Origami Museum

by Akira Yoshizawa

Origami Museum


by AkiraYoshizawa

'1\~il.ns]a.ted by Tliroko lcMyama

<'lindMitr')l' Kiyo[U)

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.A. In Japan. the Wlded oOj'9CIS. Since then.s animate: therefore i'I is necessary tor evaryone of us to getacqtJsinted with animaJs and observe them careful1ly in order to bring I:iveliness to. orjgami ot the past was a repetitious copying. born out of my ilon g inQifo r many years to do tbts. These folding lines must follow the laws of nature. more and more people have become interested in and under stan d 0 r j'Q am L ~ believe that origami carries the message of peace to €'very. II sincerely nope that oriqarni can bring] each one ot you joy.kin2' Y(NlihiZfi. simply folding the same :subjects exactly as omersctc. there was exhibit of my works in Europe presented by Dr. each person can produce sornethtno unique out of: prain paper and one's own creativity becomes tangible and alive. thsre was no cr'ealiiv'ity in the wmks.Gershon Lflgman. Creatlve Ori. .gami with free €xpressfon. I hav@tried to told paper more freelly and creanvety cornbtnmq planes end folding !lines most effectively_ In this way.PREFACE It gives me the utmost joy to create figures which are not only beautiful but are heart-warming and endear themselves to people. Every diagram introduced in this book was. at the same time CAI'i reach every corner of the world. Through the exhtbltlon my works were introduced to many nations of the world as a completely new art of paper work. The! theme of this book i. which II admire most begins by working with HmiUes5 lines and results in th. Jn 1955. Here.i Society .wa International President of Origam.one tn tM worild ln the coming 21st century. ~1i1' such a way.g procuctton of the most beautHul figur'9s which perfectly match the given theme.

in 1. . lt is more! than Hfity years since ltlrstbecameenchsnted with origami. I myselt coonoueio value creative origami" to sl)r9lad the tknowledge of it because I am convlnoeo tha~ ltts meant 'to enr~ch ev. the gifted master of oriqarru.o the natural scientific and philosophical knowlledQe which underlies all his work.Yoshizawa. Yoshizewa's books. IH8-I. Mr. Europe and many olhe~' countries or me world. has createderttsnc. Lillian Oppenheimer IJ:f2d Diredor The Origami Cente. ingenious. I am so happy that there tis now a book lin English so that you will be able to not onl:y discoverthe great joy of ori'9ami but wil'l recelve aninsi1Qhtin~. I lht:irl saw. who excels otners :by far. At t. it filled me with a.A. I came to know Mr.'!oIENDLJESSJOV AND WONDER" H ~sa sourceot great deHQhl to know Ulat lin recent years the an of oriuami has spread throuchout ArnE!rlic8. .merica Founder 6 .ne same time.eryon 9..r of . lhrouQi~h Mr.ike objects could be created from a combination o~ fold~ng llnes and planes on a.eveVyNhEm9.Yos~dzawa through years of correspondence and finaHy.9:5:9. heafl-wafrn~nQ creatures andf!igmes in abundance.sen~e ot endless Joy and wandler.II was able to meet h'im ~I!i! person. tnat unbelievably beautitul. simplle piece of paper. lit is the deslire of Master Yoshlzawa that OIrigarn i enthusiasts will share his hope that this creative art will be correctly introduced to others. SInce that t)eginning.

.!! !RACCOON .... .... MOUSE " TIGER' "" ".J-. (i~ANiT P'AiNiDA .. ~U PI NO IFR:OG .t3 .. ".... " "..~ OWL .... ++ ••••••••• <1.....gram 5... o 2Q ···z~ p..············7\9 _... tM paper -- non 01 tne uber in C~n ltlf 0 nIy 1!!lB \....~ ~ .. ''''" ""'" ········66 . .. '5~ ~..VE .. 7Q HEiRMIT CRAIB ."...... If you match your paper to the corners It will make it easier for to fold a figure. ......•......• s. .....~.T\.. ·~fi ".. ... ...... .. ·S2 .···8 "ENDLESS JOY MOIHEIR CROW AND BABIES IDUCK FAMILY· " .•••. """ .ois Th.•........ '16 G!RAS......"'" .~..SH () PFE R . ".•......•. M 8'NA!l 8IC. ~ Hight side Rollcdfoj..... ••••••• . TURTl E....••. "" GORILLA ••...'. ·2R ··M '""' ..... ·..."'''''''''''' .......ADA 1111 ~ ~ •.~... ~ ~ ~.... .~.GI!RAFf E········· "'•...~ -..•.••.....•...•... ·40 ..•••.. ~We used symbols ABC pilus 0 the SIiJ rfaees NOTE '~. the folding ~inesar·eextsnded.. i nstr uc- Hans are >0 m itted... rs when neeessarv to mark the .... rrorsu rfaces...... ".....sym.•.... . lA..••.." PEIN:GU:IN . ....DPOlE •........••.t'..... ··""···64 "" ·~m "" . " '""•. .. ~~ """ ~.. - Mountain ~phi Vililcy fold ! old toward right sfdc .......UTIERFL Y """ """ "". ro~o-o' o.DRAGC)IN .s SYMBOLS or FOLD~NG .•••••...... ~ ....••..... .•...........JUMPING R'IGAM I .•. " ·········tltl....." " """ "..~...~. 7 .......... ·····.----( @ Cln\l~ soUl~1 'Indicates ~hB (fi:r'6N~· ~----~~----~ • '1..cI --Iurn OV~f ... a..•..........••."..... •.~ lOBSTER •.•.~ ..•...__ -VaHey tol'r1 ==> .... ~ 3f! CfH)'W "" 40 ABOUT THE AUTHOR ·····...... .. "'" "'"'" '" """ FLY'IIN(3' DO. .. rl __ R_r!J_t_ll_si_d_e __ ....•... shown on the exte- .....•.... OF CONTENTS.7 ....2 M ". ... "... co mer sand and D td.."'...Tile Drummer ..~...... ..····m ·12 ~'ii ~~ ........ •' II~the instructions are the same lor several forms....i PUppy ''''". ·1 n thesrn a IIIIareas 01 the Id ~a..---. FAC·E O'F D'O(:. ... "' .•...~...TABLE.... ...•• ... .......~.~~~I!.(1) M 0 untai n fOld CD Push rn ----.. '6~...'...•.._.. .... the repetitious parts are d.. b....~.~ " ..•••••...... ..~~'O!O+~. D:RAG 0 NiFLY "" WHALE AND FISI-I.. .•.... P'REFAC E .....B.·72' Blf~:'D'''' ....••... " . AND WONDEIR" ··········....ll!eted. • Willen di ag rams are su H ic ien t.. ..•....•....••••••• ~....DOVE [RABBIT ... .....'""......~...w...~...

Paper lor oriearru can be found In abundanceatl around us in innumerabre textures and types. so are there any number of 'themes you can choose (rom.]Hor make FJ: rnobtle with them.Just as thsrs is an endless variety ot paper. Alter the lcnq coin w[nter. What a pilea~"LHe would be if you could write a poem it or [old a piece 'Of paper to .. 8 . Stick jQld~rj uutterf ies on the w. delight or sorrow. However.Flowers bloom in the nfl~d5 And buttertlles Ilit among them enjoying their sweet scent. you cannot fold freely: oniy then wi II you gradually be able to step further into the world of creative €lIt. . YOLl can enjoy creating endless beauty and ioy.p. unless you nrst nocoma tarnil lar wfth the basic folds.led [inti the llnes and refraction express lhe beauty of nature.d lr ee time. S81ect your paper so Ulal Ihe color and texture will match the trag i lity of butterflies.BUTTERfLY r With a sheet of papSI and a bit c.S'ssihe roy of spring.xpr. ln Creative Origami the paper is not Gut or pasted but IS simply tolr. spring has come.

lit: Make a IE '@ Ii..1... tEl! " .. Fold "~ ~t 0 " zanc 1f1 H loJ " " F : . . IlF: ~I . (Ymd C<-l~'lISf:l a rectangular sheet with a 3 ..lfIJHl" ~md v~. 2113 ® Turn O'lH! '.r CD c-r." C /' IE .. F Open as in diog am ~4.'5.ing 011 ~11c moun tJ i n arid W'lll~y lolt ..f. ... -../ " ~ s D. 4 ratio. sheel (Jf P~Pt7F Fulci at the point of h o! 'tho sheet. PLJ~h rlnWfl I -----." " .. .:" '.. ""..J UpW1-1JIf! 111d!cate_ s Adjust the head and body by 101{.. \ : ( ------------ .." .. ....... lin:.... downworc...... . C pleat andl look it on the body.-. ..' ------------------ c l'. -----')'.. ~1 o J_ l U5C' a square.. ® Ie. mOl. I f)ld C .---.. retold 3$ iF! diagram 'll.. J " 'l.: ~rrow'~ ~:' Fokl I . 5.. ...0'1 lEi: a_!. U ~li Pusl1 Co rl<!lrs in 9) ..l Mmk. .. - ~.. order oi 1. . fI 1 r. Then fold It in hf:llf. . ../ ._--~~ IE I ..IIHV olds... ) '!~.

<"l16 B A '1: .~i'l <'lrrnw~ III[JI(. ' Pull B oul ~)r 111'Fol ~nSlde ot dotted line 2 mak1ng H look as in . tnen fo 10 inward In drr'~(. '''.lio'll or Bring B down from mountain line 18 :V CAl arrow.] @ Make eyes by fo Id ingl small corners of A Fold C an d [) inward on the rn ountal n hTltl' an d bnnG th em e ut atthe val'ley Iirre 10 rrl.. ':-1. it Ih~ bC'lwc~n Gi & H..1IJH~H piece paper as thAn .' F 0 I d Sr..A '. a square prece or paper 8:il in (fl. Fold. A 4.9f (1).]).1" .aka Iha h~AL 1[1 in bid C & D direc:lloTi of HEww. Fold each part . a [8.

rear teQ.e'in &Mpc of I Q rew up In thp. a perfect 11"'1 iniatur e o fils parent. After you learn how to rnak€l it. rnuuntaln • 1~. country and ~often 'Used to wGI. Then. Hnr~ than is a tadpole.lk :haret. found tadpotes s.(')oted on the paths between the nee tlelds. there is a baby frog. II \/81J/ well. Whell8. it quir.nang. 11 . (4) 'j) Fold in unr(1 j A. why dOH'! you make many mrire? You can USB small sheets at gray paper and . tfleil 'fol<1 part 0' B / . I remember my chilcnooc days .wimming IiIl the streams or In the irrigation water A small tadpole lookioQ like a black ink spot wi th a tiiny tail soon g rows to the size of a lima bean.a.in my nand.kly j UnT1P~ in to the stream and hfdes ltselt.e them as If they Are swlrnminq in 61 pond. Wilen I 'slowly opened my tingers.ldH l!nlted .ssprout near the lail and forclcqs Inter appear.inally.C ~O HIjI'F rrOll] e. Yss. ~' lurn R 11!:'. ~eavinQ'behind only the sound of a faint 'splash'.king up at me in surprise. I'~ I was quick enough. F. Many times.linc. . II could catch a IInY frog . baby frog hears lootsteps. I. I woutd find it loo. hoppinO around al'l over the place.

