Read the text in each of the following situations and choose the best meaning for the phrases that are underlined. Exercise 1 Exer Selvam woke up bright and early last Saturday. He was in seventh heaven! First of all, he had just got his O level results. As everyone had expected, he had passed with flying colours. Then came the surprise! In the garden was a brand new car! It was a gift from his father. Bursting with pride, Mr Krishnan gazed at the apple of his eye and said, ‘Happy birthday, son, and congratulations on your excellent results! Your mother and I are so proud of you!’ 1. in seventh heaven A utterly discontented B C D extremely happy amazingly dreamy very imaginative

3. the apple of his eye A his beloved wife B C D his family members his 1favourite child his many possessions

Exercise 2 Mrs Lee and Mrs June are leaving for home after finishing their shopping. Mrs Lee Oh, no! It's raining cats and dogs. How on earth am I going to get to my car? Mrs June Where did you park your car? Mrs Lee In the open car park down the road. I'll get drenched if I try to run to it. Mrs June Don't get so stressed, Mei. It's just a passing cloud. Let's have a cup of tea at that little cafe while waiting for the rain to stop. Mrs Lee Good idea!

2. had passed with flying colours A had excelled in Art B C D had mediocre grades had just scraped through had done very well

1. raining cats and dogs A drizzling slightly B raining very heavily C threatening to rain shortly D the thunder and lightning that scare the animals


D The whole area is going to be flooded Rashid Dev I'll do that. Do you buy that? A Do you believe his story? B Do you often buy things from him? C Does he often fall ill? D Does the teacher send him on errands? 3. I'll get drenched A I'll get completely wet B I'll slip and fall C I'll be very foolish D I'll be arrested 3. Rashid Dev Rashid Dev Rashid Dev Why did Kamal go home early today? He told the teacher that he was a bit under the weather. It's just a passing cloud A It's going to rain for days B The clouds are gathering overhead C It will stop raining soon. 2 . What a tale! Do you buy that? With his reputation for playing truant? You've got to be kidding! Well. a bit under the weather A worried about the change in weather B concerned that it might rain heavily C not feeling well D irritated by recent weather reports 2. playing truant A being crazy about games B constantly falling ill C skipping school for no reason D cheating people all the time Exercise 3 Rashid and Dev are talking about Kamal. bye. Bye. I'll give him a call later to find out how he's doing! If you discover anything interesting. 1. be sure to call me.2 2.

but I make it a point to see them at least once a fortnight. I do drink tea when I have company. haven't you? You can say that again! What about you. just a stone's throw away A a great distance B in the same house C in the next town D a very short distance Exercise 5 Read the conversation in each of the following situations and choose the best meaning for the phrases that are underlined. Your grandparents live just a stone's throw away from you. but it doesn't bother me if I don't have it. I'll make you a cup of tea in a jiffy. Seng David Seng David Seng Do you visit your grandparents often? Not as often as I'd like to. Karen. I must try to follow your example. make it a point A am not able B make the effort C don't often try D make excuses Selina Karen Selina Karen I'm dying for a cup of tea. Talking to you has made me feel so guilty. once a fortnight A once in a blue moon B very rarely C every other week D once in four nights Selina Karen 3 . sit down and make yourself comfortable. 2. Well. I haven't seen them for months. You must see them very often. to tell you the truth. I can't get through any afternoon without my tea. Selina is at Karen's home. 3. Come.3 Exercise 4 Seng and David are talking about visiting grandparents. considering your busy work schedule and the fact that they live so far away. That's amazing. The tea will really pep me up. 1. Thanks. Karen? Well. You've become quite a tea addict.

C I would very much like to have some tea. 2. I visited the doctor but I'm not happy with the 4 . You look blue A You look depressed. 2. D I'm faint-hearted. B Tea will kill me. May. C I'm very weak. How are you? You look blue. pep me up A put me to sleep B make me feel better C give me a good appetite D make me feel and act more dignified diagnosis. C You dress nice in blue. D You should go to see a counsellor. I have been having some fainting spells.4 1. 1. Jackie You should go for a second opinion. Jackie May Hi. D I don't usually have a cup of tea. B You look weak. B I faint quite often. Exercise 6 Jackie meets May at a bus stop. I haven't been well. You should go for a second opinion A You should write down your opinion. I have been having some fainting spells. I'm dying for a cup of tea A I will die if I have a cup of tea. C You should go to another hospital. in a jiffy A with milk and sugar B in a French cafe C on a beautiful tray D in a very short while 3. A I can't spell the word. D Your hands are blue with cold. B You should see another doctor. 3.

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