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EDUCATION Bachelor of Science (Advertising) University of Illinois • 2008-2009 Vice President of Technology for American Advertising Federation RELEVANT COURSES Advertising History Public Relations Statistics SKILLS
Graphic Design: Photoshop; Dreamweaver; Flash; Illustrator; InDesign; Microsoft Publisher; Research: SPSS; Google Analytics

2009 Champaign, IL

Class Campaigns Creative Strategies Introduction to Communication

Marketing English Composition Social and Cult Context of Advertising

Video & Web: Designed my own website: AWARDS
American Advertising Federation - Most Valuable Member Award

EXPERIENCE 2008 Internet Marketing Internship May 2008 – August 2008 Allstate Insurance Public Company Northbrook, IL • Worked with Allstate internet marketing team to optimize for both paid and organic search engine optimization. 2007 Internet Marketing Internship May 2007 – August 2007 Allstate Insurance Public Company Northbrook, IL • Worked with Allstate internet marketing team to optimize for both paid and organic search engine optimization. Programmer September 1998 – August 2006 Integrated Performance Systems, Inc. East Dundee, IL • Worked with IPS, Inc. team to program flash applications as well as ASP created web pages. LEADERSHIP & ACTIVITIES American Advertising Federation August 2007- May 2009 • Designed and managed the website as well as performed executive duties as a Vice • President of Communications Technology.


Letters of Recommendation


Integrated Performance Systems, Inc. March 4, 2008 “Cody is a very creative, hard working, and very smart. Cody is a joy to work with.” - John Gambacorta, Professional and Account Services, Integrated Performance Systems, Inc. managed Cody indirectly at Integrated Performance Systems, Inc. January 22, 2008 “Cody was great to work with...he was instrumental in backing me up during my long vacation absence as Webex Host for one of our clients. Cody is very detailed oriented and has great technical skills which made the Webex Hosting a breeze for him. Cody is also very personable and a team player....he would truly be an asset to any organization. It was a pleasure working with him!” - Sophia Konstantinidis, Office Coordinator, Beeline (fka Integrated Performance Systems) worked directly with Cody at Integrated Performance Systems, Inc. December 4, 2007 “Cody is a thorough, thoughtful programmer. He displays excellence insight into business operations, and establishing a code base that realizes business process improvements. He take the extra effort to get to know the project stakeholders and deliver for them.” - Paul Krause, Vice President, Integrated Performance Systems (Beeline) managed Cody at Integrated Performance


2007 Internet Marketing Internship Allstate Insurance, Co. February 3, 2008 “Cody was an asset to the allstate internet marketing organization in which he worked as an intern. His knowledge of search engine optimization as well as internet technologies were astounding and he proved to be an integral part of the SEO team in a very short time. As Cody was still in school during his tenure at Allstate, his professionalism and passion was a surprise and one in which all came to admire Cody. Cody would be an asset to any organization.” - Lizzie Schreier, Senior Internet Marketing Strategist, Allstate Insurance managed Cody indirectly at Allstate Insurance, Co. December 20, 2007 “Cody was a detail-oriented professional whose abilities and talents far exceeded his job title. With very little prompting or direction, he possessed the ability to take a project and run with it - identifying the appropriate solutions and ensuring that everything was implemented within time lines. I found him to be curious and knowledgeable - he held his own amongst VPs and consultants alike. Whenever there was an instance that he was caught off guard and did not have an answer, he would not shrink away from adversity, but would take accountability and diligently find a solution. It was maybe his honesty and courage in business that most impressed me. Feel free to contact me directly at any time if you would like to discuss Cody and his work experience.” - Rick Tobin, Director of Research, Enquiro was a consultant or contractor to Cody at Allstate Insurance, Co. December 4, 2007 “Cody worked as a summer intern and quickly demonstrated his value to the Direct Channel with his understanding of the internet and search engine optimization. In a short time, he wrote an extensive Intro to SEO document that we now use for training. He is very hardworking, open to learning new things new ways and interested in staying ahead of the learning curve. Cody contributed a substantial amount of information and insight in the short time he was here. Cody is a valuable asset to any company.” - Kathy Flanagan, Marketing Manager, Direct Channel, Allstate Insurance Co. worked with Cody at Allstate Insurance, Co.


