjustable SPDT relays that can be integrated in a control circuit to activate an external device such as a warning light.01% of F. Adjustable throughout the gauge full scale pressure range with adjustable deadband. etc. • DIAPHRAGM SEALS: Various sizes and styles of diaphragm seals including threaded. • DAMPING: Provides a stable pressure indication by averaging pressure measurements. • POWER: Options: •Two 9 volt alkaline batteries (included). • TEMPERATURE: Storage: -40º F to 158º F (-40º C to 70º C) Operating: 32º F to 140º F (0º C to 60º C) Standard Features • SELECTION OF ENGINEERING UNITS: PSIG.10% of Full Scale at calibrated temperature. 0 . Fully adjustable throughout the gauge full scale range. 316SS • OVER-PRESSURE LIMITS: Twice the full scale range • WEIGHT: 25 ounces. Division 1. CE approval for use in the European markets. • MIN/MAX: Capture and display pressure extremes. • BARLo & BARHi: A user scalable Bar Graph for visual indication of any pressure range. flanged and sanitary provide gauge to process isolation.3900/3910 Digital Pressure Gauge Specifications • ACCURACY: 3900: ± 0. • DISPLAY: 4 1⁄2 digit LCD (0. Unit Indication. Relay contacts are rated for 0. others pending). Ft. 4º C). Selectable from off to 50 seconds. • SHUTOFF TIMER: (available on battery powered units) Selectable from off to 50 minutes. 20º C. Default is 0 to100% of full scale range. Low battery indicator. • 24 VDC POWERED UNITS: External powered units for extended gauge operation and for gauges with output options. 304 stainless steel • MEDIA COMPATIBILITY: Isolated sensor for processes compatible with 316SS • PROCESS CONNECTION: 1⁄4" male NPT. Hg.C. Bar. PIPE MOUNT Dimensions PANEL MOUNT 15 ..B. • Lithium batteries for use below 32ºF (0ºC) • 24VDC or 110 VAC with optional adaptor.

Kg/cm2 and user scaled. kPa. 316ss Electrical: DB-9 Media compatibility: Non-isolated Differential sensor (DN) for clean. gauge and differential pressure sensors. non-isolated sensors for gas service. dry.1 to 25 • • • Pressure limits: Twice range on Gauge and • • seconds NIST Traceability: NIST certificate supplied with all models. GI & AI units are 2 lb. • ± 0. non-corrosive gases. • • • • Absolute (GI and AI) units. on manufactured skids. Bar. Optional 1-5 Volt or 4 . RS-485 communications allows for easy configuration using a PC or laptop computer.2. PSI. The RS-485 addressable interface allows up to 32 devices to be networked together.20 mA outputs are also configured from a PC or laptop. in process control systems and plant instrumentation. • Cost saving. Standard Features on the 1500 Digital Transmitter • Damping rates: User selectable from 0. • Absolute.Model 1500 Digital Transmitter Meriam’s 1500 Digital Transmitters are for high accuracy applications for OEM’s. Twice range on Differential (DN) units when pressurized on high side only and 150 PSI (10. Isolated Gauge and Absolute sensor (GI and AI) for fluids compatible with 316ss. in Hg at 0˚C. Optional mountings are DIN rail clip or surface/wall mount flange.5 Kg/cm2) static when applied to both sides of the sensor simultaneously. mm Hg. Temperature Range: Storage: -40˚F to 140˚F (-40˚C to 60˚C) Operating: 23˚F to 122˚F (-5˚C to 50˚C) Process Connections: Pressure: 1/8" female NPT. • No temperature effect on RS-485 output from 23° to 122° F. 16 . • 316SS isolated sensors for wet/corrosive process. Weight: DN units are 1 lb.025% of URL (Upper Range Limit). Engineering units: cm H2O. 60 and 68˚F). mBar. Enclosure: 2" x 4" x 4" NEMA 12 Aluminum Housing Mounting: Standard transmitter secures by pressure connections. in H2O (at 39.

025 % of URL (±0.125% on 20" sensor ± 0. RS-485 repeaters for additional segments.1% 20" sensor) ± 0.125% span @ 4:1 turndown of URL • Output Temperature Effect: Digital Output: No temperature effect from -5° C to 50° C Analog Output: ± . Multi-drop addressing with up to 32 devices maximum per RS-485 segment. 9600 baud.5 VDC ± 0. 4-20 mA (optional): 2 wire current loop. External power of 7 to 32 VDC (40 mA max).125% on 20" sensor (or 0 .5V) ± 0.5V) (optional) : 4 wire.TR-1.05% of URL.005% of span /° C • Long Term Stability: ± 0. 1 stop bit and no parity. 1500 Digital Transmitter Digital Communications RS-485 PROGRAMMING: Pressure zero set Reset factory zero Analog output span and offset factor set Damping factor set Engineering unit selection Multi drop address selection 1500 Transmitter Accessories/Options: RS-485 interface devices Process connection adapters Electrical connection adapters System setup software Simultaneous digital communications and analog outputs 1500 Digital Transmitter Ordering Information DN0020 0-20" H2O Differential DN0200 0-200" H2O Differential DN2000 0-2000" H2O Differential GI0020 0-20 PSI Gauge GI0200 0-200 PSI Gauge GI2000 0-2000 PSI Gauge AI2000 0-2000 mm Hg Absolute AI0900 0-900 mm Hg Absolute Please Specify the Model Number and Sensor Type.125% span @ 4:1 turndown of URL 1 . ± 0. 1-5V (or 0 . 3 wire.20 mA RS-485 (standard): Half Duplex. 17 to 32 VDC for loop supplied 4-20 mA.05% of URL ± 0.1% URL per year RS-485 4 .Model 1500 Digital Transmitter 1500 Digital Transmitter Output Specifications • Output Accuracy: • Output Options: ± 0. 17 to 32 VDC powered. 1 start bit. Example is based on a Model 1500 with a 200" H2O Differential sensor 1500DN0200 17 . TR-0. and Signal ground.

