Trip to screen children at Ewaso for health conditions.

Introduction: In Kenya, approximate 115 children out of 1000 die from common preventable problems. 30% of Kenya Children have stunted growth leading to delayed mental, physical and psychological development resulting to poor perfomance in schools and the society in general. My Ministry and health systems partners has set to change this trend through a comprehensive school health program Today we visit Ewaso Nyiro, a new cluster where we plan to enroll 1400 more children in this program.
Ewaso Nyiro also known as Guaso Nyiro is about 97 Km from the city centre (Nairobi) right inside the Jungle on the base of Rift valley. My team set out on Saturday 17th to screen about 100 children who have no other health provider and some have never had a contact with the Doctor. Health Systems Partners a pioneer project of Tentmakers international has a one of its Kind Comprehensive School Health program (CoSHE). In this program we have enrolled so far 4000 children in orphanages, schools (public and faith based) where we screen for health problems, examine, treat and refer children with various health and psychological problems. Armed with weighing scale, height board, other examination equipment and drugs we leave Nairobi. With me was Lea Wambui (program coordinator, Geoffrey Njihia. Our mission being first to meet Ewaso Nyiro School Program staff and 100 children from 2 centres ie Nanjile and Ewaso. I had a problem finding how to get there on time as my car is not meant for off-road. Anticipating a hard time we set from Nairobi at 8am.

The road to Ewaso looks something like this…..You just can’t tell which rout to take…sort of like a maze

Had to stop on the way to EWASO to greet local guys feeding their cattle and women seen here getting some water for their family after walking for a long distance…. In my conversation with one community leader here I realized that their number one problem here is that the next health facility is approximately 60 km away and that they don’t have means of ferrying sick children and women to the hospital

Lea had a chat with local children as I check the direction to the Children centre. We certainly got lost

When we got stuck one of the guide we had had to “dig through a dry river” to create away

Right Frederick and Geoffrey checking on the Children from the centre. Below. Some of the children who came to be screened for health conditions.

After the day we had seen all the children. The interaction was great and managed to conduct baseline health assessment. We plan to get back there to assess still another cluster in April 2012. Health systems Partners has an ambitious goal of influencing the health, social and spiritual (character development for a million children in the next 20 years in preparation for Vision 2030 and next generation. Read this blog for more information. © 2012 Health Systems Partners

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