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Technology plays a big rule in the businesses of today. Even small and mid-sized businesses have come to rely on computerized management systems. The recent development of powerful computer programs capable of addressing a wide variety of record keeping needs. When it comes to furniture business, technology is the best way to achieve a reliable management system. Through the emergence of internet business transaction like selling furniture on web is widely acceptable.

Background of the Study

People prefer searching in internet for different websites than going to the main shops just for canvassing or choosing for the product they want to buy or purchase. Everybody wants to see how any product looks like in specific color or upholstery. So we created this system for the convenience of the costumers of this specific furniture shop. Not only for the costumer but also for the owners convenient for its easier selling and managing of the furniture product, saves its time and effort in inventory for the availability of his furniture products. Having an inventory manually in your product is time consuming and sometimes having an error on tallying the product. This system automatically counts the availability of the furniture once the costumers purchase his/her desire furniture.

2 This system has an ability to control (add/edit/remove) system user accounts, product management with smart intelligence ups selling, discounts management, flexible shipping charges management, and email marketing and so on, make this system or website the perfect resource for the furniture industry. By means of the system/website created, we have been able to reach the appropriate costumers who as a result of the activity claim to be more likely to purchase furniture. The costumers will delight to visiting the site because of its convenient but also the fine furnitures.

Objectives of the Study

To be able to design and construct a system that will improve and enhance the furniture management system. This will eliminate or lessen the manual errors of the system. To create a system that will lessen the burden of the owner during the inventory the availability of the product. To promote fast and reliable transactions to the costumers. To automatically conduct an inventory of the product.

Scope and Limitations of the Study

The best businesses work as complete units with a shared vision. This may encompass information sharing, benchmarking, team working and working to the highest quality and environmental principles. A Furniture Management System helps your organization to achieve these goals through such things as optimization of processes, management focus and discipline of management thinking.

Most problems of the business owners are how to manage their business. Because running your own furniture shop business can be undermined by the very simplest of problems, your ability to manage and of course the inventory of your product is important but without an ability to get the best from those around you, and of course yourself. Then you may be looking at a failure, a costly failure. If you are a business owner and you accept your weaknesses then it is very simply to plan a simpler way for you to manage your furniture shop business.

The first thing a great manager understands is that people are impossible to manage. To try and take a hands-on approach to every single aspect of managing a furniture shop business is impossible. The key to a great business is that it will run without hands-on management. The focus of the study is a furniture management system. It is one of the scope and limitation of the study. This study focuses on managing a furniture shop, on how a furniture management system works. We designed this as a user friendly system because of the consideration also to the costumer of their easy purchasing of the furniture they wanted to buy. We made this furniture management system because we all know that due

4 to inventory of the product availability is quite long due to some problems and believed that it will help our daily living easy. The furniture management system is the framework of processes and procedures used to ensure the business can fulfill all tasks required to achieve its objectives. In this system the costumer can select the furniture they want to buy, they can canvas to the product because it has a price in every design of furniture. The costumer has less hassle when it comes to the shipping of their furniture, because they will only pay an additional for shipping of the furniture their buy without worrying and safety of the furniture. The costumer also knows if theres an available stocks of the products before they order. If the buyer choose their desired style and want to buy for it they will filled-up a form, the form ask the important information of the buyer.

Definition of Terms

The proponent planned thoroughly and carefully to develop a simple yet unique, convenient, user friendly furniture management system. We make our design suits our goal, to be make competitive application with the other furniture online shop in the internet. An adequate solution has been made to meet the goals of the study. Planning Phase the proponents will identify the problems that on-line shopping is encountering. They gather data about online shop by conducting internet research & reading books. Analysis Phase the proponents will analyze and understand the problem by reviewing and studying all the details and information that have been gathered. Then form some certain questions. Design Phase the proponents will design what they think is the best solution. Then development of procedures and designing the GUI and databases of the program are being constructed. Development Phase the proponents lays out the final design of the program as well as determines a more specific set of environmental requirements needed and run it the internet. Implementation Phase testing the program in the web and gather feedback from the user and modify if necessary.