Dials can be supplied with linear scales for differential pressure. The calibrated travel of the pointer is 270 degrees. The Series 1220 Switches are used extensively in power plants. 1124 and 1126 have 3".C. flow and level can be supplied. Meriam 1126P-2 Portable Indicator The 1126P-2 is designed for portable applications. The Meriam Bellows D/P units are used by many instrument manufacturers as the basic differential pressure sensing devices for indicators.E. A variety of scales for differential pressure. liquid level or other process variables. They also indicate flow. With all flow elements designed for the same differential. square root scales for flow. inches of H20. meeting N. 2 hoses. requirements for Class I. panel or pipe mounting can be supplied.L. Models 1123. They are widely used in industrial process plants. listed. 4-1/2" and 6" dials respectively. compressor stations. and quick disconnects. The unit is compact and has 270° pointer movement for greater resolution. space. Wall. These units are furnished with one or two SPDT type switches with actuation set points easily adjustable over most of the range of the instrument. balancing of flow rates in heating and cooling systems. Meriam Series 1220 Indicating Switches The Series 1220 Differential Pressure Indicating Switches are used for on-off control or alarm. Meriam Series 1120 D/P Indicators The series 1120 gauges are designed to measure differential pressures. and cryogenic applications. Each instrument system is assembled as a complete package with all the accessories mounted in a rugged. Typical examples are periodic measurements of the pressure drop across filters. Division I. When used as a flow measuring device. Meriam’s 1126P-2 consists of an 1126 D/P Indicator with 3-valve manifold and piping. multiplying the scale reading by the primary element’s full flow design value gives readings directly in flow units. Group B or Group D hazardous environments. lightweight. particularly for flow and liquid level.Differential Pressure Gauges The Meriam Bellows D/P line of instruments serves as a compliment to the Meriam Manometers by offering a choice when pressure rating. power plants. The explosion-proof housing is made from a strong. Meriam Series 1226X Explosion-Proof Switches Meriam’s 1226X Explosion-Proof Indicating Switch is CSA and U. lightweight aluminum alloy that is both non-rusting and non-sparking. process compatibility and many other specifications are a factor. the instrument normally comes with a 0-100% square root scale. and checking of back flow prevention devices. which gives good differential pressure indication and switch resolution. A large glass window provides full viewing of the 6" indicator. Scales in flow units. case. pollution control facilities and liquid cryogenic storage tank level. PSI and metric units are also available. recorders. 18 . or custom scales for level. transmitters or controllers.

D. Special scales._ _ _ _ _B.75% FS for ranges 50" WC and greater.C. 3000 or 6000 PSI 1500.Meriam Bellows D/P Instruments Quick Selection Chart MODEL DIAL SIZE HOUSING Combinations 1123 3" END HOUSINGS Brass Steel 316SS Monel 1124 4-1/2" 1126 6" 1224 4-1/2" 1226 6" 1226X 6" 1126P-2 6" PROCESS CONNECTIONS 1/4" NPT 1/4" & 1/2" NPT 1/4" & 1/2" NPT 1/4" & 1/2" NPT CENTERPLATE Brass Steel or Brass (500 SWP only) 316 SS. STANDARD FEATURES ± 0. CE approved models. LOX cleaning.End Housing . Square Root Linear Tank Non Linear Red set pointer. Special process connection sizes and locations. tags._ _ _ _ _ . NEMA 4.5% FS for ranges less than 50" WC. Die-cast aluminum indicator case. OPTIONS Differential Pressure Gauge Ordering Information General Format: Model – Range . Minimum--60 PSID Maximum) 316 Stainless Steel (50" W. 270° pointer travel for improved resolution. Anti-Parallax Mirror dial. Simple zero. Temperature compensation for varying ambient. ± 1. Stainless steel indicator housings and bezel rings. 316 SS wetted parts.C. Steel or Brass (500 SWP only) 316SS STATIC WORKING PRESSURE 500 or 1000 PSI._ _ -_ _ _ _ EH-_ _ _ _ _ CP. Minimum--60 PSID Maximum) MOUNTING FLUSH PANEL using indicator case for mounting._ _ _ _ Additional Scale Configurations Available Please Consult Factory For Details Example: Differential Pressure gauge 6" dial. Shock and vibration modifications. CSA approved 1224 and 1226 models.Center Plate – Bellows – Scale . Minimum--500 PSID Maximum) Monel (50" W. WALL or 3/4" NPT using universal mounting bracket PIPE SADDLE or WALL using "H" mounting bracket and 2" U-Bolts. Over-range protection. Personalized I. span and linearity adjustment (field calibration).C. Built-in pulsation dampening (field adjustable). Diaphragm seals and capillary tubing. Special relays for 1220 series models. 3000 or 6000 PSI 1500. Shatterproof glass viewing window. 3000 or 6000 PSI BELLOWS Beryllium Copper (30" W. Break-resistant acrylic viewing window. Bellows fill fluids.Working Pressure _ _ _ _. 1500. NACE MR-01-75 modification. Valve manifolds and piping. 1000 PSI working pressure. 50" DP linear scale 1126 – 50 – 316EH – Brass CP – 316B – Linear –1000 19 .

