ეროვნული სასწავლო ოლიმპიადა inglisur ენაში

VIII-IX კლასი

II turi

Tqven winaSea erovnuli saswavlo olimpiadis meore turis testi inglisur enaSi. gTxovT, yuradRebiT waikiTxoT davalebebis piroba da am pirobis Sesabamisad SeasruloT mocemuli davalebebi. gTxovT, Tqveni pasuxebi gadaitanoT pasuxebis furcelze. gaiTvaliswineT, rom gaswordeba mxolod pasuxebis furceli. testis Sesasruleblad geZlevaT 1 saaTi da 30 wuTi.

gisurvebT warmatebas!

2011-2012 saswavlo weli

has painted D. Aren’t you D. It has a very loud sound. We have run out of milk. Write the answers in the answer sheet. didn’t agree 5. And this must be the reason for pollution. is causing B.. causes C. will go B. I ….. A. A. . A. after 5:30.. was born . I am surprised! You’ve been running since morning. Do you like this picture? Isn’t it very beautiful? My father ……. will be painting B. 1. born D.. am trying B. will be watching B. don’t agree B. Acid rain …… by burning coal or oil. Don’t you 6. I’m sorry but I ……. be used B.TASK 1 Read the sentences and circle the right choice. The date of the exam ……. had tried 8. is caused 3. be using C. She .. caused D. to phone her several times but she had left the country. was watching D. tried D. try C. haven’t agreed D. A. not agree C. It’s a pity we couldn’t meet. We ….…. I …. a football match between Arsenal and Manchester United at 9 o’clock tonight. watch 11. yesterday.. A. has born C. I . were having C.. A. Did you C. This machine mustn’t …. A. to be used 2. will be going D.…. have had 7. and get some right now. prefer cycling to running? A. with you now. are having B. in a small village in the south of Spain. will have watched C. has been born B. was announced C. A. am going to go C. having D. has announced D.…. go 10. A. Are you B. What you say is completely unbelievable. paints C. lunch in our local café when we heard good news about our lottery ticket on TV. used D. was being announced B. it. had announced 4. had been painting 9. A.

tennis.. Can you ……. A. is going to hit D. A. will fall D. A. Be careful to climb that high wall.. protect B.. You are not allowed …. would hit C. hits B. were protected . am driving D. have driven 19. fell C. I won’t be able to catch you if you ….. A. looking up to C. by the government. We’ve decided to travel to Europe next summer. be brought C.. take away B. My friends play tennis well and I’ll join them one day..12.. coffee into the classroom. take up C. bringing 20. this form please? It’s urgent.. A. A. my own car. to bring B. fill with 16. fill on C. looking after B. so we are …… our holiday. Nowadays most historical buildings in our country ….. the tree. will be driving C. are protected D. brought D. drive B. from C. with 14. were fallen 18. A. The message was written in the sand …. I hope that in three years’ time I …. Look at that car! It’s moving so fast! It…. take after 17. A. has hit 13. on D. looking out of D. looking forward to 15. A. take off D. fill through D.. a stick. fall B. protected C. I’ve decided to …. fill in B. through B. down.

when they decide they don’t need their old things any more.. Nobody will be able ……. you will pollute it. Most of them need to heat their homes ……. Do not copy the words from the text on the answer sheet. It can be yesterday’s newspaper. Some waste is dangerous because ……. Use each word only once. Four words are extra. The main reason for pollution is waste – things which people throw ……… (4) because they don’t need them any more. There are nearly seven billion people in the world. …….TASK 2 Read the text and fill the gaps (1-10) with the words given below.…… (1) do we really mean under pollution? When you pollute something. . (6) waste is called toxic waste. and it is . an and as away it (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) for (F) of (G) to (H) the (I) so (J) such (K) which (L) what (M) why (N) A throw-away world A lot of people feel that pollution has become one of the biggest problems in the world. an old car or smoke from a factory chimney.. (8) is worrying many people. the sea and the air. Mark the corresponding letter (A-N) on the answer sheet. and many governments. All living things.…… (7) problem of toxic waste. (10) well which causes extra pollution. (9) plants. (3) drink it or wash in it. If you put engine oil in water. and it is people who make all of dangerous waste. make waste.. dress and travel. But it is people who make most waste. today. But . you make it dangerous ……. (2) other people or animals. there are people polluting the land. They buy things.. they use them and. All over the world. even animals ……. (5) contains poisons. They all need to eat. Waste can be many things. This kind ……. they throw them away.

