iSarif Ecommerce (Pvt) Ltd General Policy Documents

Transaction Security
3D Security
3D security is main part of our Risk management policy. There are three dimensions from where our whole transactional system will be secured and there is no room for threat and vulnerability.3D security mean. 3D security even considers the opportunity behind the potential attacks and Support technical controls with appropriate policies, procedures and training. Our 3D security overcome all of following threats

• Physical threats • Electronic threats • Technical failures • Infrastructure failures • Human error

A. Proactive Monitoring
1. KYC scams

(Know your customer), Scan merchants for all kind of vulnerabilities of

To ensure that our merchants and customers are legitimate and real we develop KYC policy. In this way risk of fake customers is secured. We identify our merchants or customers by using reliable and independent documents. In this way no merchant or customer misuse our services. We pertain following points for KYC policy.

Acceptation of merchants:- Merchants have to accept our KYC policy and fill
prescribed form for opening account

Identification of merchants:- Merchants are identified and verified through
Phone call Physical location identification Referrals Websites CNIC Passports Licenses SECP registrations Monitoring of merchants:- Merchant accounts and transaction on our site is classified and monitored in term of risk. Any unusual activity is monitored. Any suspicious behavior can be monitored and reviewed properly Its Isarif policy to work with legitimized business to work with, Govt, and registered private entities and KYC policy ensure this. 3. Only legal goods and services can be rendered through system Page 1 of 10 • • • • • • • •

4. 2.6. 4. including without limitation. ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd will report any suspicious account activity to the relevant law enforcement authority. Furthermore ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd.7.4.iSarif Ecommerce (Pvt) Ltd General Policy Documents Warranties. direct. 4.5. losses. incidental or punitive damages deemed or alleged to have resulted from or caused by but not limited to the following scenarios: 4. shall in no way. ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd reserves the right to apply at its sole discretion prevention and detection procedures and suspend accounts or refuse the execution of transactions if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that an account is being or may be used for illegal purposes. deception or misrepresentations by Customer. Page 2 of 10 . It is isarif ecommerce ltd Assumption that customer is signing up for a user account only after determining that opening and maintaining such account violates no laws or regulations in their respective country and jurisdiction. Customer understands and accepts that it is strictly forbidden to make use of the ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd Service in order to pay for illegal material as well as illegal downloads or any other goods and services infringing intellectual property rights of a third party and/or any illegal purpose or criminal activity of any nature. Any errors or omissions in the website content. Any fraud. or omissions resulting from failure of any telecommunications or any other data transmission system and the failure of the central computer system or any part thereof. Payments made to unintended recipients or payments made in incorrect amounts due to the input of incorrect information by Customer. whether or not the Customer is verified in any manner. 4. 4. be liable for any damages or losses. ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd. makes no representations regarding the amount of time needed to complete processing. errors. For any and all liability that might arise from his/her use of isarif ecommerce ltd service. Any fraud. nor shall ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd be liable for any actual or consequential damages arising from any claim of delay. special. 4. ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that all transactions are processed in a timely manner. deception or misrepresentations by the recipient. . However. 4. Any damages resulting from a recipient's decision not to accept a payment made through ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd. The misuse of the web site content or the inability of any person to use the site. makes no representations or warranties as to continuous. 4. 3.2. indirect. or may be subject to periodic testing. upgrade or maintenance. Delays.3. consequential. ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd. Liabilities and Disclaimers: 1.8. and under no circumstances. repair. which may be affected by factors outside of ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd control. uninterrupted or secure access to the ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd service. Customer warrants that he/she is not violating any law or regulation by his/her use of isarif ecommerce ltd and customer indemnifies isarif ecommerce ltd. Payment made by a third party who passes all identity and verification checks.1.

ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd. indemnify. Page 3 of 10 . Anti Money laundering policy ISARIF IS IN COMPLIANCE WITH LEGAL ARRANGEMENTS ISARIF introduced all the rules and procedures related to prevention of money laundering. taxes or other duties in relation to such goods or services. . damages. Monitoring ISARIF will monitor any unusual or suspicious transactions or activities. The following standards and duties are considered to be minimum requirements for ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd.iSarif Ecommerce (Pvt) Ltd General Policy Documents 4. Record keeping ISARIF will keep Records of all documents obtained for the purpose of identification and all transaction data as well as other information related to money laundering matters in accordance with the applicable anti-money laundering laws/regulations. 's service is limited to providing Customer with a payment facility and does not ensure the quality. ISARIF has got general policies against money laundering and terrorist financing. Any results of any acts of Government or authority. and hold ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd harmless against any claim brought against ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd. actions. All persons and legal entities should have "Identity Verified" by ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd 2. 6. All records must be kept for at least 5 years. 1. 5. by a third party resulting from Customer's use of ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd payment services in respect of all losses.9. Know Your Customer and Due Diligence For each Person and/or Legal entity want to use all the advantages of our system should hold an ISARIF certified account. Customer agrees to release. ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd. safety or legality of the transaction Customer is undertaking. any act of God or force majeure. proceedings. does not have any responsibility for any goods or services for which Customer pays using the ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd service and will not be liable for any charges. claims. 3. expenses or liabilities whatsoever suffered and howsoever incurred by ISARIF Ecommerce Ltd in consequence of Customers non observance or breach of these terms and conditions.