Data Gathering Procedures

Gathering information is prior to developing a system, collecting relevant data is very essential to provide an informative and effective system that will enable the system to be user friendly. After collecting the needed information for the proposed system, other requirements in developing the system is also needed. Since the system is

developed by prototyping, system designing and coding can constantly change according to the desire of the proponents even before the gathering of data is made. Testing the system is made right after it is finish or ready to use. Maintenance is provided for the update and efficiency of the system.

Review of Related Literature and Studies

In this chapter, the proponents will be presenting past published studies, as well as literature that will rationalize the significance of using the furniture management system. Inventory is the most important part in the business. The current problem observed is the manual inventory which takes a long time to accomplish. Most of the furniture shops lack of supervision due to the more costumers. Some of them just accept orders not knowing the availability of the product. According to the manager in the establishment, because they keep on doing their job manually, it resulted to disappointments to the costumers that make them to go to other furniture shop. From the information gathered, the proponents came up with an idea of proposing a management system that is relevant to the needs of the establishment, highly efficient to meet their needs and most of all simple, easy to use system. Based on observation and

7 interview, proponents have found many problems such as time consuming listing the costumers information to the log book or receipts that errors occurred most of the time. Furniture Management System is easy-to-use management software that can manage your furniture. Track customers and avoid double delivery. No longer is there a need to close your shop for inventory.

Answers and Explanation to the Objectives of the Study

Furniture Management System met the objectives of the study. The objectives that were stated served as the basis in the development of the system and guided the proponents towards its achievement. To design and construct a system that will improve and enhance the furniture management system was the main objective of the study. The proposed system is expected to lessen the burden of the owner during the inventory the availability of the product. With these, the inventory are directly stored on the systems database. The system provides fast and reliable transactions to the costumers can easily choose their desire furniture with indicated price and they can also know if their desire furniture is still available.

Results, Explanations and Analysis of the Data Gathered

This covers the first phase in the development of the proposed system, which is the system planning. In this phase researchers begin with a formal request from the association that asks for an interview as ground work for the proposed system. The purpose of this phase is to perform preliminary investigation to identify the nature and

8 scope of the problem. The preliminary investigation is a critical step where the outcome will affect the entire development process of the system. The proponents interviewed the key people of the association, took down notes and gathered all the data needed for the study. The information gathered gave the proponents a deeper understanding of the current manual system of the association. From these, the proponents were able to conceptualize a plan on how the current system could be improved. The next phase is the system analysis phase. This is where the results from the data gathered are interpreted and analyzed in order to incorporate it to the proposed system. In this phase a logical model was built for the new system. It used the requirement modeling where the researchers perused the manual inventiory system and document what the new system hopes to do. The next stage was the system design phase where the results and analysis of the data gathered were used. Here an outline that will satisfy all documented requirements for the system was created. In this stage, system designers used the interface and identified all the necessary outputs, inputs and processes. In addition, system designers created the internal and external controls, including computer based and manual features to guarantee that the system will be accurate, manageable, and secure. The system implementation phase follows where construction of the new system is done. This is where the program is written, tested documented and installed. The objective of the systems implementation is to deliver a completely functional and documented management system. This is followed by the last phase which is system operation, support and security; a phase where the system is maintained, enhanced and

9 protected. Security controls and safeguards for the system from both internal and external threats are done.

Conclusion and Justification

After days of analysis, development and implementation, our proposed system has been a success. It has attained its objective and even proved out more. The systems efficiency has been proved through conducting a dry-run on the furniture shop using the proposed system. The burden of the owner has been lessen for an automatic inventory of the product is done by the system, it reduces the time consumed on inventory and listing information of the costumer. Thus, with the use of the furniture management system, the workload and manual errors are likely to diminish and will produce an accurate availability of the product.