5% of span.00 x full scale value for 4" size. Compatible with all medias that do not clog connection port or corrode copper alloy.5% of FS (ASME B 40.90 x full scale value Short time over-pressure: 1.000 PSI Working Pressure Range: Stable working pressure: 0. Lower mount stem and lower back stem process connection are available in 1⁄4" or 1⁄2" MNPT. 4" + 1.0% of span Ranges: Vacuum / Compound to -30"HG / 0 / 200 PSI Pressure from 15 PSI to 15.1. The indicator case is available with optional liquid fill for severe vibration service.30 x full scale value Operating Temperature: -40º to 140ºF (-40º to 60ºC) Media: -40º to 212ºF (-40º to 100ºC) Case: 304 stainless steel with vent plug and stainless steel bayonet ring.30 x full scale value Operating Temperature: -40º to 140ºF (-40º to 60ºC) Media: -40º to 212ºF (-40º to 100ºC) Case: Black reinforced thermoplastic. case can be ordered liquid filled to dampen the pointer and lubricate movement. Welded case / socket connection (2 1⁄2") 132140 Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges -Forged Brass Case with Copper Alloy Wetted Parts Heavy-duty. Accuracy: 2 1⁄2": + 1. From heavy duty glycerine filled pressure gauges to general process and field-repairable stainless steel gauges. Dial sizes are 2 1⁄2". wetted parts and are not prone to clogging the gauge's pressure system. Meriam has the gauge you need. Flush front and panel mount kits are also available.000 PSI Working Pressure Range: Stable working pressure: 0.1300 Series Mechanical Pressure Gauges Meriam Instrument’s Series 1300 Bourdon Tube Gauges are rugged and dependable mechanical pressure indicators. center back mount and lower back mount for direct mounting to the process piping. 2 1⁄2" and 4" dial sizes.000 PSIG with short term over-pressure limits up to 1.75 x full scale value Pulsating pressure: 0.67 x full scale value Short time over-pressure: 1. 2 1⁄2" & 4" dial sizes.90 x full scale value Short time over-pressure: 1. 4" and 4 1⁄2". blow-out back meets safety requirements of ASME B40.30 x full scale value for 21⁄2" size Operating Temperature: -4º to 140ºF (-20º to 60ºC) Media: 140ºF (+60ºC) max. 1. Optional panel mounting kit is also available. 1⁄4" or 1⁄2" MNPT connections. – soldered tube 212ºF (+100ºC) max.5% of span.75 x full scale value Pulsating pressure: 0. Mounting options include lower mount stem.3 times the full scale value. rear flange lugs 132354 Bourdon Tube Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges .EPDM o-ring between case and connection (4"). Stl. – brazed tube 20 . 1⁄4" or 1⁄2" MNPT connections.0% of span Ranges: Vacuum / Compound to -30"HG / 0 / 200 PSI Pressure from 10 PSI to 10.000 PSI Working Pressure Range: Stable working pressure: 0.1 Gr 2A) Ranges: Vacuum / Compound -30" HG / 0 / 200 PSI Pressure from 15 PSI to 30. Stl. 4": + 1. Pressure ranges are available from 30" of Mercury vacuum up to 30. Model 132334 Bourdon Tube Process Pressure Gauges These industrial type 4 1⁄2" process gauges are suitable for corrosive environments where the fluid medium is compatible with 316SS and not prone to clotting. Offers superior service where pulsation or vibration exists. Accuracy: +0. Accuracy: 21⁄2": + 1. Several model choices are available to suit a variety of application environment. St.Field Repairable These gauges are suitable for most process medias that are compatible with 316 St.75 x full scale value Pulsating pressure: 0. glycerine filled pressure instrument for stability and long service life. Solid front. Bayonet-type bezel ring allows easy access to gauge movement for re-calibration or pointer adjustment.

Connections are 1/4" FNPT. They also isolate the instrument from the process with a sealing liquid. Either a ring type or strap type configuration is available for securing the bowl to the head. while the vacuum pump generates a vacuum of 650mm Hg. Pressure or Vacuum. Line Traps Line Traps are an inexpensive means to keep manometers and indicating fluids clean and are recommended for all installations. All Meriam Seal Pots are fabricated from grade A seamless steel pipe. They are rated at 100 PSI and 50 PSI respectively. Bubblers and Line Traps available with heavy wall transparent bowls made of either plastic or glass. Float Check Valve This is a most valuable accessory small enough to be installed on each tube of a multiple tube manometer. All connections are 1/2" NPT furnished with solid steel plugs. Each unit is cold hydraulic tested to over twice its rated working pressure. Pressure is 20 PSIG (1. The valve opens when normal pressure is restored.69 to 2. When used with gases or vapors they trap moisture. The bubble rate is controlled by a stainless steel needle valve in the head casting. Normal operation of the manometer is not impaired by vertical installation of the float check valve. Fluid will drain back into the Manometer when normal pressure is returned. yet fully dependable. Sight Feed Bubblers Bubblers provide a visual indication of flow by showing air or gas bubbles discharging from a dip tube immersed in a liquid in a transparent bowl. The indicating fluid is trapped during Manometer over pressure. which provides precise adjustment. Seal Pots Meriam Seal Pots are used to provide a constant liquid head on each side of a flow meter involving steam or other condensable vapors. 21 .0 Bar) or 12 to 20" Hg (300 to 500mm Hg) vacuum. When installed in the line ahead of the manometer they permit entrained solids to settle out before they reach the manometer. A table stand is available for bench top usage. Both units feature a needle bleed valve and a multi-turn vernier. The finish is red oxide primer.3 Bar) when used with other pressure sources.Accessories Pressure / Vacuum Variator This can produce -10 PSIG to 30 PSIG (-. If pressure increases beyond the instrument range the valve closes preventing the fluid from leaving the manometer. The pressure pump generates a positive pressure up to 145 PSIG. Max. Connections are 1/8" FNPT. Return Wells These are stainless steel and for use on manometers with operating pressures up to 500 PSIG. Maximum operating pressure is 500 PSIG. Hand Pumps These are available in 2 models.

The 7/16" diameter glass tubing is yoke packed with viton gaskets at each end block and is supported at spaced intervals to prevent distortion. Well Type Manometer Well manometers are a direct reading device designed for process monitoring. The Model 40HEX Inclined manometer is individually calibrated and the angle of inclination is set relative to the instrument level mounted above the channel. 22 . economical instrument for the measurement of pressures. This effectively increases the instrument’s sensitivity and accuracy. Please review the manometer chart on the facing page or contact the factory for assistance. There are no cams. the uncertainty of a manometer reading is + 1/2 of the smallest scale graduation. Mounting holes are provided in the frame for mounting to a wall. Scales are typically graduated to the hundredth of an inch. Meriam U-tube manometers are constructed of a ridged cast aluminum frame. Designed for a maximum line pressure of 250 PSI (500 PSI optional) these instruments may also be used for tank level. vacuums or differential pressures. giving more graduations per unit of vertical height. This allows the U-tube manometer to be recognized by NIST as a primary standard due to its inherent accuracy and simplicity of operation. Well manometers are constructed of aluminum channel. gears. Manometers are unique in being both pressure measurement instruments and standards for calibration of other instruments. This is due to the human eye’s ability to interpolate between graduations Inclined Manometer Inclined manometers provide greater readability by stretching a vertical differential along an inclined indicating column. Once considered solely a laboratory instrument. stainless steel end blocks and stainless steel manometer well. In most cases. The Meriam U-tube manometer is a versatile. The unit is also capable of operating with 350-PSI line pressure. Pressure measurements are accomplished by balancing a vertical head of indicating fluid with the pressure to be measured. Additional inclined manometers are available depending on your requirements. column or other suitable structure. aluminum indicating scale and hand bent glass U-tube.Manometer Meriam Manometers have many advantages in this age of technology because of their inherent accuracy and simplicity. the manometer is today commonly used in production applications to measure pressures ranging from as high as 100 inches of mercury to the lowest vacuums of space. U-Tube Manometer The U-tube manometer is the basic and most widely used style of manometer. flow measurement and leak detection. The construction of the 40HEX35 is similar to the well type manometer described above. or levers to operate in the manometer. general purpose production testing or laboratory measurement.

