HOMEBREW This is a collection of rules from 1st edition to 3.5 . A game involving the best of all worlds. 1st.

Ediiton This game had very raw feel, It focused on not just the adventuring but what to do after, time meant nothing, you cud have an ancient character but it was worth it, in 3.5 your always in the frey. Weapon Mastery (Rules Cyclopedia page 75): The aspect of working to make your character powerfuler besides slaying monsters. Establishing Character Background and Personality(RC pg. 131) this is the most in depth organization and development of a character I’ve ever seen and is perfect. Other editions do not go into such detail or help inspire personal goals. Morale: This makes the game realistic and adds a twist to combat. Retainers, Specialists, and mercenaries(pg.132 RC): This offers the best in detail pay and expectations, this also encourages the hiring of aid, and depth to game. Strongholds: Offers the most in depth concept of owning and maintaining a keep and land. (pg.134 RC) Demihuman Relics: Unique point and broadens background and ancestry to races. (page 146 RC) Treasure /Magic weapon creation: This is greatly detailed and offers many spectacular abilities and items. Encounters and Evasions- spices up idle moments of adventuring and varies.(Page 91 RC) Spell Research: This allows players to make their own spells that fit into the game while still making great fun for quests involved and a great way to kill time while not adventuring by researching, getting the gold, etc.(PG. 255 RC) Campaigning: Great Detail and aid, (pg. 258 RC) Striking and Wrestling-Genious (pg. 111)

2nd Eidition

it makes it so everyone has a go before they potentially die.make for further development of NPC’s (page 114 DMG) 3.(page 38 DMG) Grenade like misiles: effective informative . (Pg. Light Sources: This is a realistic and effective chart. (Pages 20-23 AD&D PHB) Multiple attacks function: This rule makes for a more flowing combat system. Unusual Metal Amours: This expands and customizes even further the armor. 100) Massive Damage Rule : In reality to take massive amount of damage can kill you( 50+). while still using 3. use of grenade like weapons and results. or gnome to find a slope adds to the characters capabilities and fun . (page 68) Horse Quality&Traits: This gives personality to steeds while making the game even more real. (Page 97 AD&DPHB) Parrying Optional Rule: This is effective way of being defensive while within the rules.5 terminology a Fort saving throw D. also it has some unique features.5 This simplifies previous strenuous rolls based on combat and skills.This offers a few rolls and simplifies/ smoothes somethings. More realistic. (Page 118) Animals : Extensive list for pricing of animals. Combat Without Killing: This system of wrestling is very simple and effective. Skills Checks To hit(BAB) Feats . (Page 62-63 DMG) NPC General Traits.C of 20 is needed to stay alive. Racial Abilities: The abilitiy for a dwarf.

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