Fnk~ C.'I!$ If'! sr..._---_ /" '\. Make eves ...1 told AC and SD bock as . I1m~s m 0 iJrltam arHj ~ Fold F Ii G inwar d. PLJII AC and DD out tcwarc rhc dot- tfolU IUlfolg F(]I.c "\" METIIOilil [ _---.. !iguFe rna1(e tile shown if'.".1ffGWS indicate. Tur n A 8. . 1:2i . ttU:1Il frog will ~ump r c rward .own bylolCling as WaF(' 'o"~ @ '9" turn over f:trLd 'j. CD ® ~ .. ® ~.. in direction of HrrOW.". _'_". fo~d il! i-lllr! Mal"k both V<=lin~y accordingly..t Fold H up Hn'ln :. U Press point X and slide yO'Uf finger.. the same as D and ~.: .'-" -( .0. /~ /'/ /' A Right sid's • " ".d A s s. '.

amfm the frog ~8 designed functionally 50 that it produces a movement just nhe a real frog..you fonaw steps (1) to (5) of Method I . 113 . i rl w'm A ln Method II . If you fold lit we~1 jump lour or five times the length otrts body.ll fold front. rnak- {ji)' Finish ones ilmlger.You will have fun playing wi th 1~1e folded Iraq by having H jump towarrtsa bullseye marked on drawing papEl:r or onto your notebook. By varyjng' the size of !hfl body Of curvinq the nose. you can also make dillerent kinds of frogs such as the oreen frog or a bull 11"09. Be careful to notetne---f--In diag ram (1) whfc·h l1enotes thA d lrectlon of the fiber if! the paper.'. You can also tD~d manytrogs and let them have a jumping com peuton. The '(liagr.et's make a mobile origAmi. then and i:nl. legs Ibm ne rr ~nd rea.JUMIPING IFIROG METHODi t. (7)".

..~ the boo\1 fmm the sheiL E.cates ABC luq~the..i!:HJS of . aHey Iinc and make .~... of p8peFwi~h 'fj~fle~~ ent calms on each side to diiff'ernnti6lte Use S S(l!uare ." ."1) :SNAIL E .~-~.r as !11E.ieee ~( Mal i~ 1h e mountain and valley hues by fo[dillg M<'iIk~ . ABC I()peliler Bring I: ~ Ihe (J in (l) creasem<lde steo (i). me I oj(~ 3tblcl down ~c. line'. a:mw md. 'lii' Fold outward at the . ABC H4J~I he r LlHOW ind iceiec Hl~':'1 ~J~ n r III~ d oil Ad 3S In!. Fold the corners Pilil ~)IJt horns )1) It Fold A8 make~ instus ~o 14 Make a leg out of G lJ}' refoldinq it lrorn Inside aSlhe arrow indicates.AlB a bi l iin !Order to make ayes as shown in photograph.. the lett on (he rrluun!airlfold.m Foldto make (j).

!! vgJIISY I!r!~ m.8kt! It up a 'tb~e. tion p I~) Ihe dotted line.. you can sllig. You can pinch the paper softly and told '.. in nthAr words.Foidi th.. . WA tinn snails 81id ing slow~y down tile trunk of a tree or cornine out from un clef the fallen leaves There are several shapes of snai Is sltwwn in lhis picture. Th is will det e rrn in ewtH3tlJ...al! :in the i nstean ~~ I-nld o III dime. ." .·EAF i8 the curvinq line.... The sp'Iiral at the sh.*~(V" J. to make the legs" 8 and C are for the little horn a.:/ .SNAIL ~ FQI~D over Ihl.1rrOW$ and 'brirl(J picture is toldedtrom U'1e outside. To make the shell ... '. ". .'1I.. Turn A of dlaqram (@ La the rig!ht ~/® Il..:::::::~ .g..-bit aM shape like ."i!E. Op~n up as in Oil I~) After often OJ I~Qht afternoon shower. ± ..1her lilT paper.. I' you tofd E In diaqrarn {~ inward of QU tward.e:m au .. J.rn Open IH~" Ii W.htly shut the told log line .. on A ~ qU19lrH p i ~t:f<l Make dragonnl Pinch Band rl"I. 'the body section and the shell sccf on willi be reversed..e!f the s hell wi nds sinistr ally or dcxtrauv..----=~~.. counter-clockwlss or clockwise. large." .Fbdsh . . ' CD " '...: is! lines.

best to watch. make dHierent ones out at' the same diagram shown here. and observe caretully how they act and live in their natural surroundinqs instead depending upon ulustratec books and photogt9.When y. you can laid paper as shDwn in the diagram. As for the leaves. it will tnvartablv show up in your work There are marlY kinds olcicadas. . Push the leal Into th~ br~trld.phs. .QIJ wish to make origem i of beautiful creatures or cuts insects.nmtingly clear-toned cicada that you can lear In the morning or f::v€lning rntst and the srnau cicada that sings at the end of summer or roll i n Q a hc@vyshcct pap~r Makoe. thfl h. Whefll you have this feeling of love. ' . such as the cicada that sings in the tree under the hot summer sun.. You can try to. (1) . i l [6. you cannot hel p but ~gel lovs for H.- . a Ire-e ln~nk OV o'f Make branches bv n )111~I~f long and nal'row a sheet ot paper. -" -'1. <' . By closely walCtling a tiny msect mat IS doing its very best to survive.

Spread wi ng s of cicada seEm heml Ihe tJ. and it.P!Jnt. I .. 8 top C) morks wHh the o n~i in ~11~ center. eyt'ls hy fo~dijng the .Ai 13.J) --. . l'lold A wllh trnger's.1 01' C wilh D (.~~-. --- uv: _. ot (j) throw For! h.:._.. $1ep :4. The tlHCk: sKIt'] uf .~~) Fold E i:l.c:c i eM ~ shewn at told an iscsceies lriangfc Make many pleats on A FO~~QW It~e lop 01 Ih~ prcture. ~fl"the valley to Ir1 Fokj AU togelhcr Foid i II side alQ. steps ~n [IJ 17 . The back side uf 00.----Con~IfIUe tram (I )! .)in .\:(. and (II].-.'~:I) FolO G&H lolds~ '-~~-'--'--- iIIW8ifd. It fi.--.~) MJiKO (:nU1f:lrs. r on ttJ'B m._------ I!) arrows FnILJ 138 i 11 dir-ale.Sl ldc down i:.--.<'!ck.Overl@p as shown. . <J: itlF:] CrB>IfIM' ale-rig' .t~tl:'jInl ~nI h eo s: )) TLiln over.CD (1) '. M~ll:h lwo .iHS w~H at 1/4 of H1f! hO:HOII'l.'.---~~.-..i'loQi 1he dollAd line.M:lIf.

mll out f\ 8. .~ III f'.. l 8.mJe~ be. Fold sarne <1S Spreal1 open csn EL A ft® Fold F am wClfd Pari oll dotted lints bo~t·1 ..1 out (~... "-' Inside_ '. be l'6\ '~~s'df:' :-i.tic n Bring D . in .. On ow in d t(l)<. 8 buck ward on mOun~<'liil folds.~_ Fold G 1(8) ~'~rs[ronl TLJrn uver r.r . dl'rH(..[2:111(1 nn D._.I~ G II I . ~ .~~l rum over..r s l'inilill E (4") fold ('15 CAl ~" LEiI it ::'. D. C lndicate.~_)' As shown If) (]". 11 you 101(1 eli on Hlt'! rnountarn fol'l FOllow steps trom (( 1n (_~!o~ (A]. Foh1 C on dottBd lines mar ked...1'1 ~ va Iley totns.lolded gtHll llncs. fry U6'!1 i~ stand on «nrncrs ot L.."81 [A J and [8]. '" ..I( c ID (c) yi'..\' ITI ake 10Idfrig CfC<:lSC~ II &. i .". aod r.will stand bstter.it""'. I Op@n UP:jlQtun and fold fo II owi ng m J) of arrow. F HJn~~ C arrows D.J M alee the.'lt~.rI." - --. mountai n toln ~nd pull ag~lfl to lim p t.i ®~ . III I\"~.]f FolciAB B backward as arrows indicate.form tigu~E'4~'- 18 . Jr Fuld A &.. HGI J. \:' L.a. / J. C 8.Ge shown by lhH S' that dollfd i?u.:X' . BS 0) to (8) in thF'i part Of doubles over . I t. . . Fold again 0.

the Sil€ of tne legt! and the shape of the claws. .harac erlstics of a cr aLl. EQjltJ A I'j.r~ lour legs on 881f.tlw l1~r of S IlJt(j brlrtq it d~J\\IrJ let· the co rner .rCs.:ull 'to make a tiqure of any creature that has.. that covers hall ui~ Itll'! bar. I hel iev? that i'~ SUCC€S(IS in expressing the (. ln tile case a Ct ab. lin folding animals.. IJ on '1 Fold the . E.er. ~ usuauv make thp. II made each part of the bodvnv simply fo:ld ing 'I'h-ecorners ~was able to ind icat. You w'lll be able to make dit crent ki nds of crabs by varying the an gle 01 the shell. F a« Oin n w~ In cheate. 01 F.! Q. ltl~ feel should be totnod larqer to give them von mfl.. WWi a square piece of [Ji:!:f .. 19 . uy or n~Ott'lalp Md va Iley lq. many I~gs hut I have succeeded in folding a real lstic crab using: cornphcateu y~l.C:RAB "U.:h side. 8. D.J:~IC folds" The purpose of orlearru is not nccessaruv to mprnducA ~ mpl lea of a Hvillg creature but to capture i ts characteristics..k while 01 I '" apan . It is very diUic.iIHj IlrlMS shown in J ( Fold C..::ing the dir'feferl! colors of the richt and wrong sides ot 'thoR paper.. lin order to show that the rf. Pull G. Zl Fold H & I lor~ Jowinq1o!d. b. er lploying the simplest me red possible .e the eyes and the foarning mouth ulrli. its shell represents its bone structin e. holdinQ HI. figLJ fe ontbs basis ot 'he bone structure.

A urasehopper unlike a bird or a butterfly which fly by llsing the! r wi ngs.ASSH OPIPEH I here are no boundaries rr~ lIU pyinQ animals and insects real istically so in this case. springs upon its rear le'g~sand glides. with Its WU1Q5 folded. you w~11uddenly have a IHelikefi9ure Instead ot a mArA dis. whir:h rnakas a litHe more 5pDC~ under tho wing~ and tnls creates a. the ai r. throuph the ai r.i. The grasshopper in d iagrarn (:ID Gem fly at. it is but it wi I~ yo fa. Watching grasshoppers In the field makes me eauer to expr ess Ule. movement in orlqam i Grasshopper [ A) : When you fold GH of dmp ram W back and gently push the top down to U18 dottso line. ~ have daredto focus upon th8 CfflAitum in [l more abstract way. Grasshopper I( C) : l'his is qrassho ppor ( B] at rest. special air strearu. f 20' .G IR.grama.1thiiar if you pusih down EF of (~). Grasshopper (IS) _This grasshopper has its fear legs extended and is nymg th rough.Hc s pattern.

' U.•. fold [he bottom 01 tne sto rn ach <=l nO IIIH winq ~ips mwafdi.:.~I" ~nCo~ 1hf1.ad C &_ DFeild wings on Ifl+:: Hold at point () 01 (W. .~. ~j L. Ito I[ 5) .. Fold lnto haH onthe V~IIHY fo1d J. H upw~fd..~alley line. F0 I d F [):>H:kward and r forwarej' Pullout . IJ to qe th c r toward Ihf:t A.. Fold directio(1 in oj [8. ~/ Fold Hie Gomer (] f (.~.•.-----~--G . D to ma!-:.c) 'rIni'sh rg roW the vaHGY to 10 and tHing over CIlP.I w (j wrng s Thro w jl"it"O the air '9) . Fold &.A .-=:.) l'HU.. Fold C e.t "t" P![letl f) P.J ot rrorn C _. OPPO$tt·~ ~idH . ~I 21 .. (A) FbtiSh UM) If.s:h ~1 CJ. ~ p~p~r.l'A!fild_ S cent irneter I Ol(j F & F as.'.f.:rlni fold as in Fo~d C same as D. r-.tFold A dow" on the v(jll~y lc¥fi.. (~) c .:lml (:f.. Spre. - (1:' Pull cut A ami told G .' 'J .·. ~m j I(J Id up QrJ rno U 11 toifi"! lQ~d 2.r. in (. nrlhe wir1qs.j._" (2) ()) ~ •• . r..L ID D Vd rnounralntolcs In ~' Mar K.e legs -- tf' ~Iep~ Follow 'w Feidas dowfl :hown (!j) I . and lotd as [ 11!'i Y .

it is wise to folrl the paper against the vertical nbers. Her+:! I t18NF3" shown several simple to leis.----r -7. I wouidadvis€ you to teach one pattern until they have' trior oughly '18arned :i1 and after an interval go on to a different pattern. carl t. U is easiAI' toto 1d th8 paper <1lona horizontal Ii b e rs.". unlike those which must be made by an adult. U1€!fl a Hghttap on tha area ~ndleatcc by tho arrow or a shcnt push will make it bounce forward. Foldfn~J paper in layers makes it more tractable . ------ @)~t --) 22: .hildrp.JUIMPINGi ORIGAM. (Note] . i i (3) ~. lhere are vertical and honzontal r~ber5 fUfming throuch origami paper.I. H owev r. When teaching c. The ones shown here.r j n m a KIn q !u rn pin q i'i g LJ r€s as in CD of 9 ras she p per' eA].e made and enjoyed together with the parents.n U':JOtJOh. The common ractor among them Is that from these forms you wi n be able to progress to iTHjividU'alli~liv var lations. Chhldren are very interested ~n moving objects.

