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As a result of this presentation, you will be able to:
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Describe major challenges for E-Learning Management Explain how SAP Solution Manager supports E-Learning Management List benefits that you can gain by using SAP Solution Manager for E-Learning Management

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E-Learning Management E-Learning Management with SAP Solution Manager Summary .

end users) • • Integration of new components / business scenarios Changes as part of continuous improvement • Maintenance (support packages) In-house developments • Upgrade • Ways of delivery Classroom training • E-Learning • • Learning by doing © SAP 2007 / Page 4 .End-User Training Changes and implementation of new functionality require training of the different parties involved (e.g.

End-User Training .Challenges Costs • • • Classroom E-Learning Learning by doing Travel Training facility Loss of productivity - + + + + o + - Availability of trainers • Small number of experts with enough knowledge about new or changed functionality - + + Efficiency • • Quality Repeatability of training sessions Roll-out to small subsidiaries + - o + n/a • - + + © SAP 2007 / Page 5 .

e-Learning Approach Definition of Objects • • • • • Simulate a (changed) transaction Additional kinds of training material may also be used Approximate duration for learning object is defined Training material is attached to corresponding business process End User Role for this business process is assigned Definition of learning map • • • • Create blocks and units for the learning map Define introduction text for blocks and units Assign objects to learning map Distribute learning map Use of learning map • • Access to learning map Feedback functionality © SAP 2007 / Page 6 .

E-Learning Management E-Learning Management with SAP Solution Manager Summary .

g.Definition e-Learning Management •Changes to your SAP solution Create e-Learning Materials SAP Tutor or 3rd party Tool require training of the different parties involved (e. end users) •e-Learning Management in SAP Solution Manager helps to organize learning materials as well as to distribute the materials efficiently •It Organize/ Categorize e-Learning Materials Prepare e-Learning Materials for specific user groups Distribute e-Learning Materials to end users / roles reduces training efforts with tools and best practices Powered by SAP Solution Manager e-Learning Management Set-Up efficient end user training strategy with e-Learning SAP Service: Knowledge Transfer Optimization © SAP 2007 / Page 8 .

hyperlinks. categorize and store the content using SAP Solution Manager. 3) Collect. © SAP 2007 / Page 9 .SAP Tutor / SAP Solution Manager – Process 1) Create customized learning content using SAP Tutor’s automatic recording tool 2) Edit the learning content to add additional information. etc. – all without programming 6) Update existing content to reflect changes in business processes or upgraded software – no need to start from scratch 5) Re-use content for different aspects of knowledge transfer: • • • • • • • Blended training Self study Online help Documentation Assessment Performance support Online support 4) Deploy the learning content to your users role specifically with SAP Solution Manager. define logical paths.

Create E-Learning Materials SAP Tutorials • • SAP Tutor Simulating any type of SAP Frontend / Windows based application software Other e-learning materials • • SAP Best Practice documents Link to online help • Presentations Text documents • … • How-To Guide xyz © SAP 2007 / Page 10 .

SAP Tutor Create. Maintain and Present graphics-based Simulation Tutorials Quick and easy creation and maintenance Immediate visibility of changes Extensive support for users running simulation tutorials © SAP 2007 / Page 11 .

Excel. feel. or maintenance equipment. factory. employees can also use SAP Tutor tutorials to learn how to safely work with office. A built-in reporting facility optionally allows training supervisors and managers to monitor the progress and effectiveness of the simulation tutorials. or task that was taught in this or previous simulation tutorials. and functionality without having the new application installed. An assessment mode allows the user capability to be checked for the application. Word.SAP Tutor: Key Features • Tutorials can be used to teach users to run any Windows32-based application software such as SAPgui. • • • • © SAP 2007 / Page 12 . Tutorials can demonstrate new application look. Internet Explorer. process. or company developed software. With the addition of digital images.

travel. and mistakes • Execution of simulation tutorials anywhere and anytime.SAP Tutor – Benefits SAP Tutor enables scalable and cost efficient end-user training. providing new and experienced users access to consistent up-to-date information • © SAP 2007 / Page 13 . integrated in role-specific Upskilling Maps Benefits Creation of simulation tutorials for any type of SAP Frontend / Windowsbased application software • Easy configuration of presentation software caters for the various learning styles of your users • Distribution of training to all employees reducing or eliminating costly delays. classroom facilities.

SAP Tutor – Conditions for SAP Solution Manager Customers For SAP Solution Manager customers. © SAP 2007 / Page 14 . Licensing is only possible with implementation of SAP Solution Manager (from version 2.0 is included in the maintenance. the SAP Tutor 2. This is relevant for: • • 5 users of the SAP Tutor recorder & editor All registered SAP users of the customer for SAP Tutor player Take note of the following restrictions: • • Tools licensed as mentioned above only permit the non-commercial recording of SAP relevant content.1).

or org. jobs. units and process steps Add attributes like duration. key words • • Benefits: Tight project integration • Re-usability of project materials and structures • • Role-based task descriptions (using HR roles) . name or status of materials. description.Organize / Categorize E-Learning Materials • Store learning materials into an implementation / change / upgrade project in SAP Solution Manager Assign them to tasks.

Prepare E-Learning Materials for Specific User Roles • Assemble a Learning Map structure out of the learning materials Relate to attributes of learning materials (process step. role. …) Testing Distribute e-Learning Map to End-Users • • • Benefits: • Free association of materials to units • Role-filtering • Direct preview and integrated distribution functionality .

etc. stored in SAP Solution Manager Distributed via SAP Solution Manager © SAP 2007 / Page 17 .Learning Maps Learning Map for End User Profile Containing links to tutorials and additional material Tutorials.