Mark the corresponding letter (A-N) on the answer sheet. . people who have the right skills will have a big ………… (5) in the competition for jobs. This way. (1) and. you can ………… (10) up money for your student days along with getting practical work experience.TASK 3 Read the text and fill the gaps (1-10) with the words given below. evening classes allow you to learn while you earn money. Do I stay at …………. Furthermore. hopefully. Starting work and taking a break to study when you are older is ………… (9) possibility. Do not copy the words from the text on the answer sheet. advantage age another career decide (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) employer help school learn (F) (G) (H) (I) remembering (K) save training (L) (M) unemployment (N) opportunities (J) Further education Around the age of sixteen you must make one of the biggest decisions of your life. If you ………… (6) to go straight into a job. there are many ………… (7) for training. Use each word only once. but it may be worth ………… (3) two things: there’s more ………… (4) among people who haven’t been to university than among those with higher education diplomas. go to university later? Do I leave school and start work or begin a ………… (2) course? The decision is yours. Four words are extra. Getting qualifications will ………… (8) you to achieve your goals more quickly and.

she was hard to talk to. it won’t seem so hard. . D. E. B. If a time machine existed. No sooner had George gone to bed 6. 1. I’d travel in the 12th century. F. than someone rang the doorbell. Once you get used to getting up early. J. I’ll see what David says. such as food mixers and other kitchen appliances. unless you have other plans. Two endings are extra. Not only was Anna late.TASK 4 Read the beginning of the sentences (1-10) and match an appropriate ending (A-L) to each of them. I’d open wine bottles. 10. H. 4. and then I’ll come and tell you. but she had also left all her books behind. The harder you work for your exams 3. Although I tried to persuade her. L. I’d love to come to your party. but I’m already going out that evening. K. G. 2. as soon as she arrived. 7. 9. You could join us tonight 8. A. C. The factory produces electrical goods. the better your grades will be. 5. I. Write your answers in the answer sheet.

G. I’m looking for a pair of jeans. Oh. Pretty awful! D. Two answers are extra. I think she was born in China. Would you like the wine list? 10. I’m afraid I don’t. F. about three months. Can I help you? 2. . I’d like the menu first. This wine is imported from France. J. How about coming along with me on Sunday? 9. Well. Mary? A. What does exactly Jessy do? 6. How was the traffic from the airport? 4. C. Where was Helen born? 3. H. Is four o’clock on Monday ok? E. How long will you be staying in the States? 7. She owns a company. K. 1. When can I come and see you? 5. B. What do you think about this.TASK 5 Match questions (1-10) to the appropriate answers (A-L). L. Sounds good! I. Do you have anything for a sore throat? 8. Write your answers in the answer sheet. but she’s American now. She was Korean. I’m afraid. Yes. I don’t have my own opinion on this.

