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Deanna Brummitt

The Holocaust
Project 2009

The Holocaust was a nightmare back in the days. Many Jews died because of
what has happened to them. Where the hardship these people had to go through to
survive in life. Where they were marked and worked to death. This is the story of
the holocaust. It begins by the events that lead into the holocaust, Arrival to
camps, Auschwitz, the Nazi Euthanasia project, and the fight back.

We got back to the date when the holocaust was about to begin. The year was
1933 when Hitler came to power. Hitler was most aggravated when he lost in ww1. He
then blamed the Jews for the non defeat. He then started said that people with
blond hair, blue eye’s were the only supreme form of human, or master race.
In 1935 German Citizens forbidden inter marriage with non-Jews. All Jews were
removed from professions, excluded from military service, and they weren’t even
aloud to share park benches with other Germans.
By this time many buildings, stores, and homes were being destroyed. They would
march down the street grab a Jew and make them walk with them. They would beat the
Jews that were on the street.
When this was all happening there was a smear campaign under the direction of
propaganda. Minister Goables portrayed Jews as enemies of the German people. The
daily anti-Semitic slurs appeared in Nazi newspapers, magazines, movies, in
speeches, and also on the radio. They also wanted to top the Nazi’s, Hitler, and
there classrooms.
After a while things started getting worse. There was a meeting about the
Nazi Euthanasia project that got many Jews scared and worried about what is about
to happen.
There was then a camouflage organization called the T-4. This T-4 did many
things that was a mental and physical defective against Jews. in which It killed
the Jews. what they did was that they started eliminating those who carried
defective genetic materials in which that emerged the equality. Second was the
beginning stage of a corruption of German medical professions. Third was a crucial
T-4 in which it developed the technology that would later be applied as to the
mass addition to which a statistical detail that regarded the number of victims.
When many Jews got departed or taken away in cuffs they were sent to camps.
One in particularly the largest of them all was Auschwitz. This was the biggest
death camp you can ever imagine. It is established that at least one-third of the
European Jewish population that about 5 million to 6 million were killed by the
How they got to this camp is that they were forced or taken to a train that
was supposed to lead them to a better life, a better homestead, and good jobs that
are welcomed to them. When they arrived women, children and men were separated
into different parts. One was to the left and one was to the right. If they didn’t
look well enough to work they were sent to the left. The ones that looked well
enough to work were on the right. What the left meant was death, but the Jews
thought that the Nazi’s meant that you get to go take a shower and get new
clothes. When the men woman, and children arrived they were stripped bare naked,
they were to stay in the shower. They then shut the door and turned on the gas
that seeped through the vents. When they knew that they were dead they would drag
the bodies out, shave their heads, and cut the gold, and the fillings out. When
they were done they would send them to Berlin.
What the right meant hard labor this meant that that they were sent to another
area called the quarantine. At this camp their heads were shaven, and they got
issued prison uniforms, and then sent to a labor camp near them. They were marked
with a tattoo that was on their left arm it showed what number they represented.
So that if they escaped they know who to look for.