Slogan : Bold Moves, They Happen

Ford Motor Company is an American multinational corporation and the world's third largest automaker based on vehicle sales in 2005. Based in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Metro Detroit, the automaker was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated in 1903. Ford now encompasses many global brands, including Lincoln and Mercury of the US, Jaguar, Aston Martin and Land Rover of Great Britain, and Volvo of Sweden. Ford also owns a one-third controlling interest in Mazda. Ford has also been one of the world's ten largest corporations by revenue and in 1999 ranked as one of the world's most profitable corporations. However, in recent years, it has not fared as well and has not gained market share in North America since 1995.[3] Ford introduced methods for large-scale manufacturing of cars and largescale management of an industrial workforce, especially elaborately engineered manufacturing sequences typified by moving assembly lines. Henry Ford's combination of highly efficient factories, highly paid workers, and low prices revolutionized manufacturing and came to be known around the world as Fordism by 1914.


Ford’s Journey to India
The very first mass produced vehicle was the model T.built in 1908, in Ford plants around the world. Ever since the company has been coming out with models with breakthrough technology. Now the company stands tall among all automobile manufacturers and now houses some of the world’s most favourite brands of cars. If there is anything that’s made this possible its Ford’s “Can Do” philosophy. The philosophy that triggered Ford’s growth worldwide. In India, this is reflected in the company’s sprawling, 350 acre manufacturing plant in Maramalai Nagar near Chennai.A project that has been set up with a investment of Rs.1700 crore. Ford India Limited is a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, currently Ford has a 78% stake, which is going up to 92% soon. The Maraimalai Nagar Plant of Ford India Limited, located roughly 45k.m.from Chennai, provides employment to over 20000 people. The plant has the capacity to manufacture 1,00,000 vehicles per annum, equipped with state-of-the-art vehicle manufacturing technology from Ford. Presently offering seven different models, Ford India Limited (FIL) is catching up fast with the Indian consumer. Looks like FIL is all set to conquer the Indian market like rest of the world. Ford came to India in 1998 with its Ford Escort model, which was later replaced by locally produced Ford Ikon in 2001. It has since added Fusion, Fiesta, Mondeo and Endeavour to its product line.


Product Mix of Ford India
A product mix (also called product assortment) is the set of all products and items that a particular marketer offers for sale. For eg: at Kodak, the product mix consists of two strong product lines: information products and image products. At NEC (Japan), the product mix consists of communication products and computer products. Ford has basically five Cars in India as its Product Mix. They are as follows:



Ikon Power & Performance The Josh Machine has been optimized to match local driving conditions, with a strong emphasis on durability and minimal requirements for maintenance. The Josh Machine has been optimized to match local driving conditions, with a strong emphasis on durability and minimal requirements for maintenance Engine 1.3 L Rocam Petrol that generates 70PS @ 5500 rpm and 105 NM of torque @ 2500 rpm. It has a computer controlled engine management - EEC V - for improved power and fuel efficiency. The Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection (SEFI) plays a vital role in emission control by injecting metered quantities into the inlet tract for each cylinder at the optimum point in the combustion cycle.


Standard Comfort and Convenience Features Power Steering and Power Windows. Air-conditioning The Ikon's air-conditioning system operates with environment friendly refrigerant R134A with no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). The air-conditioning system is integrated with the ventilation system and heater - optimal for India's extreme climate. The Ikon is the only car in its segment with a dedicated AC vent for its rear seat passengers. Central locking Central locking is offered as standard across all the variants and can be operated using the key on either of the front doors. The remote locking fuel filler cap is connected to the central locking on all the series. Ford India – Ikon Flair
On road prices * Registration Registration Ex& Service & Service Comprehensive Total Total City Showroom Charges Charges Insurance (Individual) (Company) (Individual) (Company) Ahmedabad 502,107 23,829 45,758 18,290 544,226 566,155 Bangalore 497,000 53,205 N.A. 17,881 568,086 514,881 Chennai 498,528 34,300 N.A. 17,845 550,673 516,373 Hyderabad 503,018 45,275 N.A. 18,942 567,235 521,960 Mumbai 501,300 40,441 75,532 18,587 560,328 595,419 Pune 503,472 23,039 63,317 18,277 544,788 585,066 Thane 478,000 38,810 72,270 17,302 534,112 567,572

NOTE: Other Models of Ford Ikon Like Ford Ikon Nxt are being discontinued.



