Under Jurisdiction of Nagpur Court Only

(A Subsidiary of Coal India Limited, A Government of India Undertaking)


Website http// www.westerncoal.nic.in & http://www.tender.gov.in
Tin No.27780000004-V, 27780000004-C

Ref No. : ba3650-pur-0012-2012-13 To, The Chief Manager (System) WCL, Ballarpur Area . Dear Sir,

Dated. 9.2.2012

Sub : Putting of Tender Notice on Web site http://www.westerncoal.nic.in and http://www.tender.gov.in Please find herewith two Nos. Floppies containing Tender Notice. Details are given below : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Name of Area Name of the Sub Area Tender Title Tender Ref. No./Date Product Category Tender Value EMD Document Cost Tender Type First Annoucement Date & Time Last date & Time of Document Collection Last Date & Time for submission Date and time for opening of Part I Tender Description (Maximum 200 chars) Contact Person Name Designation Telephone No. with STD Code Prequalification (if any) BALLARPUR AREA AHQ M S Flanges ba3650-pur-0012-2012-13 SO(E&M) Rs. 386740/Rs. 7735/Rs. NIL /- (NON REFUNDABLE) BUY 10.2.2012 4.3.2012 5.3.2012 At 3.00 PM

5.3.2012 At. 3.30 PM M S Flanges Shri M V R Murthy SR MANAGER MM BA 07173230596 ----

You are requested to kindly arrange to put the above tender on Web Site of the department as per norms Thanking you, Yours faithfully Sr. Manager (MM) WCL.Ballarpur Area Encl : 2 Copies of quotation Notice & 2 Floppies Copy to : AFM/BA APC/BA

230 596 Website http// www. PART’A’ – TECHNO COMMERCIAL BID and PART’B’. – 07173 . 9.PRICE BID. : : ba3650-pur-0012-2012-13 Cost of Tender Documents Earnest Money Deposit(EMD) Tender Value To.__________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ Dear Sir.2012 REGISTERED WITH A/D M/s. (A) PART’A’(TECHNO Commercial Bid): This part of the offer should contain the documents and details asked for as under (in no case should contain/indicate the offered prices) a) Commercial Terms & Conditions vis-à-vis Checklist (Annexure’A’) b) Unpriced copy of the price bid in the format (Annexure ‘B”) c) Schedule of requirement of & Technical Specification (Annexure’C’) (B) PART ‘B’(PRICE BID: This part of the offer should contain price portion in the format as per Annexure’B’. 27780000004-C Ref No.gov. CHANDRAPUR (MS) Tel/Fax No.S. 1. TAH.in Tin No. 1. Rs. TWO BID-SYSTEM: Tender Document to be prepared in the following manner. Tenders are invited in duplicate sets complying the requirement for this tender as detailed below to be submitted in your letterhead neatly printed/typed. PREPARATRION OF TENDER DOCUMENTS. SASTI TOWNHIP. NIL 7735/386740/- Dated. Flanges .in & http://www. RAJURA. Sub: Advertised/Website Tender Enquiry in TWO BID system for procurement of M.tender. DISTT.Under Jurisdiction of Nagpur Court Only WESTERN COALFIELDS LIMITED (A Subsidiary of Coal India Limited.e. BALLARPUR AREA.27780000004-V. SASTI– 442 706. .2.westerncoal. NOTE: For proper identification both PART-‘A’ and PART’B’ should be kept in separate sealed envelopes and clearly be marked on top of the envelop as mentioned above i.nic. duly signed by authorized person with Company’s seal of the Tenderer. Both these envelopes should again be kept in a third sealed envelope. Rs Rs. A Government of India Undertaking) OFFICE OF THE CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER.