C 8.D 5.C 2.F 5.A 20.M 3.A 6. F 3. A.KEY Grades 8-9 Task 1: 1.L 3.C 10.L 9.D 8. B 10.A 5. A 16. E 2.K 4.A 10.H 8.A 4. J .D 14. L 3.G 9.H 2.L 8.B 19.D 12.B 4. D 15.I 9.B 10.I 7. Task 4: 1.E 7. B 17.D 6.C 13.A 11.I 8.K 2.E 10. A 18.C 6.G Task 5: 1.N 5.E 6.M Task 3: 1.B 7. H 9. C 5. D 6.C 9.D 3. C Task 2: 1.J 4.A 2.G 7. G 7.H 4.

gisurvebT warmatebas! 2011-2012 saswavlo weli . yuradRebiT waikiTxoT davalebebis piroba da am pirobis Sesabamisad SeasruloT mocemuli davalebebi. gTxovT. gTxovT. Tqveni pasuxebi gadaitanoT pasuxebis furcelze.ეროვნული სასწავლო ოლიმპიადა inglisur ენაში X-XII კლასი II turi Tqven winaSea erovnuli saswavlo olimpiadis meore turis testi inglisur enaSi. testis Sesasruleblad geZlevaT 1 saaTi da 30 wuTi. gaiTvaliswineT. rom gaswordeba mxolod pasuxebis furceli.

. over 10. going to do 9. A... will buy C. A. I’d never believed ….. about B.. A. buy D. 1. He …… military service for eighteen months.. A. You must concentrate . It’s only Kate who always disagrees. are reported B.. across D. will fly D.. When the police …… the black car had already gone. A. It was our car 4. to us several weeks ago. …… repaired while we were on holiday.TASK 1 Read the sentences and circle the right choice. the road when you are driving. have been given B. This is his last month.across the Atlantic. had been arriving D. that three people got the main prize at the music festival. are going to do B. about C. had arrived B. had been doing 7. It ……. takes away D. A. will doing C. but I think it looks as if it’s quite modern. A. A. by 5.. buying B.. doing D. Everyone admits that Helen …. for . Unfortunately you are late. ghosts until I stayed at a mysterious old house in the country. have bought 8. going to fly B. At four o’clock on Tuesday afternoon we ……. on B. They had our car C. This information should …. into C. takes up 13. takes after C.. this weekend? If not. A. arrived C. A. on C.. It’s very important. be given 2. up with B. I came …. Have you decided what you ……. let’s go somewhere together. through B. will be given D. will be flying C. for D.. was doing D. I ….. is doing C. has reported C.. you another one next week. A. fly 11. has been doing B. takes off B. Write the answers in the answer sheet. her mother. We had our car B. was arriving 6. I’m sorry about losing that book. out of 12. The road had been blocked …… a tree.. from C. in D. has been reported D. A..... They have our car D. this old painting in the attic.. off D. A.. is reporting 3. has been given C.

A. to Europe by Sir Walter Raleigh. she . The potato ……. If you have …. us so much homework at the end of the term. to give B.. A. had built B..…… much happier I guess. were brought C. has discovered D. little D. Nina’s parents didn’t fancy cooking. satisfied in 16. A. will drive D. had been built . drove 17. was brought B. time left at the end of the exam. to be delivered C. were discovered B. If she changed her job. giving D. A. would have been D. were waiting D. satisfied for D..14. deliver 20. satisfied on C. A. so they got a pizza …. give C. few B. satisfied with B. The twins won’t be …… just a small party. would be C. by Columbus. had waited B. A. waited C. drive C. more carefully. start checking your answers. has been built D. to giving 23. been discovered 19. you wouldn’t have so many accidents. She looks very tired. a few C. be delivered B. delivered D. They will invite every single friend of theirs. We …. If you ……. wait 22. was building C.. brought D. A. a little 21. will be B. the Mziuri hotel …… A. A. When we visited the site. are driving B. The Vikings had visited America before it …. won’t be 15. was discovered C. A. are brought 18. I didn’t expect our history teacher …. for the match to begin when suddenly a dog ran onto the pitch.

