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International Journal of Social Research Methodology: Books Available for Review Autumn 2010 ABERSON, C.

L (2010) Applied Power Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences Routledge Academic ISBN: 978-1-84872-835-6 ALVESSON, M & SKOLDBERG, K (2009) Reflexive Methodology: New Vistas for Qualitative Research (2nd Edition) Sage Publishers ISBN: 97818486011223 BABIE, E & HALLEY, F (2007) Adventures in social research data analysis using SPSS 14.0 and 15.0 for Windows6th Edition Pine Forge Press Publishers ISBN: 9781412940825 BELLI, R. F, STAFFORD, F. P, & ALWIN, D. F (2009) Calendar and Time Diary Methods in Life Course Research Sage Publishers ISBN 9781412940634 BERNARD, H. W. & RYAN, G. W. (2009) Analyzing Qualitative Data: Systematic Approaches Sage Publishers ISBN: 9780761924906 BOEIJE, H. R. (2009) Analysis in Qualitative Research Sage Publishers ISBN: 9781847870070 BOUDAH, D (2010) Conducting Educational Research: Guide to Completing A Major Project Sage Publishers ISBN: 9781412979023

BULMER, M, GIBBS, J & HYMAN, L (2009) Social Measurement through Social Surveys: An Applied Approach Ashgate Publishers ISBN: 9780754674887 11567

BOOKS AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW Autumn 2010 BYRNE, D & RAGIN, C. C (2009) The SAGE Handbook of Case-Based Methods Sage Publishers ISBN: 9781412930512 CHOW, S. M, FERRER, E & HSIEH, F (2009), Statistical Methods for Modeling Human Dynamics Routledge Academic, Series: Notre Dame Series on Quantitative Methodology ISBN: 978-1-84872-826-4 CHAUDHURI, A (2010) Randomized Response and Indirect Questioning Techniques in Surveys Routledge Academic ISBN: 978-1-4398365-7-6 COLMAN, A & PULFORD, B (2007) A crash course in SPSS for Windows 14, 15 & 16; 4th Edition Wiley ISBN 13 978 0 7914 6662 9 CRESWELL, J. W & PLANO CLARK, V. L (2010) Designing and Conducting Mixed Methods ResearchSecond Edition Sage Publishers ISBN: 9781412975179 DE AYALA, R. J (2009) The Theory and Practice of Item Response Theory Guilford Press ISBN 978-1-59385-869-8

DAHLBERG, L & McCAIG, C (2010) Practical Research and Evaluation: A Start-to-Finish Guide for Practitioners Sage Publishers ISBN: 9781847870049 DEVINE, F & HEATH, S (2009) Doing Social Science: Evidence and Methods in Empirical Research Palgrave Macmillan ISBN: 9780230537897


DIETZ, T & KALOF, L (2009) Introduction to Social Statistics Wiley-Blackwell ISBN: 9781405169028 FLICK, U (2006) An introduction to qualitative research 3rd edition London: Sage Publishers IISBN 13 978 4129 1146 7 L00&currTree= Subject&_requestid=106687 FRANZOSI, R (2009) Quantitative Narrative Analysis Sage Publishers ISBN: 9781412925259 GOMM, R (2009) Key Concepts in Social Research Methods Palgrave Macmillan ISBN: 1-4039-3210-7 GREASLEY, P (2007) Quantitative data analysis using SPSS: An introduction for Health & Social Science. Maidenhead: Open University Press/ McGraw-Hill ISBN 978 0 335 22305 3 HEATH, C, HINDMARSH, J., & LUFF, P (2010) Video in Qualitative Research Sage Publishers ISBN: 9781412929431 HESSE-BIBER, S. N (2010) Mixed Methods Research: Merging Theory with Practice Routledge Publishers ISBN: 978-1-60623-259-0

JACKSON, A. Y & MAZZEI, L. A (2009) Challenging Conventional Interpretive, and Critical Conceptions in Qualitative Research Routledge Publishers ISBN: 9780415442213

BOOKS AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW Autumn 2010 KAPITAN, L. (2010) Introduction to Art Therapy Research Routledge Publishers ISBN: 978-0-415-87147-1 KING, N. & HORROCKS, C.(2010) Interviews in Qualitative Research Sage Publishers ISBN: 9781412912570 LONGRIDGE, D & HAGGER-JOHNSON, G (2009) Introduction to Research Methods and Data Analysis in Psychology (2nd Edition) Pearson-Prentice Hall ISBN: 9780131982031 LUNE, H., PUMAR, E. S. & KOPPEL, R. (2010) Perspectives in Social Research Methods and Analysis: A Reader for Sociology Sage Publishers ISBN: 9781412967396 MAGINN, P. J, THOMPSON, S & TONTS, M (edited by) (2008) Qualitative Housing Analysis: An International Perspective (Studies in Qualitative Methodology, Volume 10) Emerald Group Publishing Limited ISBN: 9781846639906 MAKAGON, D & NEUMANN, M (2008) Recording Culture: Audio Documentary and the Ethnographic Experience Sage Publishers ISBN 9781412954938 L00&currTree=Subject&_requestid=106687 MAYBIN, J, MULLANY, L, PICHLER, P & WODAK, R (2008) Gender and language research methodologies ISBN13: 9780230550698 Palgrave MacMillan


