California Elementary School

09 March 2012 Volume 5, Issue 24 Terri Steffes, Principal Amy Ramsdell, Asst. Princ.

A Few Words from the Principal….
Spring Break is March 12-16. Enjoy! Students will be off March 19 as a compensation day for teachers and professional development. Student led Conferences will be held on March 20 in each child’s classroom. You will receive information from each teacher about what to expect in the classroom. I am very excited to have you see what your child has been learning this year! Kindergarten will be sponsoring Movie Night on March 23. Let’s have a great big crowd. Concessions will be sold. Kindergarten registration is March 29 from 3-7 in the Cafeteria. You will receive all forms that night that can be completed on the spot. Forms you should bring with you are a shot record, birth certificate, and proof of residency. It is the time of year when our staff is recognized for their hard work and effort. If you would like to nominate a teacher, a staff person, or an administrator for an award, send a letter to the office by April 2. We have many well deserving people here at California Elementary!

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Upcoming Events
3/19 NO SCHOOl for students 3/20 Student Showcase (P/T conf) 3/21 Bird Appreciation Day 3/23 Kg Movie Night!

Mrs. Steffes

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Parent Teacher Conferences!

Circle Drive Information and Requests

Parents, grandparents and visitors…. Please help us keep our students safe by NOT parking in the circle drive between 7:00-8:30 in the morning. You can park in the parking slots at any time. Parked cars create traffic jams Math Problem of the Week and make the circle drive an unsafe spot for kids who are leaving their cars. If you have things to unload, please use a parking slot. We will be asking those who park to move their car to a slot or to not leave their car. A party of eight mountain climbers had enough food for fifteen more days when they came upon two more climbers in need of help. It seems that the two climbers lost their food when their rope broke. So, they joined the party of eight and continued on. The climbers decided that each of them should use the same amount of food each day as they had originally planned; however, they will have to cut their trip short because the food will run out sooner. The food will last for 12 more days. [Type a quote from the document or the summary of an interesting point. You Originally, there were 8 × 15, or 120 shares Answer: of food. Redistribute the 120 shares of food among 10 people, and each person has 12 There are 24 possible days worth of food. combinations.

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