IN CASE OF NON-SUBMISSION OF BIDS AS ABOVE. b) Please note that the delivery period shall be reckoned from 7th (seventh) day of order date./WCL Ancillary Industries. 7) APPLICABILITY OF PRICE-FIRM: a) FIRM PRICE: The prices quoted should be FIRM. In case the offer is not gong inside the tender box due to heavy volume. does not take any responsibility for loss of tender in transit. applicable (on basic price/landed price /etc). should be clearly spelt out both in figures and words. Similarly. Offers from bidders who fail to comply with the above qualification criteria shall be considered unresponsive. . Envelopes stapled shall not be accepted. 5) BUYERS’ RIGHT TO DECIDE THE TENDER: WCL reserves the right to reject or accept or withdraw the tender in full or part as the case may be without assigning reasons thereof. WCL. AT SASTI TOWNSHIP. BALLARPUR AREA.RAJURA.CHANDRAPUR(MS) PIN – 442 706. Ballarpur area however. Tenders should be deposited: a) In person by the tenderer in the Tender Box kept at the office of the Staff Officer(MM) .WCL. may be allowed to Central Public sector undertakings/Govt.Ballarpur Area. TAH. if applicable. PO:SASTI. in presence of the attending tenderers or their authorized representatives. no conditional discount wll be considered for the purpose of evaluation of the offer(ranking).Deptt. Tenders received after due ate and ti9me of submission of tender will be ignored.All envelopes containing the tenders shall be properly sealed. 6) DETAILS OF ENCLOSURES: Details of the enclosures should be clearly mentioned in the forwarding letter of the offer/bid. However. 8) DELIVERY SCHEDULE: a) The bidder should be in a position to supply in a specific delivery period at least 25% of the total quantity for which the bid has been issued. In case of placement of order. subject to price fall condition b) VARIABLE PRICE: Not applicable. SUBMISSION OF TENDER DOCUMENTS: Tenders prepared as detailed above should be addressed to: STAFF OFFICER (MM) OFFICE OF THE CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER WCL. in such case the offer has to be deposited with SO(MM). in line with extant Govt. 4) PURCHASE PREFERENCE: Purchase preference. All the envelopes must be sealed and the Tender No. Such tenderers will be intimated to attend the opening. THE TENDER SHALL BE TREATED AS NON-RESPONSONSIVE. prices shall remain unchanged till execution of order. b) PART’B’ (Price-Bid) will be opened only of those tenderers whose Part’A’ is found to be technocommercially acceptable. 3) OPENING OF TENDER: a) PART’A’ (Techno Commercial Bid) will be opened on specified date and time as given in the covering page. clain for receipt for tenders after the due date and time if sent by Post/currier services will not be accepted. The name and address of the tenderer must also be indicated on each envelope. and Due Date of opening must be superscribed thereupon.of India/Central Vigilance Commission guidelines/procedures/WCL guidelines for Ancillary Industries as applicable. No disopute of any kind can be raised against this right of buyer in any court of law or elsewhere. c) DISCOUNT: Rate of discount if any. The offers should be put in proper and correct tender box meant for this purpose kept in SO(MM) office. 2. Or b) sent by post /currier to the above address. DISTT.