we may share some of your personal information with the person or company that you are paying or that is paying you Regardless. application or through any other means (collectively the “iSarif Services"). Skype ID and other similar information. • Compare information for accuracy and verify it with third parties. we will not disclose your bank account number to anyone you have paid or who has paid you through ISarif or with the third parties that offer or use the ISarif Services. • Financial information . • deliver targeted marketing. email.the full bank account numbers that you link to your ISarif account or give us when you use the ISarif Services. • customize. measure. and troubleshoot problems. and improve the iSarif Services and the content and layout of our website and applications. and customized experience. phone. government officials Take key points from privacy policy doc and put it here. • prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activities. efficient. NADRA etc. If you open an account or use the ISarif Services. subpoena or other legal process. Our primary purpose in collecting personal information is to provide you with a secure. service update notices. We may also obtain information about you from third parties such as Security and Exchange commission of Pakistan. • To process your payments.your name. address. technologies or functionalities offered by us on our website. services or any other features. • process transactions and send notices about your transactions • resolve disputes. collect fees.iSarif Ecommerce (Pvt) Ltd General Policy Documents Privacy Policy You accept this Privacy Policy when you sign up for or use our products. and enforce our User Agreement. bill collection. We may use your personal information to: • provide the iSarif Services and customer support you request. except with your express permission or if we are required to do so to comply with banking requirements. marketing and technology services • Companies that we plan to merge with or be acquired by Law enforcement. We don't sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent. We may share your personal information with: • Service providers under contract who help with parts of our business operations such as fraud prevention. Page 4 of 10 . smooth. and promotional offers based on your communication preferences. we may collect the following types of information: • Contact information .

Standard Banking Portal 128 encryption. with complete bank control. Take security money with respect to ratio of charge back. or a payment confirmation via Isarif for each transaction and that you deal with any replies properly and promptly. giving enough time to bank to resolve problem if there is. You can explain old and new payment mechanisms and what was problem with old one and why they became ineffective and what Is new with modern maethod 2. Security control 4. This minimize charge back and fraudulent activity. invoices. Double checks by dedicated team to avoid any fraudulent activity ii) Isarif side Charge back control • • • • • Ensure that you issue an email transaction receipt. least number of errors and no go-between (3rd party) payment clearing servers like visa or master card. most secure. Transactions first authorized then captured after delay of 48 hours. least required modifications. 3. Technical i) Bank side 1. Most Modern online payment system. refunds processed and delivery details Establish and display a comprehensive refund/returns policy. in complete compliance of banking security rules. and RSA security OTP and E-token system to excess info for support staff and software improvements. which customer must confirm they have read and understand before you accept their transaction The refund/returns policy should be proactive in dealing promptly and properly with all customer disputes Page 5 of 10 . Transactions on banks server. Secure Socket Layer. including copies of the web site pages the shopper has seen. Banking software has already built-in this kind modules. Provide the customer with all contact details Supply as much information as possible when we receive a Request for Information Keep good records of all transactions. You can explain how it is being used in different countries and how it has avoided charge backs etc 4. sop mechanisms.iSarif Ecommerce (Pvt) Ltd General Policy Documents B.

For customer service by email you are required to have a standard response and time frame for responding to a customer query.iSarif Ecommerce (Pvt) Ltd General Policy Documents • • • • • • • • • • • Establish and display a comprehensive privacy policy to reassure customer when they provide personal data Offer free telephone customer service as it can help preserve sales and increase the relationship you have with our customer Provide "Email Customer Service" so customer can ask questions online. and be sure the customer sees the final total (including tips and other add-ons) before the account is charged. Retain documentary evidence of the delivery. Ship merchandise before processing account transactions. Do not dispatch goods by whatever means (including online delivery) to a third party address (that is. Isarif is implementing Fraud Detection Engine that provides an unprecedented level of risk detection that can help us to convert more valid orders automatically and reduces both expenses and potential chargeback losses. and be prompt about cancelling transactions when customers request it. together with a description of the goods/services supplied. ISARIF also follows strict in-house security guidelines for ensuring confidentiality of user information. an address other than the cardholder's address). thereby making ecommerce transactions safe and confidential. ISARIF is using bank’s secure server for payments. for data encryption. Page 6 of 10 . Deliver goods/services on a timely basis and advise customer when they can expect delivery. which is used worldwide. Disclose return and refund policies clearly before a sale. ISARIF uses industry-standard VeriSign’s 256 SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Technology. This guarantees that our information is inaccessible to any third party. Never estimate charged amounts. The robust risk management tools and fraud filters listed below help control risk effectively: 1) Risk Management Rules and Parameters 2) Negative Files 3) Risk Management Queries. Notify the customer of any delay of delivery. Secure technologies for ISARIF server • • • • • ISARIF server is behind state of the art security firewalls to ensure maximum protection of our customer's details. Be sure the transaction information on the receipt is legible. for a minimum of 12 months. this is considered very high risk.