2008 Internet Marketing Internship Allstate Insurance, Co. November 12, 2008 “Cody is a talented individual in the area of search marketing. He has proven time and time again to posses the skills required to get any website to the top of search rankings for both paid and organic search. In addition, Cody has shown that he has a great entrepreneurial spirit that will allow him to tackle any challenge. Cody would be a great addition to any team and help your company improve its web presence.” - Charlie Breit, Associate Marketing Manager, Allstate Insurance Co. worked directly with Cody at Allstate Insurance October 28, 2008 “I had the opportunity to work with Cody at Allstate for two summers when he was our intern on the online marketing team. Cody did an outstanding job. He did such an outstanding job we brought him back for a second internship. Cody was a tremendous asset working on the search marketing team. Cody also was a valuable asset to the entire online marketing team. He was able to use this overall online knowledge to help improve the digital experience.” - Craig A Oldham, Director Online Marketing, Allstate Insurance Co. managed Cody at Allstate Insurance


Creative Communication Samples







Writing Sample


Topic 3: The Transformation of Public Relations by an Evolving Internet This history of the internet is only a few decades old, but in those few decades the technology has advanced at such a rate that the way companies and people interact will be forever changed. In 1990, a computer scientist named Tim Berners-Lee coined the phrase World Wide Web through his design for an “internet-based hypertext system.” (Salminen, 1998) This allowed the creation of a user friendly interface that lead to millions of people connecting simultaneously around the world. The first website URL was http://www. and was launched in 1991. (CERN, 2008) After this breakthrough people were taught how they could have their own site and the internet began to grow. The internet was designed for people on many different computers to read and share information on various computer servers that held that information. Today’s internet has evolved from its original purpose of government and educational use into a commercial system that connects people to businesses, and businesses to people. Once the popularity of the internet hit a mainstream audience, people started to develop their own websites and share their own information. Thousands and then millions of web pages began to emerge and with all of this information and confusion a technology was created out of demand to restore order. The problem that arose out of all these different and unique websites was finding them. Only a few years later in 1993 the first search engine was created, by a student at McGill University in Montreal and was named Archie. (Wall, 2007) Afterward some more clever programming saw the release of many search engines such as Excite, Business, Look Smart, Lycos, AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, Overture, Yahoo, and finally Google. (Wall, 2007) These search engines revolutionized the way people surfed the internet. Instead of simply typing in URLs, people could search on a topic or category, and find all of the related websites. People

could find products, people, and services that were unknown to them. It also gave companies an opportunity to get their message across to the consumers by having a website online. Many organizations are using the internet in their public relations practices for a number of reasons. First off, it’s easy. A website and some clever programming is relatively inexpensive and once complete can be launched immediately. An endless number of people can view the organization’s website and a cleverly selected URL can be both memorable and easily shareable. The important element of the internet however is still getting people to know about it. That is where the search engine technology is crucial. For example, say a news station releases a potentially damaging story for an organization and that organization wants to deliver their message. Their public relations team reacts and quickly adds a paragraph to their website explaining their side of the story. The strength of search engine technology allows them to flow people into the site based on their search query. If someone searches a few keywords about their scandal, problem, misunderstanding, etc., they now have a way to be displayed instantly. They can bid for every click they receive from people searching about their story. This is a major advantage for the company that wasn’t around twenty years ago. The search technology is so important that major companies, such as Microsoft, have recently teamed up with online social networks sites to expand their reach for searchers. Popular websites such as Facebook also give organizations the opportunity to instantly buy an ad to deliver their message. (Livesearch, 2008) Public Relations firms not only can interact immediately with visitors through search engines, but also through partner sites. This expands the reach even further and allows the message to be delivered within minutes.