The Ford Fiesta is a car engineered globally for India. Take a close look at what makes the Fiesta unmatched in driving dynamics, technology, comfort and styling. Safety Features for the ultimate sense of security The Fiesta was designed from the inside out. The result is more space than sedans available in the segment. The overall interior design takes advantage of the additional width of Fiesta's body structure, providing comfort for five adults in the passenger compartment. Fida Over Styling Contemporary automotive design that perfectly combines style and solidity. That's the Fiesta for you. With a powerful grille, a muscular bonnet, flared wheel arches, meaty side panels and ornamental headlamps and tail-lamps, the Fiesta effortlessly mixes brawn with beauty. Get used to heads turning in your direction.



Fiesta 1.6 Duratec ZXI Fiesta 1.4 Duratec EXI

Fiesta 1.6 Duratec SXI

Fiesta 1.4 Duratorq EXI

Fiesta 1.4 Duratorq SXI Fiesta 1.4 Duratorq ZXI


FORD INDIA - Fiesta 1.4 EXI
On road prices *
City Ex-Showroom Registration & Service Charges (Individual) Registration & Service Charges (Company) Comprehensive Total Insurance (Individual) Total (Company)

Mumbai Thane Vashi

605,500 577,200 577,200

47,735 45,754 45,754

90,120 86,158 126,562

22,235 675,470 717,855 20,678 643,632 684,036 20,678 643,632 724,440

FORD INDIA - Fiesta 1.4 ZXI (TDCi)
On road prices *
City Ex-Showroom Registration & Service Charges (Individual) Registration & Service Charges (Company) Comprehensive Total Insurance (Individual) Total (Company)

Mumbai Thane Vashi

763,000 727,300 727,300

58,760 56,261 56,261

112,170 107,172 158,083

27,748 849,508 902,918 25,785 809,346 860,257 25,785 809,346 911,168

FORD INDIA - Fiesta 1.6 SXI
On road prices *
City Ex-Showroom Registration & Service Charges (Individual) Registration & Service Charges (Company) Comprehensive Total Insurance (Individual) Total (Company)

Mumbai Thane Vashi

737,600 703,300 703,300

56,982 54,581 54,581

108,614 103,812 153,043

28,206 822,788 874,420 26,220 784,101 833,332 26,220 784,101 882,563



Interiors and Comfort The Fusion's compact exterior is, in fact, wrapped around a highly comfortable interior. Plush seats, ample headroom, a wide choice of stowage locations and an eye for convenience transform the interior into a highly desirable place to be in

Flexible Interiors


With the 60:40 rear split folding seats, the boot space can expand from the normal 337 lts. to a cavernous 1175 lts. Which means, if you need to take your labrador to the vet, you won’t find yourself short on space.

Driver and Passenger Comfort A higher seating position delivers a great view and a feeling of security and control. And makes it easy to get in and out of. There's also a Tilt-adjustable steering column for that perfect posture; whether you're in rush-hour traffic or cruising down the highway. The wider body and taller stance translate to comfortable seating for five adults with sufficient headroom, legroom and shoulder room.


On road prices *
City Registration Registration Comprehensive Total Total Ex-Showroom & Service Charges & Service Charges Insurance (Individual) (Company) (Individual) (Company)

Bangalore Mumbai Pune Thane

623,000 600,000 624,000 572,100

72,530 47,350 28,210 45,397

N.A. 89,350 78,150 85,444

23,345 718,875 646,345 23,158 670,508 712,508 23,557 675,767 725,707 21,543 639,040 679,087

On road prices *
City Ex-Showroom Registration Registration Comprehensive Total Total & Service Charges & Service Charges Insurance (Individual) (Company) (Individual) (Company)

Bangalore Mumbai Pune Thane

727,000 766,000 730,000 730,000

83,970 35,997 32,450 34,557

N.A. 97,277 90,850 92,957

27,091 838,061 754,091 29,571 831,568 892,848 27,474 789,924 848,324 27,533 792,090 850,490