30. 15. 1. 12. 100" 20. 60. 30. 50" 10. 80. 80.Meriam Manometers Quick Selection Chart Manometers: “U” Tubes & Well Types & Inclines MODEL "U" TUBE 10AA25 "U" TUBE Hg FILLED ABSOLUTE 11AA10 HI PRESSURE "U" TUBE 20DAX40 GENERAL PURPOSE 30EBX25 30EBX50 PRECISION VERNIER 30EFX25 Hg FILLED ABSOLUTE 310ECX10 310EFX10 MULTIPLE TUBE 33KBX35 MICRO PRECISION 34FB2TM 34MB2TM ACRYLIC INCLINED 40AM10 40AX10 GENERAL PURPOSE INCLINED 40HEX35 DRAFT GAUGE INCLINED 40GD10 RANGES (In Inches) WETTED PARTS Cast Iron 316 SS PVC Cast Iron 316 SS PRESSURE RATING 250 PSIG 100 PSIG MOUNTING STYLES Wall Table Wall Table 6. Table Flush Front Table Stainless Steel 20 PSIG 1. Table Flush Front 303 SS 250 PSIG 500 PSIG 303 SS 250 PSIG 303 SS 100 PSIG 303 SS 350 PSIG Wall. 40. 60. 100" 12. 4 Stainless Steel 350 PSIG Wall Aluminum 100 PSIG Wall *CONSULT FACTORY FOR OTHER AVAILABLE MODELS AND FLUIDS 23 . 30. 2. 12. 100" 10. 2. 18. 60. 20" 1/2. 3. 50. Table Flush Front Pipe Wall. 1-1/2. 100" 6. 50. 60" 6. 30. 4. 10. 29. 150mm Acrylic 100 PSIG Wall Table 2. 50. 10. 35.30. 20" 303 SS 400 PSIG Wall Table Wall. 60. 40. 75. 40.40. 6. 35. 20. 19. 6" 25. 12. 20. 50. 8. 14. 10. 3. 50" 5. 16. Table Flush Front Pipe Wall. 80. 30. 20. 50. 40. 80.20. 20.

000 1.0725 0. inlet and outlet configurations increase the total pressure drop and must be considered when pressure loss considerations are critical. Contact Meriam direct for information.90 88.526 NOTE: Ref.72 201. which are governed by quality programs requiring periodic recalibration. GAS PROPERTIES AT STANDARD CONDITIONS OF 29. LFE’s are used to calibrate other flow metering devices such as variable area meter.41 175.92" Hg. which are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. orifices. For special flow applications.1143 µViscosity Micropoises 181.84 Specific Gravity 1. etc. There is no recovery of pressure differential in a Laminar Flow Element matrix.105 1.968 1. *Accuracy Levels Available: Commercial Calibration Master Calibration Independent Lab Calibration +0. Some typical applications of Meriam LFE Elements include: combustion airflow to internal combustion engines.91 147. Filters. giving complete flow information.138 0. The Meriam LFE element is supplied with a reproducible flow curve in terms of SCFM versus differential pressure in inches of water. The rated accuracy* of all Meriam LFE elements is of actual reading and is not the much wider tolerance of other devices which are based on percentage of maximum flow rate. 10CFR50 and MIL-Q-9858A. American Institute of Chemical Engineers 24 .Laminar Flow Element Laminar Flow Element Meriam Laminar Flow Elements are gas volume rate of flow differential producers operating on capillary flow principles. The Special Calibration Procedure #A-33544 is designed to meet the basic requirements of MIL-STD-45662A.) and 70˚F.86% of Actual Reading +0. and 70˚F Gas Air Argon Helium Hydrogen Nitrogen Oxygen Carbon Dioxide Density (lb/ft3) 0. nozzles. Meriam LFE Elements are normally rated for maximum flow at 4 or 8 inches of water differential.0052 0. Calibration and Accuracy Meriam LFE elements are calibrated with air at atmospheric conditions.45 196. fan and blower calibration.0103 0.380 0.92" mercury absolute (760MM HG Abs. ANSI Z540. and testing of automobile components. Abs. thermal anemometers.50% of Actual Reading Special calibration procedure service is available for those Meriam LFE units. (21.87 222.0695 0.1034 0. leak testing.0749 0. Contact us for application assistance. Each completed element is calibrated and correlated to Meriam flow standards.1˚C).0828 0. we request you contact Meriam. They are available in a wide range of types and sizes and are ideally suited to many flow measurement and calibration applications. and referenced to 29. Correction factors are included to cover an inlet pressure range from 26 to 36 inches of mercury absolute and an inlet temperature from 50˚F to 150˚F.70% of Actual Reading +0.


