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Using the Correct Operation and Stating the Complete Answer I.

Learning Objectives: Cognitive: Use the correct operation and state the complete answer in solving 1-step word problems involving division of whole numbers including money with dividends up to 81 Psychomotor:Write the complete answer to the problem Affective: Show cooperation in working with the other members of the group II. Learning Content: Skill: Reference: Materials: Value: III. Using the correct operation and stating the complete answer BEC PELC I.E.2.1.3 & 2.1.4 roulette, flash cards, chart with word problems, 45 books, bookshelves, bulletin boards (Note: Some materials can be borrowed from the children.) Cooperation

Learning Experiences A. Preparatory Activities 1. Drill Basic division facts using a roulette

This is a roulette. The number in the middle is the divisor and the numbers around the face of the roulette are some of the possible dividends. The leader can change the divisor.


Review Read and analyze this problem. There are 12 chairs in a mini-library. If there are 2 rows, how many chairs are in each row? a. b. c. d. What is asked in the problem? What are the given facts? What is the word clue? What is the operation to be used?


Motivation The teacher calls on 7 boys to march towards the front of the class as the class sings: The Pencils are on the Chair (Tune: The Farmer in the Dell) The pencils are on the chair (2x)


Developmental Activities 1. Presentation Say: a. b. c. I have here 21 pencils. I want to distribute these equally to the 7 boys standing in front of you. How many pencils will each boy get? What operation will you use to solve the problem? What is the answer to the problem? Write the complete answer on your drill board.

Explain to the class how to use the correct operation and how to state the complete answer. 2. Group Activities Teacher groups pupils into 3. Give each group a word problem. Let them act out the problem to arrive at the correct answer. Group I The group has 15 pens. They have put the pens in the 3 boxes equally. How many pens will they put in each box? What is the number sentence for the problem? What is the complete answer?

Group II The group has 45 books to be placed in a shelf with 5 partitions. How many books will they place in each partition? What is the number sentence for the problem? What is the complete answer? Group III The group has 24 pictures to be posted equally on 2 bulletin boards. How many pictures will they post obn each board? What is the number sentence for the problem? What is the complete answer? *Valuing: After evaluating the answers the teacher asks: How were you able to answer fast? What good traits did each member show? C. Application Solve each problem. Write the complete answer. 1. Mang Jose harvested 64 mangoes. He put them equally in 8 plastics bags. How many mangoes are in each bag? 2. Sally had 45 daisies. She arranged the same number of daisies in 5 vases. How many daisies were in each vase? 3. Mila bought 36 oranges. She divided the oranges into 6 plastic bags. How many oranges were in each plastic bag? IV. Evaluation A. Write the letter of the correct answer. 1. 2. Mario put 21 Indian mangoes in 3 bags. How many mangoes are in each bag? a) 5 mangoes b) 7 mangoes c) 9 mangoes There were 32 plants equally planted in 4 plots in the school garden. How mnay plants did each plot have? a) 3 plants b) 6 plants c) 8 plants Mr. Santos had 63 new books in the library. He placed them in 7 shelves. How many books were in each shelf? a) 7 books b) 8 books c) 9 books



Tony bought 24 bars of chocolates. He divided these among his 6 nephews. How many bars of chocolate did each noy get? a) 4 bars b) 6 bars chocolates c) 8 bars of chocolates chocolates Six pencils cost P54.00. How much is one pencil? a) P6.00 b) P8.00 c) P9.00

5. B.

Use the correct operation in solving the word problems. Write the complete answer on your answer sheet. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. A storybook has 56 pages. Elmer reads 7 pages a day. How may days will it take Elmer to finish reading the book? John's dog eats 3 cans of dog food everyday. How many days will it take for the dog to eat 24 cans of food? Tessie bought 45 dougnuts. She had 9 boxes. She placed same number of doughnuts in each box. How many pieces of doughnuts were there in each box? Ben paid P88 for 4 notebooks. How much did he pay for each notebook? Ace has 20 guavas. He put them equally in 4 bags. How many guavas are in each bag?


Assignment Use the correct operation in solving the problems. Write the complete answer. 1. Tina's father harvested 54 ears of corn. He divided these equally among 6 neighbors. How many ears of corn did each one get? 2. Seventy-two avocados are put equally in 8 baskets. How many avocados are in each basket? 3. There are 24 boys in the playground. There are 4 groups of players. How mnay players are in each group?