RUBRIC SCORING FOR GROUP PRESENTATION Group Number: Title: AREA 4 3 Year/Section: 2 Enough errors are made

to distract a knowledgeable listener, but some information is accurate. 1 Information included is sufficiently inaccurate that the listener cannot depend on the presentation as a source of accurate information. Student is unable to accurately answer questions posed by classmates about the topic. Student does not seem at all prepared to present. Rarely listens to, shares with, and supports the efforts of others in the group. Often is not a good team member. Bland, predictable, and lacked “zip. Repetitive with little or no variety; little creative energy used. Date: SCORE WEIGHT TOTAL

Content: Depth and Accuracy

Information completely accurate; all names and facts were precise and explicit

No significant errors are made; a few inconsistencies or errors in information.



Student is able to accurately answer almost all questions posed by classmates about the topic.

Student is able to Student is able to accurately answer accurately answer a most questions posed few questions posed by classmates about by classmates about the topic. the topic.



The student is Student seems pretty Student is completely somewhat prepared, prepared but might prepared and has but it is clear that have needed a couple obviously rehearsed. rehearsal was more rehearsals. lacking.


Often listens to, Almost always listens Usually listens to, shares with, and to, shares with, and shares with, and supports the efforts Collaboration supports the efforts of supports the efforts of of others in the group with Peers others in the group. others in the group. but sometimes is not Tries to keep people Does not cause a good team working well together. "waves" in the group. member. Little or no variation; Uses the unexpected to Some originality a few original full advantage; very apparent; clever at touches but for the original, clever, and Creativity times; good variety most part material creative approach that and blending of presented with little captures audience's materials/media. originality or attention. interpretation. Visual aids were Visual aids supported carefully prepared and the presentation supported the effectively. They presentation Visual aids were clarified and effectively. They occasionally reinforced the spoken Use of Visual clarified and appropriate and message. Aids reinforced the spoken related to the spoken message. The aids message. added impact and interest to the presentation. Name and Signature of Instructor



No visual aids were used


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