FORD INDIA - Fusion +
On road prices *
City Ex-Showroom Registration Registration Comprehensive Total Total & Service Charges & Service Charges Insurance (Individual) (Company) (Individual) (Company)

Bangalore Mumbai Pune Thane

698,000 736,000 700,000 702,000

80,780 34,797 31,250 33,437

N.A. 93,677 87,250 89,597

26,046 804,826 724,046 28,490 799,287 858,167 26,394 757,644 813,644 26,553 761,990 818,150



Endeavour Comfort & Convenience While the exterior is built to brave the elements, the interior offers you extraordinary comforts. It is an exceptionally well-equipped vehicle with many small "surprise and delight" features, which illustrate a thoughtful approach to the interior design. Powertrain Endeavour is available in both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drives and is powered by the 2.5L inter-cooled turbo diesel engine that delivers a "fun to drive" experience because of its added power and torque from the turbocharger


2.5L XLT 4x4 2.5L XLT 4x2


FORD INDIA - Endeavour 2.5L XLT 4x2

On road prices *
City Ex-Showroom Registration & Service Charges (Individual) Registration & Service Charges (Company) Comprehensive Total Insurance (Individual) Total (Company)

Bangalore 1,372,002 Delhi Mumbai Pune Vashi 1,290,054 1,468,000 1,385,701 1,427,000

186,105 N.A. 112,760 59,228 109,890

N.A. N.A. 318,280 170,084 309,670

50,320 1,608,427 1,422,322 N.A. 1,290,054 1,290,054 55,081 1,635,841 1,841,361 51,088 1,496,017 1,606,873 52,101 1,588,991 1,788,771

FORD INDIA - Endeavour 2.5L XLT 4x4
On road prices *
City Ex-Showroom Registration & Service Charges (Individual) Registration & Service Charges (Company) Comprehensive Total Insurance (Individual) Total (Company)

Bangalore 1,462,002 Delhi Mumbai Pune Vashi 1,399,032 1,562,600 1,475,110 1,517,000

197,985 N.A. 119,382 62,805 116,190

N.A. N.A. 338,146 180,813 328,570

53,561 1,713,548 1,515,563 N.A. 1,399,032 1,399,032 58,551 1,740,533 1,959,297 54,308 1,592,223 1,710,231 55,310 1,688,500 1,900,880


Pioneering a revolutionary product development process, the Mondeo is the first Ford to be created digitally using C3P, a Ford computer engineering tool. Offering a class-leading combination of safety, new powertrain technology, sophisticated driving quality, spacious interiors and an extensive list of standard features, it's evident why the critically acclaimed Mondeo is the proud recipient of many awards. Safety & Security Best of breed standard safety features combined with latest technology security systems and a strong basic structure make the Mondeo the safest place to be in. Driving Quality An extended wheelbase, a commanding wide track, superior suspension geometry and fail-safe brakes contribute to the Mondeo's drive dynamics.


FORD INDIA - Mondeo Duratec – Petrol
On road prices *
City Ex-Showroom Registration & Service Charges (Individual) Registration & Service Charges (Company) Comprehensive Total Insurance (Individual) Total (Company)

Ahmedabad 1,571,523 Bangalore Baroda Calcutta Chennai Delhi Hyderabad Mumbai Pune Vashi 1,490,000 1,571,000 1,641,760 1,564,496 1,556,185 1,570,600 1,629,548 1,444,000 1,576,648

55,780 201,680 55,860 9,400 24,900 8,150 109,942 75,182 63,585 74,066

N.A. N.A. 111,720 10,300 46,900 8,150 109,942 205,546 179,105 200,198

38,746 1,666,049 1,610,269 54,570 1,746,250 1,544,570 36,587 1,663,447 1,719,307 60,167 1,711,327 1,712,227 39,240 1,628,636 1,650,636 49,177 1,613,512 1,613,512 36,671 1,717,213 1,717,213 51,711 1,756,441 1,886,805 53,188 1,560,773 1,676,293 50,073 1,700,787 1,826,919