McDOWELL, L (2009) Working Bodies: Interactive Service Employment and Workplace Identities Wiley-Blackwell ISBN: 9781405159784 McNIFF, J & WHITEHEAD, J. (2009) Doing and Writing Action Research Sage Publishers ISBN: 9781847871756 McNIFF, J & WHITEHEAD, J. (2009) You and Your Action Research Routledge Publishers ISBN: 13: 978041548709 MEIER, S T (2008) Measuring Change in Counselling and Psychotherapy. The Guildford PressNew York & London ISBN: 978-1-59385-720-2 MENTER, I. & MURRAY, J. (2010) Developing Research in Teacher Education Routledge Publishers ISBN: 978-0-415-59486-8 MERTENS, D. M.(2008) Transformative Research and Evaluation Guilford Press ISBN 978-1-59385-302-0 MINICHIELLO, V & KOTTER, J. A (2009) Qualitative Journeys. Student and Mentor Experiences with Research Sage Publishers ISBN 9781412956765 L00&currTree=Subject&_requestid=106687


MORAN, E (2010) Environmental Social Science: Human Environment Interactions and Sustainability Wiley Publishers ISBN: 978-1-4051-0574-3 NARAVANASAMY, N (2009) Participatory Rural Appraisal. Principles, Methods and Application Sage Publishers ISBN 9788178298856 L00&currTree=Subject&_requestid=106687 ORME, J & SHEMMINGS, D (2010) Developing Research Based Social Work Practice Palgrave Macmillan ISBN: 9781412912570 PEARSON, R. W. (2010) Statistical Persuasion: How to Collect, Analyze, and Present Data ...Accurately, Honestly, and Persuasively Sage Publishers ISBN: 9781412974967 PHILLIPS, D (2009) Comparative Inquiry and Educational Policy Making Routledge Publishers ISBN: 9780415491303 PINK, S (2009) Doing Sensory Ethnography Sage Publishers ISBN: 9781412948036 RATELE, K (2006) Inter-Group Relations: South African Perspectives Juta & Co Limited ISBN 0 7021 71891 ROULSTON, K. (2010) Reflective Interviewing: A Guide to Theory and Practice Sage Publishers

BOOKS AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW Autumn 2010 ISBN: 9781412948579 RUHE, V & ZUMBO, B. D. (2008) Evaluation in Distance Education and E-Learning. The Unfolding Model Guilford Press ISBN 978-1-59385-872-8 SMITH, J. A., FLOWERS, P. & LARKIN, M (2009) Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis: Theory, Method and Research Sage Publishers ISBN: 9781412908344 SMITH, K, TODD, M & WALDMAN, J (2009) Doing Your Undergraduate Social Science Dissertation Routledge Publishers ISBN 9780415467490 SPENCER, S. (2010) Visual Research Methods in the Social Sciences Routledge Publishers ISBN: 978-0-415-48385-8 STEPHENS, D (2009) Qualitative Research in International Settings: A Practical Guide Routledge Publishers ISBN: 13: 9780415280587 VAUGHN, M.G, HOWARD, M & THYER, B (2009) Readings in Evidence-Based Social Work : Syntheses of the Intervention Knowledge Base Sage Publishers ISBN 9781412963244 L00&currTree=Subject&_requestid=106687 WEATHINGTON, B. L, CUNNINGHAM, C. L & ITTENGER, D. J. (2010) Research Methods for the Behavioral and Social sciences Wiley Publishers ISBN: 978-0-470-45803-7 WHITE, S, FOOK, J & GARDNER, F (2006) Critical Reflection in Health and Social Care Open University Press ISBN: 13:9780335218783

BOOKS AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW Autumn 2010 WODAK, R & MEYER, M (2009) Methods for Critical Discourse Analysis Second Edition March 2009 Sage Publishers ISBN 9781847874559 L00&currTree=Subject&_requestid=106687 WOOD, C, GILES, D & PERCY, C (2009) Your Psychology Project Handbook: Becoming A Researcher Pearson-Prentice Hall ISBN: 9780273715566