. shown by lhe arrow. rnoun- i( 0) --n----it==' . OJ to(~ 1 sa. C.Ird. tID· r. -.•. J. the Po 1nW..1 (ilIHJ [ D ]1 111 ore natu ral.'5) .GRAlS:HOPPER FROG ------r---~~...' '. -~---[G) '-_ ~~'- CD 1 t lOiln IPrese the fold down.. iJP- corner \iVa~d.. Foldl () i [8] ® andopen Fold steps \1)-~~} [8 J o~ H~ ~t1own ~---~~~.. I~) FOld corners a:ng les MaM eves u&ing srnalt upward.~ . follow diagram8 on paUf: steps trorr ...me. ~- :[8]' '.j lold GO rners ot C !f!W·i:.· I ' ~~ ... ®t.. .I Wlil jump point 11you pr~8~ lhA Llnd rnovetorwsed A -8 @ Yo 1I canto IIow the same OlI.. Ji' 8' lain rotd~ up. ~". it shoull1 Jumr and move forward tne -~lr-~-B. lID . up to C~ of [A) 'l1'1d )'Jalley totes . ~~) When showr B' A • • 'I ~b'. B .:=-.. HI we 7.\ 1.. tr'l" @.'.-.jl~\ Fold A down al ihe point oj~h.f..t.' 22.A. Fold if) 11 A 1f1 paper ~lll. Marh moun- Ford same as up to step (~) oi [B J FO'ld the.. C ~\lif~filt.!'1 d...riID·.e:) .C - press me poirn ~)¥ you [Al ~ ® @ ~~) I arrow....e mountain told. .corner 01 A upw1'l~d. the rTlOLJilwir. ~. an d tt1e corner 01 C.Fre I d paps er 0 111 squa Iw!(~p..onlhR u.-=------___:~~ ••. . ttl 0 @ Z3 .·S. ' 10 meke eye$ (8) (r.ffifntv. c p p . .

you may simply roll the papsr and push It In trom both sloes. As shown in the photograph.A.IDIR.ct's 10ld a red dragonfly flilUng in th~ bright autumn air. .G10 NIFLY l. You can make many d rFlo(')n'tHes with your children ano let them pcrnh on 'the top of a pole or make a mobile of thsrn. You will get 8. grt!al deal more eruoyrncnt If you go outside and OUSEH¥tl draqontllcs in rno lion Instead ot just toldjng one by tollowi ng a diagram.OJ leaf stern which Is made tram a sheet (If long paper. you can make a nice display of a dragonfly resting on . If you find it difficult to rnakethe head.

Ma~~ WlllyS.11fl~1 lofd~. Fold ® '~" 8. Fold a~ shown dia.icc in Itl~ ® 'I 1'r)ld A 8.'~' Pullout and rnaks C I~_. rnounraln and Fold r'I[~cO'1 d- '~'.d A Po c &. I111+'1 _ Brina~ I~ out to thl'l' rjCll'I~'1 ._ steps J~ as mar- nil () w 'l' . '='f I _ r-a-.".lJS·H Ingly ke. foldt'ld D thH same as C- D LJ rn is I~l SprAr. I~: Pull oul A & B bc-twe~rL winps. over. .c.gra~[~ l\r.. " . Ma :r. B down.d a square piec{'l (Ii k paper. hyfoirhng OKl D a~ ~h. L1 inward B.e point of "'"'II~\) .

. . D c· I}) (ID Pull D out and p Iacs OVE!I'r r. iCi IIow~ng {1) on (ll) lFold 8. d tl:rl!'l ® '. fel d in ha:l~d Ine [.~:" .!·m IHr r:. (i) F~)Iuc down backwards. 1 26 ® \~~ Same s tfm~ trorn '~- F '.r. IFolrJ Itlei (r of psperas Fold n ':>quare piece in'l (1j.. pouch A B 1!'Is-ido of line.l~ I!Wil. {4'} Fo~d on mounl.r :: _ 1. o 10 gt. an d Ford in nail the \ia~ley Put. Pinerl fol·d CD C to 3"J.er <1S in \'~. the do tie."[.I'ISH CD :J) fJull A & 8 out (~) to. moun lain 'V~IIF:JoY folds Fold ~ogClthcr upward.H h.i i [I am] valley folds or B.0 .

whole. paper.WIH'ALE AN~D FISIHI ~~.This will project a good ~mageof the an lrnal as. H you make the ab domen round.J.. When you use t.h:is type of paper. a.h .e ot fancy paper and make cne as large as you like. thA wh. ~D @ Fold 0 down un the conec line biggest amrnal ot al~ ano a tiny tl r. let us maKe a whale. take care to [Olid them roughly r!~ order to avoid mak- • & F o\. in using big[J~~ sheets of ing wrinkles.C J top .. Fold C &.. it ls adviseb!e to dampen it to make it more pliable. D lo!lal~~':f :b('ltweerL L & F First you should learn the folds on a piece of paper about 15 centlrnete rs (6 inches) square and then you could' use a ~~er.ll· ·pu~1out g(~Uly and El com~r:g 'Jl. swimn'!ir!Q' Q r ace~ r uII y wi th a balanced m OVQmont. tt16 ffi flOt corner ot A jrJ ~'[]kof S.lle w~11 look as if it is. 1Q 27 .

"'" #' square piece ot paper Fellow :-... of C. n HI fluwrl.. III ~l rncuntai n valltly 'f (] fds.ihcn open rt up to make '~1~ktt HT! isoscele-s trimlglc OU't Of a :~.H'oAukc pleJt~ o yl () I <.. / \_ /\ " "".CD v-.~..... ... mcuntain f'oldst and try to llnc t·r. .. f) Tt fm..... .. e..em up WII h mount al n fold S. B accor omu B 6 Fold C s D 10 rncunta in· and Vdl"~y folds.. p!I' ~i. \ / B .£: ~howll in the diagram(J.. Follow lol!lil1p IIIII.. 'I~.:11' Fold acco dInQr In -lolJntain D· arid V3JleY tolds c A Pinch C & iJlong mountain HI rold~ Fdr..-.. _ A ."..ro. 11·1f! .~' . ..Mark 1:E-mIHf mounall hml folds ~' Turn [l v AI. It-old same as C D.:'! and rolo D as 1111 ~f .. toto 'Ihe valley [(lIds 2 And bring G & II outward... and 28 .lfiiPS(D-I. __ . 'T [Hflh:td~~ D)' Iolding G & D as f>hown rn the Make thin and fold 1 \'i ~ file InH:t diagram .. !I Fold E & 'F '.

ILOBSTER In Japan.39 . let's make a lobster using a larger sheet of red paper. If you use thfn paper..<q. if o r.t 0 mark with your lingers. told I and PU$tJ i1 Xlul SJl the WJ Iley tolu . I have used a loriangular shaped piece of paper. .1ft) FClld A IfIWHf d em tll~ moumau.2. a:nd pu!1 out C3ICI1 pleat in •~JrE:1c:1im~ olarmw~ I tle f81OUI·1 !'.<1ptur€ 1t'1'9 cnsracterlsncs of the lobster. you can s:impJy fo~d it into haJ1 as shownln (fl. a stately red lobst-er IS an i ndlspansabls pat t of the New Year's decoration .ifJould look like T't. He ILJ . If can be decorated with pine needles and bamboo leaves made trom green paper.

The head: or h~gsr. it q Ut'ckly withd raws into its sheu. A':Jit grows bigger. 30 . With its prO'tru(l~ng Ay.. That is why in Japanese. fl cautiouslv walks: around and at the slightest noise or movernen l.An be pushed in or out of the shell to aner tile appearance. You can make your hermit crab come to IHe by the way youtold the legs or by >changing their direction. lho head and claws ot tM :h(3rmL" crab are similar to hose of the sh rlmp 01 CI8Ib but it must live in a spiral shell to protect its soft body.ltching.es and rnmute antenna. In the photograph above.HIERMIT' CIRAB ThAn=i are many lively creature. it must move to a Imger shell. Others live only on the land and there are some which are coed at climb inq trees. You can use two different colors of paper. The nerrmt crab has claws I~ke a crab. slam ruing the entrance shut with Its bi'Q claws. the herrn i l crab in the m iddle is folded more rcatlstlcallv.s on the beach in the summer _ AITlongl them are the amusinq hermit CJ aos wh~ch I never lire of w<:. back to back. Its name means "hmJ5A borrower" Hermit crabs which live on the beach an= amphibious like crabs. 10 show the: contrast between the body and the shell.

Make [1]U IJlII~ In and VEl!- C~) E..an d 10 Id A tFy up .& the valley lirtB. {~) as in the d i a(j. ~lf E csn 1 &:'r into hal! rO.ding the [~(}me r n j A_ Pi nc h the two sheets inside' 'Of 0. Thf:11 fold: in haH on lhe center lin~ @'@)" Fold A mountain told and bri.ng !t baGk CI n 1. H to E W j~" fo.:\.PlJTl. ~h€'!shell will puff up.!. Open IJP Ib~ sleps Dr Make CD-@ lFol~ow Qof sarue angIt'l~ anclldd G 8. Fo~d at Hm @' fiji ·itI'l8tlHOW /~<1II'1.. on C & D.) D upwo. I) ut to tile d ouad line. a p~e.: D as the arrows !rit1iC.: (lnHU A (1) Opelii up C. D in ~/irOe:st. Fold C &.'a_lI..ce 01 square B n.t~y folds. C .8:S snown.l.st.. ® ~O) PLJIIB nul to the dotted line. to right.. c .I Fold H I Inward &. I ~ . PU1'1h A.0.'It ~U\i'!ln_ ~:. .~ down 10 dic"S·in)U appc(u\'":lrlce. <:IiI iil. PrH~.ylol.[A] CD (~) Open up C0 G & I'Tlilll<::e (~j H to (~} llrlrlg to lett CD GO!Ji'lf (.k) G & U outw~rd.j(t~. 1.Rtfi. In as indi- Make eyec t. the valley 1ir'l0 2.i on (8] (A j . and puH t:".rdon Fold A.

~ I. SHch as the reeusnc. 'We try to fold eacn part with meaning" ln this. turtle lilke a sketch from life .bstract Here. resllstic sea. . you must first decide on the .as)! to mastar ·if you ccmparsesch pan as you fold it to the finished turtle shown above. You cannot just came up wrth ttl·S figure by vagu.ely praying with :the paper .TUR. tihe diagrammatic or the 9_. i1 means totocus on the head of the turtle. and de:sign the folding IjnflS· sx:cordingly. Thefour comers the paper will become ttstront and real leg.s-You wm find it a..object that is to be 1nlded.ave made 8.T'LIE There are many approaches to the art of folding ongam i.. case. lin the artistic approach to folding origami.