EMD shall be refunded immediately after finalization of the tender. Security money will be refunded to the firm within 30 days of satisfactory execution of the contract. However. The Bank Draft should be enclosed with PART-‘A’ of the bid i. the successful tenderer shall have to furnish the security deposit in the form of Bank Draft/Bank Guarantee of any scheduled bank for 10% (ten percent) of the order value over such monetary limit. The value of Security Money to be deposited by the successful tenderer in the form of Bank Draft/Bank Guarantee of any scheduled bank shall be 10% (ten percent) of the value of the awarded contract (LANDED VALUE) without having any ceiling. self attested and NOTARISED complete photocopy of valid DGS&D/NSIC registration certificate are exempted from submission of EMD/Security Deposit.2012 At time : 3. tenderers are requested to see the website once again before due date of tender opening to ensure that they have not missed any corrigendum uploaded against the said tender after downloading the tender document. Ballarpur Area A/c” payable at Ballarpur/Rajura and must accompanying the Quotation i.Gov. e) WCL Ancillaries (for the tendered items) are exempted from payment of Earnest Money/Security Deposit.tenders. In case of non submission of the tender fee as detailed above the tender shall be treated as non-responsive. In case the firm fails to deposit the security money. two weeks time (15 days) shall be given in the order to the successful tenderer to furnish the security deposit. However. 7735/.gov.e. DGS&D registered firm shall be exempted from submission of EMD/Security Deposit on the basis of guidelines of DGS&D provided in DGS&D website in this respect. if any. Security Money may be converted into Performance Bank Guarantee 9PBG) wherever PBG is required.9) SCHEDULE OF REQUIREMENT WITH DESCRIPTION OF ITEM: WCL reserves the right to increase or decrease the tendered quantity by upto 20%. indicated in the registration certificate. As such. c) Valid DGS&D/NSIC Registered (for the tendered items) firms on producing documentary evidence i.e.3.2012 At time : 3.. EMD shall be forfeited if any tenderer withdraw their offer before finalization of the tender or fails to submit order acceptance within 15 days from the date of order.in or htt://www. if any. will be that of the downloading parties. Earnest Money/Security Money: a) Earnest Money Deposit(EMD) for Rs.Organisation/PSUs re exempted from submission of EMD Security Deposit.in.in the form of Demand Draft in favour of “Western Coalfields Limited. d) State/Central Govt. PART’A’ of the Bid. http://www. the tender will be received and opened on the next full working day at the same time. .00 pm Due date of opening of tender 5. Techno commercial Bid of Tender Documents. (ii) No separate intimation n respect of corrigendum will be sent to tenderers who down loaded the documents from website as information in this respect will not be available to website i.e. b) In case of Security Deposit. The offers submitted by down loading from WCL Website shall be considered valid only when accompanied by a Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Western Coalfields Limited” payable at Ballarpur towards the cost of Tender Documents indicated on the covering page of NIT. 2. For unsuccessful tenderer. In case value of order placed is above such monetary limit indicated in the registration certificate. the order shall be cancelled and the case shall be processed to order elsewhere and the firm’s performance is to be kept recorded for future dealings with them. Contents of tender documents: 1 Commercial terms and conditions vis-à-vis checklist 2 Blank format of Price Bid 3 Technical Specification & Schedule of Requirement Annexure ’A’ Annexure ’B’ Annexure ’C’ IMPORTANT NOTES: 1. NSIC registered firms shall be exempted from Security Deposit only upto their monetary limit.westerncoal. For unsatisfactory performance and/or contractual failure. For successful tenderer. The responsibility of downloading the related corrigenda. NB: (i) Please note that there is no provision to take out the list of parties downloading the tender document from the above referred website.e.30 pm ( Under unforeseen circumstances and if the due date falls on holiday. the security money shall be forfeited.3. SUBMISSION OF TENDER IN TWO BID SYSTEM Last date for submission of Offer 5. in such case the amount of PBG shall not be less than 10%(Ten percent) of landed value of order.

