Flywheel In 2003 Sherwood Media Ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia produced their first movie - "FLYWHEEL

" We asked to Review this movie after we heard about the new movie that Sherwood church is releasing on September 22, 2006 - "Facing The Giants". Flywheel is about the turning point that Jay Austin is faced with after he sells an automobile to the minister of his church. Jay grossly overcharges his own minister, but says he is giving him a great deal. The minister asks if he can pray for Jay. His prayer is the beginning of Jay taking a real look at his relationship to God, his family and his honesty. I can not remember a movie touching me as deeply as this movie did. I not only cried and laughed numerious times when I first watched the movie, but I found myself crying and laughing again when I watched the movie with my husband. Be sure and watch the behind the scenes section. The actors share the story behind the making of the movie. It truely shows how God was behind this movie from the beginning to end. Sherwood Baptist Church continues to receive letters of people being touched and changing their life back to Jesus when they watch this awesome movie. I can not wait to see their second movie, "Facing the Giants" when it comes out on September 22nd, 2006. This Church is walking in God's Annointing. Content: (CCC) Very strong Christian worldview with lying, stealing, and cheating clearly rebuked; no foul language; no violence; no sex; no nudity; and, nothing else objectionable. GENRE: Drama CCC

Summary: FLYWHEEL tells the story of a cheating, rude car salesman who eventually comes to Christ and changes his ways, but is threatened when his past comes back to haunt him. FLYWHEEL is one of those rare, low budget movies that totally captures and entertains the audience through the quality of the story.

Review: FLYWHEEL is one of those rare, low budget movies that totally captures and entertains the audience through the quality of the story. Jay Austin is a selfish used car dealer who over-charges, bilks and lies to his customers. He has taught his employees to do the same. He mocks church and owes the bank a considerable amount of money. His wife, Julie, prays for him and tries to witness to him, but he is rude to her. He ignores their son and thinks he’s fulfilling his role as father and husband by bringing home the money. One day when he overcharges the pastor of his church, the reverend prays that God will treat him, that is Jay Austin, as well as Jay Austin pretended to treat the reverend. The pastor means this innocently, thinking he got a good deal, but Jay realizes the implications and is brought to his knees literally. The events that immediately follow the pastor's prayer make clear to Jay that he is in big trouble. What could have been the end of the story becomes the beginning of the heart of the movie. Jay comes to Christ and decides to charge honest prices. His employees walk out on him in disgust and all seems lost. However, an undercover operation by NBC news discovers that he’s one of the few honest used car dealers. He even decides to pay back the people he cheated. Regrettably, another network talks to his former employees and entraps Jay with the question, “Isn’t it true that you used to cheat your customers?” Is he destroyed or will God intervene? FLYWHEEL is a compelling movie despite the fact that the camerawork and production quality is very low. Alec Kendrick does a terrific job as Jay Austin. He also does a good job directing the movie. Some of the actors are weak, including the wife, but overall the story, which is extremely well written, commands the audience’s attention, and in fact, keeps you on the edge of your seat. What is truly amazing is that this was produced by a church.

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