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Bank Alfalah Limited:

Bank Alfalah was established in 1997, it is a first fully private bank and having fifth position in Pakistani banking sector. It has more than 270 branches across the country. The Bank has highest deposits and huge paid up capital. The Bank also offers latest products and services to their customers.

Vision: To be the premier organizations operating locally & internationally that

provides the complete range of financial services to all segments under one roof.

Mission: To develop and deliver the most innovative products, manage

customer experience, deliver quality service that contributes to brand strength, establishes a comprehensive advantage and enhances profitability, in this way

providing value to the stakeholders of the bank.

Comparison of Job Analysis & HR Planning Process in Bank Alfalah and Faysal Bank:
Job Analysis of Bank Alfalah:
Job analysis is very important task because on the basis of that many administrative and managerial decisions are made, such as recruitment, selection and training etc. At Bank Alfalah the job analysis is conducted when the organization wants to open a new branch, setting up new technology or new services etc. The purpose of job analysis is: To collect information about the different level of activities to be performed .To collect the data about education, skills, experience, personnel qualities To select the suitable person for right job

Job Analysis for Top Level Management:

The job analysis for the top management is done directly by the head office situated at Karachi and the head office uses internal as well as external source of recruitment to fill the vacant job accordingly. Following is one of the example of job description and job specification of the managerial post of Bank.

Managerial Job Description:

Job Title: Branch Manager Job Summary: Promotes banking in the community and manages branch operations in coordination with the head office. Tasks Highlight the services of the bank in the community to attract people for opening their accounts to increase the bank assets. To operate the branch in such a way that the cost of operation is minimized and the services are maximized. To check and issue loans on merit for the increase of bank revenues.

Managerial Job Specification:

Experience: This job is for the trained person and should have minimum 2 years of
working experience. Previous job performance should be good.

Personality: Attractive
Qualification: MBA or MS in relevant field.

Human Resource Planning Process of Bank Alfalah:

HR Department is responsible for an effective HR planning regarding demand and supply of employees and forecasting for these practices. The objectives of human resource planning for Bank Alfalah is same like the other organizations i-e to forecast and plan for the acquisition, retention, improvement and the utilization of HR. At Bank Alfalah Limited, Human Resource Planning involves a decision making in three areas of combined activities: In the first step the Bank Alfalah make a list of requirements to the specified job keeping in view its needs, objectives, additional human resource and skills required, then bank is able to hire the services of right kind of person to that job. In the second step the Bank Alfalah make plans for motivation of their employees by giving them different sort of targets and incentives on their achievement for bringing excellence in the performance of employees in their organization. In the 3rd step, employee goals and the organizational goals are interlinked. Following are the different situations for which Bank Alfalah carries out different human resource planning.

Forecasting Employee Demand:

2 3 4 5 Opening a new branch Setting up or starting with new technology Changes in customer demand New services

Forecasting Employee Supply:

6 Transfers 7 Internal Movements (promotions) 8 Job Rotations 9 Overtime.

Faysal Bank Limited:

Faysal Bank Limited started operations in Pakistan in 1987. Initially Faysal Bank started functioning as an Islamic Bank but later on it converted into normal bank and renamed as Faysal Bank Limited. Later on in January 2002, a group entity in Pakistan i.e. Al-Faysal Investment Bank Limited became associated and merged into the current Faysal Bank. The Head Office of the bank is situated at Faysal House Shahrae-Faisal, Karachi.

Job Analysis of Faysal Bank:

For every job there is different job specification which is according to the description of the job. But the method of its application is different at different organization. We have taken the task of job analysis of Faysal bank. According to our investigation, there are three different categories of jobs in the Faysal Bank, which are handled in different ways.

Job Analysis for Lower Staff:

For lower staff there is no prescribed job description or specification. The operational manager who is the controlling authority of the lower staff has the authority to change their job related duties with the consultation of supervisor. If there is any job vacant at low level in the Faysal Bank, the immediate supervisor of concerned department with the assistance of Branch Manager will transfer the relevant job description and specification to the HRM Department of Faysal Bank situated at Karachi. The head office will use this written job description and specification to select the right employee for Faysal Bank.

Job Analysis for Middle Staff:

The branch manager who is the overall in charge of the bank, if there is any post vacant at middle level staff which includes operational manager and head of all concerned department. Then the manager will give requisition to the head office by giving job description and specification.

Job Analysis for Top Managerial Post:

In the Faysal Bank the top managerial staff is selected from the internal sources by the head office and job analysis is directly done by the head office.

HR Planning Process of Faysal Bank:

These are the steps of HR planning process in Faysal Bank. Determining the objectives (To know where they are and where they wants to go) Defining skills required to meet objectives (To train their employees to meet the objectives effectively and efficiently) Determine additional human resource requirement (To determine the need of extra work force to do the job) Develop action to meet the anticipated HR needs. Like all other good organizations, HR manager of Faysal Bank also builds employment plans which are based on the basic assumptions for employment by forecasting three things: The supply of inside candidates Personnel needs The supply from outside candidates according to the bank requirements By the utilization of their resources, it is checked that either there is any job placement or any expansion in their business so that new jobs are open for new candidates .All these issues are tackled by the HR manger and their respective staff.

Comparison of Bank Alfalah and Faysal Bank:

10 At Bank Alfalah the job analysis is conducted when the organization wants to open a new branch, setting up new technology or new services etc. They have specific job description and job specification for each post. While in Faysal Bank they also conduct job analysis whenever it is needed for middle level staff. But there is no specific job description and specification for lower jobs. 11 As far as top managerial jobs analysis are concerned, Bank Alfalah adopt the universal way of recruitment from both internal and external sources according to the job description and specification given by the head office. While in Faysal Bank the top managerial post are mostly filled from internal sources from the persons with the required specification and job description by the head office. 12 The Bank Alfalah gets feed back from the lower supervisory staff and also from middle level of managerial staff in the branches for their recruitment purpose. They provide job description and specification to HR department where they analyze and make recruitment with the consultation of the top managerial staff at the head office but Faysal Bank totally relies on the HR department of their bank who are responsible to keep an eye on the requirements of different branches with their expansion and growth. They mostly provide the required staff from internal sources but external sources are also mobilized when suitable candidate is not available for the job having certain specification

and description. 13 The main objective of HRM is to plan for the present and the future of the organization.