Differential pressure connections are 1/4" NPT. " " " " " " " " " " Model 50MH10 All stainless steel unit with fused matrix. " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " Model 50MY15 All stainless steel unit with fused matrix.0 640.00062 .00019 .0 2250.0 SCFM @ " " " " " " 8" water diff.0 400. Pipe Size 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 50MK10-8 50MK10-7 50MK10-6 50MK10-5 50MK10-4 50MK10-3 50MK10-2 50MK10-1 .5 22.D. " " " " " " " " " Model 50MC2 This unit is for low pressure applications.0 40. " " " " " " " " " 26 .70 1. 8" I. 4" I.00124 .38 0. flanges are furnished at inlet and outlet 2" 4" 6" 8" 50MR2-2 50MR2-4 50MR2-6 50MR2-8 100.046 SCFM @ " " " " " " " " " " " " " " 4" water diff.0 2250.0 1000.0 23.0081 . Differential pressure connections are 1/4" NPT. 2 1/2" 3" 4" 5" 6" 8" 10" 12" 16" 50MY15-2 1/2 50MY15-3 50MY15-4 50MY15-5 50MY15-6 50MY15-8 X 50MY15-10 X 50MY15-12 X 50MY15-16 X 60.0 90. 50MC2-2 50MC2-4 50MC2-6 50MC2-8 100. 1" 1 1/4" 1 1/2" 2" 3" 4" 5" 6" 8" 10" 12" 16" 50MH10-1 50MH10-1 1/4 50MH10-1 1/2 50MH10-2 50MH10-3 50MH10-4 50MH10-5 50MH10-6 50MH10-8 X 50MH10-10 X 50MH10-12 X 50MH10-16 X 7.0 1000. Line connections are 150 lb. 6" I. & 70˚F) (SCFM) Model 50MK10 Utilizes stainless steel capillary tubes cemented into a stainless steel body.0 1440. 1/2" 1/2" 1/2" 1/2" 1/2" 3/4" 50MJ10-14 50MJ10-13 50MJ10-12 50MJ10-11 50MJ10-10 50MJ10-9 0. " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " Model 50MW20 All stainless steel welded unit with fused matrix.D.18 0. Inlet.Meriam LFE Quick Selection Chart MODEL NUMBER & DESCRIPTION MODEL NOMINAL AIR FLOW RANGE STANDARD CUBIC FEET/MINUTE (29. flanges.0 SCFM @ 8" water diff.0025 .0 160. Differential pressure connections are 1/4" NPT.0 SCFM @ " " " " " " 8" water diff.5 16.0 SCFM @ " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " 8" water diff. Line connections are plain ends (no threads) for hose connection. 1" 1 1/2"" 2" 50MW20-1 50MW20-1 1/2 50MW20-2 7.10 0.0 1000.0149 .0 40.0046 .0 360.0 2250.0 2250.0 160. Differential pressure connections are 1/4" NPT. Line connections are threaded. Abs.0 90. Differential pressure connections are 1/4" NPT.0 640. Line connections 1/2" NPT.60 3. Differential pressure connections are 1/4" NPT.00 SCFM @ " " " " " " " " " " 8" water diff.D. Designed for use with hose for line connections at inlet and outlet FOR HOSE 2" I. outlet.0 SCFM @ " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " 8" water diff.0 250.0 250.0 400.0 1440. and differential pressure connections are 1/4" NPT.0 1000. except Type 9 which has a 3/4" NPT.D. " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " Model 50MR2 This unit is for low pressure applications. " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " Model 50MJ10 All stainless steel unit with fused matrix.0 360. Aluminim 150 lb.92" Hg.

2 203.6 101.02 1.2 203.13 2.83 1. 2.44 x 10-6 2.5% reading.83 1.30 Kg/M 6. Consult Meriam for your higher pressure or temperature applications and for sizing assistance. Base Reynolds Number: 300 at 8" H2O.43 8.2 203.2 203. While the Classical equations are excellent at conditions below 30 PSIG or 120˚ F.7 33.6 203.48 12.2 203.92" mercury absolute.1˚C) CC/MIN 5.6 101. which are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Base viscosity: 181.39 13.2 203.2 203.102 203.83 4.9 48.2 21.2 21.746 1.2 203.00538 0. Meriam calibration flow curves are furnished with each unit.0061 0.9 48.07 6.8 45.56 x 10-4 2.2 203. 2830 5100 10700 19800 45300 85000 2.13 2.01 1.2 203. linearity and accuracy. For higher pressure and temperature rating call Meriam Representative or direct to Meriam Instrument.2 203. Abs.2 203.2 203. All units available with filters except those marked with X.6 101.83 6.6 Accuracy levels available: commercial calibration ± 0.0 0.13 2.See page 6 for definition. calibration.70% reading: independent lab calibration ± 0.2 203.87 microproises.35 3. Base temperature: 70˚F.0708 0. Base pressure 29.9 76.5 35.8 130 229 422 1300 LPM 0.10 10.000 SCFM. The flows and differential pressure rating of production units are subject to a variation of plus or minus 10% from the nominal values listed above.13 x 10 6 212 623 1130 0.00156 MAX DP MM H20 101. If filter is removed. Removal or replacement of filter necessities recalibration.86% reading: master calibration ± 0.0237 0.NOMINAL AIR FLOW RANGE (760 MM Hg.229 0. 2. Meriam Instrument recommends the Universal Calibration Curve Method for calculating flow rate through an LFE.8 19.254 0.53 6. The catalog capacities refer to the following base conditions: Base flowing gas: Air.0351 0.2 203.2 203.8 76. All units are offered with optional integral filter on inlet side except those marked (X). Contact Meriam direct for information. 7.7 212 453 651 1130 2550 4530 7080 10200 18100 28300 40800 63700 0.2 203.2 203.2 203.0175 0.9 76.05 5.08 1.2 203.6 33. This method incorporates density corrections instead of the ideal gas law corrections common to the Classical LFE equations.07 6.357 203.8 76.780 1. & 21. the Universal Calibration Method provides more accurate results above these values. 5.2 203.00339 0.37 x x x x 10 10 10 10 6 7 7 7 2830 11300 28300 63700 3.0543 0.23 x 10 5 1.7 33.3 85.03 3.2 INSTALLATION Due to asymmetry of filter elements.37 x x x x x x x x x 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 1700 2550 4530 7080 10200 18100 28300 40800 63700 2.1 70.2 203.21 x 10-5 8. 27 .3 203.6 101.2 203.55 4.83 4.2 2. 3. ANSI-Z540-I & ML-Q-9858A.39 13.543 0.6 101.05 5. calibration accuracy of assembly cannot be guaranteed if filter is removed for any reason.10 x 10-5 4.12 x 10 5 6.12 4.6 101.37 x x x x 10 10 10 10 6 7 7 7 2830 11300 28300 63700 3.75 x 10-4 5.53 7.53 7. The Special Calibration Procedure A-33544 is designed to meet the basic requirements of 10CFR50. 6. 530˚R absolute. which are governed by quality programs requiring periodic recalibration.3 203.69 2.2 2.6 101.38 17. to maintain laminar flow. SCFM* . For pressures greater than 30 PSIG or 120˚ F.6 33.2 203.2 1.08 1.2 203. Each LFE unit is calibrated with air to Meriam flow standards.2 203.83 5.83 6.81 2.81 2.55 4.48 x 10-5 1.2 NOTES 1.2 203.2 203.254 0.43 8.2 203.130 0. Rated flow pressure and temperature for standard units are 30 psig and 150˚F. the assembly should be recalibrated to ensure accurate performance.37 x x x x x x x x x x x x 10 5 10 5 10 5 10 6 10 6 10 6 10 6 10 7 10 7 10 7 10 7 10.51 1. 4.48 12.2 203.2 203.0129 0.2 203. A special service is available for those Meriam LFE units.06 x 10-4 0. 150 at 4" H2O.2 2.3 203. Units available to measure 15.422 1.

