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PSAL Boys Volleyball Realignment Proposal

By Jeremy Bass

Coach, Bronx HS of Science

Proposed realignment:

*Initial divisions in ’07-‘08 would be based on a team’s historical performance past 3

years, size of school, and projected performance based on key returning players and
coaches evaluation…

*Teams would be evaluated year to year…Coaches would be held accountable for

the prestige of their program.

*Minor schedule adjustments if teams drop out or come into the PSAL each year, or
move up or down a division.

*Staten Island must remain the same for practical reasons.

*Two interdivisional games could be arranged between the teams and sanctioned by
the PSAL, officially posted on the website and counting towards playoff seeding.

*Questionable teams based on potential school closings: Urban Peace, Tilden,


*A Division playoffs: 32 team playoff…. A .500 record automatically qualifies a team

for the playoffs. The remaining teams could be selected at-large, based on non-
league performance and ref evaluations.

*B Division playoffs: 16 teams in 2 day tournament…Pool play on day 1 whittles

down number of teams from 16 to 8. 8 teams play single elimination tournament
on day 2.

Bronx West A: JFK, Science, Clinton, Walton.

Bronx East A: Roosevelt, Columbus, BLA, Lehman

10 game season, play home and home with geographical teams, once against other

Bronx B: Truman, Taft, South Bronx, Smith, Morris

8 game season, home and home with each team.

Manhattan East A: Hunter, Norman Thomas, SOF, Bergtraum, Manhattan Center,
Seward Park

Manhattan West A: HSMSE, Brandeis, LaGuardia, Stuy, Environmental, BREC

10 game season, home and home.

Manhattan B: Frederick Douglass, Randolph, King, Park East, JREC, Washington

Irving, Graphic Communication Arts, Food and Finance, Fashion Industries.

8 game season, 1 game against each of the other teams.

Queens West A: Newcomers, Aviation, Academy of American Studies, Info Tech, LIC,

Queens Central A: Townsend Harris, Flushing, Grover Cleveland, Forest Hills, John
Adams, Richmond Hill

Queens East A: Jamaica, August Martin, Hillcrest, Bayside, Cardozo, Francis Lewis

10 game sesason, home & home.

Queens West B: Robert F Wagner, HS of Art & Design, Bowne, Newtown, Lane

Queens East B: Campus Magnet, Springfield Gardens, Van Buren, Edison, Beach

8 game season, home & home.

Brooklyn North A: Transit Tech, Grand Street, Van Arsdale, Jefferson, Brooklyn Tech,
Boys & Girls.

Brooklyn South A: Midwood, Fort Hamilton, Lincoln, New Utrecht, Sheepshead Bay,
10 game season, home & home.

Brooklyn North B: Automotive, Bushwick, Wingate, Prospect Heights, ENY Family

Brooklyn South B: Telecommunications, Grady, Madison, Canarsie, South Shore,


8 or 10 game season, home & home.