Clearcutting & Logging The Fight over Spirit Bear May 26, 1997 2 min 23 sec [Peter Mansbridge] The deep

woods of British Columbia are alive with the sounds of protest. A determined effort to stop the logging of a temperate rainforest on remote Roderick Island. On one side, Greenpeace. On the other a forest products company and an Indian band. CBC’s Adrienne Arsenault has this report on the showdown. [Adrienne Arsenault] Environmentalists chaining themselves to logging equipment. It’s the one clear sign that summer is virtually here in BC. This is Roderick Island on BC’s central coast, hand-picked by Greenpeace for its summer-long campaign. [Tzeporah Berman] We’re calling for an end to all clearcutting, an immediate end to road, road-building, and a full moratorium on all the remaining intact valleys. [Adrienne Arsenault] Greenpeace claims this region has one of the world’s last temperate coastal rainforests and it needs protection. So last week, eight protesters attached themselves to two machines, effectively halting work for Western Forest Products, the company that’s been logging here for 90 years. [Bill Dumont] We’ve changed a lot of the ways we do business, and we’re asking them to make a change and come to the bargaining table and talk these issues out without hurting the workers or the people who want to go to work. [Adrienne Arsenault] So far, Western Forest Products says this protest has already cost close to a million dollars. All part of the plan for Greenpeace, which is hoping for another Clayoquot Sound where protests drove MacMillan Bloedel away. But not all demonstrations are the same. The difference is in how all of this will play out for the public. Greenpeace is taking aim at the forestry industry at a time when it’s suffering economically with mill closures and layoffs. The Premier has called these environmentalists enemies of BC. And the local natives, they’ve made it quite clear, they want Greenpeace to leave. These pictures were shot by Western Forest Products last week. [Percy Starr] You’re not helping us. You’re hurting the cause of my people [Protester] I understand that… [Percy Starr] We’re not happy with their presence here. We realize we have problems, I mean everybody has them. But please give us the opportunity to try and resolve them ourselves.

[Tzeporah Berman] The fact is, that the impacts of what Western Forest Products is doing in these…in these rainforests far exceed the boundaries of the Kitasoo territory. [Adrienne Arsenault] So the summer of protest begins. Greenpeace vows to stay put and Western Forest Products is seeking an injunction to get them out. Adrienne Arsenault, CBC News on Roderick Island, British Columbia.

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