.ll:h nul lilt: t:t) Make a pleat on the neck I allow (Wor [A) to mnko the neek nmfOWE-H neck. ~ ~.R 0f1 (rnake the underside 01 the 11ead~ wider)... 0 back to riglH.ld A & B In rnak.11.o. 1. (8) . !old valley and moun~f! lords to make 0: p!oa! On lhre nack._::.' '(A] Follow . I SoH n1Wfli d . Turn over.1M. lolds on L and 1l.!CIce rigll[ sin!'! 10 Istl on the E tJ<'lck. ~--~)!f-----'JiWc'~ ItitI / \: Wd . shown ill rear legs oul ~)rR & r. y'" ~....-.. I:~:I HrH:~.- '"' """- ---"'...ahcD..__. ''\. __ ~.D . Fold F &.. fA.be folrJ.ev 33 . B&D jnw~fd_ lfi 8houi d [)e the tol d<ed ano d..~D B ~ll. same as A 00 A C {tmt~imJ A} shoUld IIYe10 Id ed: to m ~ch the d QUed s . i take mountain . p' ..11P.d vr.f . Then step:> m-. Z- . ""...F:l'd ~he and Fl._ __ '" '~. CAl Fin:iish i'J up A 2lrld lold it out to donN line.'. Make Ihfo' nfilck I1<'1F- at the [oint as D ~1'I(jwn..'8} f:.lring the lett S1J B i i n ~1 B 6. " ... side to rig r~t on tne i.FiDisih iIi}.@lI.!:. \:. G.7 ilJi:¥Jeraide of the' h!i!OO '"" . _:. .1]~ oj r. rower J~. 00 the same W{Tl_'! (.1 C & o s ho IJld: .. .I' ~ ~_~ A en B Marl>:: (~) Fo.Ulcv rn QUI] tel i n to Icis on c ~'LW·<'lr!:'l p~IdCtl 0 lpa p ~r C CZ) ".

I decided to fold a. baby brrdastart their life under the watchfu I eyes 0 r their parents. You CoU match the CO~Qr or lt16 blr ds by your choice oJ paper_ 34 . balance. baby bird Iike the ones that can he sesn in fie garden or the wood~ The flying bird wiH fly very we~1bCCo1lJSe of its overall. Even when they become big enouOh to stt on the branches.BIRD When tile warm sunshtne bathes the trcsn green leaves. He'fe.lJ! make various kinds of birds such as the bush warbler. they continue to bc:gfor food by fluttering thejr wings and c. tit or sparrow !bysHghtly altering the shape of the beak or the wings.heepiuQ noisily. You C(.

Fuld A @ Fo1d E according tCl moun tain J_i1d iIilaJle. Throw 10 let it By.. p U" out ~ 0 part 10 ma. (1) I. 1he point.1. I c 'back (. Fold Inward can at i.11. A e •® .... ~'Zi?E5I" ..A) ..-.tI B. make and valley '8 to mak.1.P.1}.' __-. 9 the (". fit' accorrnnq ro the valley lolUfl lold D in stand it UP and Fold A&R 39 . Mar ~ the valley laid ~nd shape wjng~_ Hold "~'I mark with Hn!. Tu J1 over. Pull U nul In the dotte d line. (i8) .'{ 'IQ.~w )()_ Turn over Hlldlold sarne as .' ' B .7 \. f tl in!ill8rd.FtYING 'POSTURE fi\ ..[. ".<c-----" . I (~) E.:_:.~\ Open 'the mOLJ~. a~. by pulling D UIH of E. old Fe. With centering rnuuntain lotds.ld~.t.Jf:rs.

The pU p0se is In nol only make il \Iy f~s\ ond far. after sludyin9 1M ecolOgy and lunclloI movem 01 li birds. wh&eh will make il lIy even beller. 'Al because Iher.· VB hold You will be able thOrn as shOwn In Ihe pholOQraph abo with (~ and Ihem and thlOW 10 enjoy a variety oillying movemenlS .e$ origami which moves.refore. However. Alter yoU finish lolding IhO >hap. Aolh 01 IMse glider doves.". on. lust to make it ".n."d lili io each one ot them 36 . dit1er"nce.uve is nal mechanical too and lacking in ilfI8y. I tried 10 include these Idea' in the shape 01 a dow in Iliglll. Th.FLYING DOVE (Glider) enls Everyone 1\I. 01 Ihe dove. in the ccnter ot gravity. ill liyur"S 'i) and @ fly very well. but copture it" life rhyll>m and appear beauliful at Ihe lime. you can spread it oul a5 in figure <I. is • weed . The ccnler 01 gravity in Ihe case at doves lies in the fronl section and IMY will only tly It ymJ 0 S.

Indicsl. -~ ~_~..ill __~_~__~_-p_~ »~-. B 'I" C fuld F&G inward..I) by M a.6 and CD. @ .. Ope. ~ FO'I.. 8 I 11·1:. (]) M(. l ias Fold arrows. .8ke Foiled folds. ® ([. Push corners of H & I into th-e inside 01 <"). D and told them 0 n the vatlevtolds. Divide from A to the c~n~t':r imo<l "md m.I Mark s.rl up C 8. mountain told.foi TLJrn over.i<e the head iolding E in the di r sctron 01 Ihf03 arrow._'~-I I I -L tIJ dt'-lg{H I 1:111 1111f:: ~]..--I --------~" t -- ~-~~--.. 37 . E D. Open up s D..~ ~ lil~l'lM39n Fold C 8.lk e the valley fold. M ~ k .lirths ~~~~~E ~~~. 18 C 8. A.

the' cnaractertstjcs of Ihe peng. There lis a certain uniquoncss in a rigamf folded by childrso even though the pieces may not be very precisely made.'!r1!expressions. round otf the Hgurefrom the neck to th'E:i nest as c shown in (1~. ne~psthem absorb sc:~entHic and: artistic values which will blossom Into a. I 38 . y()!un~1 children.uin become more pronounced. vou can 'find' great art in thess simple origami. Thus. spirit of independence. Even if it is designed for cnnc ran.le appearance is spindle shaped which really makes it look. ( A ) shows how . torrns. the who.PENGU~IN Origami is. The straiqht line from the chest to the fest is strongly accentuateo as is shown m dlaqrarn ({). In [B]. divided between the type's which can be made by evevone and those which especially please.nu rtured by repeated faldinQl.I tried 'to fold this pengluin fn a really abstract waYEmd by c. In ( C:) . If you fold the comer at the bottom riuht hand side. you can make penguins with diHerl'. II made the head more true to llfe.h. toto ing the section under the wings rnakos it look more realistic from the head to the back. In ( D) I made thef'eet by refolding the par I. . lt comes easily to them to lold something with a natural theme. in diagram ® as ltlustrated .arrgilig the proportions of the Mad ~nd wings. I'r you.. Hke a penguin. il ls possible to express artistic values even in diagmmmafir."0 raid a baby pengu in. Awareness or perceptual eonstancv.

.- . Op'~rl up B as In lila dklgram..'01 Fold F in the aarne w~y to PI]li OU! . 39 .. Me In hs ' (~) /rold inw2Ild on lite rnountam told {t Fold.foldl then pull It (1111 on l11C val1'llY old 2 i 1M a k e ~ dltiiJfl._ c\f' 'Finish . • ilti~ diaqonUI shown..ko th a bo dy round b)' inlSerting your 'linger Pus'h th. vaHey fo las on U M8kc mountain in"g trorn @ of C A ) Conllrn~c !Old[:lnd I (iJ: dolled line :2 to makH a '. .!> 'ID ... f!~) 'r( Fold in on it1e mountaln lo!d (t.old~fl E em Ihe lind G ~)~ tnB tfgelk..fHSC A <al D ~e.. en Contimm€ (C). make the olher lao!.. ' lrom tID of [B). I Thi!:'lnlold D C.e onest in 'softl~r 10 assume the posture.'.. e. (~/ ' Pustl A in on lhe moufitau. .. in nn thH mountaut fOld_ ot follow sttlpS to ~ ~ .• .llai crf. Fold IJ.iIi~per. Fo'd 8. ar~nfJ ~jll./I _. thi5 wingis inward Ma.(A) '.r C anrJ fQld tfoWbftrJ8 ~f 01 j.. . -. In 'Ihe' dl'F~C- f1TUlJ ~quare pl!§!ce C _ rowe..

this lraditional type of origami was not accepted ASi being adequate educational material. W~len ltolc paper. The crow introduced here is forded with a completely new idea.amf has gained recoQ'nrlion from the standpoint at Art and ocucatton. the laws of natu Fe and so torth.s . like those shown 011 pages 22 and 23 and the crows here and on Hie next pagl€ are made from the' most basic totos.s. I wa. foldS(:i crow. Unlil now. 8y closing or widerrmig E&F in (13 you can balance the J. Jumping origami. 40 .CROW It is on Iy recently th~t orig. il was necessary to take into conslderatlon such things as circular motion.actly the same when folded by auyon.gIiven on opportunity to explain and demonstrate my theory of Crcntiv~ Otrigam i with free expression and this was accepted. When the lnternatlonal Arts and Crafts Fducation Conference was htlld in 1954 under the sponsorship of UNESCO.gl. helmet and balloon which came out e:x. I try to express not only 'the. rebound movement and tno projected curve of item thrown into the air. lin making this crew.e and Iotd is well thought ow l and planned with a sense 01' t'ieauty and deep feel1ing. It is also 'tun 'to adjusttM mountain fold line in diaqrarn 00 and see. beauty of the cr satures in nature but I also regard tharn from a scientific point of vj'E:!W_ H helps to understand basic ideas such as the function and structure of tile creatures. how it changes the balance between tIt! head and the bocv. educational oriqarru consisted 01 the familiar Orizuru. Every an. Fortunately.

~ .n!. dolted line shown in ~'. open up A a! d COV-6.a s·quare PI9C!:'! oj ~~)ip 8'" in 1)).. .1he sheets. you s.by .gers In IF &F and move !t"LEjrll.. Fol d a on the moun am f:md \~II~ folds.l1olJlci put Yf) I H filum bin I ami yw .. ~/ I (-4: fold an ih" "'HIley fOld.. caHng 3Q1"11fl· lI)~ilg st retch i n~ 0 ul its neck..A. . e or (~) [l8l.. y'OU pul your firl. It looks like thi!l crOW is.12) ~. 1 he center of g. Make lha v~lley fold rnllT'~ed C: IJ)' Fold on th~.:kWf.d.'"' II. ". M ark the mountain fold r::. gravity F & F out 'h~ center o~ moves 10 wArd WM) you spread ~..n ..... ~1 ~'ou ~Ifl right Iian d-e. painl VVnen you press El with yuu fin it will move-IOi- ward.§) ~.(A) I. 0 Ifldicflted 'by the dOUBc! rTH:tKAlhe 11eJd_ 4\. Brrllq F over E. arid: bring I! up rrorn tl1".' ·~ .' . Put it undi?r C & fl.. (J'roid A iorward nl?...wavI Y move So i o <=U...1 .. Support thef i g ur H wi ttl your rrnoCIioR ·ingcr .V Mark: G by 'bringIng 11f::. 7 -' .he d()ned line.l t~~ mountain told TI'u:III ooen It up as !fI (~). l IIpw<:lrd on Hie valley olds. vailBY fold 2 Ihe mountain !.. fomflinger III F. ~ . [C) E "-'-_.~~) 0 pAn anc bring UD .'" ··F :j) Fold F &...5) ----A A B so that u wli1 move downward as 811O . .l.. .#.. CD '".r over lhe \Jall~y told..' -"7 .H d so that it wi!"! stand up (B) (}j (_~y~) Fold A Oro told 'I. ag. . F-olCI. ~.i n it OWl! as 1.. . llnes. E.ip A 10 F. I n Id A betl"~€~Ir.._ 18 ~. .t 'I u II ~'.