Ballarpur Area on payment of the requisite tender fee by way of crossed demand draft drawn in favour of “Western Coalfields Limited” Ballarpur Area A/c. The complete offer should be typed in the letter head of the tenderers. obtained shall be passed on to the buyer which shall be certified by the auditor of the supplier. 10. Chandrapur(MS). The forwarding letter of the offer must contain the details of the documents enclosed therein. DGMS approval. The bidder should mention the Central Excise Tariff Chapters and its subheading Numbers under which the offered item fails as per Central Excise Tariff. preferably bigger papers are used. Central Excise Registration No. failing which the offer shall be liable for rejection. 6. b) In case the price is stated to be inclusive of Excise Duty. Normally no price negotiations will be conducted. (CEC number) and TIN No. Therefore. The copy of the valid DGS&D certificate must be submitted in the techno-commercial bid. the tenderers must quote their lowest and least prices and submit the price justification along with supporting documents for reasonableness of quoted price in the Price-Bid. All disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Nagpur Court only. 15. 7. unless authenticated with the tenderer’s signature with company’s seal. 12. the current rate included in the price must be indicated and the bidder should submit the Dealer Invoice. Telex. Tender document are not transferable. Sample of items wherever necessary should be submitted free of cost along with the quotation for inspection by this office. Offers as asked for must be submitted complete in all respect. Offers from Vendors who have not purchased/have not been issued tender dopcuments from this office will be considered as unsolicited and ignored(not applicable for tender documents downloaded from WCL website. Normally no technical/commercial clarifications will be sought after opening of tender. erased and overwritten shall be summarily rejected. the maximum rate currently leviable will be loaded on the price. Samples must be labeled with the tenderer’s name. Fax or E-main will not be considered. DGS&D Registration. CENVAT Credit shall be taken into consideration and comparison will be made accordingly. If bidder is exempted from paying Excise Duty. The bidder should mention the Central Excise Tariff Chapters and its subheading Numbers under which the offered item fails as per Central Excise Tariff. The packing of all the materials quoted shall conform to the requirements of the carriers. Government (State or Central) department/undertakings and ancillary of WCL for the tendered item valid on the date of tender opening can obtain the document free of cost on production of attested copies of registration certificate. Excise duty if applicable will be payable extra as per prevailing excise rules. If firm’s letter heads are not sufficient to accommodate technical and pricing details. 8. payable at Ballarpur/Rajura. 4. Hence the bidder should quote the Excise Duty applicable on the quoted item separately. However. Issue of tender documents will be closed ONE (1) day prior to the last date of receipt of tender. the current rate of taxes and duties as applicable will be added. and the price is exclusive of Excise duty. if any. No Relaxation in this respect will be entertained. 14.3. (b) Tender sent through Telegram. (CEC Number) and TIN No. WCL avails CENVAT credit on the tendered item. deviation if any from the specified technical and commercial terms must be submitted in a separate sheet in Technocommercial bid. If lowest price received against tender is un-reasonable.WCL. Refund/Credit. The offer should be submitted strictly as per the terms and conditions and procedures laid down in the tender document failing which the offer is liable for rejection. 9. All document required as per Central Excise rule to claim CEN-VAT must be submitted along with supply to claim CENVAT credit. and the bidder fails to specify the exact rate applicable. Tender documents can also be obtained from the office of the Staff Officer(MM). Late/Delayed offer: (a) A tender which has not been received on the due date and time will not be considered. Tenderer must by the tender document in their own name. Central Excise Registration No. the case may be re-tendered. (Hand written quotations will be summarily rejected). Such sheet should bear the name and address of the Company. . BIS certification & other Statutory documents required as per tender to be submitted with offer should be duly attested by PUBLIC NOTARY. METHOD OF ARRIVING AT THE TOTAL COMPOSITIE EVALUATED PRICE: a) Wherever the tenderers mention that taxes and duties are payable extra. NSIC Registration. 15. Request for tender documents from outstation firms should bear the tender reference and full address of the firm and reach atleast 15 days prior to the last date of receipt of tender. 5. All the pages of quotations including all enclosures submitted therein must be duly signed with seal except printed leaflets/catalogues. address and this office enquiry number and due date of opening of the tender. Dist. 13. WCL reserves the right to accept or reject such deviations without further reference to the tenderers. the same must also be confirmed with valid documentary evidence. Quotations. While comparison of the quoted price. In case the rat of Excise Duty varies with the turnover of the company. 11.

