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Carleton Condominium Corporation No 419

Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors
Held October 18, 2008, at 7:00pm, Unit #311

Alessandro Alasia - President
Mike Shaikin - Secretary
Maria Lo - Treasurer
Henri Proulx - Director at Large
James McHugh - Axia Management Ltd.
Jack Cadieux - Director at Large

Call to order
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Board President Alessandro Alasia. A quorum
was noted.

Approval of agenda and minutes of previous meetings

Agenda is approved. It is decided that Board will define the Agenda and Management provides
additional items for the agenda. Minutes of September meeting approved with minor editorial
corrections. Minutes of April and May 2008 need to be approved. Since only Alessandro was on
the Board at the time, approval will follow some clarification with former Board members.
Alessandro will follow up on that and inform the Board. Manager confirms that authority of
approval is with current Board.

Manager asks to be exonerated from the task of preparing the minutes, due to experience with
previous Board and requests he had from some board members to edit the minutes. All Directors
agree with this request. All agree to use a voice recorder to facilitate record and preparation of
minutes. The meeting is recorded.

Status Certificate
Directors and Management confirmed that they were not aware of any circumstances that could
affect the Condominium legally or may require a special assessment. Directors asked Manager
to bring the general version of the Status Certificate to the next Board meeting. This will be either
emailed or attached to the management report.

Review of finance with Management

Conducted a detailed review of current accounts, focusing on the period April to August 31. The
Corporation expects to have close to $100,000 in the Reserve Fund by the end of the fiscal year.
Manager provided an explanation on why the Corporation had a deficit at the end of the fiscal
year (major repairs were done; end of fiscal year is a point in time in which typically expenditure
exceeds revenues). The Board reaffirmed the priority to bring the corporation back on track with
the financial indications of the Reserve Fund Study (RFS).

The Board and Management agree that Corporation should now focus on building some reserve.
The Manager indicates that the expectation of the year was to spend about $100,000 of the RF
(currently about 50% of that was spent) and put another $100,000 in the fund (the plan, according
to the Manager, was to use this amount for the hallway renovation project and/or split this
expenditure over two, three years).

The Treasurer reviewed of recent expenditures with the Manager, up to August 2008 (September
expenditures remain to be reviewed; account will be available by the second week of October).

The Board agreed to have a forward-looking approach to expenditure (and maintenance).
Manager confirms that this is possible and that this year there are only minor repairs needed.

It is proposed that, as of the next meeting, the Manager will present the upcoming expenditure,
which will be then approved by the Board (as opposed to having the past expenditures that need
to be signed off by the Board). All in favor.

Key decisions:
• Board and Management expect to have about $100,000 in the Reserve Fund by the end of the
fiscal year;
• Manager presents expenditure for the following month for Board approval;
• Alessandro: to prepare a simple Excel spreadsheet to track and monitor expenditures and set
financial targets (file will be available to owners upon request).

Review of maintenance and repairs

Discussion and clarifications on the nature of the leaks that occurred on some balconies. Overall,
Manager reports that the main repairs that were needed have been completed. Some patio doors
might have to be replaced in the future. The Board asks whether it is possible to add a thin
outward-sloping layer of concrete on the balcony floor, to get rid of the water. This would allow
the water to percolate away from walls. Management indicates that it is not technically possible to
add this layer of concrete or other material.

Question related to the contractors used for window renovations. The Board indicated to
Management a need to have competitive bids on major jobs (above $10,000). This has to be
done respecting business ethics but at the same time ensuring competitive bids.

Review of recent maintenance and repair work focuses on window replacement and scaffolding.
Concerns were expressed with regard to planning of window replacement which required
scaffolding. Currently, the scaffolding is still in place because some of the windows were ordered
after the job was started. The Manager indicates that it was not possible to see that some window
need replacement until the scaffolding was in place. According to Management, scaffolding costs
almost as much as the windows. At this point, 9 windows still need to be replaced and then the
work will be completed. It is agreed with Management that by the week of October 20 the last part
of scaffolding will be removed. Management estimates that the entire cost of scaffolding, for this
summer, will be approximately $27,000 (total). The cost of window replacement is approximately
$60,000. Few additional windows that might need to be replaced do not need scaffolding.

Several clarification questions were asked about the RFS; questions concerning the estimated
cost of windows replacement, the pipes in the garage, etc. The Board identified the need to
update the RFS. However, the Board indicates to the Manager put on hold any work
assignment/contract with Atelier 292. The Board expressed disappointment and irritation about
the delay of Atelier292 in providing the documentation for the hallway renovations (presentation
and other documents). Atelier292’s email reply to the Board was also concerning.

It was agree to post the RFS online, to make it available to owners, as the RFS is a public
document that must be provided by the Corporation.

Planning of maintenance and repair

Following the discussion on expenditure, the Board and Management agreed to take a forward-
looking approach to repairs and maintenance: this implies that all repairs must be reported to the
Board before they are implemented by Management (except for emergencies).

The Manager will provide a list of maintenance and repairs that are expected to be implemented
in the month (or months) following each Board meeting.

The Manager indicated only two minor repairs (around $1,000) for the foreseeable future: (1)
Leaking from #508 to #417; finished fixing the balcony at 508 (PBS and RND are currently doing
the repairs); (2) patio door at #504 has a small leak to #413. There are no other repairs to be

It is suggested to establish a “list of small repairs and improvements” for projects smaller than
$1,000. All in favour. Mike will maintain this list. Small repairs/improvements to be done/consider:
(1) in the garage the glass on the fire hose is cracked; (2) buy chairs for AGM, 30-40 foldable
chairs, when there is a sale or opportunity; (3) locked notice board for elevators. These
repairs/improvements are generally not urgent.

Other issues: Garage door, see if it is possible to have it close more rapidly; Jim indicate that this
could be done, next time there is some maintenance to the door. Some resident indicated that the
waste removal is very noisy. Suggested improvement: replace the wheels of the waste bins. Mike
S. will look if this minor improvement is technically possible and what would be the cost (Mike has
since confirmed that this is not technically possible).

Neighbourhood: Jim will update the Board on NCC work, on the western side of the building.

Update on hallways renovation

Henri confirms that a meeting of the House Committee (HC) was called (October 16).
Announcement made in the Commentary. The Board will invite owners to submit comments to
the House Committee about the renovation. The HC obtained samples of carpet to be consider
for the upgrade (preliminary estimates suggest a cost of high quality residential carpet of about
$4.5/sf, installed). The Board is waiting for Atelier 292 to submit documents on renovations.

Review of legal documents

The Manager confirms that he never received most of the documents listed in the invoices from
the Solicitor of the Corporation. The Manager provided a copy of document currently in the
Corporate Records. He is instructed by the Board to obtain a copy of all documents listed in the
invoices. The Board will review this document and establish appropriate procedure that to ensure
that the Corporation will no get involved in costly and unproductive litigations among residents in
the future. Currently the legal bill of the corporation is about $4,500 (these are for legal services
requested by past Board members; Manager indicates that some invoice may still be submitted).

Management schedule and duties

Manager updates the new directors about his schedule. The Manager is in the building each
Wed. between 3pm and 6pm. It is agreed that under normal conditions, response time for email
communication is max 3 business days. Set date for a tour of the building for new directors.

Next Board Meeting November 11, 2008 (to be confirmed). With no further business to come
before the Board meeting, and upon motion duly made and unanimously carried, the meeting
adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mike Shaikin, Secretary
Alessandro Alasia, President