Segmentation is the process in which a particular segment of the
customers which have same tastes or preferences and are the potential customers are targeted instead of targeting the customers as a whole. Segmentation marketing offers a lot of benefits as compared to mass marketing like a co. can create a fine tuned products for those selected customers, can select the best distribution policies, best communication channels and will have a clear picture of their competitors in the same segment. Therefore segmentation has become a major factor in every company’s marketing policies. Various basis of segmentation can be as follows1) Geographic segmentation. 2) Demographic segmentation 3) Psychographic segmentation 4) Behavioral segmentation Ford India has mainly segmented the Indian automobile market on various basis which are the parts of above mentioned factorsa) Segmentation on the basis of Areas/Cities: for eg. Ford is mainly considering the metro cities or the big cities of India as they are the most potential customer areas for them. Since the metros or the big cities have a very high rate of prospects for the newly established Ford in India. Though Ford cars are present in the small cities also but some of its models such as Endeavour and Mondeo are mainly segmented for the big cities and therefore they are concentrating more on these cities such as Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Kolkata Bangalore, Pune etc. Here the customers are much more acceptable towards the Ford as compared to the other small cities It has created a different segment of these cities and trying to concentrate on that. May be later on it will increase its segmented areas. This is mainly a part of Geographical segmentation. b) Segmentation on the basis of Age: Ford India has segmented this market on the basis of age also like it is segmenting its cars for the youth or middle age segment. Since different age groups have their own preferences and tastes therefore they are needed to be catered in a different way . for eg: Ford Fusion is mainly segmented for the youth age . This is mainly a part of the demographic segmentation.


c) Segmentation on the basis of Income: Ford India has also segmented the market on the basis of the income level of the customers .Like it is segmenting its cars only in the upper middle level or the high level income groups. As it is not producing the cars of small segments therefore it is not needed to concentrate on the lower income group of people as they are not the potential customers for them. Eg : Ford fusion and Ford Fiesta are mainly segmented for upper middle segment. This is mainly a part of the demographic segmentation. d) Segmentation on the basis of the Lifestyle : It means that the segmentation is done on the basis of the attitude ,interests etc of the potential customers. As the decision of a customer purchasing a car will be affected by his interests and attitude towards the company or the product ,therefore it is one of the main basis of the segmentation . like a customer will be attracted by the global brand name of the Ford company which will affect its decision of purchase. It is mainly a part of psychographic segmentation. e) Segmentation on the basis of Benefits Provided : Ford India has segmented the market on the basis of the benefits provided such as quality, service, economy, speed comfort etc. As Indian Automobile market is highly competitive and Ford has still not established itself properly in India therefore it needs to provide not only these benefits but also some distinctive benefits which will differentiate it from other cars in the same segment .It is mainly a part of behavioral segmentation. f) Segmentation on the basis of the Readiness stage: Ford India is segmenting the market on the basis of the aware customers, unaware customers, informed and interested customers, desirous and intending to buy customers. As there are some potential customers and some non potential customers therefore segmenting them is a useful task for the company .It is mainly a part of the behavioral segmentation.



Targeting is the process which is performed after the company has done the segmentation of the market on various basis. For targeting , a company has to evaluate various segments and then decide upon to target accordingly. While doing so a company has to look on to the overall attractiveness of the segment and the company’s objectives and resources . Targeting is an important step in the performance of any company because correct targeting helps a company to rightly choose the potential customers.

• As far as Ford India is concerned it has not confined itself to target only one segment. Though it has not entered into the small car segment yet it has tried to cover many aspects of the Indian automobile market like it has its Ford Ikon model mainly for the entry level middle class group. It has Ford Fiesta for the upper middle class group which competes with Honda city , Hyundai Accent etc in the same segment and for the higher income group or the premium segment it has its Mondeo and Endeavour in the market. Therefore Ford India has tried to target mainly the upper middle and higher segments of the Indian car market through its various models.

Ford Ikon is mainly targeted for the middle class entry level group with a attractive price tag . It has tried to focus on people with a drive of running a big car with not much financial burden. Ford Fusion company is targeting mainly the youth class of the society and also presented it as an urban activity vehicle. It was a sort of Mini-SUV in the market Ford Fiesta is mainly targeted for the part of the society which is mainly attracted by the fuel efficiency of the car therefore company has launched the diesel version along with petrol version of Ford Fiesta which provides excellent mileage as compared to other cars in the same segment.