bidder should indicated the rate of VAT applicable. BANNED OR DE-LISTED SUPPLIERS : The bidders should given a declaration that they have not been banned or de-listed by any Government Or Quasi-Government Agencies of PSUs.Government agencies Or PSUs. SR. Flanges slip on Flanges suitable for welding as to 6” M. b) Self Attested Recent Order Copies of the ordered items/materials should be attached with Part-I (Techno Commercial Bid) c) In case the tenderer is a Manufacturer. The set off of ITC will be considered while evaluation of bids for comparison and ascertaining the L-1 status of the firms.S. if the firm quotes the exact amount of freight or packing and forwarding charges. of 16 mm hole confirming table D M.in their own name is to be submitted with Part-I d) The prices quoted should be FIRM In case of placement of order prices shall remain unchanged till execution of order subject to price fall conditions. Flanges 6” M. 17. the price will be loaded in the following manner i) In case of Ex-works offer and if the firm does not specify the packing and forwarding charges. the full address of works with NOTORISED copy of their Valid Registration with NSIC/SSI/DIC/DGS&D/Registrar Companies etc.Incase the Excise Duty is presently NIL and applicable at a later date during the execution of the contract. Flanges 8” M. PROVENNESS CRITERIA : The Stores to be offered by the tenderer shall be considered. Flanges slip on Flanges suitable for welding as to 8” M. Pipe with 8 Nos.S.S. Incase of supplies where VAT is applicable. This must be clearly stated and it may not necessarily be cause of disqualifying him.S. Pipe with 8 Nos. 2% of the ex-works price will be loaded to arrive at the FOR Dispatching Station price.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION AND SCHEDULE OF REQUIREMENT (ANNEXURE-C) SL NO DESCRIPTION QTY. the following percentage shall be added to arrive at the FOR destination price. If a bidder has been banned by any Government or Quasi.S. Similarly the bidder should clearly indicate the Sales Tax applicable. Concessional Sales Tax as applicable for tendered item should be quoted. In case the supplies where Central Sales Tax is applicable. MANAGER(MM)/BA . than Maximum rate of currently leviable ED will be loaded on the price during the evaluation CENVAT Credit shall be considered while evaluation of bids for comparison and ascertaining the L-1 status of the bidders. of 16 mm hole confirming table D 800 Nos. as element of estimated freight upto destination. However. ii) In case of FOR Dispatching station offer. 1 2 M. 19. Insurance charges shall be considered as per the existing transit insurance contract concluded by WCL. distance of dispatching station from site % of FOR Dispatching station price Above 2001 Kms 5% 1501 to 2000 Kms 4% 1001 to 1500 Kms 3% 501 to 1000 Kms 2% 500 Kms and below 1% However. REQD. 1000 Nos. the same shall be added in place of the above percentage amount. the bidder should specify whether the applicable ED will be borne by the Vendor or WCL in case to be borne by WCL. a) The offers must be on FOR destination basis.Deptt/PSUs. in case tenderer does not specify the basis of price or quotes on Ex-Works or FOR Dispatching station basis. a) Technical leaflet containing items quoted should be submitted alongwith Offer.S. The vendor should submit the Tax Invoice alongwith the supplies and WCL will avail Input Tax Credit (ITC) as per the VAT rules. provided the offered/similar item must have been supplied in the past to the CIL or its subsidiaries/Area and and Govt. Approx.

Tah. following documents are to be 13 submitted along with original bills as per terms of the supply order to the consignee. Delivery Schedule: As per Clause/NIT 8 Payment Terms for indigenous supplies: 100% Payment within 21 days of 9 receipt of acceptance of materials at site or submission of bills whichever is later. Original Packing would not be applicable for items which are shipped in open condition in containers etc. e) Certificate of origin. Terms and Conditions Sl. Withdrawal of tender within the validity period is not permitted. Distt. a) Self attested copy with original principal Invlice/packing list. Distt.442 706 Submission of Bills: For claiming payment.17 & 18 are applicable to this tender: Non-compliance of these terms and conditions will lead to rejection of the offer. The supplier shall provide clear linkage of items as per order with documents furnished under clause (a).The original documents under (a) and (c) shall be returned after verification with attested photocopy and making endorsements on original relating to transaction made Paying Authority : The Area Finance Manager. Sasti. Western Coalfields Limited.(b) and (c) for acceptance of spares by WCL. Sasti Township.Chandrapur(MS). Sasti.Sasti Township. PIN 442 706 Consignee : The Depot Officer. Validity: Offer should be kept valid for 180 days from the date of opening of 2 tender as specified. Tah. i) Supply of spares I to be arranged after importing ordered items in 10 i) “Original Packing”. e. 12 Regional Stores.EXCEPT 4. Western Coalfields Limited. I) Pre-receipted and stamped invoice (Original Buyer’s copy of invoice) Not applicable . PIN. Price to be quoted as FIRM and in case of order to remain FIRM till execution of 3 the order Variable prices are to be quoted as per clause indicated in the NIT 4 Price should be on FOR destination 5 Price should be on FOB-part of shipment basis(in case of import order) 6 Should submit copy of un-priced bid as per format (Annexure”B” without the 7 prices along with PART – “A” of the bid i.COMMERCIAL TRMS AND CONDITIONS vis-à-vis CHECK LIST (To be submitted in Techno-commercial Bid (Part ’A’). b) Self attested copy with bill lading/Airway bill c) Self attested copy with original bill of entry d) As per contractual requirement(if any) warranty/guarantee certificate.Chandrapur(MS). PO Sasti.Rajura. Bidder to indicate acceptance of terms and conditions as: YES/NO 1 Status of Tenderer a) Whether manufacturer b) Whether sole selling agent/authorized dealer/distributor(indicate the status) c) Authority letter in original in case of goods of imported origin as per clause. Sl. ii) The following import documents are required to be submitted with each supply for acceptance of supplied spares to WCL. At . PO. 11 Ballarpur Area. Techno Commercial Bid of Tender documents.Rajura.No. No.