Execute E-Learning • Web-based access to Learning Maps for end users Interactive mode Feedback functionality Access analysis (optional) • • • Benefits: • • • Workplace integrated end-user training No intranet necessary (can be integrated though) SAP Solution Manager acts as document.and Web server in one .

The solution is complemented by remote and onsite services. • Creation and distribution of the SAP tutorials: With the free*) SAP Tutor Recorder your power users can easily create these simulations. *) included in the maintenance fee. upgrade) of your SAP solution often requires end user training. and thus reduce TCO while using workplace integrated simulations. Solution: These best practices are a self-service. © SAP 2007 / Page 19 . • End Users are trained job specifically by a simulation of their SAP work environment (e. Approach: SAP provides you best practices for choosing an appropriate and efficient training strategy. SAP’s best practices explain in a cookbook form the distribution of SAP tutorials and how to support end user learning. In addition. transactions) in a tutorial. based on eLearning. The simulations are powered by SAP Tutor Player which is free* for all your SAP users. which is integrated into the free-of-charge SAP Solution Manager.g. powered by the SAP Tutor simulation tool. and tailored to your individual needs.‘Knowledge Transfer Optimization’ Service Motivation: The implementation and continuous improvement (e. For further conditions see /SolutionManager. exercise and test mode. they can be printed as a step-by-step guide. These interactive tutorials can be used in demo.g. SAP is committed to helping you reduce these training costs.

g.Knowledge Transfer Optimization . © SAP 2007 / Page 20 . or appropriate training rooms are in place Your end users are willing and able to self study Prerequisites for Scenario A You have a training concept You already have eLearning experience You have some experience with simulation tools You are confident applying SAP’s best practices Prerequisites for Scenario B You have a training concept You already have eLearning experience but You need advice on how to apply SAP’s best practices or You are not yet confident using simulation tools Deliverables for Scenario B Additional to Scenario A: One specific remote session (WebEx) to discuss your training concept and/or details on SAP Tutor Prerequisites for Scenario C You are willing to train your end users online but You have no practical experience with eLearning You need more advice on building up a training concept that fits your needs Deliverables for Scenario C Additional to Scenario B: 1 day onsite workshop FOCUS: Best practices in detail SAP Tutor jump-start training Deliverables for Scenario A Access to SAP Tutor tools Access to “how-to” learning map and best practices Introductory online sessions (WebEx) on how to work with SAP Tutor Remote follow-up support (up to 4 hours) Additional support can be obtained via SAP professional services.Scenarios Prerequisites for eLearning-based training You are willing to use eLearning training methods. SAP Consulting for tool training or content creation support. or you are under pressure to keep costs down Your end users have own PCs. e.

E-Learning Management E-Learning Management with SAP Solution Manager Summary .

SAP Solution Manager – E-Learning Management Task • Educate end-users about new / changed processes via e-Learning Target Group • Customers implementing new or changing existing solutions Benefits • • • • • Easy creation and distribution of web-based learning materials Re-use of existing project documents Increased efficiency of end-user training Improved quality of training via feedback functionality 5 SAP Tutor licenses included © SAP 2007 / Page 22 .

SAP Solution Manager for E-Learning Management Summary • • • • • • • Creation of learning materials via SAP Tutor Assignment of learning material possible during business blueprint and Realization Phase Learning material is organized according to business processes Existing user roles (e. from HR Org model) can be reused Learning Maps are built using BSP’s (Business Server Pages) Learning material is published and available anonymously via web page Feedback to author via Web application © SAP 2007 / Page 23 .g.

E-Learning Management – Benefits in Detail Easy creation and distribution of web based learning materials • • Reduced effort of creating learning materials (SAP Tutor) Improved efficiency of structuring and deploying learning material Re-use of existing project documents • • Integration of end-user training management into existing projects Update existing documents to reflect changes Increased efficiency of end-user training • • • Workplace integrated end-user training with simulation Creation of role specific “Learning Maps” Reduced number of experienced trainers required Improved quality of training via feedback functionality • • Quality checks based on assessment functionality (optional) Feedback enables rapid improvement of learning materials Lower TCO of customer projects © SAP 2007 / Page 24 . General Information SAP Tutor © SAP 2007 / Page 25 .Further Information General Information SAP Solution Manager Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer

Thank you! © SAP 2007 / Page 26 .

xApp. indirekte oder Folgeschäden im Zusammenhang mit der Verwendung dieser Unterlagen. SAP does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information. special. Entwicklungen und Funktionen des SAP®-Produkts und ist für SAP nicht bindend. and functionalities of the SAP® product and is not intended to be binding upon SAP to any particular course of business. ByDesign. Alle anderen in diesem Dokument erwähnten Namen von Produkten und Services sowie die damit verbundenen Firmenlogos sind Marken der jeweiligen Unternehmen. text. and/or development. The information in this document is proprietary to SAP. Diese Einschränkung gilt nicht bei Vorsatz oder grober Fahrlässigkeit. hinsichtlich der Gewährleistung der Marktgängigkeit und der Eignung für einen bestimmten Zweck sowie für die Gewährleistung der Nichtverletzung geltenden Rechts. Links oder anderer in diesen Materialien enthaltenen Elemente. This limitation shall not apply in cases of intent or gross negligence. Dies gilt u. 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