....t..Jpward.l. '9 CD C&[) ({i'II Fold AB and E 111~~de on ~nountail"l tfJld~ 1& 3 Fold them 011 valley lulds 2 & 4. I . . : ..Pinch C & D Hn(J pull out in di recti n n of HI tGWS... \. . \L" A /.. sfeps ....Ol~. #".·· // I i "\.8 MO'rHER tROW' ® '. .... of 6.1 IhH wwnQ dicat~~.\ "J\ \\ -.i lohJ.._ '\~ Fold C 8.A POSltlOIl w..t by doneo F 0 Id A tow:lrq side. IJPin'1. " ward.. iii lhfl dlaqram Sind 10 lid in to 1"1 ElI.ey folds A 1(..! 010 ing _.f as in (ID. ~) (~"(~) ~:)cv'o 1~'flCl brirlg It. . Fold 8 IJP ward on the dolif.. Brmu .~p tw:.s I.. :/~i··. D (~..I\.. \ I / ""~\ old&D told fold . .... "- -.. in diaM~ke a on B anu (1) Mak:f:l P~E5f:1ts on (A] (~} 'old AS down lOg8!tll'fl. A rr an gE.~"'.. 2 pleat ·old II I.. . A. 7 ..t. ) --~~--~. J j .A (fJ . ttit'l shapes 1!j(:cora IrlU !O the suqgesterj lines. . ~~ .ke lines C hen 9 valley 4.. -. Fold iii mountain foilil t Openl)f}' FollDW Irorn (V 1-0 (£I 01 (A]. . / 'C' C 14 13 l:!~.''. ~""'"'I I'wlI'h (A] c: . -..--. ~!! fold ..Dotted IInOS. -> ®~I'\'" ....{'! again line Open and liP P. "'~ .longi rnountarn arid valley 1. -.. - S. 3 8. Ma.'B J' .-:-2 \".__ down t. / /0 ! "A Wrung side f ! I <::--~I-. ~re an sxtenncn 01 v~ll..0 WIf1 gram Fa I d ------------~--------~----------~--------~-----BABY CROW iiI::o dOW'1..rd to lines.

balanceai Id motion. I have mace them small. but au other an imals as ~J811 me to life. This technique of accenting l1et head area will make not only birds.by crows with their parant as you ado the wings and tAil tcathers. Althougl1hFl'hy crows i:H.l ruoi e realistic look by rllaking the head round.). BOothmother and baby in (A l arc folded sirnply.8size or paper for. In (B] . You can arrange tt161l1 t.:Ier:k and M~kfl -o'~O'oVctopc i. co You can choose black. I Wed for (.. :~rnHI~ plHHI to Ill8:K A J' to 1fIem nar ro W8r r Po A I C rows havs been close to pea ple UuougliJ thA age.s.(8] c :flI! ~i}i ~n the beJ. l. You can learn 8 tot about tne physique and functions ot living creatures by cornparinq these b.r) look as though l e baby is begging for food. blue or cnatcoal gray paper TI1.et's totd a mother cr ow and some bab ies I.:luall')lhave quito large feet. The crows whiGh appeared on the pj-~cccding page were folded on the basis of their 'tille' inn. €I baby crow IS one-lourth the Si7A ot that for 1118 mother. Fold 1he r.k. .

e beak. If ®~'. lJFlrIU B upward to make the...inis F" "" .C E.DUClK (l pun C &. F BABY DUCK iT..0 out.v"nrdFOLd !. It) s . Fo1d as in diagrrilms '1) ~tl.... .. It l.llffl '~9) Opcn up A in (J iraction (rl <lrrOW$ and rold down as iFf tile a diag r ~ rn rnkl_ke lh.. s toward 1hH back.. IDld ir. 44 .. I~~ Fold In di! Action 01' arr ow» I~r' Fo'd ~:l! (t."5: B H upward I 0 I(~ dOWf). . ~...ivell as a whole.follow sarne S! eps 218 ff) I the parent uuck....~ail. US~ A sm". .® r ~ =« .' '..'i square B piece' of paper as In . the feel. piece of ~qlJare oaper. I-old C Po D to mHke. Shape. ..

. ~'" Open B up C -'.K FAMILY the dotted Iln~::.0 make.k waddles when tt walks. ducklrnqs can be rnadefrom paper which is one-q uarter tho size of Hl<:llused 1. you CAn capture an innocent exprAssfon and fulaing.. It upward.~ 'I~ Within D'UC. 0 down. B dow!"! . When you make the feet. be twe~ll sheets. fa!d C 8. _. as shown ln dlag ram Cj} I advise you to told CD together with the pap-er in the middle. which will enable yuu to arrance the teet at any anqle and length you desire. I' into hall' -asshown.By lifting up the beak. the mother.1/ld fold Fold We'll now raid Mother Duck and her ducklings There is something humorous about the way a dur.. the teet to the back will make it appear as though the duck is swlmminq. li1e 00 Fold 10 rines dottcc ':S~ 0 pe n A . Thp.

aW'L The wise old owl is a familiar figu e.. calms. The one shown here is folded in relief '1'0 rm and [he facp. ot pauer but fry to choose an appropriate color tor an owl. is purposely deformed 10 brino OUt the charactertstlcso r the owl.ry lilelikA. You can use either the same color tor both sines Or contrasting. You can use any kind. You may like to P8fCh YO!Jr owl on a brnncf with leaves made rrom hefivy paper or one wifh tancy paper . lwo shsets ot different colored paper may also be ~'elected_ Ettective use of color will make the owl Vf..

iI. in order F to make <9:. ple~1 I~olcl E :& F a on Fold B 0. hn~J(:'Ir-. I-I shown in Make ·'pl!eat on A '1hown fold F ~I) Ma. '8'W EI V 8 f.t i·' _.1) s 1& J upward. rold t 113 top ot the hcac backward to m a ke.~1) \1. wltl1 'I: Fold A dowmvQrd.€I: a srmdl <:\5 L~ bl'Ongmountain and vall!!!y rolld::. nail Open up A..lt'd by lhe dOIIr.!tJ line D F-old toward c &.) Foid C & D as shown. . Fold ·amJ lolu B loward the A @ <1\ Ford on rnounram and valley folds to ur a k s Oi }ack Fold A as i nd icn. .':'9) " t:i nck:ward:. flcl F !)i(l and Pinch G &.?l yow and b " " . Murk. ci bi1 es .fit' make folds. " Make a crease AO piece of paper. r m. H I-old I J down shown Fuld Ihe central po int to ward Ihs II1!:lH·~fl.) [he rJi!:lqfflifl G &. B pje::u.

I inward on 'I ~ mnuntam tokh. R.- '8 ofg toe.~. IIII A an. Fuld B be!\'.elelenet'i' SilllpH'ied lokts brl"!i:isl ilnd head. -..1.'een L up toward dotted lmcs. I old F.. .. "'. !Ii .)~ i. Tr)' round 011 the breast lil'li. . ~... I'i) '':.: raId 6 UP again t dotted lines and elold Ilti:I If~ Fold along r\ountJin and v fJ1ley 2 lulds. fold ajjd cr eases en a square piece: of oaoc ra ~ sno w n I aiel ~i:'. "II .1.~~) Fold C 8. down hl:Jo rnouniam told. to pr.sl indicated by the dtytod 11 ~ H1 1. G. "nil ". 'jt. f"!:ll" M<ike llile t ead b'\! lolding A followil'ig steps :jl.. .~. H A . ".[JlJ valley '11 ain M a k: r. 0 as In (ii/ 4AtlkH fl plea! and fold ~)IJ lwar d @gain .l pl.1). lor the. in (2} .al d. F(]I~r d (Jrllhe rnournan told.'g. ~~.. tlf'ff I C plIlllillj w!H d &D U 1'0 HH~kp. Fo~d C &. ='. D following "Fnkl ill!j Ihr.JllinU A IJPWklfC..

DOVE ._ You can make the dlttcrent kinds by altering the angles and.' The dove in tns photo IIVI{Je IX i[!j!" and :f~r by follwing 5tCP. stronq Ion ~. The (jove is the symbol ot peace and ~s widely loved.)! belong to the same.I vlsifed a nearby park. There was always 0. Try making doves in dillerenl postures. Bfltorc makl IlIq this llesign .J1 .'. l)1.in1.g boss leadin\J lII~egroup TMre arc many kinds of doves suches thR carrier plgeQrl and the tur lie dove which arc easy to Identify whereas sornc ott-ers mo. species but have distinct body line:. A~ if they are flYing or ealing.'.g the Feet 1 lkr3 2 -. to watch lt18 d eves. conspicuous. fa Id ing Iirles as shown here. ". Poldia.

lhc mouth wlH ~I~() muve..~ Fold I arr nws Indin Choose your paper to match the color of the cow.!f) can be varied by makino ..c Q) I I CAL" T _B M<. The size lor the calf should btl ()ne-thi rd th8. I 2 .J<.t re(jui rRd for tha cow.l.. USlnQ photographs for reference. The fo Id ing methods in rjj(. Open it up again alll'i'· un vHllfW r()I~1 :. lAid:.}djlJ:'itmAnts in the I~r. Wrorl(.:.gT ams «(i anu .4} Il you 1l0ld 1t fo:! ~~r.e valley 1/ ~ A _______ I~. ...l. you shou Id be able to to Id other type's such as the water UU ffa~o.le Iwrn Ole inside. I .: We have known the domesticated cow from ancient times.~--~----~--~--~ sldc I • A EI D t j Finish . and move them. Here.D c ~2. Ll_ . the Arner lean steer or Japanese COWS. the: folding IS done to capture tne char acterlstlcs of the cow by presenting only Its head. 50 .anQ.gltl and .

I Pull out 01 bad or I 8 le G.':lfd iF) MHrk mountain arid valley fol·d~ Or'! a piece of squAr8: P-..gill side I D :]) B f O~!j A & torwar o and fOld C& o b QCkW2If d . 8.!:ipHI _as shown Fold It to make (. '1i Fold U &: D down on the vf'lllHV t(llds. G and tolr_] H . fli' Fold B en u.r. Fuld D the same as B @ Pull A.~i ® :~:.- / Ri. E tor war Folo I & I' bJchw. C iind D C.B/ .~: /. . rOld A 11 C H)O.&.t / (1) c:ow .HJI 111 the way AS s amc B tl) l ur n A ovsr !B and D over C tu make (~).r r ows indicate. iSI .~ vaHey to Id Qjf"ld then on 'I~l~ moun t a in told.~~:.

It appears in many teg~nds and fairy tales and it was from such a. The fur of some wild rabbits becomes white in the winter. ~used a piece ol p~nk paper with a wnite back The white side was used to make the body and the pink appears as the inside of th.. story 'that I got the lcea to make this rabbit. Here.. 52 . le~ving C and D as lt is. you will come up wlth a ra hbit with bigger ears.e raobrt's ears as illustrated in diagram (W. standing erect with its ears pointingl upwards.If you sl<lp the steps from (.V to @. IRABBilT The rabbrt ls one of the cutest anlrnats.

Fold A & 8 and feet. Open up the ears arid 8-tl apES 'It ~Hm.(~> Fol. " fllid m ItlF~ a or rhc (~) Open up as ill ('i'). " " "'fI~ " I ClJ f [I ~ d apiece or slim-He pap~r as in m A <S. 5.Fold C &.j). {f* '1'0rnaK~ Ihl'l fac.. IFoid B up on tilf'i rnounta] n laid.3 . @I Pull A Q!!lntiy <1nd fold corners.d G & H IfIWHrd. Spread the feet OUl and let ~hE!' rabbll of stand. 0 inside lust and GUver C&D from the stdes .: on Fold A OV~F t!!l valley fold.open LJ P tM end the '~aitand tw lst I If:l E-lnd.HS Lr'I ~I)- . .I Fold G & H r]I) Bring A up. Ofl "dlreC:llon iiln'flW. { ". rnounral n and va1levlold!5 to rn a'ke p Ieat.