Make sure you download the Antivirus & Firewall updates as soon as you are notified that a download is available. In this way we have much less chances of any mishaps Antivirus & Firewall Software • • • Make sure your computer has the most current Antivirus & Firewall software. These may appear to come from a trusted business or friend. Protect your identity theft by using encryption on your Wi-Fi network. Do not send sensitive personal or financial information unless it is SSL encrypted on a secure website as regular emails are not encrypted. Antivirus & Firewall software need frequent updates to guard against new viruses. For maximum security.iSarif Ecommerce (Pvt) Ltd General Policy Documents • • Software made by internationally and experienced software companies. Don't reply to any email that requests your personal information. Be very suspicious of any business or person who asks for your password or other highly sensitive information. Password • • • • • • Use strong passwords or PINs for your Internet accounts. we would advise you to memorize your PINs or passwords. keep it secret. Use a different password for each of your accounts. Here you can explain about our dedication for keeping up-to-date Page 7 of 10 . Ensure that you change your passwords & PINs regularly at least once a month. Even a friend may accidentally send an email with a virus. Failure to do so may lead your PC vulnerable to attack. Password security. but actually are designed to trick you into downloading a virus or jumping to a fraudulent website and disclosing sensitive information. Be careful before you click on a link that is contained in an email or other message as it may not be trustworthy. Be careful about opening an email with an attachment. Use both letters and numbers and a combination of lower case and capital letters if the passwords or PINs are case sensitive. Shopping cart by Phpprobid UK based companies and payment software by PCI compliant software makers like Iconfsd. general internet security and privacy guidelines for users Customer / merchant end security recommendation We educate or customer / merchant from these safeties to be practiced while transacting with us. Open emails only when you know the sender. Choose passwords that are difficult for others to guess. Emails • • • • • • Be alert for scam emails.

Dispute resolution and Refund Policy • • Refund will only be issued after item is returned. Money goes in escrow in case of dispute until resolved. the money is released. If at any point there is a dispute between the parties in the transaction. Elaborate this C. Educating consumer about his rights in cooperation with customer-right-protection organization We are in compliance with The Network for Consumer Protection • Consumers Association of Pakistan • Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan (CRCP) • Directorate of provincial consumer protection council Write down about the above said organizations and our plans to work together with them to empower customer • • • • Company policy to spend 20% of revenue to software security software development Goods delivery confirmation by third party like Courier services to avoid any confusion if goods delivered or not. Buyer can request the refund and ask for return of products when getting from courier company representative. ticket system to resolve problems in timely manner. Insured courier services We are going to integrated with courier service and every delivery is insured and in case of accidental loss immediately it was redelivered to customer so that no issue is created. Elaborate this 3.iSarif Ecommerce (Pvt) Ltd General Policy Documents Consumer service compliance 1. The outcome of the dispute resolution process will decide what happens to money in escrow. buyer will only shoulder courier cost and refund will be issued to buyer after goods have been received but if refund and return request is made after few days then warranty and guarantee documents of that Page 8 of 10 . the process moves along to dispute 2resolution. When both parties verify • the transaction has been completed per terms set. 24/7 hotline.

Even if we don’t meet the target. but it will be clearly known to buyer during shopping process that who pays for shipping. 5. No fine need to pay and refund will be 100% of product price but shipping cost will be deducted. Scope/ Possible list of clients (govt. Some sellers may pay for shipping items. Expand horizon of bank and give account holders one more reason to have net-banking account. Products are to be sent to seller through pre-approved courier companies only. Demographics far away in distances. Buyer pay reshipping fee if products not received due to wrong address or courier guy went to deliver but nobody received. there will be two options available depending upon the seller. private registered entities. payment problem 4. we will pay for those number of transactions. Seller must be notified electronically through message board prior to shipping an item and expecting to be reimbursed. Verified sellers (govt and secp registered entities) and others unverified. For each item. It is upto buyer. Page 9 of 10 . Funds will only be refunded in the funding option that was initially used to make payment for purchase. companies need to render their goods and services at far distances. • • • • • • • Volume of transactions 1. 7. buyer opens it and checks it and if find problem then give back to courier guy. Goods must be returned to the place from where they were initially dispatched and same is true for seller name info. Goods are to be carried by Courier Company. Demographics of society (age groups using computer) 3. Isarif has nothing to do with them. Lump sum # of transactions per year. However if goods are to be returned right after opening the box when courier representative shows up then products can be returned without noticing the seller. Compact population. But this does encourage legal businesses as verified seller will have high trust level among buyers.iSarif Ecommerce (Pvt) Ltd General Policy Documents product will govern the procedure and cost but buyer will have to pay for any reshipping of goods. they will be able to list their item but will not be able to use payment system. city sizes and % of population 2. smes) expand it as much as possible to tell them that how much scope we have. 6. while others may require buyer to pay the shipping cost. if buyer trust them then buyer pays directly to their bank account or any other mechanism they want to be paid to. Two kinds of sellers.

iSarif Ecommerce (Pvt) Ltd General Policy Documents Page 10 of 10 .

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