Ford Mondeo is mainly targeted for the upper class of income group and therefore priced highly. It is mainly launched keeping in mind the upper service class or the big business houses. • Ford Endeavour was entered in to the market as Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) It was specifically designed for the Asian conditions.


It was the biggest SUV to hit the market so far. It mainly targeted the high rich class with a passion of sporty look vehicle. Therefore Ford India has mainly targeted various segments of the market through different models of cars. .


Each firm needs to develop a distinctive positioning for its market offering. Positioning is the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the target market’s mind. The end result of positioning is the successful creation of a market-focused value proposition, a cogent reason why the target market should buy the product. “Positioning starts with a product. A piece of merchandise, a service, a company, an institution, or even a person. . . . But positioning is not what you do to a product. Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect. That is, you position the product in the mind of the prospect.” How Many Differences to Promote? Each company must decide how many differences (e.g., benefits, features) to promote. With this approach, each brand is touted as “number one” on a particular attribute, such as “best quality,” “best service,” “lowest price,” or “most advanced technology.” If a company hammers away at one positioning and delivers on it, it will probably be best known and recalled for this strength. Communicating the Company’s Positioning Once the company has developed a clear positioning strategy, it must communicate that positioning effectively through all facets of the marketing mix and every point of contact with customers. A good example is Ritz Carlton hotels, which signals high quality by training its employees to answer calls within three rings, to answer with a genuine “smile” in their voices, and to be extremely knowledgeable about all hotel information. On the other hand, companies risk confusing the target audience if their marketing tactics run counter to their positioning.


Baseline: The josh machine FORD Ikon was launched in India by Ford India in the year 2001 at the price of Rs 4.21 lakh.It was the second car in India after escorts by Ford India.It was launched in the upper segment for upper middle class and positioned as a mid-size entry level car.While this segment was occupied by esteem and cielo .,Ikon was launched in this competitive segment and was positioned as ‘the josh machine’.Ford was already accepted on Indian roads through escorts. Ikon was launched at a competitive price and was positioned as a car incredibly best entry midsize car reachable for a buyer entering into midsize car segment.The performance of a 1.6 litre Rocam petrol engine was the selling line for this car as performance had been the main focus of Ford..

Tagline: Leave the small world behind. The bigger, better josh machine, now at the EMI of a small car. Ford Ikon. The largest exported Indian car and the Best Entry Midsize Car in J.D.Power Asia Pacific 2001 India with features like Power Steering, Power Windows, Power Locks 1.3 Endura petrol engine, Luxurious interiors ,bestin-class AC, 400 ltr boot space, all-round seat belts & crumple zones.

The message Ford want to send with this advertisement is as like the fish is jumping from the small bowl to a bigger one.Customer can also buy a big car paying the EMI of a small car.This was to ease the customer in terms of payment by providing easy finance.

The 2006 Ford Ikon Flair

Baseline: Live life with josh Headline: Inside every young ikon, there's a young icon. Ford launched the modified version of Ikon with the name Ford Ikon Flair in 2006. Flair reflects the penchant for performance and style that drives every young achiever. With new sporty features, competitive pricing and attractive options like Extended Warranty and Total Maintenance Plan, the young Ikon is the perfect ally for every young icon. Identifying the change in Indian consumer buying behaviour Ford targeted the youth and attached attitude to Flair.As Ikon had been successful and common on Indian roads,ford modified it and gave it a more young and sporty look.There was also a need as Maruti modified Esteem.Ford positioning of Flair was a reflection of change and innovation by the company.