energy-efficient design. It can be used for flow measurement only or with static pressure and temperature transmitters as the primary measurement source for a flow control loop. With thousands in use worldwide. valves and materials for use in high temperature and pressure applications and corrosive environments. venturi. cost effective operation and highly accurate performance is required. Flanged. Complete the form and submit it to the factory for detailed analysis and configuration. the impact pressures sensed by the upstream ports are continually averaged in an isolated plenum chamber. The Accutube averaging Pitot tube is a head type device. flow nozzle. A readout device is then used to indicate the differential between the two-plenum chambers. Within the probe. steam Simple installation and maintenance Four standard models and probe sizes: Insertion. Dye penetrant and hydrostatic testing capability. liquid or steam service. Certified welding fabrication to ASME Code. Principal of Operation The Accutube is an annular averaging Pitot device. liquids. Gear Drive wet tap reduces insertion and retraction time 28 . the University of Michigan and testing against NIST traceable Meriam flow elements confirm typical accuracy of ±1% of rate Material Certification and Certificate of Conformance per customer specification are available. feel free to contact Meriam Instrument or your local Meriam representative. For further assistance on Accutube sizing and selection. which generates a differential pressure signal similar to the orifice. Based on pipe or duct size. Canadian registration number. which is simply inserted into a pipe or duct through a weld coupling and packing. The Accutube also generates considerable cost savings with its simple installation and wear-free. For convenience in selecting and sizing Accutubes for your applications. optional Bi-directional flow sensing Confidence Testing by the Utah Research Laboratory-Utah State University.1% repeatability Tested and certified by independent flow labs Convenience Applicable to gases. Meriam Accutubes are provided in a wide variety of models enabling you to select the probe diameter and mounting configuration compatible with your application needs. Accutube: Features Accuracy True double averaging design +1% of rate accuracy +0. You can request the "Accutube Selection and Sizing Data Sheet" if you need detailed steps on selection and sizing. the static pressures sensed by the downstream ports are averaged in a second isolated plenum. Efficiency Low permanent head loss saves energy and cost Multiple tube design offers superior strength and clog resistance Unaffected by wear No system shutdown with wet tap model Ideal for flow system upgrades and expansions Integral 3-Valve head option saves installation piping and transmitter mounting time. It has been proven that the Accutube’s flow measurement accuracy is better than that of the orifice. the Accutube continues to be the right choice when ease of installation. and other head producing primary elements. Wet tap with socket or gear drive retraction. please refer to the data form found on page 25 in this catalog.Meriam’s Accutube Flow Sensors Meriam’s Accutube Flow Sensors are lab-tested and field-proven flow elements perfect for gas. the Accutube is constructed so that strategically located sensing ports continually sample the impact and static pressures produced by the Accutube’s obstruction of the flow stream profile. Meriam also has available special mounting hardware. Section IX Procedures. providing a viable alternative to traditional flow measurement devices. Similarly. Integral three-valve manifold.

This pressure drop is what your pump or fan has to overcome and is directly related to system operating costs. This flexibility gives you the ability to spot check the process. The following diagrams and tables show correct installation orientation and straight-run requirements both upstream and downstream of the Accutube location. wet tap flexibility and low permanent head loss. bore a hole. Choose from socket or gear drive retraction options to meet your needs. inspect the Accutube and pig or flush the line without Accutube damage while eliminating the need for by-pass piping and valve systems.Accutube: Low-Cost Flow Measurement The Accutube reduces initial costs through low purchase price and reduced installation cost. This means that there is much less permanent pressure loss. With the Accutube. These Accutubes can be inserted and retracted without process design. 29 . Meriam’s simple and effective Accutube design allows us to pass fabrication savings on to you. Test results on the Accutube show typical unrecoverable head loss of 2 –10 % of the produced differential pressure. then look to Meriam’s Wet Tap Accutubes. Choose the integral 3-valve manifold Accutube head to reduce your transmitter mounting and piping costs. after being installed without process shutdown. for example. Orifice flanges also require pipe cutting. The difference in using Accutubes versus orifice plates can add up to hundreds of dollars per year in pump or fan horsepower per measurement point. This combination brings downtime to a minimum and frees you to concentrate on the process itself. The Accutube simplifies preventive maintenance with its clog-resistant and wear . the Accutube will always be low in cost. The Meriam Accutube is much less of a flow obstruction than other primary elements. Permanent pressure loss (unrecoverable head loss) is the system energy lost due to the primary element’s obstruction of the flow stream. install the Accutube and tighten the packing gland. The purchase price of an Accutube will almost always be less expensive than other head producing primary elements. No flanges are required. installation of the Accutube’s mounting thredolet requires only 4 linear inches of welding while orifice flanges for the same size pipe require 50 linear inches. If shutting down your process is too costly. Sensor Orientation HORIZONTAL LINES Bottom Entry Side Entry Top Entry VERTICAL LINES Special 90° Rotated Accutube Head recommended for liquid and steam use. Accutubes save you money by causing less permanent pressure loss. less work for the pump or fan to do and much lower operating costs. On an 8-inch pipe. just the simple mounting hardware included with the Accutube. weld preparation and weld cleanup. Accutube: Installation Requirements Meriam Accutubes perform best when installed in the proper orientation with respect to piping configuration. simply weld on the thredolet. You’re ready to go! Operational savings continue with low-cost maintenance. The Accutube’s installation costs are also low. When mounting hardware is considered.

Accutube: Series 10A and 11A 30 .

Accutube: Series 20T and 21T 03 31 .

Accutube: Series 22L and 23L 32 .

Accutube: Series 24D and 25D 33 .

Accutube: Series 33T Low Pressure Wet Tap 34 .

