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Chat, Paula Robinson [08:54] Stylianos Mystakidis: magnificent setting [08:55] RobertKlein Dogpatch: Anyone going to the ASTD

International Conference in Denver [08:55] RobertKlein Dogpatch: Yes, last year the virtual world talks were cancelled at the last moment [08:55] SusanNVB CHELCO: I will not. [09:00] Serious Starsider: Paulette does Munigov still have regular meetings there? [09:00] RobertKlein Dogpatch: Opensim [09:00] Stylianos Mystakidis: getting ready to start the live stream [09:00] Hack Richard: welcome... TY to Paulette for presenting! [09:01] Hack Richard: no problem TPing here [09:01] Paulette Darkstone: hey [09:01] Stylianos Mystakidis: Live stream -> [09:01] Hack Richard: hello!!! [09:01] Light Sequent: will post to FB Styli [09:01] Hack Richard: Richard Hackathorn, Bolder Technology in Boulder CO [09:02] Kiwi Gears: Kurt Steuck, Diligent Consulting, San Antonio, TX [09:02] Brane Khaos: Jason Maluf, Nationwide Insurance, NC [09:02] Stylianos Mystakidis: Stylianos Mystakidis, University of Patras, Greece [09:02] RobertKlein Dogpatch: /Robert Klein - Nashville - Emdeon Training Evangelist [09:02] SusanNVB CHELCO: Susan Van Buren, CHELCO (Chel-ko), Florida ;) [09:02] Serious Starsider: John McKenna Blacksburg Virginia local government IT/Web Development [09:03] Light Sequent: Lesley Scopes University of Southampton UK [09:03] Stylianos Mystakidis: [09:04] Bruce: Bruce Gross Sr Instructor GPI out of San Francisco [09:05] Xon Emoto: Hanno Tietgens, Owner of BRO X Media Lab and initiator of Campus Hamburg in 3D. Hello from Hamburg ;)

[09:05] Thynka Little: LuAnn Phillips, Coordinator of Cooperative Extension projects in virtual worlds [09:06] Eric Hackathorn: Eric Hackathorn, NOAA [09:07] toBe Destiny: Dr Paul Stephen Prueitt, proposed to President Obama a dedicated system for education based on Open Sim [09:07] Stylianos Mystakidis: [09:07] Eric Hackathorn: totally worth it :) [09:07] toBe Destiny: [09:07] Stylianos Mystakidis: [09:07] Thynka Little: I am looking forward to it again this year! [09:07] Xon Emoto: Infinite Reality. [09:07] Xon Emoto: yes [09:08] Stylianos Mystakidis: amazing yes [09:08] Anders Gronstedt: We had Baileson as speaker here last year! [09:08] Bruce: Great Book [09:08] Al Supercharge: (like last week - I yet again asked Brane to switch off his "face" lights) [09:08] Stylianos Mystakidis: [09:08] Hack Richard: Infinite Reality at [09:08] Light Sequent: put some shades on Al... [09:09] Stylianos Mystakidis: just video [09:09] Thynka Little: yes!! [09:09] Anders Gronstedt: YES he's awesome!!! [09:09] Xon Emoto: only on video, so far [09:09] Al Supercharge: it detracts from the experience [09:09] Peter Guastella: yes [09:09] Hack Richard: Jessie Shell ???

[09:09] Stylianos Mystakidis: Schell [09:10] Stylianos Mystakidis: T2 PTSD Island [09:10] Hack Richard: [09:10] Stylianos Mystakidis: T2 PTSD Education (130,192,29) [09:10] Hack Richard: [09:11] Stylianos Mystakidis: University of Washington Certificate Program in Virtual Worlds that Paulette mentioned -> [09:12] toBe Destiny: Nany Kayo is attending the UW program I think [09:12] Thynka Little: there is no conference hotel for this [09:12] Al Supercharge: website? [09:12] Thynka Little: everybody is scattered [09:12] Bruce: I'm attending the UW class [09:12] Thynka Little: would be good to have some plan for after hours meetups [09:12] toBe Destiny: (sometimes a little chaos is good, at first anyway [09:13] Hack Richard: webinar is "push-out boring" [09:13] Hack Richard: "virtual world allows the unpredictability of human action" [09:13] Peter Guastella: Website for Federal Consortium Virtual Worlds conferenced: [09:15] Eric Hackathorn: you don't call enough... [09:15] Eric Hackathorn: :) [09:15] Hack Richard: "first time in VW I laughed! It is really a free-ing environment" [09:16] Hack Richard: Data analytics !!!! YEA!!!! [09:16] Hack Richard: "what kind of metaphor to display the data is the challenge" [09:17] Hack Richard: "VWs are coming and going! [09:18] SusanNVB CHELCO: Looking forward to that! [09:18] Eric Hackathorn: yay for Unity!

