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Husky Air Case Assignment 1 Team Charter

Team Name
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Team Name: Department: Flight Instructions Team Members:

Context: (team name) has been contracted to coordinate the migration and assimilation of a paperless working environment for Husky Air. The team will create a database to store all student information (e.g., name, address, phone number, etc.) which will be accessible by all flight instructors. The current system being used for flight instructions has proven to be an outdated and inefficient system. These are the reasons why the company has decided to switch to a digital system.

Mission and Objectives: The mission of (team name) is to develop a paperless solution that will allow Husky Air to incorporate a digital filing system with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. By developing a new digital filing system and eliminating the use of paper, Husky Air will be able to increase efficiency and operate at a higher profit margin. This will be accomplished by working effectively as a team, which includes monitoring our progress, completing work within the expected time frame and budget, and applying our expertise in digitalization.

Team Methods of Communication: Face to face meetings:

Location: UCF All Knights Study Lounge Thursday 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Monday 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Additional meeting times scheduled as necessary.

The team will be utilizing the Doodle web application located at This application will allow the team to coordinate each others availability. Tools for Communication:

Email Google Documents Cell phone Video conference (Skype, Gmail video, Facebook video chat)

Team Rules and Expectations:

All team members will strive to exceed the clients expectations. All team members will take pride in the quality of all work. All team members will be held accountable for their actions. All team members will prioritize the needs of the client as pertains to the project. All team members will attend all scheduled meetings o In the event that a team member is unable to attend a scheduled meeting, that team member must notify the rest of the team in advance. This Team Charter may be amended as necessary at any time by a majority vote of team members. Each team member will assume the role of Project Manager on a weekly rotation basis.

Conflict Resolution:

Team conflicts will be settled by group discussion. In the event conflicts are unresolved, the team agrees to hire an impartial mediator.

Code of Ethics:

All team members will be sensitive, respectful, attentive to the clients needs and expectations. All work submitted will be of original origin. All Team members will set realistic and attainable goals when consulting with clients. All parties involved agree to follow client/consultant confidentiality. All Team members will avoid any conflict of interest in regards to the current project. All team members will display professionalism, unity and honor the Code of Ethics at all times.

Approval: The team members of (teamname) commit to the principles and responsibilities contained in this charter

________________________ Angelo Jimenez

_____________ Date

________________________ David Lazarus

_____________ Date

________________________ Majed Nabti

_____________ Date