Headline1: Diesel TDCi Fuel efficient. Fun to drive. Refined. Drive it to believe it Headline2: The reviews got me hooked &10,000 Fiestas booked. Baseline: Go Fida To heat up the mid-size sedan segment Ford launched Fiesta pricing it aggressively against the rivals car the Hyundai Accent and Honda City. In

order to stretch this segment fiesta was also launched with diesel version .Apart from the 1.4-litre petrol engine entry-level model, the other two petrol variants have been priced at Rs 6.29 lakh (1.6 litre ZXi) and Rs 6.89 lakh (1.6 litre SXi). The lone diesel model, the 1.4-litre ZXi, which sports a common rail engine, has been priced at Rs 6.99 lakh.Recognizing the rising fuel prices, Fiesta promised mileage of 18.3km/lt of diesel. Ford is endorsing Fiesta by Abhishek Bachaan to attach the personality traits of Abhishek with the attributes of the car.The company is positioning it as a young successful,reliable car with the new technology. Fiesta makes a bold, strong, side view statement that enhance its sense of purpose and powerful appearance.The company also focused on styling and spacious interiors providing it a young and elegant look.



Headline1: "It has real presence." It bites Headline2: Luxury. The restless version Baseline: refined aggression After the success of Ikon Ford went into a upward line extension .Ford launched Mondeo in december 2004 in the premium segment to create and tap a niche market in India. The Mondeo retailed at Rs 17.12 lakh ex-showroom in Chennai for the petrol version and the diesel was at least Rs 1 lakh costlier. Mr David E. Friedman, Managing Director and President, Ford India Ltd, told Business Line ‘the Mondeo was a niche vehicle and it was a conscious decision not to chase volumes. "We continue to sell the Mondeo for those who are looking for driving excellence and who want a unique car that really offers them that experience." Ford priced it aggressively to position it as a luxury car and priced it to compete with sonata and camry . Initially Mondeo had tough time in the market then Ford introduced the upgraded version of mondeo with add on features .The car's exterior and interiors was freshened up,but the driving characteristics remained the same. Then Ford reduced the price of Mondeo in march 2005 to 14.21 lakh and advertised it heavily in metro and urban cities and positioned it as ‘refined aggression’and differentiated it in the market.



Headline1: I'm a Delhi-ite. Headline2: Some cars have great ads. This ad has a great car. Baseline: As different as you Ford launched Fusion, which blends a sedan with a sports utility vehicle, powered by a 1.6 litre petrol engine with ex-showroom price of Rs 6,20,000 in Delhi.Fusion was a make-up of an MPV and the stance of a mini-SUV. It was positioned as a ‘Urban Activity Vehicle.’ With 1.6-litre dohc 16-valve Duratec power, a roomy versatile cabin in a compact package and great ride and handling. Fusion created a new segment in itself through a crossover between a sedan and SUV, and it was advertised to be an ideal foil for the urban busy commuter; ‘: I'm a Delhi-ite’. Fusion was endorsed by filmstar Rahul Bose to position it as a unconventional car as Rahul Bose is known for its unconventional roles in Indian movies.A sense of attitude and difference is attached to Fusion


Baseline: Make every day exciting Ford India entered into the sports utility vehicle (SUV) segment with the unveiling of Ford Endeavour. Powered by a 2.5 litre engine.It come in two variants - a wheel drive and a four wheel drive. It was launched in November 2003,with a price of 12.9 lakh.It was positioned as ‘Toughie’ on Indian roads as a majestic SUV.It provided respect and luxury to the owner. Endeavour is developed for Indian roads with high ground clearance has about 20 per cent localisation content.It is full of excitement and a complete luxury car.


The company has positioned its different cars in India differently and has tried to create an impact in the mind of customers through that .It has tried to establish a different position in the mind of customers. Different models of Ford have tried to establish their own place and image for different customers. We have presented our views on the positioning being done by the Ford India for its different models. We have taken all the models individually and there after presented our views on them. Ford Fusion has been positioned as an unconventional car with a blend of both SUV and Sedan. It has become a Mini SUV and therefore it has not been able to establish a clear image in the eyes of the customers. Ford has not been able to position Fusion rightly . Ford Mondeo has been positioned as an exceptional driver’s car .It has been positioned in the niche segment. But it has not been able to create any impact on the customers so far which is shown by its sluggish sales. It has not been able to differentiate this product in comparison to their competitors in the same segment such as Hyundai Sonata and Honda Accord . No USP has been highlighted for Mondeo. Ford Endeavour has been positioned as the largest SUV in the market. Though it has positioned itself for the higher income level group it has not been a successful one for the company. The sales of this model are not up to the expectations of the company.


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