[09:18] Starlight Harbour: yep! [09:19] Hack Richard: "avatar security will come! I know it will... " [09:19] Peter Guastella: David Smith of Lockheed, sponsored by the DoD, is working on something he calls the Virtual World Framework, an WebGL-based platformf for delivering 3D in the browswer without a plugin. [09:19] Al Supercharge: how does the DOD MOSES project go OPEN and not care about security as much ? [09:20] Stylianos Mystakidis: Yes Peter, there is an excellent recording of his keynote on last year's FCVW conference [09:21] Eric Hackathorn: yay for small meetings with air cards for internet connections [09:23] Eric Hackathorn: well.... [09:23] Xon Emoto: He has quite a few researchers and developers in MOSES not directly related to the Army [09:23] Eric Hackathorn: yay! was hoping to hear more on that project... [09:24] Peter Guastella: Will the VW Framework workshop be streamed? [09:24] Eric Hackathorn: interesting in seeing the performance of HTML5 [09:24] Curious George: Question: Is there a link? [09:24] Al Supercharge: thot MOSES was Open Sim ? [09:25] Xon Emoto: [09:27] Eric Hackathorn: *cough* [09:28] Eric Hackathorn: interesting [09:30] Eric Hackathorn: [09:32] Thynka Little: That was a lot of information [09:32] Curious George: Yes, [09:32] Hack Richard: "future going... open standards, browser based, 3D analytics, gaming, immersion, ... And we have not begun to see impacts from AI!" [09:32] Al Supercharge: MOSES doesnt care about browser ap - -why u ?

[09:33] Curious George: The commercial world is going to define the 3D web standard at some point soon. Unity 3D seems to be a popular development platform atm, but who knows. What, if any, are the coordination efforts between the gov't and the major industry players? [09:33] Thynka Little: Tell us again, what is USDA doing? (separate from the stalled vGov project) [09:34] Hack Richard: Are corporate security environments similar to government? [09:34] Darleen Nikolaidis: Industry is the same, it's a general problem [09:34] Stylianos Mystakidis: twitter hashtag #t4s [09:34] Eric Hackathorn: :) [09:34] SusanNVB CHELCO: When do you think the Wii and similar type interfaces will be available for Second Life? [09:35] Eric Hackathorn: I would like to see a major game studio involved in that conversation.... [09:35] Curious George: @Elektra: tere are already Kinect interfaces in development [09:35] Al Supercharge: has Green Phosphor given up trying to patent their work ? [09:36] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele: on Feb 1st microsoft opened up development for Kinect for windows some are already developing for second life [09:36] Curious George: Yes, we are, and probably others [09:36] Hack Richard: @stylianosm2 is doing a super job on tweeting our meeting on #t4s [09:37] Eric Hackathorn: there were opensource drivers avaiable long before microsoft woke up :) [09:37] Kiwi Gears: We are connecting the Kinect with Unity. [09:37] SusanNVB CHELCO: @George & Jeffery: Thanks. Projected timeline? [09:37] Hack Richard: tell us more on your work - Kiwi [09:38] Thynka Little: How important is it to have an immersive virtual world that runs on the IPad? [09:38] Eric Hackathorn: are there any plans to include additional platforms in the USDA vGov framework? [09:39] Curious George: A comment: the academia has been very slow and reluctant to explore immersive VR technologies. Yet, we should probably not let the games industry dictate the futue of what is probably a deeply transformative tech. Maybe the Gov't can stimulate some research/collaboration there. [09:40] Curious George: @Elektra - not yet, just starting, really

