Program Name 1. AYSO Activity Soccer BU16 Evidence Medal Video Team Photo Personal photos Date(s) and duration 8/11 - 11/11 Fall 1/12 - 6/12 Spring (5 - 7 hr/wk) 2 practices 1-2 game/wk Sept. 2006 Present Weekly lesson 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. Sept. 2011 through March 2012 3 hrs.+ wk of solo & Ensemble practice 5 hrs. day of performance 10/11 - 12/12 Solo & ensemble practice & performance (2-3 hrs. wk) 5 hrs. day of performance C,A,S A L. O. * 1,2,4,5,7 Goals - participate in a team sport - develop strength, agility, offense & defense skills - try new positions on field & develop new plays - develop healthy lifestyle through regular excercise - consider issues regarding Sportsmanship, how to act on field, speak to coaches & referees, avoid Red card situations. - Continued commitment to playing instrument & Learning music - Develop daily practice routine in order to advance - appreciation for different styles of music

2. Ashley B. Violin Studios

(have been participating Fall/Spring AYSO since 4th grade) Violin Lessons Instructor Letter, Achievement Awards, recordings Annual Free Community Recital (This is 6th consecutive yr participating) Video photos



3. Ashley B. Violin Studios

S, C

4. Ashley B. Violin Studio

Annual Aegis Senior Center Holiday Concert (this is 4th consecutive yr Participating)

Video Photos


2,3,4,5,6,8 - to provide free concerts for the public both solo and ensemble performances typically held at St. Andrew's Church. - preservation of the Arts - Classical Music - work together with Ensemble group to achieve best possible sound for public performance. - Practicing & memorizing more challenging music over a long period of time in effort to perfect it for performance. 2,3,4,5,6,8 - To provide holiday music and entertainment for the elderly. - To enhance quality of living for elderly - To bring live music to many who are unable to attend concerts outside of Assisted Living Fac. - collaborating with other musicians - share time with and bring joy to others - better understand the life of the aging

*Learning Outcomes (1-8)

5.2.pursue another activity over the summer to challenge myself . Video recordings Ongoing began in 9th grade 3 . 5. Kerr S. C 1. prep. camping . time & conference S.3. recording. O.7.develop interest in a new musical activity.Learn new skills to share to help others understand importance of environmental issues.develop recording skills.9/11 Weekly 1 hr.hiking.deciding what to do with new knowledge to create change for the better ./wk or as often as possible 3/10/12 3/13/12 72 hrs. Teacher input 2/22/12 2/26/12 20 hrs. learn looping skills . .commitment to furthering music study . musical composition Learn about and contribute to group Environmental Studies that have an impact on one of our National Parks. .8 Goals .develop skill in using voice while playing an instrument. Looping. Yosemite Environmental Study Program Photos Field charts Mrs.4 hrs. C 1. * on musical composition . Participate in Harvard Model Government Congress . discussion.6.6. government simulation to learn how Congress is operated.undertake new challenges in music . Self Taught & Lessons with Michael Butler Guitar. Daniel J.Boston simulation conference Photos. Info.C 1. .CAS Log Program Name 5.complete studies that can have an environmental impact a National Park and possibly other .Take on challenging fitness goals .Consider important political issues we face today and learn how to help create real life solutions.7. . on character. .weather .participate in debate.S C L.develop interest in other instruments . Lozano Activity Voice Lessons Evidence Instructor Letter Date(s) and duration 6/11 .2.Do a good job as a delegate representing SCHS 6. using equipment to alter sound. Keyboards.4.collaborate with others to complete lab tasks .A.8 8. .4.Use new knowledge to help others understand the process so they can work to create real life solutions as well.A. lesson C.Deal with challenging environment .2.8 *Learning Outcomes (1-8) . 5. 2.5 7.

Use as a healthy outlet for stress 10.Challenge myself using fitness equipment .2.5. photos Trainer input Date(s) and duration 6/11 Present 1 hr.Develop healthy lifestyle through exercise .A. 2 . 12.7 Goals . * 1.S A L.CAS Log Program Name 9.4 Times/wk C. 11. Fitness 19 Activity Gym membership Evidence Membership Card.Increase physical strength and endurance . O. Learning Outcomes (1-8) .

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