in case of any defect noticed later. Guarantee/Warranty : Please refer As per NIT. the successful. the contract/supply order shall be read and understood as if it had contained from its inception the delivery date . as it considers to be justified by the circumstances of the case and its decision shall be final. Western Coalfields Limited. acts of nature or any other contingency beyond the supplier’s control due to act of God then Western Coalfields limited may allow such additional time by extending the delivery period. The inspection fee as applicable at the time of inspection (presently 0. Where felt necessary the limit of 10% can be increased to 15% at the discretion of buyer. after due notice to the successful tenderer. Minimum 10 days advance notice shall be given by manufacturer to the inspecting agency to carry out predespatch inspection. Inspection: Final Inspection shall be carried out by Consignee at site Liquidated damages: In the event of failure to execute the contract within the stipulated period mentioned in the order and in the event of breach of any of the terms and conditions in the order WCL has the right: a) To recover from successful tenderer. Sales Tax shall be paid by the supplier to the inspecting authority which will be subsequently reimbursed by the paying authority on production of documentary evidence. as agreed liquidated damages. on demand the remaining amount. The penalty if imposed shall not be more than the agreed liquidated damages referred to clause (a) above. flood. If and when additional time is granted by the Coal India Limited and its subsidiary companies. Should this sum be not sufficient to cover the full amount recoverable. entitle you to plead that inspection has been done by WCL before despatch and absolve you of the obligation.6% of the contract value for delay in execution of the contract beyond the delivery schedule (for this purpose part of a unit supplied will not be considered) as aforesaid for each week or part of a week during which the execution may be in arrears limited to 10%.38%) on the landed price inclusive of excise Duty. Such inspection shall not. g) The supplier shall not be entitled to any gain under this clause. Force Majeure Condition: If the execution of the contract/supply order is delayed beyond the period stipulated in the contract supply order as a result of outbreak of hostilities. d) To extend the delivery period with or without imposition of Liquidated Damages as may be considered fit and proper. Necessary tools and tackles etc to carry out inspection shall be provided by you. declaration of an embargo or blockade or fire. in part or whole by deducting any sum or which at any time thereafter. on the account and at the risk of the defaulting supplier the stores not supplied or others of a similar description without canceling the supply order in respect of consignment not yet due for supply or c) To cancel the supply order or a portion thereof.14 15 16 17 18 19 ii) Packing list in original list in original giving details of bill of materials iii) Consignment note/RR/PWB in original iv) Warranty/Guarantee certificate v) Manufacturers test certificate as per supply order terms vi) DGMS/BIS/certificates/any other document as per order Please indicate your Bank Account number and Name of Banker while submitting your bill. e) To encash any available Bank Guarantee/Security Deposit for recovery of the penalty. b) To purchase from elsewhere. hall be entitled to recover such sum by appropriating. Performance Bank Guarantee Not Applicable Pre-dispatch Inspection of the ordered materials shall be carried out by the Not Applicable agency appointed by WCL. to purchase the store at the risk and cost of the supplier an also. Tenderer shall pay to Western Coalfields Limited. may be due to the successful tenderer in this or any other contract. a sum not less than 0. f) Whenever under the contract a um of money I recoverable from and payable by the supplier. with Western Coalfields Limited or any of its Subsidiary Company. and if so desired.