[09:41] SusanNVB CHELCO: I'm looking forward to that; great for psychomotor training, which is important to my company. [09:43] Darleen Nikolaidis: is someone experiencing with Virtual Meeting Rooms? I think you mentioned meeting and saving on travel expense previously [09:43] Paulette Darkstone: [09:44] Eric Hackathorn: a related conference involving virtual worlds and serious games: [09:46] Thynka Little: better ROI that way [09:48] Eric Hackathorn: or we can wait for Google Goggles later this year ;) [09:48] Xon Emoto: [09:48] Al Supercharge: TED 6th Sense [09:49] Eric Hackathorn: "a day made of glass" [09:49] Eric Hackathorn: [09:49] Hack Richard: LOL [09:49] Peter Guastella: SCORM never lived up to its promise of re-usability. Don't see how an initiative to make 3D modules re-usable will fare much better, at least not for training, which is always very customized. Maybe for academic subjects...? [09:49] RobertKlein Dogpatch: [09:51] Stylianos Mystakidis: Anders, from Learning Archetype we can define Working Archetypes [09:52] Thynka Little: I am still struggling with trying to attract the general public to learning spaces in Second Life. [09:52] Stylianos Mystakidis: Thynka you need to have an attractive purpose to ..lure them in [09:53] Eric Hackathorn: [09:53] Hack Richard: TeraViz at [09:53] Thynka Little: @Styl there are many barriers to participation [09:54] Stylianos Mystakidis: @Thynka e.g. Willingness to learn & unlearn and change? [09:54] Xon Emoto: @ Thynka, the concept of avatar-based interaction being one of them.

[09:55] Thynka Little: most people still give me the deer-in-the-headlights look when I talk about this stuff [09:55] Peter Guastella: I don't think the idea of building a virtual office is lame. Remote workers feel cut off from their colleagues and don't get to participate in the kind of impromptu, organic conversations that help with relationship building and innovation. [09:56] Thynka Little: @ Peter I have a virtual Cooperative Extension building :) [09:56] Peter Guastella: @Thynka :-) [09:57] Eric Hackathorn: @Peter office spaces can be used well or abused. organic water-cooler conversation is great. I've also been power pointed to death in 3 hour meetings. It all depends how the space is used. [09:57] Al Supercharge: aren't u pressuring LL to re-release SL ENTERPRISE ? [09:57] Eric Hackathorn: LL is out to lunch. [09:57] Serious Starsider: End of Silverlight would be a blessing [09:57] Peter Guastella: @Eric. Absolutely [09:58] Al Supercharge: and get the benefit of 200 employess working on SL over 6 years ! [09:58] Thynka Little: @AI you made me snort my coffee up my nose [09:58] Hack Richard: SL ENTERPRISE should rest-in-peace undistrurbed [09:58] Al Supercharge: why? [09:59] Hack Richard: OpenSim is nicely (but slowly) maturing [09:59] Eric Hackathorn: there is no way LL will actually support it. they made a business decision to take the environment a different direction. and goverment can't afford it. [10:00] Thynka Little: as usual Paulette has restored my hope for the future [10:00] Hack Richard: I have no confidential that LL will provide a stable vendor support for serious SL activities [10:00] Eric Hackathorn: our hero and hope for the future -- paulette [10:00] Hack Richard: TY Paulette!!!!!!! [10:00] Peter Guastella: Great discussion. Thanks Paulette and Anders and everyone else. [10:00] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele: There are some non profits that are working with unity through jibe to open counseling servives through the web based virtual worlds

[10:00] Xon Emoto: CU in Washington :) yes, thank you Paulette! that was great! [10:00] Al Supercharge: website again ? [10:00] Thynka Little: can we have a social director for the conference? [10:01] Kiwi Gears: Thank you, Paulette! [10:01] Peter Guastella: [10:01] SusanNVB CHELCO: /clap [10:01] Eric Hackathorn: TY! [10:01] Stylianos Mystakidis: [10:01] Hack Richard: register at [10:01] Eric Hackathorn: ISM? [10:01] DyVerse Jeffery-Steele: < registered [10:01] Eric Hackathorn: nice [10:01] SusanNVB CHELCO: Thank you Paulette! [10:01] Stylianos Mystakidis: Thank you Paulette [10:01] Paulette Darkstone: Thank you all! [10:01] Thynka Little: Thanks Anders [10:01] Hack Richard: And TY Anders for providing a great weekly program [10:02] Paulette Darkstone: my pleasure [10:02] Paulette Darkstone: bye [10:02] Xon Emoto: ty Anders, safe trip to the old world and back :) [10:02] Thynka Little: nice to see everyone