Accutube: Series 37L High Pressure Wet Tap BODY MATERIAL 316SS Head and Probe For Special Material Consult Factory ORDER 03 SP SD GD Socket Drive Gear Drive 35 .

Accutube: Series 40H thru 43H 36 .

Accutube: Series 70H & 72H(with RTD) 37 .

Accutube Sizing Worksheet 38 .

Calculations as well as flow versus differential pressure and temperature and pressure correction curves are available. ASME and ISO-5167 standards. 316SS. They incorporate accurately positioned pressure taps for connecting the flow measuring instruments. LINE SIZE 3. Tolerances and specifications are tightly controlled for greatest precision and reliability. raised face Similiar to slip-on welding model but for use where weld neck is preferred. MODEL 952 PV 15 PVC socket type. To order Meriam orifice flanges. pipe sizes 1"-24" 300lb. These flanges are butted up against the ends of the pipe and welded in place. 39 .Model 951 Meriam Orifice Plates Meriam Instrument provides orifice plates designed and manufactured to AGA. gaskets. welding neck. Plates can be designed for all ANSI flange ratings and standard pressure tap locations. bolts. and plugs for installation with no other parts required. drilling and/or tapping pressure taps on the flow line itself. specify 1. These built-in taps also reduce field installation labor necessary for welding. LINE CONNECTIONS MODEL 952 FS 30 forged steel. This eliminates the requirement of locating pressure taps in the field. Materials available include 304SS. MODEL 952 FW 30 forged steel.Model 952 Meriam raised face orifice flange unions are designed to provide a convenient. raised face Designed for systems where threaded connections are suitable and conditions require forged steel. MODEL 952 FT 30 forged steel.Orifice Plates . Orifice Flanges . raised face For systems where welded connections are required. Monel. These flanges are slipped over the pipe which is brought flush with the flange face. ISA. MODEL 2. pipes 1"-12" 300lb. MATERIAL 4. threaded. Meriam orifice flanges are provided complete with nuts. pipes 3⁄4"-8" 150lb. Pressure connections are corner tap. slip-on welding. PRESSURE RATING 5. The pipe is then welded to the flange. Contact Meriam or your local representative for dimensional information and special pipe sizes. accurate method for installing orifice plates. Improper location of these taps will result in poor accuracy of the flow measuring system. Inconel and Hastelloy. pipes 1"-24" 300lb. raised face PVC orifice flanges are socket type where the connecting line is solvent welded to flanges.

STEAM OR AIR S T O P __________ _____________ _____________ centipoise micropoise (other unit) 11. Base Temperature 60 F or _________ (other) 5.O. Plate Material 304 SS 316 SS _________ (other) 3. NO. etc. Flow Temperature _____F or _________ C 7. Flow Viscosity _____________________Steam Vapor IF WATER. Flow Rate Normal Flow Rate Differential Pressure Differential Pressure Calculation Max. Specific Gravity (liquid) OR Density at Base _______ Base _________#/ft or __________gm/cm at Flow _______ Flow _________#/ft or __________gm/cm 13. TAG NO. Vent/Drain Hole & Size (choose one) None____ Vent____ Drain ____ Size _____ Type of Calculation (CHOOSE ONE) Beta Ratio (bore) NOTE: Flow Rate Differential Pressure Units must be indicated: Flow – GPM. 951:411 – 2 11 – 89 1. Type of Fluid (Name) ______ Water ______ Liquid Gas 10. PSI. Specific Gravity (gas/vapor) OR Density at Base ________ Base _________#/ft or ________gm/cm Flow _________#/ft or ________gm/cm 14. ________ Flow vs DP (no additional info needed) Temp Correction Range _____to_______ Press Correction Range _____to_______ Submitted by ______________________________________ Date __________________ 40 . etc. Base Pressure 14. Inlet Pressure _____PSIG or _________ PSIA or _________ (other units) 6.Orifice Bore Calculation Specification Form ORIFICE PLATE DATA SHEET CUSTOMER_____________________________ MERIAM ORDER_____________ P. _______units________ _______units________ _______units________ Flow Rate Calculation Desired Flow Units _____ Beta Ratio _____ OR Orifice Bore _____units___ Differential Pressure _____units___ Beta Ratio Calculation Max. _____________________________ MODEL_____________________ ______________________________ FILE NO. DP – Inches of Water. Pipe Nominal Size _______ inch Schedule _______ or Inside Diameter ________ inch or _________ mm pr _________ (other unit) 8. Specific Heat Ratio ___________ 12.73 PSIA or _________ (other) 4. Flow Rate ____Units____ Normal Flow Rate ____Units____ Beta Ratio ____Units____ OR Orifice Bore ____Units____ 9. Tap Location Flange Pipe Vena Contracta Corner Radius 2. PPH. CURVE ___Yes ___ No Type of Curve SERIAL NO. SCFM.

0% of Reading over a 10:1 flow turndown and ± 1. Calibration of the LFE and LFS Flow Measurement System together makes this possible. 41 . For control or data transmission purposes. By using better calibration standards. External solenoid valves can be used to switch the DP and P transducers to the active LFE. orifice plates. Special application requirements can often be accommodated by the LFS.000 SCFM. Calibration coefficients for up to five (5) LFEs can be stored in memory and called up for use later with a push of a button. All LFS packages include complete system calibration and NIST traceable documentation. 4 – 20 mA and 0 – 10 volts analog output options are ideal for control and recording functions. component design and product certification applications. For example. Flow can be calculated using our state of the art flow computers or in some cases by using the power of your own PC. Standard digital outputs on the LFS change state as the flow rate moves from the capability of one LFE to another. regulators and valves. electronics cooling. LFEs and systems cover gas flow ranges from 0. simultaneous flow measurement of two LFEs can be made and the summation of the two flows calculated and displayed. flow nozzles. RS-232 or RS-485 digital communications are standard to facilitate communication with a PC and documentation of test results. Accutubes. as well as the application and calibration expertise of Meriam. the LFS Flow Measurement System has both analog and digital outputs. The integral flow computer makes real time corrections for changes in static pressure. mass flow rate and total flow. The broad range of flow measurement they offer make LFE Measurement Systems excellent choices for measurements of engine intake air flow. See the Laminar Flow Element section of this catalog for more details on the LFE models available. turbine meters. leak detection and quantification.1% over 20:1 turndown. LFS-1 Flow Measurement System The LFS-1 Flow Measurement Systems for Meriam Laminar Flow Elements take advantage of the wide flow turndown and the percent of Reading precision of the LFE. Venturis etc…) to quickly and automatically determine volumetric flow rate. Meriam offers several options to suit your application requirements. Or. Orifice Plates.5 SCCM to 15. for testing over a wide range for flow. production line quality control. the LFS can be set up to automatically switch from one LFE to another as flow rates change. temperature and relative humidity to provide the most accurate results possible. Meriam can offer LFS accuracy as low as 0. LFEs are industry standards for the calibration of a wide variety of flow devices such as variable area meters. See the following pages for more details. thermal mass flow meters.60% of Reading over a 10:1 flow turndown. The systems are usually ordered with all transducers necessary to measure the critical parameters of the application.Flow Measurement Systems Meriam Instrument’s Flow Measurement Systems are used in conjunction with differential pressure producing primary flow elements (such as Laminar Flow Elements. to provide a superior gas flow measurement solution. The LFS Flow Measurement Systems (LFS) provide standard system accuracy’s of ± 1. Any head type (square root) primary element can be modeled as well as Laminar Flow Elements (LFEs).