Another advantage that the internet has created is through bloggers. Bloggers are people who write articles, review products, and voice their opinion at an easy to access website. They generally have a subscriber base of people who respond to their posts and a network or fellow bloggers. According Sarah Marchetti in an article at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, bloggers are gaining a larger and more influential presence online. They are a great source for opinions and the public is accepting their voice. Marchetti also states in this article website that 37 percent of bloggers have been quoted in a mainstream press article.” (Marchetti, 2008) This is important because they are an influential group online that could be used to support a public relations campaign or message. By gaining some advocates in the blogging community, not only could the message spread about an organization, but you’d have more control about how it’s being released. Most bloggers according the article are already writing their opinions about companies. The article states that as much as 80% of bloggers are writing about anything and everything. (Marchetti, 2008) On top of that, consumers are researching many of their purchases online by visiting these blogs and reading their stories. Organizations and companies can take advantage of this opportunity to release their public relations campaign to a group that is willing to report it. The article also states that this growing community of bloggers spends 3.5 times more time online than watching television. (Marchetti, 2008) This means that the information they’re receiving isn’t coming through television ads any more. The norm is now becoming the internet as the source of information, and organizations have this opportunity to get their public relations messages to a group who is seeking it. A final advantage the internet gives a public relations campaign is what is being called “Web 2.0”. Web 2.0 can be defined as the next generation of web pages that typically have user


generated content, interactive media, and are updated in real time. These web pages could have streaming video or audio and typically require advanced software to view. The advantage of the term Web 2.0 is the ability to provide a message in multiple ways. Government agencies are recognizing this trend and have dedicated some of their resources to taking advantage of this opportunity. An article on Deloitte Touch Tohmatsu reads, “Leading governments are getting the message loud and clear. They are making a concerted effort to catch-up on Web 2.0 to learn about the risks associated with this new form of web-based communication, but also the opportunities that Web 2.0 creates for their agencies and constituents.” (Deloitte Touch Tohmatsu, 2008) This is important because it implies the significance of the internet to be used by every organization, private or public. Although the internet offers many advantages for public relations there are some important disadvantages to consider. First, creating a website can be relatively inexpensive but if a company decides to take advantage of some of the newest and trendiest technology, they might find themselves going over budget. Skilled developers are hard to come by and a Web 2.0 project could be expensive. Another disadvantage that comes from the newest interactive media on the web is compatibility with the public’s computers. Macromedia Flash objects as well as many other media platforms require a browser install in order to use the media. Older computers with older browsers may have a hard time running the software. More people are upgrading their systems but you can’t rely solely on the internet for this reason. In addition to software incompatibility issues, the internet connection is also a component to consider. Although many people today are switching to high-speed broadband internet, some consumers still have 56k modems. This slow connection may not be able to load the latest web pages.


The internet provides a great opportunity to deliver a message but there will be some people without access to it. Another disadvantage to public relations on the internet is competition. Although this can be considered a new and innovative field, an organization with competitors could suffer from a public relations campaign from a competitor. Although it’s frowned upon to directly target another company for malicious purposes, it is possible to divert traffic. For this reason alone, many companies should consider being in this space and having their voice heard. Finally, people may begin to expect this type of public relations. If all people start retrieving their information mainly from the internet, it might be necessary for major organizations to have public relations campaigns in search engines, on blogs, and throughout the internet. The more organizations launching campaigns online, the more the public will expect it. This could be a disadvantage for a firm that doesn’t have the resources to get their message out in this way. The internet holds endless possibilities for some, but others will unfortunately be left out. After being only a few decades old, this fairly new technology has spread into almost every consumer’s home. The internet is an important and influential source of data coming from and going to everyone. Public relations professionals have realized this at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide as well as other top public relation firms and are striving to push this new technology to the public. The internet is now a major channel of information but it has both advantages as well as disadvantages. Although it’s not done growing, there are many opportunities in which public relations can be successful on the internet.


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