(1) .I. . 8 bs twec n L f. r urn A Hn.'e AB III B. A ("$.ey tolds In make tncm n". 1~6'1 air.. B 54 .. 'M~lk~ valli5v folds alOng li1(:) din:gOflH1 crease .. Optlll up C& D by tw~cting ._Iii) Pi nc h A.118m a Oil c 'I) nn a square 'Plec~ of paper.old~n\J A on the mountain alld v~H€V tolus.:a. Fold C & 0 as ir Mal~C a [liagornal efe(il.~.mnc:l bring.rTower.jback on . 'FOll1 (1) Fo~r.a plHElt on B (1-¥ . L~ . I-l n d fol(~ 11 betwef:m G :& H 01"1 th~ mounl~1I1 and \i'~llcy talds to mtlKP ':TIl". 10 A. 11·H C snt c mounlaill 'fOld both A &.d tn~ top I~}' Mahc..!.X! Pinch C & o. (J{) ® IF . rOlf! C & D on moufililll"l and \f(l..

lit snou Id be folded so that the white side appears on the stomach and chest Pushing the tail upwarcs wi~1give it the posture of the raccoon sl10wn on the fight . which is so well known from Japanese tf'liry tales and oro folk songs.ide of d iagram (f~. you can make the face rounder' and thls will rnaks it [look even more lIke a raccoon. J 01 J (wHIr d to makelhe feet Shape 111B b ffUy 1. tho nose.RACCOON. Tai~Aa piece ot brown paper which is while on the back. By pu Iling A. @ FlaUer! A Make a make plc{at at ttJe eye J@vel RoU folds to FUld I &. . 55: . F JT [ion of arrows and: brinq down Optm A in {lirE"!c. you can hold the rigure by the neck and i nsert your ~~nQerfrom '['he back.0 look round.from the inS. pushing to make the stomach more rotund. AHer fold~ngl it.t ". The Drummer Let' stotd the raccoon.

.l t eterencc. in the c.~.) . a staH enlwirJed with tWD snakes and in Japan. between There are not many people ..ase o these snakes..: .. (S~f.. I deliberately chose a difien~nt color tn order to givA them a feeling of beirlQ toys._____ In the upper phologrriph. 'I 'ried to make these snakes more lovable by adopti'ng the' familiar. However.SNAKE who like snakes.:. 'I folded thfi part the head all d the abdomen Into lwo anc gently pulled the neck up and wound tne section tro m the abdomen to [t18 tail around rny finON. H:k II usually ChOOSH a color that matches the animal or object I am mal(lng. the iRoman god ol commerce and science.I I' I' d 11 II I: I: LI I' 1: 11 Il II II ® . snakes are also painted on votive lab~Atsfor\JQod 1'1 In business. carries a caduceus. II . simple form ot local toys Mercury.

.....3)A (. Fold a 18 B @ B :)) F 0 10. .01 arrows. •.- ® oj:.. ...!jlHUI I anc (ill: (1ifi) Fold Foill A on 101ds along the v. " imWHd B 0 rI I i rlf..'f'1 and :. Fold diagonal mountain flat on lh~latJle lines in order to make IhE:tail lie ...... ihe rnountain fr'U!' Mahc a pleat on /1" then fold H~A liP nar r (lwei 1.4X~) Fold . G!'Inrl'!F .__ ~ __ ~ . t! Ie tonque.. F In dlrecnon . 8Ih~y ihell PH I ar ow·s indicate 1(] mAkf~ ())..3. A hetween sheets.steps A F nl d to lIow·i1'1Q.' ". in iT.'l:~ slide the as (~) Fold at the a long n~rrow i["wdy_ 10 rHAkf\ ..0 rnak·f:. B sa: u me pie'Cf. Wt8 hi 0 :)j You cancu rvc tile lai I as you ). fhi:lll iold'lE &. 'L.'~"'.. more alive- nHi:':'~ VmH snake look 57 .~.: .. of paper at. ~ _ ---:-"'.alley OVf:H jL1ld. ._ .: •• . Cll Open laid A upwf!lrJ 1:11 1/3 of ~he 1. ": .- .

fnd.I' p~ tne rnak!:.- OJ S8 . Open up Ih~ bouv and fold ~c ([1) shown G.J & I. A along B '.:ilr' ihc valley told and upAn IJp l ~ilonp oio . arro ws . JJ I. Ill" Pu~ h A b(. ~~ .(0 /A'.r:H Ir:lc make 'l~'. ltnes Make 1 arul ViI!lql folding (~) :& 0.i a & b.(1 Open UP @ to make TI (~) FOoldEl betwe6fl .H " rjll I old the oo the h<lkl rj l nte c I n as :J]i} BriflgG II over !he pan (J the e.).''twee n (1 & H in th~ directton o f ll.ad to make (~' &. co' ners to ~2" Pu&h A oowar t1 o· ~h~ mountain fold.~·' Fold ILm~f. ? hV '8 B AJrY diagorl<'ll 1~1eAR. Fold C & 0 i ret an d the.. 'ft- I old A between tho sheets. _- ~ . ~:.e ar r OW ~~.' '1".n 10Id E: & F.

il Among the twelve animals . sculptured draqons are frequently seen in he decorations of shrines.ttl 'm:H 1m"jfll and pull ~\ out gei1t~y I Ih~ naad..: horns and mane. 1hey aopear in folk tales QI-S· the qod ot the sea or U-IS dr aucn god.1lds 18' Hotd . li. ULl~e6id alld iH )S~ by kdrhng the v<:.. down It I' old £IS I!l(il- . a refined creatu re._ w.Wr. iowever.20 Cti~ old :.llcy and. ~hJ~~lI. ..icti(:)nal one. In Japan. unl ike many of the pupular monsters of l'hA present day. mountain H 1(.. lolr :nwJo'_ cats.ates.Iapanese zodiac.lr row tjC. it I:... Ille as Shope the nosE' and r~i.. only the dragon is Fi f. It is also s8hj that dfag-ons can surnrnon tne rain clouds and therefore... it IS Important to clearly rl8fine til€.Jle be'ween the face arid the neck..:'..jl' Make the lore.=.'ik~ horns uutu.. [hey are beiiRVEKI() !:Joe the guardian deity of wonden bu ilding:s_ In told ing t lis animal. ..inthp.llh. Try 1'0 gdve it an appearance ot cHgnity by adjus Hng ths df1\.

however a lS C In X 15 em square sheet of paper is recommended. yO! fold 4 order to pll~Gr!t 01 mountaiotold to . Fold vallev IhF-l make dotteo paper as i I Fold a ~qLH~fH J. \ Gener ally speak~ng.0 children and U1~ ki nd that they can told themaelvas by [ollowiflY di~grarns. 'r 8 :3 <:H1rJ ma·ke (I'. i()ld p<lper as shown In d~a grJ. of paper. origami that adults fold and Q ive 1.lU you eac ) chi Id ren to fold origami.It is very easy to become enthusiastic about or igami because it is SCi simple to d D. it becomes d itficult to hand le.I & 1.1.~.. r :A.In lines.ms '.ld ot srtHng in trent oi them... there are two kinds . W'tl(. I would like to stale the importance 0 r or~garn i fro m the porn! 0 ViAW ot thR lorrn auve ar tsWh~n we think about ormarn i tor child ren. If the paper lis larger than fhis. It shou Id be about the same thic k ness as piece or stationery. you shou Id sIt next to them so lila l ttlSY can sse yow ha lids im.~. WhenyolJ have lsarnao to told an objact wHh a small PICOt.t~r. The ideal size of paper in althcr case should bc12 em X 12 em (7 in x 7 in ).' Folo IlnHE' A ilP within he ocucd 60 . i t i~ quite easy to do thIS same with a 1<1 gcr sheet.

Icy·old.il.9) Foldihe Iace fold Fr>kl E upward on the v"f.j F . F()ld 8· down Uri lhe mountain fold A " OP!olTl IIp E & f and fQld eve r b Q th sfdes to rTI ~Io:. '®fiII18JkO!!Ihe t Eli I narrower open 11p the ears. E ... down belwe!olll E &.... I ol'i. Ij upward to rnckc the- -. .. arc.!)' by putting your finger inside it an d t.. '/ ~ .rJS or by ~h!ol :-li. F~ ®~"'/".. In..·l'.... -.2EL 61 .§) Fold the tip o'f A. F..n~€ as E. .-C ~~.~ ."'" ' "'.. jl. 1 @ Bring A.~'<'.. Bound tne bar. E I~ind£ 01 rnlGf:'! tJy ch<:mging tr~e einqlfis of the tails an(~ tH'l!:.: You C<Ji11i make V«flouR. Inwer part of the on the: mountain lulda..' ···--F 'Pi (..+:t niH f1:lCfl ~~~~-----~j ~ (ID~~'" ".'. .. '.. Finuib.

J QrCirn I. the head and the body are olued seuarately wl~il ttl'. plr.TIGER The ll~f.!! hFjau fix~rJ to ! e uuuy II you wuuld likFj to f lake I~e head movable. yo u can make a [Jclrent I yer'~ head at.~~ of the head sect inn and rnak8 . as in (1). In folding the tigel I I e. sh own n section (10 and nc baby can be made smaller.:l depression the re The head balances on the po in led A oj It If... I used a two-colored S teet of paper (fight brown with f) whltfl h<ldO In this disgram.~ wall 62 . as ~I"own n \'t Using heavy paper.\(.j to sxp eS8 its POW~I lJy pli.aDO rru es and It IS svmbo!lc or hOrll sarc r. rlnc1 1(. r hoy can riP.aqram 'IS) ot '[hFl body section r hen pu IJ out trtr: part rna rkpri In di. back.! L1l)f:jy section. VOU snoulc pull A In c. The head (J' s easy to r en udren to make as It ca'l be tol ned rowarns thp.IlQ emp 'asis on its nose and Its tall.tu~f1 ogether to decorate a u.!r is !:>.lIU W travel back and forth over .

f1br. 2 and 3..IIHy and.ing 63 .pe:r as in ljil J("J. op€ming up 011 . :i8 (~IFold <:lccordiF1.he-ad shown in (1) body Affix ('_:.ll Eltirl~] A s 10' rlnHed / (il Fold A & ..) Urlng ell!." " ':... . (6..g'to U\ ff. Tur rI nver. !I I"'~ 1~11inward <D Bady to () of the.\.: II up on the vallc'..:0. B 1. _' ..l. up to vat~ey' old 2 mdicates.d iii :. hH mounta i n ano VQH-cy folds.-" ·'1 /"'. as tne W r (]W between E '& F on mountain i1 lH'Id. I old r.1' .ke It nnrr owcr...11 Fotd' as diagram..l folds~ to or rTlH-k~ Ih~ If3Hl l'If!! hn- A .)) Fuld !O ma. to rnakfili (~) PiDiSh GID cry \1". mak i nq 11"1 ~he Head [I J Fold t:I~ (v ar rows IHea. lhe .' '.rm. Fo!d E (jown 011 U1€ done d line.::Ie and UH-n. Head B upward hnes. Bm'~J ttle parts in M1-ir'k vH.JiI' tarn totds as shown. 'Iurn ovcr. (1. ~_ .. n"101.. __ •• __ •• I ~. Fal{_] B HI fold 1..) B dowrlw'ar d... . (3)'J:. Open up A Hild fuld up as in the di~gr....qll~rl!! piece QI Dlil. .d O~F1 it op..d UI] cate. mdl 'J' dlracnon or arrows. laO} Shape the rnuz ears Witt! Follow the steps..I~r fi\ / /. [)f1Fc!' 15~fltl 1!H3 smaller li'1JfI rho other.. Ih!:l. ~_'I' n .