data processing or graphical presentation. The internally mounted power supply provides 24 VDC power to the system. For post-test data processing or archiving purposes. A dual temperature / humidity sensor provides analog signals for these variables.LFS-3 FLOPAC Flow Measurement System The Meriam Instrument FLOPAC Flow Measurement System is designed to allow Laminar Flow Element users to accurately measure gas flow using state-of-the-art electronic instrumentation and software. The menu driven program guides the user through initialization of communication settings. The "Flow Display" screen shown at right displays the measured parameters. the FLOPAC system includes an RS-485 to RS-232 converter (and power supply. calculation method and primary element being used. P. and relative humidity. selection of calculation method and selection of engineering units. All measured parameters are transmitted to the user's PC on a single RS-485 cable. 42 . and pressure using the system software.0% at 10:1 turndown. System accuracy is ±1. Results of flow tests can be saved to a file for post processing or archiving purposes. Since most PCs are equipped to handle RS-232. all measured and calculated data can be saved as a comma delimited file (. With this data the PC can calculate the corrected flow rate using the SOFTFLOW software. A/D converters in the FLOPAC enclosure convert this data to an RS-485 format as well. standard volume or mass flow. Configurations for multiple flow elements can be saved and then recalled for later use. Excel can be used to open these files for viewing purposes.CSV extension). Software developments for primary elements such as Accutube averaging pitot tubes and Orifice plates are pending. The user can select display options of actual volume. Meriam model 1500 Smart Transmitters with RS-485 output are used to measure the differential and inlet pressure. temperature.0% at full scale of the LFE and ±2. FLOPAC system components are housed in a NEMA 4X steel enclosure. The user selects units for flow rate. The user can select Actual or Standard Volume Flow or Mass Flow displays. T and RH measurements. The SOFTFLOW software enables the PC to automatically calculate flow rate and compensate for changes in line pressure. SOFTFLOW is a Windows based set-up software that facilitates configuration of the desired flow program and selection of the primary element. temperature. power cord. Power to the enclosure is 110 or 240 VAC through a 15 ft. cables) to allow the PC to receive the DP. Real-time data measured by the system instrumentation is transmitted via RS-485 to a personal computer.

eliminating high and low pressure piping 3) eliminating the need for mounting brackets 4) eliminating or reducing to a minimum the wiring between transducers and the flow computer (temperature wiring still needed) 5) integrating the flow computer within the SMV To take full advantage of the strengths that SMVs offer. gas or liquid flow through a process pipe. Accutubes are also prime candidates for SMVs. O-rings provide the seal to the transmitter and temperatures and pressures in excess of most transmitter limits are supported. Meriam Instrument has two head . Head or differential pressure-type primary elements produce differential pressures (DPs) that are proportional to actual flow volume. Meriam offers the 70H model for DP transmitters and the 72H model for SMV transmitters. the new Accutubes and SMV transmitters represent a convenient and cost effective way to add measurement points to existing process areas or to equip a new plant or expansion. Models 42H (single) and 43H (double) are for the SMV transmitter since they include an integral 100-ohm RTD temperature device.type primary elements to choose from. 70H and 72H are presented earlier in this catalog. temperature device and flow computer need to be mounted. Orifice Plates Smart Multivariable Transmitters (SMVs) are excellent for users who want to reduce the price of traditional head type flow meter installations. price quotes and delivery information today. Traditional orifice plates and flanges are described earlier in this catalog and SMV programming includes all common orifice plate calculation models. Meriam Instrument offers complete technical assistance and product lines for all of your pressure and flow measurement needs. 43 . These Accutubes have integral 3-valve manifold heads that allow DP or Multivariable transmitters to be bolted directly to the Accutube head. 41H. RTD or thermocouple. This feature eliminates mounting brackets.tap style Accutube applications.Smart Multivariable Transmitter Flow Systems for Accutubes. 42H. connecting tubing and tube fittings. In combination. For wet . This is fine for most liquid flow measurement but the measurement of gas or vapor flow becomes more involved if standard volume flow or mass flow is required. Models 40H (single support) and 41H (double support) are for DP transmitters and have 316LSS probes and 3-valve instrument heads. The RTD is serviceable without shutting off the flow stream and without removing the transmitter from the Accutube. SMVs measure both the DP and the inlet pressure with one device. and flow computer. a Pressure transmitter. 43H. Please call Meriam or your local Meriam Representative for application assistance. Models 40H. And that is not all of the advantages they offer… SMVs reduce the total installed cost of gas or vapor flow meters by: 1) reducing the number of secondary instruments needed for gas or vapor flow from four to two 2) directly mounting to primary elements designed for flange mounting. Purchase price for all these components is relatively high since four secondary devices must be purchased in addition to the primary element. Meriam has designed a new style of Accutube averaging pitot tube that will be of great interest to customers needing accurate and convenient flow measurement of steam. Installation costs are relatively high as well since the transmitters. piped to the primary element and wired together. Inlet pressure and temperature need to be measured in addition to the DP. Traditional electronic flow meters for gas or vapor require a DP transmitter.

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