All duties and taxes quoted shall be as legally leviable during the contractual delivery period. g) Name.. Non-acceptance of any of the terms and conditions may lead to rejection of offer or the offer maybe treated as un-responsive. Certificate of banning Or de-listed supplier as per Clause 7. b) Central Sales Tax Registration No. contract person of manufacturer/Exclusive authorized marketing outlet. (CEC No) e) TIN No. Current. Checklist should be properly filled in. In case a particular clause is not applicable to the bidder the same be marked as “Not applicable” with reason. 2. In case of any tax concession/duly exemption applicable to the tenderer.0 of Annexure-‘A’ 1. DGS&D Registration. WCL reserves the right to increase or decrease by 20% of the tendered quantity as indicated at Annexure ’AA’ Jurisdiction of NAGPUR Court accepted NSIC Registration. DGMS approval. address. etc. l) Name of the Bank and Branch with Location. 3. In case the bank is not having such facility you will have to shift your account to some other bank where EFT would be possible. Saving) iv) Style of Account v) MICR Code of the Branch vi) Whether the said branch of the bank is fully computerized and has got internet banking operational facility.1 of (IMPORTANT NOTES) OTHER INFORMATION (To be indicated) a) State Sales Tax Registration No. SR. ii) Account Number iii) Nature of Account(Cash. Fax No. the same should be clearly indicated. BIS certification & other Statutory documents required as per tender should be duly attested by PUBLIC NOTARY. h) Brand Name. model i) AFTER SALES SERVICE: Please indicate Complete address with Telephone No. j) Details of location of works k) In order to facilitate payment to vendors by way of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). MANAGER(MM)/BA . the following details pertaining to your Bank account may please be furnished. 4. Earnest Money/Security Money: Please refer Sl.No. Credit. c) PAN d) Central Excise Registration No. f) Central Excise Tariff Chapter and its sub heading nu mber under which the offered items fall as per the Central Excise Tariff.20 21 22 23 24 25 Note: as extended.

Sales Tax under column ‘h’ should indicate Central or State. If applicable.ANNEXURE-B FORMAT OF PRICE BID A Sl. The charges such as Octroi. in percentage should be clearly specified (not in absolute value). Price-Bids are to be neatly typed in the above FORMAT. Entry Taxes etc.. Conditional discount shall not be considered. freight and insurance charges shall be indicated separately for each item. Turn over Tax. otherwise clause no. No . if any. The quotation should indicate rate per unit. Compliance to Value added Tax (VAT). specifying exempted/NIL/not applicable.. duties and other charges etc. if applicable. if applicable. Sales Tax. other levies quoted except on Government notification during the contractual period. No. Non-compliance of the same may lead to rejection of the offer without any back reference to the tenderer The prices offered should be given preferably both in words and figures. L2 etc. MANAGER(MM)/BA . discount. Taxes.(Annexure’C’) 2) 3) 4) 5) The prices must be quoted on FOR destination. Handwriting price-Bids are not acceptable and liable for rejection. status. 9) 10) SR.16 of Impartant Notes will apply for determinng L-1. B Description c Unit of Measurement d Tender ed quantit y e Basic Price ExWork s (per unit) f Packing & forwardi ng g Excise Duty (% age) On H Sales Tax(% age) on i Freight j Insura nce k Other levies (details) L=e to k Lande d cost M Discount (if any on) N=lm Net Lande d Cost after disco unt 0=m x d Total Price of tendered quantity NOTE: 1) Item Sl. should be spelt-out separately giving the applicable rate in Percentage. the full rate as well as concessional rate against concessional form to be indicated. Description and Unit of measurement should be as per the schedule of requirement. Nothing extra will be payable over and above the percentage of Excise Duty.

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