You can also fold other anirnats ~ik8 the ones shown above.m in mlgnmf. The study of healthy animals. It is i!f1 [)LH rant to (10 til€: same when folding o6garn i because you: then become Iarn maT with their pnvsrque and posture.(. th:p. After you have mastered it.kt'ld gir BlH~=t JtJ. .my sketches otan lrnals you plan ~o paint or carve. is a vital step in ena. you can work on the nono structure and' model ing to make the object more IifeIrke. Here IS.l IUrlg-r!er. one of [he lundan ienlal pauerns tor !o ld ingany ve" tsb rate.st as you shouto rnaka mr.bling one to MptWP. to acquaint Qfles~1f with their characteristics.G~RA'FFE Let us JlOW lold .

Fnk.).\ .\/ I r D \ \ \ \ '" 'I. MiLl~C' .A /~) Fold C \ • ' \ IrlWHld valley toicc \ \ on s D lhe . oJ) Make shown Md open C 8: D H':. Bring togelM8r all fo k~Hd hncs <'IS In I'.gire~f~ as a who I'e fold hc<:!d.(. Bring B EO '. 10ld bulh A rn 0 ul'ltal flo 8. he other Iw!€.'!_. suppor I' 1116 0 the r side or ihe body w!~h your middle and put yow 011 Hngc-r Lmr. d Put the irrdct. n between IliFf iii 'lflHls_ o f G" tai I "an li r flf:l! H~ <'If ows indicate.$ irlchcate . mrOW8 valley tala. / I' I I I " ~\\.d~' I oro mountain A on fol(~ . pu~h E &. 'I'-It:: flif'lqonal crease 1\8 on a _~quare' piece cl paper. '1.. Fold B Inside to the ctr~II'Hd line r old H&'I outward on 'l'he vallfW fold. Shapfl the .l parts Inward . F in he d'i rection ('I ilni:"! 81 row.(D / \ /' .. folds. t'hc front 11IHnb Of 'he .!.m 'D nar- indi- i..10..'./ .IS the arrows lndieat«...' ~rrows cate C Folc' s to 11'la.(il M~I k./' i i I l f\ . \ l B B .: 3.__i to mark I r-olel u back- WJtd fold. B do . 1'1 find in$lde of 0.-l1-! (1) \~r0 n the ..he .I~ the ar rrJ1N 11'1 Ic~ Ief-.. B·rifl~ C& on tile mountaill D up A '7. .iy T 1fm. tl fig e r 01 vour Id I. with your nght_ hand.'5y I t8iIHJ b !11e diagonal line...

Trns rusthod ot folding is simple and shows the oorilla in 111.1 Oori lla in It1@ zoo or in a photograph.kc a.ORIILLA Our next subject is the QlQrilla. ona ot the rTlUS!. Try not 10 be teo concerned with U. mouth Ana nose. popular animals in the 700.e face alune but work on the figu rFl as a whole..: ost tnrnutar stance. && ' .louch When you make It. By mektng the torehsad broad and roughty shapmq the.]S If you were actuauv look. corula. rl:epea en foldHlY to produce a satistactorv irnaqe will cause he paper 10 become wnnkleu.G. ill a m I. like a man. you shou Id do so .. The gorilla is the largest anc stronqest of all the anttuopoirts and walks upright. you will be able to make il look I. Then YO!.ing at .I fihouleJ make he taco lonQ~r.

ar~~ irLwHr cI as . Brinq the f ace down arid s hap!?' the wllOteiiqure along the m ounta info I(j s.~ ts (fi) Around H1P..H:!! M.~ ~pread lout ...f~..I11HiipleHI:s..Jkc valley 'll Folci AC flHf~ U u t o r w ar d IOgc:tljCf ® 'I' OLl~ (j) C under A 8ntl SprHfld i£ D as 11"1 C. Fold in OE I &.t ..H p H the nose an d eves by l'lHklr~u fo. Do as arrows indicare.crs.1ak IJ fJil OUfHi Make thB n(tCK area.. Fold E Gown on Ihe IJHIi~}' fold (1) Put yo Ufo thUf1flbs -~l" ins:id<'j Ihe pouche:s "_"':::~L. Put c: n . termed pus h IilElln lip shown in .. L~)' Fold IHI[j~r [3.I'd tile b ac~ . jjJ !t._~J.·.1 ~~n H S!1. \ \ CD (j) @' FUltlA (~ [3 i nwa rd Q II tnc mournam J(]r(j~ r 0 ~d reve r ee sides on the doHerj lines.8 01 th11 ar rus.H~l[l rnounlain fold~ as EJ'IOWn o n a SqUiEJi rc pi 8ce {) f p~ f.by E and eel as '1) tho rno uth lcav i n g L r(:1VrHJ <m(. s~h ukJ..l111 ain and: volley to I o s to .)rrOWC indicate Fold the neck . C &.. sott ph. to 10 Q 11HH.

.1 ·:1' 'Fold the bottom Hne inward 011 tne mountain told f ole I Inward on Itl~ mountain fold anc bring up on the valley 10ld 68 . " ' . ate- (j) Iy.~iH an corners as shown.. WiUl your iingersio ttrs do U~d POll Ghes of »~' (~ .--t --~--- (~) "_ / !~I (ID ~h~ .-.'H rOW in d ic.rrtc$- Fold IB only as Open up lhe C t") f) Ilrl·H.. to maKe the head an rj t~O(jy Sf! par F 01 d Hoe g! <'111 'I p~r1da by uGljng~wo shelHts 01 paper.~.~ bit and told GornBr S of 8 to t he eyes. '. i old FiniSh a square piHCH t)f pSPHD H. 1 -. wh~te! or ~ l:hB: oU'ler..Head btac k on one ~*j'e. 2 (9) -- . (6) Bady . In oke Fold A . '8\' (5)' 'J) Conal cor the -A \• • \ F size of HH~ muzzts. B: -j " I ~1'Fold ~1'. Fold il'l t1 (lJj 0 ntnc GC nter rnou ntai n fold. .

l11ar'l tilm on pandas and one ol the keepers wid me about their" habits and cnaracterlstlcs.a n icc 00 jeer. to s. I used two sheets of paper to make it easy to fold. I made the lace rather si rnpie with thick uppel eyel ids.g.Mch parson on ly had about 310 seconds to observe them. at the ueno Zoo in Tokyo. !rl the be. alone m a~51s. 'rear n:f It~A h:)lj"l' Heck "~')Q I'eet W 'l' of rTlal<~ the hoad over .01 MOlk.~\ ll s.'GIIANIT PAN'DA (~) Next. charm inn anlma] which is tound only In Chma.ginn in. It~ Push parts Inward under the 1..e darts at lire tr 0 nt and i I. good fiQiufB without more killowledge 01 the ani mal so II joined the crowds. wr= would lik~ W ro~d the giant panda. that rare. It was so GwwderJ tha . Just he Ilead.l<'Jmj UP 69 . A rr iend ar ranged for me to look at a dor. Oependinp 'On ~lOW you arrange the head on the body.. Panda~ arc gcncrailly carefree animals and usually sleep long hours.ump. you can make your panda show vartous expressions. it was impossible to produce a.ee them. [Ihied to make a realistic panda ·OH~' of OrJ(: sheet ot paper. However.

you carl rnak. an make up many c stories to tell lhe children and tlll them with rmaulnation through the art of origami. where.imals {includingl 'human beinus) adjust themselves '~'O the constantly dF2I:nQ~ng e vrronrnent u!:iing thel percepfivfl orga 5 of vision.ouch and taste and furtherrnore. you can fr:JCUS on 8. let us choose a puppy.. In Orner to catch and huld lh'e attention of active cnuoren. H is very i rnpor ant to clcmfy the rollowin'Q factors in how. whal and An. '<B.. You IIrl8lY co ntlnue your story by saying.e the face 01 The dog shown rn [ A JI and by moving its rnout . It's coming nearer and nearer. you will deHght them b~l mimick. It is essenual to lndtcate thA action and movement at the object clearlv. heat inQ'. they cooperate with each other by cornrnurucatinu wit ~ voles and sound.ly's nose. Then. I have tried to illustrate the tundarnentat knowledge lhal leads us tel .vlggJe the JJUPJ. sec it but I can hear a puppy crying. . A'? an example. There. I can see its tace!" After tel!linQl the chBomt'1 this. I want to activate children's sansc of beauty and love lhrough the th8me~ that they wlsh tctold. order to let them know exactly what IS poingurl in their lives willen.'sspring and heIlelds are covered i. Why don't we go and play IIIIth ern?" Origami can be used m this way in the formative A·rjlJcotional field. FORMATIVE AIRT . "Oh. "I 11'f38:r vy many more puppies.OREGIAMIII AS. who.:=) hACilUhy Iife in rnv Formative (_-hibTfl1ni. puopv's sense of smell by saying.ing t e cries or a puppy. WF.lv~thprelly green grass I can' .PART I ln the prOCC5S ot ra~:sir1Qchildr en. smell. I CEm sm(:lll sornethinq good!" And you can 'i.!. .

\~ I.4"YS:-. in [AJ. and told i.l. 10 H.agQn~i iine ICII1 ~iece . t pap'er. arrows.p.\m 10 make tho ears. ~. (J u I. <Ike HH~ In we r ~a:w ~lld tonquc. _::A:_ . ' '. to C up\~) Move ijhCo lower J..~ ti rst. ~ (~) Open B and: POlidlHS of A 'I t ~emoutto r. Ma"-e ears. . (C) liflt.IHdAT A 8:.1'.J) cate to makethe eyes. OPf1lr1 il up and fOld valley told 2 word Ihe rJ. indr- HHe!' Ilop~ue . B."\~ { . il_ . ro!lowthe same steps (f)-r4) (j r [C)..... \lall~y mul rnountam folds on Fold a $'rfi ali pi eat on D to .1 [) ".- -- !'.~ I I :e".. [A) I I ! (1) [o Fuld valley 10 Id . b ackwElrd s.~ th(~ mu:zz~e. .'10 (3) Ft')ld Clwic~ dotted @ . q.10Wr) ())' IP~ II k~ ptl r Is l. Tbel I laid In '11 . . fold C upward llhe po imed pari. (D Fnl{1 ~ '.:iJiony the cH. Fo~d 8: 0 (lu. (4"1'Make ears by mark~g mountain <'lind val· ley folds that run dlrection 01 arrows r~(jially.. hol(tmLl with r~nqHrs as In !'T12lk~ r. o FQ'ld A lirsi and B second a sq uar 8' & b~inQ up T .Jgram.__ B_ ~ ~._~CD -_-~-t~ _..w by Ihe d. Fold nose... @ [8] reflow tr~(: 5<) m Co 5 te ps G.I ~.~~j' ... by lold~~lg A (ID s e. Fold D to show JJr![J~r lhfi! IJPp~r P'IW Open up l 1& r as. ..... Pull E& F toward lile center and rJr€::s:-: Ht~rn lrrmly wl!h to makethe ({I iingers. B Iii cloned lines.

