The Poet (Dedicated to the Amazing Poet Daniel Essman) Give Me Words Undisguised Unpretentious Verse, Hang Metaphors

! Words that Cut Deeper Than Knives Shorter than Feelings, Cut Down to Size, Brevity Fits Like Compact Ice! Meandering Feelings Trapped, Circumcised and Downsized Cut, Cut, Cut And Cut to Fit! Rambling Thoughts Unfrocked Caught, Wrought and Surmised! Shredded Love, Discarded Threads Unstitched, Rags to Bag! A Standing Ovation! Poetic Justice, Nay! A Spoof, A Jest on Life! The Heart is a Labyrinth Unplugged, Oozing Undammed! The Poet Bows Tripping Over His Clown’s Hat! Applause! 18 March 2012 Shyam

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