HYMN (L - 50) Sūrya.
1 HIS bright rays bear him up aloft, the God who knoweth all that lives, Sūrya, that all may look on him. 2 The constellations pass away, like thieves, together with their beams, Before the all-beholding Sun. 3 His herald rays are seen afar refulgent o’er the world of men, Like flames of fire that burn and blaze. 4 Swift and all beautiful art thou, O Sūrya, maker of the light, Illuming all the radiant realm. 5 Thou goest to the hosts of Gods, thou comest hither to mankind, Hither all light to be beheld. 6 With that same eye of thine wherewith thou lookest brilliant Varuṇa, Upon the busy race of men, 7 Traversing sky and wide mid-air, thou metest with thy beams our days, Sun, seeing all things that have birth. 8 Seven Bay Steeds harnessed to thy car bear thee, O thou farseeing One, God, Sūrya, with the radiant hair. 9 Sūrya hath yoked the pure bright Seven, the daughters of the car; with these, His own dear team, he goeth forth. 10 Looking upon the loftier light above the darkness we have come To Sūrya, God among the Gods, the light that is most excellent. 11 Rising this day, O rich in friends, ascending to the loftier heaven, Sūrya remove my heart's disease, take from me this my yellow hue. 12 To parrots and to starlings let us give away my yellowness, Or this my yellowness let us transfer to Haritāla trees. 13 With all his conquering vigour this Āditya hath gone up on high, Giving my foe into mine hand: let me not be my foeman's prey.

The Rig Veda, Book 1 Ralph T.H. Griffith, Translator


HYMN XCI (91) Soma.
1. Thou, Soma, art preeminent for wisdom; along the straightest path thou art our leader. Our wise forefathers by thy guidance, Indu, dealt out among the Gods their share of treasure. 2 Thou by thine insight art most wise, O Soma, strong by thine energies and all possessing, Mighty art thou by all thy powers and greatness, by glories art thou glorious, guide of mortals. 3 Thine are King Varuṇa's eternal statutes, lofty and deep, O Soma, is thy glory. All-pure art thou like Mitra the beloved, adorable, like Aryaman, O Soma. 4 With all thy glories on the earth, in heaven, on mountains, in the plants, and in the waters,— With all of these, well-pleased and not in anger, accept, O royal Soma, our oblations. 5 Thou, Soma, art the Lord of heroes, King, yea, Vṛtra-slayer thou: Thou art auspicious energy. 6 And, Soma, let it be thy wish that we may live and may not die: Praise-loving Lord of plants art thou. 7 To him who keeps the law, both old and young, thou givest happiness, And energy that he may live. 8 Guard us, King Soma, on all sides from him who threatens us: never let The friend of one like thee be harmed. 9 With those delightful aids which thou hast, Soma, for the worshipper,— Even with those protect thou us. 10 Accepting this our sacrifice and this our praise, O Soma, come, And be thou nigh to prosper us. 11 Well-skilled in speech we magnify thee, Soma, with our sacred songs: Come thou to us, most gracious One. 12 Enricher, healer of disease, wealth-finder, prospering our store, Be, Soma, a good Friend to us. 13 Soma, be happy in our heart, as milch-kine in the grassy meads, As a young man in his own house.

HYMNS TO SURYA (THE SUN) AND SOMA (THE MOON) 14 O Soma, God, the mortal man who in thy friendship hath delight, Him doth the mighty Sage befriend. 15 Save us from slanderous reproach, keep us., O Soma, from distress: Be unto us a gracious Friend. 16 Soma, wax great. From every side may vigorous powers unite in thee: Be in the gathering-place of strength. 17 Wax, O most gladdening Soma, great through all thy rays of light, and be A Friend of most illustrious fame to prosper us. 16 In thee be juicy nutriments united, and powers and mighty foe-subduing vigour, Waxing to immortality, O Soma: win highest glories for thyself in heaven. 19 Such of thy glories as with poured oblations men honour, may they all invest our worship. Wealth-giver, furtherer with troops of heroes, sparing the brave, come, Soma, to our houses. 20 To him who worships Soma gives the milch-cow, a fleet steed and a man of active knowledge, Skilled in home duties, meet for holy synod, for council meet, a glory to his father. 21 Invincible in fight, saver in battles, guard of our camp, winner of light and water, Born amid hymns, well-housed, exceeding famous, victor, in thee will we rejoice, O Soma. 22 These herbs, these milch-kine, and these running waters, all these, O Soma, thou hast generated. The spacious firmament hast thou expanded, and with the light thou hast dispelled the darkness. 23 Do thou, God Soma, with thy Godlike spirit, victorious, win for us a share of riches. Let none prevent thee: thou art Lord of valour. Provide for both sides in the fray for booty. The Rig Veda, Book 1 Ralph T.H. Griffith, Translator