The early earth probably had no atmosphere. Oxygen came much later. (5) all directions. and they lived without oxygen. (7) as a ball of molten rock.…… (4) massive explosion which sent gases and particles out ……. physicists and astrophysicists have more answers now ……. (2) ever before. as it ……. (8) the Earth to cool down enough and its crust.TASK 2 Read the text and fill the gaps (1-12) with the words given below. It is now thought that the Universe started to exist about 20. The most popular explanation is the ‘Big Bang’ theory. However. (12) mainly produced by plants.000 degrees C°..500 million years ago. …….. gases were ejected from volcanoes all over . Do not copy the words from the text on the answer sheet. Four words are extra. Many legends and tales ………… (1) connected to it.. galaxies and solar systems began to form ……. Gradually.000 million years ago. Use each word only once.. (6) this very fast-moving mass.600 million years ……….…… (10) surface and a primitive atmosphere developed. (9) is the Earth’s outer part. a and ago is (A) (B) (C) (D) how (G) if in of are the (H) (I) (J) (K) (L) than what (M) (N) whose (O) which (P) from (E) for (F) Origins of the Earth For centuries the origins of the earth and the life on it was a mysterious subject. Then it was probably as hot as 4. The first forms …….000 million years ago. just like most of the other planets now. . there was . According to this theory. Scientists. This early atmosphere had no oxygen. (3) this happened. was formed. which is a kind of lava. and the Sun might have eventually formed about 5. We shall never really know ……. It took many millions of years ……. (11) life are believed to date from 3. Mark the corresponding letter (A-P) on the answer sheet. They think that the earth was formed 4.

……… (6) memories of a previous life.. or of some …….. Four words are extra. Mark the corresponding letter (A-P) on the answer sheet. This is a French word. Use each word only once..……… (9) take these theories very seriously.TASK 3 Read the text and fill the gaps (1-12) with the words given below. Do not copy the words from the text on the answer sheet.… (1) of having had exactly the same experience at some unknown time in the past is …………… (2) as déjà vu.… (3) ‘already seen’.. Most people have had this feeling at one time or ……………… (4) but no one has come up with a satisfactory …………. (12) is this: the brain accidentally keeps the information before processing it to a long-term memory. Others …………. Perhaps the most accepted one …. another (A) known means long mind says past (G) (H) (I) (J) (K) (L) several scientists store suggest (M) (N) (O) (P) concerning (B) explanation (C) feeling get happens (D) (E) (F) A strange experience Have you ever been in a situation in which you suddenly thought ‘I’ve been here before’? That strange …. which ………….. There are some eccentric theories …. Psychologists have made ………….… (8) that a déjà vu is the memory of a past dream in which the future was revealed.… (5) of what déjà vu actually is. few ……. Needless to say.. What really …………. . (10) attempts to explain the phenomenon.…….……… (7) forgotten ‘out-of-body experience’.………… (11) that in the case of a déjà vu the brain functions badly.

H. we need to visit our friends. And you? ……………. though I prefer outdoor events. Since we don’t have much time. although I’d like to take the whole month off. Well. B. What about you? …………. I don’t mind really. I’m going to have a rest. (4). in the south-western suburbs of London. that sounds fine! Right.. Write your answers in the answer sheet. Do you agree? Yes. All the events take place at the Aquatics Centre. I like cycling. (3). C. G.. And what about the tennis? In the Wimbledon. I might even watch the table tennis. Wonderful idea! Who are you going with? E. if possible. - - - We’ve decided to go to the 2012 London Olympic Games! What about you? What do you think about it? …………… (1) I’m taking my two brothers. I’m going to take a week off.we all meet at Wimbledon for the first day. There are three extra sentences. Well. tennis and table tennis. but I’ll watch what you want. (5) . then continue to the Olympic Park and spend the rest of the time at the Aquatics Centre.TASK 4 Read the dialogue and fill in the spaces (1-5) with the sentences given (A-H). I suggest that we check the timetable. I suppose we need to visit all these events within a week. I’m looking forward to my holidays to go. And you can go to the velodrome. I wonder? …………. in the East End of London. …………. . I’ve only got a week free.. I hope to go with my friends. agreed then. What are we going to see? Personally. (2) We have to book the tickets and plan our stay there. Good. Where’s the swimming competition taking place. F. Oh. A. D. I’m going to see all the swimming events. Right.

