Sub= substituted words, inv= inverted words, skip= skipped line, add=added words, (*line)=called line

character a a a a a a a a a d d d d d h h h sopp h h j j j j j j j j r r r r/sav sav sav sav page 7 17 18 21 21 24 26 27 37 7 7 11 32 33 11 20 42(bottom) 43 47 51 8 19 21 26 27 37 37 40 22 32 35 50 19 24 28 problem add inv sub skip sub/add/skip skip sub skip sub add add sub sub add inv sub skip sub sub inv skip inv add inv add sub skip sub sub add sub add sub sub sub

you said… actual line… no added preservative no preservatives were a girl…wolf wolf…girl so I can tell it and make it even funnier can make it even funnier so I whats black and white and a chicken? Wait, I mean, wait, not, I mean, what's black and white and a chicke paraphrase (review each baker/butcher...) what about you, know any good jokes? I couldn't, I'd be lyin! I couldn't help ya, I'd be lyin! cuz I have this idea, which is… Cuz I got this idea, which is… what are the odds? wow, what are the odds? expected to win the gold… expected to take hoe the gold… will you try and keep it down? will you keep it down? but until then, nighty-night Until then, nighty-night… and then the real wold comes and then the real wolf shows up everybody's business everyone's business stop trying to be everyone's mom? Why don’t you try not being everyone's mom? I dunno. I guess. I guess. I dunno. androcles wasn't really known Aesop… ? (little blip) You all say… excuse us, everyone excuse me, everybody ? take your talent and explore it at noon tomorrow tomorrow at noon did they give you a note? Did you get a note?Did they give you a note? eat things? and hear stuff? hear stuff? And eat things? I need you to go into the forest and I need you to find the funniest joke in the kingom. find the funniest joke… entering again, King Jackson King Jackson, entering again androcles, if funny were people. cause he was at track practice track meet perfect. The tortoise and the Hare… Perfect. Here we go. The Tortoise and… come in I'm READDY! I'm Ready! LET'S DO IT!! stay still stay put so, which girl was he talking about? Which girl was he talking about? frody frito lays (bahahaha!!!) moldy frito lays you wanna go wanna go… havn't you ever heard of it? don't you kow anything about anything? anybody who can help me? anyone who can help me? he's not a funny guy You pay him to be funny?

tough guy. All of you. inv= inverted words. please. he's not even a little bit funny. ok then. I jackson. paraphrase I suggest you all find a better way to pass… so what tough guy Ok. add=added words.… what would you have done? what if it were you? there's been a slight change of plans. skip= skipped line. could make it 20. its just like telling a story. youre free to go All right then. Jackson? all of you. he's obnoxious not the least bit funny I guess he's a good guy. keep talking. hear me outHe's obnoxious. all right. great. pretending I'm… im Ms. And remember… a bus or something? (x2) catching a bus? School's over… were late we are late listen (x2) look whether we like it or not (x2) and theres nothing any of us can do about it. keep talking. yeah. can I help you? Can I help you.Sub= substituted words. Sopperstein My name is Ms. Well ok. Well you can end ten minutes late you can all stay ten minutes late. It's just telling a story. ill be right here pretending (x2) I'll be sitting here. nice work good work . (*line)=called line sav sav sav sav sav sav sopp sopp sopp sopp sopp sopp sopp sopp sopp sopp sopp sopp sopp sopp sopp sopp sopp 28 28 28 28 42 18 1 2 3 3 4 3 6 6 6 9 9 10 13 20 44 48 52 add sub inv add skip add sub sub sub sub sub sub sub inv inv skip sub sub sub skip skip sub ? sure. but. I could make it twenty. Sopperstein. so jackson and I were talking.

inv= inverted words. skip= skipped line. (*line)=called line ack and white and a chicken? . add=added words.Sub= substituted words.

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