Fudhe!rmore. you can say to tile child "This puppy cannot hear at alleven when its trlends are calling.PA. puppy and its trlends. There will also be a noticeable dillerence depend iG1 Q wneU"ler the idea 'is centered on tihe chi. lOW to make the ears by bendfng m. looking at IE and F.what and how.. r:htlcf wHI probably answer.'"." let the child fold the ears.aUing him. the puppy looks as if it is sniffinq the air. in this case the? puppy. So you S88. they a like. where. It is ttus kind of "i1nsight learn inp" that is 50 impo rtam tor ow lUI iog cr'sativHy in the m inds of chilld ren." INow yOiJ can told the valley fold: In diagram (~')in the opposite direction and ct18nQ8 U-18 posttion of the. "His lr iend is c.Rl' n I would like to talk about having fun with origami and use a puppy for our theme.ike the one in diagram @. If will be fun to nake a parent dog with a puppy or a. Then you can work on A ot diagram and push lit open as fn 'hetolilowing diagram @_ Betors mak~ng the ears. Now.de to show its happiness by wagg~ng his tail. wiho. Those wtlo studied how to make the face or 'the dog on the previous page will certainly kno'. whic will change the proportions. He's over there on the rugliit Mnd: slde. and you can easily irnagine a puppy. I wonder vlihy?'" "fh'e. you carl! told on the va. SaY'ing." "Let's make him sorns..ld himself or on around the object.8. sHling on HI's grround and looking up a' the sky.n. YmJ could sugg!est thad ther::hlld alter t'hl£l puppy's posture by turning the nose up or down.per you can show various aspects of lite to illustrate 'whe. you can continue your game by ~aying. The results wi III vary according to the mental.PUppy ORilGAMI ~S IF'OFl:M~TIVE ART . spirttual ano intellectual growth of each child. to the r~Qhl or I'eft 0'[' bendingl the nsck diaqonally.lley fold ot (2) and turn the heac backwar'ds.Standi it up on DB and CB as base lines. Gh~ldrfln usuanvtold E. Here. upper body. you can learn about "shape and posture' whicn Are tundamcntal clements in formative art Most important of alii. I lave shown how to fold a puppy but an adult dog can be made by shifting the vallt=ly line in diagram (2). sheet ot p.s. out ot one. ret's make the nose first by' bending a bit of the COrn8F' of A in lnsteao of making i is stop llJ. Wlen you have made a pretty good looking puppy I.and Ii=.The puppy can be ma. theexcitinq war Id of Creative t'~gal1lj opens UfJ before children.e corne s on both sices of the head. m m 1 o .ir:h do not look very much Iike ears. Here. wlh. "He doesn't hS:V9 any ears. "A nice smell is corninq lrom behind you".

ncr under B inw.UrOWc>r rnAke M~C et'O make 't he [lose.l1 to {Fit! u~fltfH And Iold.lhe dOU6:d ltns 2.:u. If=" oj d mountain and valley lolds unner th'E! ears Fold C & D once again.A) (~) r oHow the '.cm"10 'the dotted linBS ~nd rold lhem.'s1rd. tlf..'! lace.d lina [lorn the mountain fold. F G.h~Ufi.c pup pyOpf:m ~lP C & D !'if! (II'. Fo'd B ~flto the 1. IF lo eye£.~Jfo r (5{ arrows fndic·. (~x]lift~ Fold make the mark narrow triangl~s: E 8. dpagonaIIH1C.ld tho Cor- @ Fofd B I"I. PUppy [8) 73 . Fold to A (. Fold C & D inwfm1 Fold E~in on along the <~) Fnid A ~ IhH v?lIIAy HI fold. SPANIEl.'8ring E 6: F CIOSof.puppy (0 (~) @) I. 1'1) Fold the mountaln and v~lIi'lyfollis 10 ThEm. Fold and srids the mountain and 1131ley folds <J bit to maim H18 lEi~ifSas In I]) the [ail.e.j). same s~~p:-.(. (~) Open A up irJ rrrake IhO!.V of Fold n square psptlr PI~Gtl 'IhoemOiJn'tJ~J'i fold. slide II1. Pull 8 oul HI.

let ustoto an Iguanodon, an herbivorous animal whfch flxisted between the .Jurasslc and Cretaceous perlods. 140 million years ago" Try to imagine its physique arid posture when it wa.s walll<tng about the land, Or igami Is not something. that you should be satisfied with after completing one f1igure. Repet,ition wi!! enable you to make increasingly lifelike objects- After you become good at making thls animal, you can tlFY making it in the various, poses shown in @, ®. ©, and (Q). Also, if you gently pull the chest and tail out in d1iagram @, and expand the body wiith your finger or a small stick, lt will become 3-d lrnenslonal and lOOK very powerful. If you make the neck slender. wUh a smaller head, you wi:lll have a bran tosaurus. StlJdy these animals ln illustrations to familiarize yourself with them.



CD /.

I ". ' '>. '...· I1.,,/ / .... ..

.. =:': _.'_' _. .'~_ (;I(:cord.in.n _ ./ '\. __ . . .. __ '~ rold 10 '. nurnherc II;<.led, .... ./' I -, -,-,. / .... 3L '-.... >........

-, >AJ' /
~. (..'~'.2 .;,~ ..i-\~'





R the A,



~"" ", .. V.I.... ..' -,
~., '", MOjI k





'\'.---1 -I.'.' I -;L.
1, \ \A
1 I



fo Id

\ '/

cr e as es on square 'IW'lce
TO malKA

a of ;j,'!.

I:~"Fold D betwH€;l Ci & H.

(ID Fold

ward and backward.


for H

~i h!/e! F In the direction of the arrnw. 'Fold [ on
the othlSl side- 111


l1!J Fa ~d A~or




tjp Pull /118 perl ,~rked () out ,0 thof;l dotteld tmas. fold A & B,

tb€. 'S~me way, Fold C. OOWI1I on both sides.


~~ Foill E &. n<=lrrDwcr to


mi:lke 1he lor~-

(w 5urpr



@ Walk,lnglas;l


~think it would be nice (I rnake a baby elephant whose 'tusks are IUS] beginning' 0 grow, Use a piece of gray paper with a white back and rnako trll21 tusks wi hthe white side, This is a goad example (jf Creative Origami mads in tt'lt'l rr~e expression style. f-or instance, I folded this 8~€lph6Ull rr~ely as thuugh I were working wttn fllay_ I om ittec unnecessary details and ernphaslzed the rnatn line. to make it easy for you to rold. s This is the most fundamental method of roldfng animals when you arc concerned abou their build and (jj[rerent postures. Through tno ar of origami, you can learn so muchas you discover t'tllC delicate rala ionshlp that exists between tt18 di~grQnl and the 3-dimcnslonal end product. When making an elephant without tusks, you may skip the steps troru (~) to (}l You should proceed trorn (1)- You can mak€ slepha 1iS in many poses, wrtn their trunks stretched out or raised above their heads,

lh en.6...B wn ~:FO direct told Id as DrrOW$ ~)IrH:ll b~h!JRHI ~ It down tus ks. A B I~> o and and told thern down as ill n r)1) Fold A s 6 on the dolted IiFlOS J...... Folcl lhe tru:nk w~ in the' dia~JrHlm. tr... . A and Ifir: P i fI C h ~[1 fl mounfam lo~d from o u tsidc an d ~t l<l pe t'h€ b'Ody nne. q] ~iiD} once then 8 cui fold il In HnrJ out to mak:~ ~II.]\ Fa Id up as [1 ..x) dy. m ark a II the \1<:111 ey 10 td s us i ng tile (j !<'lgon<'l I I!n(5 F'!nc h C &. pun o ul IlJSKS i en 2l~H under th~ . .~... ~~ 'Yall~v spre~d Hou~ fold overme llne to UltlkH 8 .+ .:~' Fa!d I\. arrow~ 'old C 8: narrower bring them dow~ Unnq G over D..t <lJ'!d turn inside OP(:)fl up . > iruii- . fl Fold C &. diaqorral crease AB.:. D a b. to rmHk the lold..u'p OD to r:n VH r the Got tc d tr iar!g les. cute. I~. Ih>l rlir. (]) MfJJl k llH>.i Spread i. D A ~3) the pcuc hes at (:.P Fa!d as GI"lQWIl in th8 diaur~r!1. " " lhe <=Iff GOIte.' .'14) Pull A In wilhin tF. t'.j[Jwr i sheets.jm..A lai. i"dll- B ~.· ~"<B ' @ Srnlg B duwn to tho do ned Ii nc. Then.•.tW.~ do~tcd H.'.. (j)7· ~. 77 . . b'9tw~en Fold :.. Urln~ ~ ths tip or up to the duller] tri<lJ:~uIA cotteo And '1~. A ..

while he was emp~Qyed In a steel mill.le exhibitions. New Zealand. well as abroad. n to t'hi31aHentiorJ of the international art worto tor his extraordlnarycreatiorrs and he subsequentIn 1986.:igi In 1970 and 1197" the lnternatlonal in 19111. society and he was olten written up fl1 the in 1984.A'i:lm1: (Be.s him a place-for in spreading rntsrElst in ori'tglami natiunalily as. child. a Mothe'r and Child) total 01 over 30 countrles. He continues to be actlve exhibit for Yoshizawa's works at' Museum in throuanout the countr y teachinu. Pnze. It give. he embarked on what was to become crass.~l~ii Origmni t E ~!:'1y Or ~gam i) 11963. She Origami Ge-ijuL'Su (Art of Origami) he'ld 81n exhlbhlon in the Cooper Union M ussum Uriga1'm' fCi/mhu'tJ I (Origami Reaa€'r r J.no$hii Origami ( Pretty 0 rlgam i) to international r.work ol Ui~rlF1g oriqarnl tor thA' benefit of Phi ladslphia . Uriga-:mi Hakutru. fifth clrjgami. was dscoas .er that he exhibited in rUiany flo-lions of the world <1S he traveled as. ira many places. in New York and then showed his works in the O. Tanoshii 011g12m.i (JoyluJ Orig(1!mi)..st1.l:. He won Tine. Euli'alta to J(() no 1i.Gershon Legma.(l States. ijis mterest in ortaam: begAn Read. Af't.uJml1 n {Ori'gami Rtlader Il) Unitp. Southeast Asia and Central America. Mrs. International Origami Study SociCardin.. sponsored by the Asahl Newspaper aud Pierre medta.:!y worn m 1985. Mainichi Culture Award for Origami Elu:m (Orig<l! i Picture Book) Pubncation for his book.mo.shH Origo:mi (Joyful O~iqHrni for rope'.ety was e.'tlSil.HlllifLII Origami~ Frotn 1'966 to 1984. as lecturer a.i n {Origami MUSAIJrIl H) Yt')shizawa visited! Australia.ers'Diige'st rnaqazine did all article on him from tM time he was 8. his.8 result of the pubncanon of. In b9th Paris and Tokyo. exhibition wt"ere he is also able to work 0i11 his Dr. which p1aye. were held in 1957 in Tokyo ution to mutual understand InO among the and Yokohama .igami Tok. Prefecture Akira 78 . he had a one-man exhibition. This brought him art and tschnlq 1j8S of origami but also explain~ g his tMory a bo ut It. sary 0'( Japanese culture. when he started to which was circulated around the yl'obe. not only the Amsterdam.eJatians. MI!d exhibitions and gave lectures" In 1! 9'54 .Lillian Oppennalrnar viisiled Tokyo in 1959 to meet Yoshizawa for the purpose of other Books by Akiml V09hiIZ8W:a founding the Ori~~Jni Center of Arnertca. Holland in 1955.sta!b~jshed. . He also held an exhibition in ·he city of his l!jha. 1983 was the vnar in which he. UIsyJ. He recteved the Mobil Children's CultureH is serious work commenced in 1938~ Award in 1971. educational raled wi I. the Order of the Hising Sun. he recreved the Foreign Mioister'S ly he. un-de r the auspices of Origami Hakttbut~1~~·hi {Oiioami Mustlurn 1) I the Foreign Minjslry and the . "Tanoshll Origanli" in y(J.lapan Foundation. study ann ereate fig u res. In 1950.ej a great part Yoshlzawa openec his own stelieiand rj~spli..'$~~hii' Ori. an ernlsother cities in Japan.n orqanized the publications... in recognition of his 210 years of contribExhibitions.About the Author Yoshizawa was born in Toch.nd Sasesu 0l'igt:lmi ~Creative Orig~mi) teacher of origami and contributed very much To. .

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