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Industrial & governmental espionage quiz

1. Providing valuable information to build up your double agents is. a. Never justified b. Justified only when there is long term prospect of real benefit c. An example of Russian tradecraft, not Western tradecraft 2. Use of polygraph outside of the US depends on recognition of cultural differences because a person who is not a product Western culture will react differently to questions. a. True b. False 3. The __?__ was a spy organization created by Benjamin Tallmadge under the orders of George Washington in1778? a. Cambridge Five b. Culper Ring c. Dave Clark Five 4. A code is a rule for converting a piece of information (a word or number) into another form or representation (such as a sign or symbol). a. True b. False 5. Russias deployment of its trawler fleet into the sea lanes of the Western powers is an example of operational cover. a. True b. False 6. Which are causes of intelligence failures? a. Subordination of intelligence to policy b. Not having necessary information c. Mirror imaging d. All of the above 7. __?__refers to breaking of enemy codes and ciphers. a. Steganography b. Cryptanalysis c. Cartography d. Crateology 8. If you have a Top Secret security clearance, you have automatic access to all Top Secret. Material. a. True b. False 9. There are two types of polygraph exams; one relates to life style and the other relates to matters about job performance. a. True b. False 1

10. Which counter intelligence specialist was the first to determine that Kim Philby was a Soviet spy? a. James J. Angleton b. William King Harvey c. George Blake 11. The most important use of double agents a. is to keep in contact with the enemy b. is to steal money to support their spy network c. recruit spies through the universities 12. Pyotr Semyonovich Popov a. Was the first US penetration of the GRU b. Hated the communists because they took his family taken away because they resisted collectivization c. Was exposed when the FBI made mistakes in conducting surveillance of a Soviet agent for whom Popov was the handler d. All of the above 13. Klaus Fuchs a. fled Germany for England after Nazi takeover b. Contacted Soviet espionage through British communist party c. served 9 years in UK prison & then went to GDR d. all of the above 14. The Soviet spy Rudolf Abel was a. Born in Russia and came to the US as a deep cover spy b. An American citizen who was recruited to spy through the US Communist Party c. born in Great Britain but was a German national & was drafted into Soviet Army in 1925 d. a graduate of Cambridge University & worked with Kim Philby 15. Who was an American courier for the Soviets who defected and confessed to the FBI in 1945? a. Igor Gouzenko b. William W. Weisband c. Harry Dexter White d. Elizabeth Bentley 16. The Venona program was a. Developed by the CIA in 1949 b. Initiated during the Kennedy Administration (1961-1963) c. started by the US Army Signal Intelligence Service in 1943 17. What kind of concealment device (CD) has obvious function that can be performed while it also has an internal cavity for hiding clandestine equipment? a. Passive CD b. Active CD c. both 18. The CIAs concealment program is run by which department? a. Furnishings and Equipment Division 2









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b. Office of Information Resources c. Technical Services Department Which single factor most contributed to Oleg Penkovskys exposure as a Western spy? a. His tendency to brag about his work b. His extravagant life style because of the CIA payments to him c. He was caught taking secret documents out of the Kremlin d. Difficulties in getting secret documents to his CIA & British handlers Which Soviet organization was restructured because of the Penkovsky affair and saw its director, I.A. Serov, removed because of Penkovskys espionage work? a. Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR b. GRU c. KGB d. Politburo of the Communist Party of the USSR Which World War Two organization combined espionage with combat operations? a. British Special Operations Executive b. British Secret Intelligence Service c. US Office of Strategic Services Which individual was the primary leader of the CIAs Berlin tunnel of 1955-56? a. Peter Lunn b. George Blake c. Reinhard Gehlen d. William King Harvey Which was the target of the CIAs Berlin tunnel of 1955-56? a. Telephone cables used by the Soviet Army b. Telephone cables used by the KGB c. Telephone cables used by the East German government & military Political espionage is thought to have first been used systematically by. a. Julius Caesar b. Joseph Fouche, minister of police during the French Revolution c. The Apostle Paul d. The Austrian statesman Prince von Metternich In ancient Rome, Supply sergeants known as ___?____ became intelligence officers. a. Senators b. Diplomats c. frumentarii Espionage played important role in Rome's becoming an empire. a. True b. False The main goal of security program is optimizing not minimizing risk. a. Optimizing risk b. minimizing risk After 11 September there were reports about computer virus called Nimda which had been created by terrorists. 3






a. True b. false People have a greater fear of disasters which a. Are caused by natural conditions such as weather b. Are caused by accidents c. result from deliberate human intervention Much industrial espionage is not reported because a. Victims fear that court testimony will cause further exposure of trade secrets b. Corporations are insured against loss c. Corporations simply raise prices to cover the loss There are more spies in the US today than during the Cold War. a. true b. false Which is an example of a foreign technology transfer that undermined the national power of China? a. Britains development of the tobacco industry in the American colonies b. When Samuel Slater opened a mill using water-powered machinery for spinning and carding cotton c. Persian monks smuggled silk worms out of China Espionage agents first try to compromise individuals. a. by providing them with an education b. by exploiting human weaknesses c. by following them.