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I) II) III) IV) V) VI)

Install “vcredist_x86.exe” for visual c++ from the package. Download and install - Download and install - Now “GlobalTradeStation.exe” from the package. Install “MFATA.exe” from the package. Register a demo account with the following link :-

After complete registration, you can open “GlobalTradeStation 2” with this user ID and password.


In GlobalTradeStation 2 enable trading and go to forex Order from the tab.

VIII) Now open 4 order window of different 4 pair like below window.

IX) Now open mt4 terminal and go to tools - > option -> Expert Advisor and set check mark like below and click Ok.


Now open 4 charts 1) EUR/USD 2) GBP/USD 3) USD/JPY 4) USD/CHF (If you not want to trade with this pair still you have to open and have to drag our experts)

XI) Drag “MFATA EURUSD” expert advisor in a eur/usd chart in 1min

XII) Drag “MFATA OTHERS” expert advisor in others 3 pair in 1 min

XIII) Go to star – all programs – MFATA – MFA TIME ARBITER

XIV) Click “INIT” button to get the price quota below. If Price quota does not come then it makes problem. You need to maximize “e-global trade solution 2” terminal otherwise it makes problem

If you want to make a trade with a single pair, then only off order window from “e-global trade solution 2” do not close mt4 chart from the Matatrader 4 terminals.


…………………………………………..MFA TA EUR/USD…………………………………………..
Minimum difference between price quotas from global trade solution terminal to your Matatrader 4 terminal for place a order

Slippage –
Minimum slippage of your broker (High slippage can not makes successful trade)

Max_Lot –
Maximum lot size you want to place a order

Fix TP –
Fixed take profit you want to set

NT Trades –
Number Of trade in a single pair you want to place.

Visual –
You want to visual or not

Account –
Your matetrader4 Account NO.


…………………………………………..MFA TA OTHERS……………………………………………….
Labels – (For all pair so please do not close if you not want to trade others pairs) It is enable force calculation of the market after calculate arbitrage to make pip quick. Trend Filter – (For all pair so please do not close if you not want to trade others pairs) It is filter trends of market to place order. MA Filter – (For all pair so please do not close if you not want to trade others pairs) It is MA filter for market. Spread – (only for particular chart where you drag it) Set pairs spreads (if floating spread then must put the higher value which is can maximum) ID – Set your E-global trade solution terminal demo/real ID number. Pass – Set your E-global trade solution terminal demo/real Password.

Alpari Classic account

MinUr = 2.0; - or 3 Slippage = 2.0; - slippage max_lots = 0.1; - lot size FixTP = 3.0; fixed profit FixSL = 7.0; fixed stop

NTrades = 1 (or 1-3), the number of simultaneous open positions

Hot Forex Standard account (NOT CURRENX)

MinUr = 4.0; - or 3 Slippage = 2.0; - slippage max_lots = 0.1; - lot size FixTP = 3.0; fixed profit FixSL = 7.0; fixed stop NTrades = 1 (1-3)

How to search for brokers 1. Testing for demo account 2-3 days on different MinUr (2,3,4) 2. If trading - profit 3. Trading real account (min lot) 4. After that may use on normal lot in real account

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