Wrigley’s different gums are among the most popular chewing gums in America. American soldiers were given chewing gum each day. C. While chewing it. Then. but he had an idea. Gum became as popular as it was in the United States. Like many Mexicans. Today. making it the first commercial chewing gum in this country. This is the resin obtained from the bark of the mastic tree. when they were hungry. During World Wars the US Army found that when soldiers chewed the gum they felt less thirsty. Today. . He made gum into flat sticks and added special flavors. 1. for good health. Small pieces of fir tree gum were sold in the eastern United States during the early 1800s. So. One day he introduced it to inventor Thomas Adams. Sitting in his workshop one day. Santa Anna chewed chicle. Diemer’s invention was less sticky than the regular one and it also stretched easily. Walter Diemer used it. For centuries the ancient Greeks chewed mastic gum. 2. a substance produced from an evergreen tropical plant. That is why most bubble gum today is pink and popular among children. Adams opened the world’s first chewing gum factory. William Wrigley had little education or money. In about 1850. in the 1890s. a bush-like tree found mainly in Greece and Turkey. D. In 1845 Mexican General Santa Anna was exiled to live in New York. The history of chewing gum People have enjoyed chewing gum-like substances from very early times. a man named William Wrigley first made chewing gum as we know it today. Also in 1928. Shortly. Adams tried to make toys. One day he saw the bubbles and also the possibilities to make the chewing gum different. chewing gum can be found around the world. for digestion. for good breath. Write your answers in the answer sheet. the first chewing gum appeared.TASK 5 Read the text. Greek women especially liked chewing gum to clean their teeth and sweeten their breath. bubble gum was invented by Walter Diemer. who began experimenting with chicle instead of rubber. of course. Greece. suddenly he put a piece of chicle into his mouth. the idea suddenly hit him to add flavouring to the chicle. They started to sell chewing gum first in A. Then read the sentences (1-8) which follow and circle the right choice (A-D). Working for the Fleer Chewing Gum Company in his spare time he was experimenting new gum recipes. Thus. and rain boots out of chicle. Greeks liked to chew the gum A. masks. sweetened paraffin wax became popular and eventually exceeded fir tree gum in popularity. American soldiers who fought in Europe often gave gum to the people they met. From the Indians of New England the American colonists learned to chew the gum-like resin. B. but every experiment failed. There was only pink to colour food in the factory.

B. was not popular. difficult to carry out. C. C. American soldiers used the chewing gum A. instead of food. C. New England. B. for fresh breath. D. D. D. paraffin wax. B. was flavoured. William Wrigley’s chewing gum A. Europe.B. In 1845 a Mexican General A. C. as a present. 4. D. started his experiments on chicle. went to live in Texas. Out of chicle Thomas Adams was able to make A. the gum which is popular among adults. more sticky chewing gum. was introduced to Thomas Adams. for the good memory. was not flavoured. a chewing gum without bubbles. Adams’ experiment to make different things out of chicle was A. 7. a success. very popular. 3. D. toys and masks. 5. The USA. a gum of a different colour. C. was forced to move to New York. C. B. had a round shape. 6. D. B. . rain boots. D. unsuccessful. C. chewing gum. 8. Walter Diemer invented A. B.

N 4.C 3. B 20.A 18.C 12.I 8.M 3.A 16. A 7.KEY Grade 10-12 Task 1: 1. P 10.B 7.B 13.C 6.J 10.C 6. A 5. G 4.C 2. B . B 10. L 11.C 22. D 3.K Task 3: 1.D 11. D 2.D 21.A 4. B 15.M 3.A 9.D 17.B 5.G 4.C 14.D 2.B 19. C 11.B Task 2: 1. C 3.F Task 4: 1. E 7.D 5.K 12.G 8.A 2.H 4.F 9.A 5.F Task 5: 1. B 8. I 6. B 8.B 2.P 9.A 7.A 5.D 12. C 6. A 23.

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