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MAR - 52012
Report on Offender Under Supervision - Court Deci ion
By __ _
Name of Offender: Brian L. Potashnik
Case No.: 3:07-CR-289-M(04)
Name of Sentencing Judicia1Officer: .--U",.S",.:...:D=-l:::· s:=tr:=ic"t=-Ju",d",g2-:e:...:M=.-=:G,,'-=:L:Ly:=n"'n ---' _
Date of Original Sentence: December 17, 2010
Original Offense: Conspiracy to Commit Bribery Concerning a Local Government Receiving Federal
Benefits, 18 USC § 371 (18 USC § 371(18 USC § 666(a)(1)(B) & (a)(2))
Original Sentence: 14 months custody, 24-month tenn of supervised release
Type of Supervision: Supervised Release
Assistant U.S. Attorney: Chad E. Meacham
Date Supervision Commenced: December 20, 2011
Abbe D. Lowell and Obiamaka P.
Defense Attorney: Madubuko
Notification To The Court For Cause As Follows:
The following information/request is being presented for the court's review and decision:
Brian Potashnik is requesting that the United States Probation and Pretrial Services Office submit authorization to
the Depmtment of State for release of his passport. Mr. Potashnik has indicated being asked by the Dallas Jewish
Fedcration to join their overseas partnership committee which will require travel to Israel and Budapest, Hungary
in April 2012 (the exact dates are yet to be determined). The Dallas Jewish Federation is requesting Mr.
Potashnik's assistance in developing a relationship with the Ayalim Association in Israel and a neighborhood
redevelopment project in Budapest, Hungary.
The probation officer recommends the following action for the court to consider:
Mr. Potashnik understands that all international travel has to be approved by Your Honor. It is respectfully
recommended that Mr. Potashnik be allowed to obtain his passport pending Your Honor's approval of subsequcnt
international travel. If the court allows Mr. Potashnik to obtain his passport from the Department of State, travel
arrangements will bc made by the Executive Director of the Dallas Jewish Federation and submitted to U.S.
Probation Officer La Monica Robertson who will in turn submit a formal travel request to Your Honor.
In addition to the aforementioned, a relocation request has been submitted to the Central District of California at
Mr. Potashnik's request. He maintains the relocation will allow him to live closer to his parents who reside in
Central California and an opportunity to restart his career as a real estate developer. The relocation request is
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Case 3:07-cr-00289-M Document 1807 Filed 03/05/12 Page 2 of 2 PageID 36921
TIrian LPotashnik
Report on Offender Under Supervision - Court Decision Requested
currently being investigatcd by the Central District of California. If approved, Mr. Potashnik's jurisdiction will
remain in the Northern District of Texas and all subsequent international travcl requests will continue to be
submitted to Your Honor.
I declare under penally ofpmjmy that the
foregoing is hue and correct.
Executed on March 05,2012
sf La Monica T. Robertson
U.S. Probation Officer
Dallas, Texas
Fax: 214-753-2570
sf Cecilio Bustamante
Supervising U.S. Probation Officer
Order of the Court:
~ g r e e s with the recommendation of the probation officer.
o Directs the probation officer to submit a request for modifying the conditions or term of supervision.
o Directs the probation officer to submit a request for a warrant or summons.
o Other or Additional:
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