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We gather as one in Hekate

Hecates Sanctum


Table of Contents
About our Tradition Our Creed Our Structure By Laws-Trad Oath Pages- 3- 4 Pages- 5=6 Pages 7 Pages- 8-10

About Us

Who are we? A New Eclectic Online Tradition of Witches We are a Circle within a Circle We are also an online working Coven We are of Hekate, and are women Only.20yrs plus We are Maidens,Mothers,Crones.A sanctum is a sacred and safe place for women only for self-empowerment, connecting to other like-minded sisters. We are an eclectic gathering, walking the Gray Path.. We are Dianic in Nature as our focus is on the Goddess. All rituals are Goddess focused, invited. Our focus is also on the empowerment of women, and women's spirituality, and magick. We believe in the sacredness of our circle, in ourselves, and one another. We believe each has their own path to walk, and must come to their own truths.

We have also an inner circle, Coven of the Black Rose Sisters who join the Sanctum have a choice at which level they wish to be part of. For those interested in inner circle work, you must be part of the outer for 30 days, and be involved, participating, showing interesting, etc. After 30 days you may req entrance to the Coven of the Black Rose, or an invite may be sent.

We also on Yahoo for sisters who wish more a day to day communication Our Mother Circle is

We are also on Pagan Space, and Temple Illumin,

Our Traditions Creed

Daughters of Hecate Daughters of Her Sanctum We are many Yet we are one Daughters of Hecate Daughters of Her Sanctum Witches we are Magick we live We live with heads held up We bow to none Daughters of Hecate Daughters of Her Sanctum We are Goddess in our lives

We are Goddess where we are

We are Daughters of Hecate We are Daughters of Her Sanctum We are a circle bound by heart and spirit We who enter are drawn by Hecate None shall enter who is not true For we protect our Sisters As ourselves We do no harm who harm us not We are Daughters of Hecate We are Daughters of Her Sanctum We are Maidens, Mothers and Crones We learn from one another We honor the divine in each one We are the Guardians of the Earth For She is our Mother and we Her daughters

Our Structure
Founder-Elder HPS - Lady HekateShadowMoonFire HPS- Coven Mistress- Rev MoonChild Keepers of the Cauldron ---------Our Council -------Aine MoonWillow Ah Shinnah Darkpurplefaery Isadora Penelope Lilith Hekate TegWeddshadowdancer Sunkat Valarie Keepers shall not be more then 13.

Tradtion by Laws- Oath

Bylaws will be simple, but must be made so there is no misunderstanding

1) All Paths,All Sisters are to be respected.-

You will not always agree , this is fine, but respect another's way and belief.

You may speak your truth, but lets be adults, also allow others to speak theirs to.

2) No harassing,trolling,dramas,intimidation, flaming of another sister will be tolerated

3) NO SPAM of any kind.This is your warning

4) No Nudity,No porn, Not a happening here

5) All members shall participate- I will not tell you when and how

In a live coven you are expected to be active. If you need to be away for more then two weeks

Please let me know

6) We are Sisters and will act like it

7) No copywritted material is allowed- Unless you have permission and credit is given

8) Photos- each member may have two albums= 8 in each or 16 photos.

You may switch them around as you wish.


9) Comments, and inbox needs to be cleared out Once a Month

10) Groups videos will need to be approved but feel free to add and begin a group any time.