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Children Bible Overview 62 29/06/08



Teachers to read bible scripture: <1 Ki 4-10>

Children to memorize bible scripture: <1 Ki 9:4-5>

Last week, we saw that because King Solomon revered God and also loved God’s people and
wanted to govern them, he asked God for wisdom. Hence, God blessed him with the greatest wisdom
so that with his righteousness and love, he could govern the whole Israel.
King Solomon listened to his father, David’s words and started to build the holy temple for the Lord,
God. He built the holy temple and all the equipment in the temple according to God’s commands,
laws, decrees and stipulations which his father, David left for him. In the holy temple, there were also
the Israelite priests who offered sacrifices, and the choir that sang, played musical instruments and
drums; the team that cleaned and guarded the gates of the holy temple; the treasurers; the best gold,
silver, bronze, metals, wood. Thereafter, he also established officials of different levels, head officials
and those who look after the affairs of the holy temple and the Israelites. After King Solomon built the
biggest and most beautiful holy temple, he brought the Lord’s ark of covenant back into the holy
temple. The whole Israelites celebrated. From then onwards, King Solomon asked the whole
Israelites to live according to the laws, decrees and stipulations set by the Lord in the holy temple.
The holy temple had the most holy place, the holy place and the outer courts. After the task was
completed, the Lord once again revealed Himself to King Solomon, telling him, “If you take after your
father, David and obey all the laws and decrees, and obey me, I will establish your royal throne over
Israel forever, If your do not observe the commands and decrees and serve other gods and worship
them, then I will cut off Israel form the land I have given them and also reject this holy temple.” King
Solomon obeyed God and God gave him the greatest wisdom. The kings of many nations heard
about the wisdom of Solomon and thus sent their people to listen to his words of wisdom. They
brought with them much gold and common belongings which they gave to Solomon and Israel. Under
the guidance of Solomon, the whole Israel was wealthy and could eat and drink with joy. The lands of
Israel also continued to expand. Therefore, the names of Solomon and Israel were spread all around
the world.

1. King Solomon took after his father David

1) King Solomon took after his father David and lived a life that was centered on God’s
promises. In his lifetime, he lived by the 4 Gospelization (Love God more as an
individual, bless family, bless Israel and influence the whole world)
2) King Solomon took after his father David and focused on loving the Lord, his God,
obeyed His commands, laws and decrees. He did not waver to the left or right. He
demonstrated his righteousness and love and blessed the Israelites, by acting
according to God’s commands, laws and decrees. Therefore, Solomon was a
righteous King and also a King that loved his people.
3) King Solomon took after his father David and lived a life centered on the holy temple.
He not only built the holy temple but he often made sacrifices in the holy temple. In
today’s context, it means to listen to God’s words often in church and to pray to God
often in our daily lives.

2. King Solomon built the holy temple = Our lives are a holy temple
1) In the holy temple, there is the Most Holy Place. The Most Holy Place is our spirit. We
all have a spirit in our lives and with this spirit, we can understand God’s words, hear
His voice and converse with Him through prayers. [Confirm with the children: When
we hear God’s words now, the reason why we are able to understand and believe is
because we have God’s spirit in us]
2) There is a Holy Place. The Holy Place is our heart. We have a heart in our lives,
which will be filled to joy when we hear and understand God’s words. When we do
not believe in God’s words, this heart will be very unhappy, has no peace, is filled
with worries and fear. When we see that God loves us, this heart will similarly love
God and also the people that God loves. [Remind the children: Therefore, God says
that we must guard our hearts because Satan often attacks our hearts]
3) There is an outer court in the holy temple. The outer court is our body (i.e. our hands,
feet, ears, mouths, etc). We use our bodies to worship God, follow God and do God’s
work. [Advise and explain to the children: To use their mouths more often to praise
God, use their hands and feet to bless others, use their eyes to read God’s words,
ears to listen to God’s words etc]

3. King Solomon influenced many people

1) Because King Solomon took after his father David and built the holy temple, God
gave him the highest wisdom. i.e. Know God (all-powerful, love and righteousness),
know himself (as the most blessed), know the world (everything is for Jesus Christ
and created for Jesus Christ. Therefore, if we lose Jesus Christ, there is no meaning
even if we have all the good food in the world, the entertainment and pretty things)
2) Because King Solomon received the highest wisdom from God, kings from many
countries and people came to hear his words of wisdom and wanted to learn from
him. They thus got to know the Lord, God (Jesus Christ) and received God’s
3) When kings and people from many countries received God’s blessings, they brought
with them their countries’ gold and silver, treasure, common belongings and gave
them to King Solomon and the whole Israel. Hence, the name of Solomon and Israel
was spread to all parts of the world. The Lord, God whom they worshipped was also
spread to all parts of the world.